Monday, December 4, 2023

TYA/USA Announces 2024 National Festival and Conference by American Theatre Editors

Presented in collaboration with the Alliance Theatre, this year's convening will focus on the theme of possibility.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 05:28PM
Friday, December 1, 2023

This Week in Theatre Awards: Youngblood, Write It Out!, and More by American Theatre Editors

A roundup of prizes, residencies, and other recognitions.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 03:11PM

Everyone’s Invited to ‘Mrs. Krishnan’s Party’ by American Theatre Editors

The New Zealand-based Indian Ink Theatre Company brings immersive festivities to a number of U.S. theatres starting this month.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 09:53AM

Seeing Theatre’s Future in Warsaw by American Theatre Editors

At the Generation After Festival in September, Polish theatres gave a fresh demonstration of the vitality, relevancy, and pliability of the live arts.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 09:44AM
Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Theatre as Refuge and Resistance in a Time of War by American Theatre Editors

For MENA-identifying theatres in the U.S., the current Israel-Hamas war makes the work of lifting Palestinian and Arab voices all the more urgent.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 01:07PM

Change Comes Fast, Changes Come Slow by American Theatre Editors

How a cohort of artistic directors of color, recently hired at major U.S. theatres, have confronted unforeseen upheavals.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 11:34AM
Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Translating Jon Fosse Isn’t Just About the Words by American Theatre Editors

How an American director became a translator, as well as a sort of U.S. ambassador, for the Norwegian writer who is this year's Nobel Prize winner.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 06:43PM

Authenticity and Urgency: New Plays For Us and By Us by American Theatre Editors

How 4 theatres develop work by writers of color with communities of color at the center.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 05:05PM

Harold Steward Named Chair of TCG Board by American Theatre Editors

Steward, a former co-chair of the board's diversity, equity, and inclusion committee, succeeds Nikkole Salter.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 03:52PM

Hudson Valley Shakes Unveils Ambitious Green Design for Permanent Home by American Theatre Editors

The Studio Gang-designed campus for the open-air, slated to break ground in 2024, will meet LEED Platinum standards.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 12:00PM
Monday, November 27, 2023

Adventuring Through Chicago’s Holiday Offerings by American Theatre Editors

As we enter the holiday season, we celebrate taking risks on potentially life-changing works.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 04:30PM
Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Arts Are the Prescription We Need, Now More Than Ever by American Theatre Editors

We don't just get aesthetic or intellectual benefits from the expressive and performing arts---they can also be literally healing.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 03:18PM

This Week in Theatre Awards: Vogel, O’Donnell, EST/Sloan, and More by American Theatre Editors

A roundup of awards, residencies, and other recognitions.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 02:40PM

6 Theatre Workers You Should Know by American Theatre Editors

This L.A.-focused roundup includes a writer-director, a patron services manager, a scenic painter, an actor who's also a marketing director, and more.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 12:41PM

Rebecca Ende Lichtenberg Named Shakespeare Theatre Company Executive Director by American Theatre Editors

Ende Lichtenberg succeeds Chris Jennings, who left last summer for Manhattan Theatre Club.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 11:23AM

Not Always a Punchline: Ryan J. Haddad’s ‘Dark Disabled Stories’ by American Theatre Editors

In his latest play, published in full in our Fall print edition, the writer/performer probes implicit ableism and the assumptions we make about people we’ll never really know.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 09:53AM

Adrianna Desier Durantt’s Growing Curiosity by American Theatre Editors

With a wealth of experience in arts administration and branding, Durantt joins her neighborhood theatre ready to help its next stage of growth.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 09:20AM
Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Theatres No Longer Bound to the Stage by American Theatre Editors

How 6 THRIVE! recipient theatres have embraced new mediums and built new audiences.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 03:13PM
Monday, November 20, 2023

Theatrical Mustang: Star Finch’s Place of Questions by American Theatre Editors

This month Woodzick talks to the Bay Area playwright about political disillusionment, the liberation of basic income, and the sacred space of theatre.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 01:38PM
Friday, November 17, 2023

Offscript: David Adjmi in Stereo and 3 Dimensions by American Theatre Editors

The writer of 'Stereophonic' talks about his obsessions with detail and destruction, and North Carolina correspondent Lauren Van Hemert fills us in on the Research Triangle theatre scene.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 04:38PM

Ted DeLong Joins TimeLine Theatre as Managing Director by American Theatre Editors

After serving as Woolly Mammoth Theatre's interim managing director, DeLong now joins a leadership team that includes Mica Cole and PJ Powers.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 02:54PM

The Subtext: TyLie Shider’s Rehearsal Dramas by American Theatre Editors

This month Brian talks to a writer inspired by the music his parents made when he was young, as well as by the diverse biographies and interests of the playwrights he admires.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 10:35AM
Thursday, November 16, 2023

Gloria Oladipo Receives Medina Prize for Cultural Criticism by American Theatre Editors

The N.Y.-based reporter and critic is the second recipient of the award, which isgiven by the American Theatre Critics Association.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 10:36AM

Zeniba Now Receives Thom Thomas Award From Dramatists Guild Foundation by American Theatre Editors

The honor, given annually to an alumnus of the foundation's fellows program, comes with $10,000 support.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 10:17AM
Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Irondale, Where the Process Is the Play by American Theatre Editors

The 40-year-old Brooklyn company has spent the year exploring and interweaving major plays of the 20th century, from Glaspell to Williams to Hansberry. Their current show is 'American Blues.'

SOURCE: American Theatre at 02:52PM

Shirley Jo Finney Lifted Every Soul by American Theatre Editors

The late director was fluent in matters spiritual, emotional, and textual.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 01:58PM

SCR Managing Director Paula Tomei to Depart After 44 Years by American Theatre Editors

Tomei, who will leave the theatre next August, has been the company's first and only managing director to date.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 01:32PM

NEA Launches ArtsHERE Grants, With Focus on Equity and Access by American Theatre Editors

The new program will provide grants of of $65,000 to $130,000 to organizations that have demonstrated a commitment to equity.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 10:40AM
Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Serious Play: The Art of Wafaa Bilal and Tasneem Mandviwala by American Theatre Editors

When a painter and a performance artist work with theatres, all parties learn lessons about experience, engagement, and ecstasy.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 03:18PM

Superheroes on Native Land, Part I by American Theatre Editors

How a Lakota playwright, 7 Indigenous actors, and an L.A.-based ensemble survived a pandemic, crossed thousands of prairie miles, and confronted centuries of history to make a play.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 09:02AM
Monday, November 13, 2023

Public Theater Names 2023-25 Emerging Writers Group by American Theatre Editors

The 10 playwrights will receive staged readings of their work and a $10,000 stipend.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 03:24PM

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