Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Fairycakes by Victor Gluck, Editor-In-Chief

This mashup proves to be both too convoluted and too long at two hours and 20 minutes. Beane has, however, given the play a top flight send off with a starry cast of some of the most distinc…

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Monday, October 25, 2021

Ziel Dance Theater: “And There it Was” by Darryl Reilly

Magnificent leaps, graceful gestures with his hands and arms, grand turns, and Martial Arts-style moves are all to be experienced by Tomislav Nevistic’s exceptional modern dance technique.…

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New York City Center’s 2021 Fall for Dance Festival – Program 5 by Sheila Kogan

For something completely different, New York City Center commissioned and presented Ayodele Casel’s tap dance company for the world premiere of "Where We Dwell." A crowd-pleasing, often ro…

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Saturday, October 23, 2021

Clifford Odets in Staten Island by Darryl Reilly

An idealistic down on his luck Filipino American father home schools his two children. To teach them about The Great Depression and the present U.S. economy, he has them study the plays of C…

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Friday, October 22, 2021

The Lehman Trilogy by Darryl Reilly

Wearing costume designer Katrina Lindsay’s artful business attire is the distinguished British trio of Simon Russell Beale, Adam Godley and Adrian Lester. They initially portray the three …

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Thursday, October 21, 2021

Lucinda Childs’ “Dance” at The Joyce Theater by Joel Benjamin

Before the dancers appeared live, "Dance" commenced with a burst of Glass’ iconic, pulsating music—here pre-recorded, originally performed live—and a still from LeWitt’s original vid…

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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Autumn Royal by Joseph Pisano

Previously only known for his novels and short stories, first-time playwright Kevin Barry brings the same full-hearted doom and gloom to the stage in "Autumn Royal" that was evidenced in his…

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Thoughts of a Colored Man by Victor Gluck, Editor-In-Chief

Keenan Scott II’s engrossing Broadway debut play, Thought of a Colored Man, appears to be a masculine version of Ntozake Shange’s 1976 "For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide/When…

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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

New York City Center’s 2021 Fall for Dance Festival: Programs 1 and 2 by Joel Benjamin

The final work on Program 1 was its finest.  A.I.M. By Kyle Abraham presented its director’s “Our Indigo: If We Were a Love Song,” a deeply moving paean to the darker meanings of love…

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Monday, October 18, 2021

Chicken & Biscuits by Victor Gluck, Editor-In-Chief

Douglas Lyons’ new comedy, "Chicken & Biscuits" introduces us to the dysfunctional Jenkins/Mabry clan at the funeral of its patriarch Bernard, the former pastor of his New Haven church…

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Friday, October 15, 2021

Lackawanna Blues by Darryl Reilly

Employing his majestic vocal and physical talents, Santiago-Hudson supremely differentiates each of his brief characterizations with specificity and pathos. There’s also a poignant dynami…

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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Letters of Suresh by Victor Gluck, Editor-In-Chief

Although the characters never meet in person, they communicate mostly through letters that are spoken by the actors directly to the audience, and then halfway through the play, in texting wh…

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Monday, October 11, 2021

1-2-3 Manhunt by Joel Benjamin

DiMurro writes with an acute sense of the rhythm of New York speech and its old-school jargon, helped by director William Roudebush’s complementary sense of timing, not to mention four exp…

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Sunday, October 10, 2021

Six: The Musical by Joseph Pisano

More concert than musical, the 80-minute show's libretto adds little to its cast album, with the lyrics of each queen's autobiographical song also pruning their individual histories to a poi…

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Saturday, October 9, 2021

The New York Pops Underground Cabaret featuring Max von Essen by Christopher Caz

Von Essen did sing a couple of songs from a living composer, one Andrew Lloyd Webber. He relayed the story of going on for Ricky Martin in Evita, where the curtain had to be held so that all…

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Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Chasing Jack by David Kaufman

“Simon says let the games begin,” and so they do, at the opening of "Chasing Jack," a new play by John S Anastasi, M.D. As directed by Peter J Loewy, "Chasing Jack" is a smart and reward…

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Tuesday, October 5, 2021

A Commercial Jingle for Regina Comet by Victor Gluck, Editor-In-Chief

While Marshall Pailet’s direction is breezy and fastpaced, the dialogue has too many Borscht belt jokes (“Take my Grandma, for instance. No really take her-,” Camp Rosenblatt, “As my…

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Sunday, October 3, 2021

Denishawn: Dances by Ruth St. Denis & Ted Shawn by Joel Benjamin

The dances on this program are perfect examples of the Denishawn aesthetic which combined what was then exoticism with impeccable theatricality.  The Denishawn troupe was very much of its t…

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Friday, October 1, 2021

Between the Bars by Joel Benjamin

Benjamin Viertel directs "Between the Bars" brilliantly finding the balance between theatricality and reality.  Each character emerges as distinct and multidimensional, even the guards who …

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Thursday, September 30, 2021

F.I.R.E. by Darryl Reilly

Ms. Blauvelt has a fine ear for contemporary dialogue, sharply delineates her seven characters and gradually sets up a credible plot. The resolution is a familiar take on the financial world…

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Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Bedlam’s Persuasion by Victor Gluck, Editor-In-Chief

Bedlam’s 2014 production of "Sense and Sensibility," adapted by Kate Hamil from the novel by Jane Austen, and directed by Eric Tucker, set the bar so high for cleverness, originality and w…

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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Hindsight by Darryl Reilly

The pop music classics of the 1980’s intermixed with audio clips of President Ronald Reagan telling jokes is an apt pre-show soundtrack to playwright Alix Sobler’s "Hindsight." With Stop…

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Sanctuary City by Victor Gluck, Editor-In-Chief

Martyna Majok writes powerfully and brilliantly about marginalized people, particularly undocumented immigrants living in Northern New Jersey, as in "Ironbound" and her 2018 Pulitzer Prize-w…

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Scott Raneri: Extra! Extra! by Darryl Reilly

The title, Extra! Extra! refers to Raneri’s past livelihood as a prolific screen background player in such television shows as The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. “I’m finally playing the lead …

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Ruth Stage and The Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation by Darryl Reilly

A highlight of the benefit is to be a rehearsal sequence of the troupe’s upcoming revival of "Cat on a Hot Tin" Roof, featuring cast members Alison Fraser and Austin Pendleton. The product…

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Monday, September 27, 2021

The Wayward Daughter of Judah the Prince by Joel Benjamin

It is to the credit of the entire cast—dressed in Anthony Paul-Cavaretta’s period tunics and flowing robes—that Lackey’s sometimes over-the-top dialogue lands credibly. Two other ele…

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Polylogues by Christopher Caz

Each interviewee’s name is projected onto the back wall as Clark carefully transitions between the 21 people she’s interviewed; young, old, male, female, cis- or otherwise. This is a lar…

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Saturday, September 25, 2021

Ragamala Dance Company: Fires of Varanasi: Dance of the Eternal Pilgrim by Joel Benjamin

As the opaquely complicated plot played out on the stage, the three lead dancers (Ranee, Aparna and Ashwini Ramaswamy) took turns displaying impeccable Bharatanatyam technique:  feet adorne…

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Yeah, But Not Right Now by Victor Gluck, Editor-In-Chief

Holmes’ songs include clever lyrics particularly “Facebook,” “I Can Be That Guy” and "Beautiful Girl in the Front Row.” His expert playing on the keyboard allows him to have duet…

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Friday, September 24, 2021

Neal Brennan: Unacceptable by David Kaufman

If a hallmark of our best stand-up comics is that he or she is unique—think of Whoopi Goldberg, Jackie Mason and Lenny Bruce—a relative newcomer named Neal Brennan belongs in their compa…

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Monday, September 20, 2021

Blackbird by Christopher Caz

In his thankless role as Ray, Grossman’s performance is perpetually defensive, harried and out of breath. As unlikable a character as Ray is expected to be, Grossman doesn’t quite manage…

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