Sunday, February 23, 2020 at 11pm (Broadway Time)

Cloudstreet by Arts Review

Cloudstreet, based on the novel by Tim Winton and adapted for stage by Nick Enright and Justin Monjo returns to the stage after 22 years. Cloudstreet is a saga that examines the lives of two…

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'West Side Story' Gets A Modern Reboot On Broadway

NPR's Michel Martin speaks with Shereen Pimentel and Isaac Powell, who play the lead roles in West Side Story, about this latest revival that's set in modern day New York.

Linked From National Public Radio at 11:54PM

Italian American Reconciliation by Arts Review

“Te toto o te tangata, he kai; te oranga o te tangata, he whenua” (While food provides the blood in our veins, our health is drawn from the land) – Maori proverb The richness of tradit…

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Anna and Elsa to sing new song for Frozen on Broadway by Sean McLoughlin

As Australia eagerly awaits the highly anticipated Frozen premiere at Sydney’s Capitol Theatre in July 2020, Broadway will welcome two

Linked From AussieTheatre at 11:21PM
Sunday, February 23, 2020 at 9pm (Broadway Time)

Theater Review: ‘Swan Lake’ at Ballet Theatre of Maryland by Michael Garvey

Tchaikovsky’s beloved classic, “Swan Lake,” has been repeated so many times, one would think it would become rote.  That is not the case for this production under the direction of th…

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Full adult cast announced for The Secret Garden by Arts Review

Producers John Frost and Opera Australia have announced the full adult cast for the 25th anniversary production of The Secret Garden which will play at the Sydney Lyric Theatre from 2 August…

Linked From at 09:42PM

THE SECRET GARDEN announces the full adult cast by Peter J Snee

Producers John Frost and Opera Australia today announced the full adult cast for the 25th-anniversary production of The Secret Garden

Linked From AussieTheatre at 09:27PM

Riverdance Is Now A Quarter Of A Century Old by Artsjournal2

The dance itself, and Irish dance in general, is obviously older – but it débuted as an interval act at Eurovision, and its appeal has never gone away. Its newest star says, “It’s all…

Linked From ArtsJournal at 09:12PM

Parasite Rode A Wave Of Korean Culture Across The World by Artsjournal2

K-Pop and K-Drama success wasn’t by accident. “The wave spread across Asia before reaching a global audience thanks to savvy social networking strategies and a steady stream of media wit…

Linked From ArtsJournal at 09:12PM

Berlin Film Festival’s Gender Parity Scorecard Is Mostly Good, But Not All Good by Artsjournal2

The good: Leadership. “Its festival directorships were shared equally between men and women, and … its executive board was similarly balanced.” The less good: Director numbers. “The …

Linked From ArtsJournal at 09:12PM

Johni Cerny, Chief Genealogist Who Helped Oprah, Bernie, And Others Find Their Roots On TV, Has Died At 76 by Artsjournal2

Cerny, said Henry Louis Gates Jr., was “the proverbial dean of American genealogical research, … [whose work was] transforming raw data into narratives and metaphors about diversity and …

Linked From ArtsJournal at 09:12PM
Sunday, February 23, 2020 at 8pm (Broadway Time)

BLUES FOR AN ALABAMA SKY: Finally, in New York! by Peter Filichia

Wouldn’t a play with Josephine Baker, Margaret Sanger, Langston Hughes and Adam Clayton Powell have terrific dramatic possibilities? After all,...Continue Reading The post BLUES FOR AN ALA…

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Henrietta Baird’s “The Weekend” Proves the Enduring Power of Solo Performance by Caroline Wake

If this year’s Sydney Festival is any indication, the monologue is back. So far, I have seen Adam Lazarus’s Daughter, Joel Bray’s Biladurang, Omar Musa’s Since Ali Died, Tara Beagan…

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Sunday, February 23, 2020 at 7pm (Broadway Time)

Vai by Arts Review

“Envisioning a world where a diversity of women’s voices, stories and creativity are equally recognised and celebrated” reads the mission statement of the Melbourne Women in Film Festi…

Linked From at 07:51PM

Review: ‘Drowning’ Is a Philip Glass Opera for Just 99 Seats by Seth Colter Walls

This adaptation of a play by María Irene Fornés, directed by JoAnne Akalaitis, is a compact but notable new work.

Linked From The New York Times Subscription at 07:42PM

‘She Persisted’ Review: A Musical About Women Who Triumphed by Laura Collins-Hughes

The feminist rallying cry inspired Chelsea Clinton’s children’s book about the likes of Harriet Tubman and Sally Ride. Now it’s a cheerful stage adaptation.

Linked From The New York Times Subscription at 07:42PM

Eight Australian projects to screen at Berlinale by Arts Review

Eight Australian projects have been selected to screen at the 2020 Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale) including two features, two television series and four short films. “To ha…

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“Mack and Mabel” at Encores! by Admin

Jerry Herman and Michael Stewart’s musical bio of Mack Sennett and Mabel Normand,  two silent screen icons, roared this past weekend  into New York as  part of the Encores! series of re…

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Camila Meza & The Nectar Orchestra at the Soraya by Pauline Adamek

The Soraya’s intimate onstage Jazz Club continues with the extraordinary Camila Meza who will take to the stage and perform with LA’s own wild Up, sitting in with The Nectar Orchestr…

Linked From Arts Beat LA at 07:12PM
Sunday, February 23, 2020 at 6pm (Broadway Time)

Snapshot: ‘Pieter Hugo: La Cucaracha’ at Huxley-Parlour Gallery

The South African photographer’s image of flames evokes human failure as much as it does an act of God

Linked From The Financial Times Subscription at 06:41PM

Kaleidoscope Cultural Arts Collective presents ‘Khepera’ by Kyle V.  Hiller

Kaleidoscope Cultural Arts Collective’s production of ‘Khepera’ is a vital contribution to North Philly theater and to Black women. Kyle V. Hiller reviews.

Linked From Broad Street Review at 06:21PM

From London: Stoppard Potently Examines His Elusive Background in Leopoldstadt by David Finkle

★★★★★ For his supposedly last work, the revered playwright looks at vanished Viennese Jews The post From London: Stoppard Potently Examines His Elusive Background in Leopoldstadt a…

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Watch the Australian cast of SHREK sing Freak Flag! by Gabi Bergman

Last week we were fortunate enough to pop into the media call for Shrek The Musical, and were blown away by

Linked From AussieTheatre at 06:00PM

Empress Theatre & Redline Productions Present the Australian premiere of IS GOD IS by Gabi Bergman

“We ain’t killers.” “How you figure that? … Iss in the blood.” Twin sisters Racine and Anaia journey cross country

Linked From AussieTheatre at 06:00PM
Sunday, February 23, 2020 at 5pm (Broadway Time)

Theatre Exile presents Jacqueline Goldfinger’s ‘Babel’ by Jillian Ashley Blair Ivey

Set in a future in which climate change and advanced genetic testing have reshaped society, Jacqueline Goldfinger’s ‘Babel’ asks the price of a perfect society. Jill Ivey reviews.

Linked From Broad Street Review at 05:47PM

Actor Mikéah Jennings unpacks his powerful performance in ‘Shipwreck’ by John Stoltenberg

Anne Washburn’s Shipwreck: A History Play About 2017 is an epic, scorching, and surreal satire of white liberalism in the era of Trump. It takes place at that ominous juncture in recent Am…

Linked From DC Metro Theater Arts at 05:00PM

This Week on Broadway for February 23, 2020: The Sabbath Girl @ 59e59 by James Marino

Peter Filichia, James Marino, and Michael Portantiere talk about Zoe Caldwell, The Sabbath Girl @ 59e59, Mack & Mabel @ New York City Center, A Cocktail Party Social Experiment @ The Che…

Linked From BroadwayRadio at 05:00PM
Sunday, February 23, 2020 at 4pm (Broadway Time)

Mack & Mabel - The Perennial Bridesmaid by Judd Hollander

Reviewed by Judd Hollander Watching Douglas Sills sing “Movies Were Movies”, the opening number in the recent Encores! production of the 1974 Broadway musical Mack & Mabel, one can …

Linked From Stage Buzz at 04:54PM

Theatre Review: ‘Fabulation or, the Re-Education of Undine’ by Strand Theater Company by Max Garner

We’re all thoroughly familiar with the rags-to-riches story. It’s as essential to the vocabulary of plot dynamic as boy-meets-girl. And, just like the latter, it has given birth to corol…

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Theatre Review: ‘Kill Move Paradise’ at Rep Stage by Susan Brall

Rep Stage under the Producing Artistic Director, Joseph W. Ritsch, is presently performing “Kill Move Paradise” by James Ijames and directed by Danielle A. Drakes.  The play will be per…

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Concert Review: The National Philharmonic Featuring ‘Melissa White’ at Strathmore by Katie Gaab

This Black History Month, the National Philharmonic took its first big step towards diversity and inclusion with a special Saturday evening showcase of four black composers in classical musi…

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Theatre Review: ‘Moonlight and Magnolias’ at Laurel Mill Playhouse by Susan Brall

“Moonlight and Magnolias” written by Ron Hutchinson, directed by Ilene Chalmers and produced by Maureen Rogers is playing through March 15, 2020, at Laurel Mill Playhouse in historic Lau…

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Theatre News: ‘The Spitfire Grill’ Cooks Up an American Tale of Redemption by the Rockville Little Theatre at The Arts Barn by Md Theatre Guide News Desk

 In partnership with Rockville Little Theatre, Arts on the Green presents the heartwarming musical drama, The Spitfire Grill. The show runs March 6 through 22, 2020, with performances on Fr…

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Sunday, February 23, 2020 at 3pm (Broadway Time)

Review: An opera brings the hammer down on a cliche conspiracy theorist — things get messy by Jeremy Reynolds / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

It’s a thought-provoking rumination, and the bizarre situation offers plenty of humor. But the opera is hamstrung by pacing issues. 

Linked From Pittsburgh Post-Gazette at 03:49PM


(John Varoli’s article appeared in Russia Beyond the Headlines, 2/20; ; photo: John Varoli, Alexander Krasavin/Sputnik.)  The Nicholas Roerich Museum in Manhattan is North America’s onl…

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Crongton Knights Tour by Douglas Mayo

By Douglas Mayo Crongton Knights UK Tour is a co-production of Pilot Theatre and Belgrade Theatre Coventry with Belgrade Theatre Coventry, Derby Theatre and York Theatre Royal. This post Cro…

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Anatomy of a Suicide by Darryl Reilly

"Anatomy of a Suicide"’s title is more than accurate as two suicides are depicted. Dramatizing such subject matter would usually be intrinsically harrowing. However, acclaimed British play…

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The Kimmel Center presents the national tour of ‘Hello, Dolly!’ by Christina Anthony

The national tour of 'Hello, Dolly!' lands at the Academy of Music, continuing to dazzle while remaining faithful to Gower Champion’s original. Christina Anthony reviews.

Linked From Broad Street Review at 03:05PM
Sunday, February 23, 2020 at 2pm (Broadway Time)

Don’t Tell, but Jane Alexander is Also a Comedian by Robin Pogrebin

Broadway audiences for “Grand Horizons” are getting a rare glimpse of this 80-year-old actor’s secret weapons: levity and equanimity.

Linked From The New York Times Subscription at 02:42PM

Fleabag And Feminism by Artsjournal2

Well, that’s a fraught subject. Phoebe Waller-Bridges, who wrote the show and plays the character, says, “Actually, she wishes she were more perfect, and that feels like it was an attack…

Linked From ArtsJournal at 02:42PM

We Lost A Lyric Poet When We Lost Amelia Earhart by Artsjournal2

But no one really knew it because her husband kept it one of her carefully guarded secrets. Now, “searching the archives for Amelia Earhart’s lost poems is a study in fragments—every t…

Linked From ArtsJournal at 02:42PM

Archaeologists Find A New Shrine In Rome, Perhaps To Romulus by Artsjournal2

The find is in the Roman Forum, where authorities revealed on Friday that they believe this may date to the 6th century B.C.E., 200 years after Romulus was said to have lived. That means it…

Linked From ArtsJournal at 02:42PM

The Vibrant Electronic Music Of Video Game Soundtracks by Artsjournal2

They’re different from the quality of movie soundtracks, many of which don’t stand alone, and they’re “a marvelous untapped source of experimental instrumental electronica. … The c…

Linked From ArtsJournal at 02:42PM

The Scottish Artist Who Brought Oz To Life by Artsjournal2

Sound stages of the 1930s and 1940s needed lots of stage sets, and at MGM, George Gibson was the man in charge. “The backdrops he created appeared in films such as The Wizard of Oz (1939),…

Linked From ArtsJournal at 02:42PM

France Can’t See What’s Erotic About Two Women Falling For Each Other by Artsjournal2

This is the weirdest possible sentence to write, but director Céline Sciamma says that Portrait of a Lady on Fire isn’t considered erotic in, of all places, France. What? WHAT? Quoi?? Sci…

Linked From ArtsJournal at 02:42PM

Vine Started The Short Video Craze, And Then Died – But It May Be Back by Artsjournal2

Vine was introduced in 2012, bought by Twitter, and killed in 2016. But in its time, it “turned everyday people into stars on other platforms and beyond. Its musical whims warped the music…

Linked From ArtsJournal at 02:42PM
Sunday, February 23, 2020 at 1pm (Broadway Time)

Lightbox Film Center gets a new home on Broad Street with UArts by Stephen Silver

Lightbox Film Center, which closed at University City's International House in December, has reopened on Broad Street, in partnership with University of the Arts. Stephen Silver visited the …

Linked From Broad Street Review at 01:49PM

BWW Review: Encores! MACK & MABEL Boasts Jerry Herman's Best Score and Terrific Turns By Alexandra Socha, Douglas Sills

Count this reviewer among those who, contrary to conventional musical theatre wisdom, never thought there was anything horribly wrong with Michael Stewart's original book for MACK & MABE…

Linked From BroadwayWorld at 01:42PM

[email protected]’s Peter Pan: something to crow about by Jennifer Georgia

Filled to bursting with Warrior Girls, Lost Boys, dastardly Pirates from tiny to extra-large, and flying children, [email protected]’s Peter Pan is a treat from start to finish. Director Kevin …

Linked From DC Metro Theater Arts at 01:34PM

Review: ParaPride, Stratford Circus Arts Centre by Alexandra Wilbraham

Review: ParaPride, Stratford Circus Arts Centre5.0starsIn the UK, 20% of individuals are considered disabled. In the LGBTQ+ community, this percentage rises to 40. Yet no fully accessible ve…

Linked From A Younger Theatre at 01:32PM

Review: Angels, VAULT Festival by Jay Grainger

Review: Angels, VAULT Festival 3.0stars Reading the synopsis of  Angels,  I expect to enter a strip club setting and to enter the world of a film I loved – Hustlers, so whilst q…

Linked From A Younger Theatre at 01:32PM

Mack & Mabel by Sheila Kogan

The latest offering in New York City Center Encores! concert series was the Jerry Herman musical, "Mack & Mabel." Originally on Broadway during the 1974 season, it received disappointing…

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Sunday, February 23, 2020 at noon (Broadway Time)

Podcast: BroadwayRadio's Chats with Tovah Feldshuh about Powerful Women, her Connection to SIX, and Broadway by the Year

On today's episode of 'Tell Me More,' Matt Tamanini talks to a literal legend. A four-time Tony nominee and two-time Emmy nominee, Tovah Feldshuh is like the energizer bunny of performers.

Linked From BroadwayWorld at 12:45PM

Review: Dual دوگانه, VAULT Festival by Jay Grainger

Review: Dual دوگانه, VAULT Festival4.0starsWarehouses, one-way systems, pubs turned into dentists, the redeveloped but not pulled down Pie & Mash, ‘a pound a bananas!’ the 115 …

Linked From A Younger Theatre at 12:24PM
Sunday, February 23, 2020 at 11am (Broadway Time)

'This is the new standard for spectacle': fans react to the Back to the Future musical by Lucy Campbell

Audience members give their verdict on the musical version of the 1985 hit movie, which has premiered in Manchester ahead of a West End transfer Fans of 1985 pop culture phenomenon Back to t…

Linked From The Guardian at 11:48AM

'She taught me to love my skin': Viviana Durante unveils gift to Isadora Duncan by Lyndsey Winship

Until her death in a freak accident, the ‘radical and shocking’ Isadora Duncan transformed dance. Now her feminist free spirit struts the stage again ‘You’ll have to excuse me, I’m…

Linked From The Guardian at 11:48AM

How Autumn De Wilde Came To Direct A New ‘Emma’ by Artsjournal2

Take one cane, add whiskey, then gather a “mood” pitch for movie financiers, decades of photography, years of moving pitching, and presto! A new Emma. Miranda July on the director: “If…

Linked From ArtsJournal at 11:18AM

The People Who Decide What Books Are Allowed In Prisons Censor Thousands by Artsjournal2

Of course, the officials say, books and article about how to strangle someone or how to escape handcuffs must be censored. But what about Angie Thomas’ young adult book The Hate U Give? Wh…

Linked From ArtsJournal at 11:18AM

Holocaust Educators Want Amazon To Stop Selling Nazi Propaganda by Artsjournal2

Yes, in recent months, Amazon has removed sellers who are peddling Nazi imagery on ornaments and a beer opener. But these are books, and “Amazon takes a different approach with books than …

Linked From ArtsJournal at 11:18AM

On This Week's Elaine Paige on Sunday, A Review of The Upstart Crow by

Olivier-winning actress Elaine Paige is giving listeners a chance to hear her BBC Radio 2 show, Elaine Paige on Sunday. This week, Elaine Paige reviews the new comedy The Upsta…

Linked From at 11:06AM

‘Compelling & moving from start to finish’: MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE – Peacock Theatre ★★★★ by Debbie Gilpin

A compelling & human story brought vividly to life by a company that pulses with energy – Sting’s music and Kate Prince’s choreography are a marriage made in dance heaven in Messag…

Linked From at 11:00AM
Sunday, February 23, 2020 at 10am (Broadway Time)

The Father review - Alfred Molina is tremendous in Florian Zeller’s tragic farce by Chris Wiegand

Pasadena Playhouse, Los AngelesThe actor brings out the dark humour in Zeller’s modern classic about a man with dementia, fluctuating from absurdity to despair in a heartbeat It is more t…

Linked From The Guardian at 10:42AM

BABEL (Theatre Exile): Uncertifiable by Joshua Herren

Theatre Exile's newest offering left Josh Herren cold. He is trying to figure out why.

Linked From at 10:37AM

HELLO DOLLY! (touring): 60-second review by Toby Zinman

They sure don’t write them like this anymore. 

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West Side Story **** by Barry Gordin

By: David Sheward February 23, 2020: When it was announced controversial director Ivo van Hove would be staging a revival of  the beloved West Side Story, you could practically hear the…

Linked From theaterlife at 10:31AM

NY Theater Blog Roundup: Tugging over West Side Story.Talking Trash and Tech by New York Theater

Below are some of the latest posts from the few still active New York City theater bloggers: About Last Night and Broadway Journal tell two different West Side Stories; Broadway and Me analy…

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​Top College Theatre Programs You Might Not Know, but Should; Part 2, the Northern US Schools by Performerstuff

Top College Theatre Programs You Might Not Know, but Should; Part 2, the Northern US Schools Written by Michelle J. Evans February 19, 2020 As a professional acting and college audition…

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VIDEO: Watch How the Olivier Award Statue Gets Made!

Have you ever wondered how the Olivier Award statue is made? Now you can find out in this all new video from Official London Theatre!

Linked From BroadwayWorld at 10:08AM

BWW TV: Tony Goldwyn Opens Up About His New, Epic Role in THE INHERITANCE

Tony Goldwyn is back onstage this season in one of the most poignant roles of his career, which happens to be in one of the most powerful plays that Broadway has seen in many years. The play…

Linked From BroadwayWorld at 10:01AM

How Simultaneously Writing Frozen for Broadway and Frozen 2 for the Screen Impacted Both Stories by Ruthie Fierberg

Oscar winners Kristen and Bobby Lopez reveal the magic behind writing the music for two Frozen musicals.

Linked From Playbill at 10:00AM
Sunday, February 23, 2020 at 9am (Broadway Time)

In ‘Plano,’ an Absurdist Plague Descends Upon 3 Sisters by Matthew Wexler

Will Arbery's absurdist play "Plano" can't find its footing in First Floor Theater's Chicago premiere. Directed by Audrey Francis. The post In ‘Plano,’ an Absurdist Plague Descends Upon …

Linked From The Broadway Blog at 09:54AM

Turns Out To Reach Our Goals, We Shouldn’t Keep Our Eyes On The Actual Prize by Artsjournal2

The problem is that thinking about the prize bypasses the hard work – the mountains, in some cases, of hard work – that it takes to reach those goals. So: “The key to bypassing this me…

Linked From ArtsJournal at 09:42AM

Sure, Years Elapsed Between Book Two And Book Three, But Hilary Mantel Did *Not* Have Writer’s Block by Artsjournal2

Mantel says there are so many stories in the Cromwell trilogy that the books are like a pamphlet. But of course: “At a combined total of more than 2,000 pages – with [forthcoming book th…

Linked From ArtsJournal at 09:42AM

Technology Recreates The Sound Of 500-Year-Old Singing In The Hagia Sophia by Artsjournal2

This is a rather unbelievable story. “When [the two researchers] met, Pentcheva started telling Abel about the Hagia Sophia – how we couldn’t really understand the experience of worshi…

Linked From ArtsJournal at 09:42AM

Thomas Dilward, a.k.a. “African Dwarf Tommy” by Trav S.D.

Never conclude that you have seen and heard everything. I’d never heard of Thomas Dilward (1840-87) until quite recently — and he’s the remarkable sort of person you’d figure everybo…

Linked From Trav S.D. at 09:42AM

Bryant’s Minstrels by Trav S.D.

February 23, 1857 was the date of the debut of Bryant’s Minstrels, the second longest-lasting blackface minstrel** troupe formed prior to the Civil War (after E.P. Christy’s). The Bryant…

Linked From Trav S.D. at 09:42AM

Discovery Museum exhibit shows kids how they ‘otter’ eat by Anne Gelhaus

He’s an aquatic mammal who models healthy eating habits and lifestyle choices for young children. He’s been the subject of books and plays, and now Potter the Otter has an exhibit named …

Linked From San Jose Mercury News at 09:36AM

Choreographer covers Cash in ‘Man in Black’ by Anne Gelhaus

James Kudelka was at a disadvantage when BalletMet Columbus asked him to choreograph a piece for a program based on American pop music. Kudelka grew up in Newmarket, Canada, listening to cla…

Linked From San Jose Mercury News at 09:27AM

Why I’m choosing to be political in private by Victoria Cairl

It’s election time everyone and politics can be polarizing. This year, I have a new approach. Continue reading on Medium »

Linked From Medium at 09:23AM

‘Fresh & fun with a lot of heart’: BE MORE CHILL – The Other Palace ★★★★ by Luca Molinari

With an infectious soundtrack, bags of energy and a brilliant cast, this is a unique and entertaining production. It’s easy to see why Be More Chill is a fan favourite and long may it last.

Linked From at 09:00AM

'Once is not enough' video series: "Falling Slowly"

To coincide with ONCE's first UK tour - and our competition to win tickets - we're embracing one critic's sentiment that "Once is not enough" to celebrate this musical, with our new series o…

Linked From Stage Faves at 09:00AM
Sunday, February 23, 2020 at 8am (Broadway Time)

Dance Critic Tobi Tobias, A Finalist For The Pulitzer Prize, Has Died At 81 by Artsjournal2

“As a critic Ms. Tobias did not pull punches. In the early 1980s, for instance, when other critics were tiptoeing around the decline in the dance skills of Rudolf Nureyev, who was then in …

Linked From ArtsJournal at 08:12AM

As ‘Fresh Off The Boat’ Ends, What Did It All Mean? by Artsjournal2

Asian Americans remember how excited – and worried – they were when the show was announced five years ago, after a two-decade drought for Asian American representation on network TV. Did…

Linked From ArtsJournal at 08:12AM

The Subtitles Vs. Dubs Debate, Reignited By ‘Parasite’ by Artsjournal2

How did we get here, with most U.S. audiences only seeing subtitles on non-English-language films and many other countries using excellent voice actors and technology for dubbing, and where …

Linked From ArtsJournal at 08:12AM
Sunday, February 23, 2020 at 7am (Broadway Time)

‘Feels particularly timely’: A NUMBER – Bridge Theatre by Aleks Sierz

If the intimate play A Number feels a bit lost in the vast space of the Bridge, the performances are big enough to give it the required punch.

Linked From at 07:00AM

Incantata Opens at Irish Rep Off-Broadway by Olivia Clement

The solo show, adapted from Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Paul Muldoon's work, opens February 23.

Linked From Playbill at 07:00AM
Sunday, February 23, 2020 at 6am (Broadway Time)

The week in theatre: A Number; The Visit; Alone in Berlin – review by Susannah Clapp

Bridge; Olivier, London; Royal & Derngate, NorthamptonCloned siblings cast fleeting shadows in a vivid Caryl Churchill revival, while Lesley Manville dazzles in an unwieldy revenge drama…

Linked From The Guardian at 06:54AM
Sunday, February 23, 2020 at 5am (Broadway Time)

Review: La Cage aux Folles [The Play], Park Theatre by Jessica Handscomb

Review: La Cage aux Folles [The Play], Park Theatre4.0starsIn our politically turbulent times, in which the country was more or less split down the middle in the 2016 EU referendum, and arou…

Linked From A Younger Theatre at 05:48AM

The Candy Man can: Clarke Peters directs Giles Terera as Sammy Davis Jr in new musical

It's hard to imagine a StageFave more perfect for the role of Sammy Davis Jr than Olivier Award winner Giles Terera. After years of development, he'll star in Leslie Bricusse's new musical a…

Linked From Stage Faves at 05:00AM
Sunday, February 23, 2020 at 4am (Broadway Time)

Review: After You, Soho Theatre by Nina Cave

Review: After You, Soho Theatre4.0starsHannah and her mum both wear tie-dye t-shirts with a scrunchie in their hair.  A fluffy string of fairy lights with glittering glass beads dangles fro…

Linked From A Younger Theatre at 04:54AM

REVIEW: The Rage of Narcissus, Pleasance Theatre, London ✭✭✭✭✭ by Julian Eaves

By Julian Eaves Julian Eaves reviews The Rage Of Narcissus by Sergio Blanco now playing at the Pleasance Theatre, London. Runs until 8 March 2020 This post REVIEW: The Rage of Narcissus, Ple…

Linked From at 04:11AM
Sunday, February 23, 2020 at 3am (Broadway Time)

REVIEW: Notch, Vault Festival 2020 at The Vaults London ✭✭✭ by Mark Ludmon

By Mark Ludmon Mark Ludmon reviews Danaja Wass’s show, Notch, at Vault Festival 2020 in London This post REVIEW: Notch, Vault Festival 2020 at The Vaults London ✭✭✭ first appeared on…

Linked From at 03:11AM
Sunday, February 23, 2020 at 1am (Broadway Time)

The Upstart Crow review – a sitcom ripe for a theatrical remake by Holly Williams

Gielgud, LondonDavid Mitchell makes a rollicking stage debut as the Bard in this bawdy adaptation of Ben Elton’s BBC series Of all the sitcoms to be turned into a stage show, Upstart Crow …

Linked From The Guardian at 01:54AM

The week in dance: The Cellist/Dances at a Gathering; Message in a Bottle – review by Sarah Crompton

Royal Opera House; Peacock theatre, LondonJacqueline du Pré’s life story is translated into a powerfully affecting ballet by Cathy Marston, while Kate Prince defies the odds with a refuge…

Linked From The Guardian at 01:54AM

Quality Street review – a box of mixed delights by Clare Brennan

Viaduct theatre, HalifaxThis adaptation of JM Barrie’s 1901 romcom doesn’t always hit the mark, but it roars to the sweetest conclusionTo some readers, the name Quality Street may conjur…

Linked From The Guardian at 01:54AM

02/29/20 Best of Original Misch @ DTM by David Sabella

Best of #Original Misch Concert Don’t Tell Mama 02/29/20 at 4pm, and 03/03/20 at 7pm Part performance art happening, part rock concert video, #OriginalMisch: Four Night Stand made some bol…

Linked From at 01:11AM

Encore: 03/05/20 Ann Kittredge @ GR42 by Sheree Sano

Ann Kittredge FANCY MEETING YOU HERE: AN EVENING OF AHRENS and FLAHERTY at Green Room/42 A Benefit for The Child Help Partnership THURSDAY, MARCH 5, 7:30PM Encore! Encore! Ann Kittredge, MA…

Linked From at 01:11AM

2/28/20 Stone & Sanges @ Beach Cafe by Sue Matsuki

Deborah Stone & Josephine Sanges OUR TIME The Beach Cafe Friday, February 28th @ 9:30 Highly acclaimed singers Josephine Sanges and Deborah Stone join forces and voices!  After present…

Linked From at 01:10AM

ENCORE: 03/02 Mark Nadler @ Hidden Cabaret by Cabaret Hotspot!


Linked From at 01:00AM
Sunday, February 23, 2020 at midnight (Broadway Time)

Broadway Mystery: 18 Year Old Star of “Beetlejuice” Sophia Anne Caruso Exits Show Abruptly, Rumors Abound by Roger Friedman

It’s been a long, cold winter on Broadway. Not much has been happening besides “West Side Story” opening to vicious reviews. (The

Linked From ShowBiz 411 at 12:36AM

Podcasts that make space for queer history

‘The Road Here’ and ‘Making Gay History’ retell the past to include experiences that have often been omitted

Linked From The Financial Times Subscription at 12:00AM

The Pirate Queen Concert, Starring Rachel Tucker, Plays London Coliseum February 23 by Andrew Gans

Drew Baker directs the presentation of the Alain Boublil and Claude-Michel Schönberg musical.

Linked From Playbill at 12:00AM

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