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Sunday, August 11, 2019

Entrance Theatre Talk Podcast by Admin

I had the honor and privilege to speak with the delightful Kirsten Wrinkle. We talked about musicals, mental health, and the power of live theater. Take a listen (link below) to hear all of …

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Saturday, August 10, 2019

Truth, beauty, freedom, love, and don’t forget the Rouge by Admin

Al Hirschfeld Theatre, New York, NY.August 1, 2019. Moulin Rouge! The Musical opened at the Al Hirschfeld Theatre on July 25. Directed by Alex Timbers with choreography by Sonya Tayeh and st…

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Thursday, August 8, 2019

From wood floor to Marley: How Stagestep came to be by Admin

In the beginning, all we had were wood dance floors, and if we were lucky, a basket-weave floating subfloor underneath.  Linoleum was used for a time, but it was heavy and very weather sens…

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Tuesday, August 6, 2019

A tribute to show business legend David Winters by Admin

People speak in superlatives when relating their feelings about the late David Winters, who died on April 23, at the age of 80. He was sometimes in the spotlight but often helping others fin…

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Monday, August 5, 2019

Al Blackstone’s stroke of genius in ‘Freddie Falls in Love’ by Admin

The Joyce Theater, New York, NY.July 23, 2019. Freddie Falls in Love, a dance narrative presented by The Joyce Theater Foundation in association with Break the Floor Productions, was directe…

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International dance journey at Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company by Admin

Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company (KCDC) is a well-known Israeli company that was founded by Yehudit Arnon in 1970. The company has been directed by acclaimed choreographer Rami Be’er sin…

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Can starving artists save money, too? by Admin

NYC-based actor/dancer James Stevko was recently featured in Ramit Sethi’s book, I Will Teach You to be Rich, and learned how, yes, even artists can save for their futures. Stevko is curr…

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Things that dancers are good at: Film by Admin

Dance Informa offers you the next installment in our series on alternative dance gigs! This month, we’re talking about dance film, and the various ways you, as a dancer, are perfect for th…

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Sunday, August 4, 2019

8 travel tips for your dance destination vacation by Admin

Ever considered mixing work and play? Taking your dance group on a destination training vacation is a great way to do just that. Disney World and Universal Orlando have programs specifically…

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Meet the newly promoted dancers of San Francisco Ballet by Admin

In June, San Francisco Ballet (SFB) announced 10 promotions, three new company members and five apprentices for the 2020 repertory season.  Soloists promoted to principals include Benjamin …

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‘Maze’ at The Shed: Hip hop within contemporary art by Admin

The Shed, New York, NY.July 24, 2019. Maze is a world premiere Shed commission with dancers from The D.R.E.A.M. Ring and The Shed’s FlexNYC program. It was co-directed by Reggie ‘Regg Ro…

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Technology, dance and 2019: Arch Contemporary Ballet’s ‘Chromatic Skies’ by Admin

Abrons Arts Center, New York, NY. July 11, 2019. Sheena Annalise founded Arch Contemporary Ballet “to ensure the continuous evolution of ballet, designed for an inclusive and varied 21st …

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LEAP into new possibilities at Saint Mary’s College of CA by Admin

Historically, dancers haven’t been “encouraged to hone their intellect as well as their technical skill,” says Stephanie Miller, associate director of Liberal Education for Arts Profes…

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Tap dance artist Ayodele Casel shows that it’s never too late by Admin

We’ve heard it before — “I’m too old to start dancing.” Yet accomplished dance artists like Ayodele Casel show us that it’s never too late to start. Casel, celebrated tap dance a…

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State Street Ballet is in its sterling year by Admin

State Street Ballet, based in Santa Barbara, CA, is celebrating its 25th year and has announced an exciting year of performances and events to commemorate this special anniversary.  The mar…

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Find your glass slipper: Só Dança Elektra specialists are coming to a dance store near you! by Admin

Earlier this year, Só Dança introduced its revolutionary Elektra pointe shoe, which features groundbreaking technology and even a customizable, interchangeable shank system. As part of th…

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Thursday, August 1, 2019

Reaching local communities through movement: Purelements’ Bike East by Admin

Humans were made to move. There’s no denying it. Yet hectic modern lifestyles too often make consistent, healthy movement all too rare for all too many people. Dance companies are evidentl…

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Dance Teachers: Dealing with summer heartbreak by Admin

You ended your dance season on a high note after a successful recital, attended an inspirational dance teacher conference, and took a vacation with your family. You return to your studio re…

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There’s A Place For Us: Why I Will Be Boycotting West Side Story Broadway by Admin

Producers Scott Rudin, Barry Diller, and David Geffen recently announced casting for an intriguing revival of West Side Story helmed by visionary director Ivo Van Hove. Among the talented ca…

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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

A closer look at CPR’s Performance Philosophy Reading Group by Admin

You might be thinking, performance and philosophy? How could these seemingly distant topics possibly have enough overlap to warrant a dedicated monthly reading group? Dance Informa caught up…

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Xena Gusthart choreographs monster of a musical ‘Bat Out of Hell’ by Admin

Meat Loaf: The musical?! Yes, you read that right. All of those iconic, head-banging rock ‘n’ roll hits are coming to the prestigious theater stage of New York City Center beginning Au…

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Friday, July 26, 2019

Stars of High Strung at DancerPalooza by Admin

DancerPalooza’s Beat Street expo opens today and So Danca has some exciting news! As presenting sponsors for this year’s festival, So Danca has many surprises instore, including special …

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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

OnStage Dance Company’s ‘What is Love?’: Choreographing personal experience by Admin

OnStage Dance Company, Malden, Massachusetts.July 12, 2019. Good writers write about what they know, goes an old aphorism. Does that also hold true with choreographers? Does the most effecti…

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Thursday, July 18, 2019

Princesses Ballet: Transforming lives through a love of dance by Admin

Princesses Ballet, a non-profit organization run by the City Gospel Mission in Cincinnati, is changing lives. The program offers free ballet lessons to underprivileged girls from ages three …

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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Al Blackstone: For the love of dance, and Freddie by Admin

This month, commercial choreographer Al Blackstone is taking another foray into the concert dance world, presenting a full-length work at New York’s famed Joyce Theater. The work, titled …

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Staying Safe on the Dance Floor by Admin

Whether you’re a dance teacher or studio owner looking for the perfect studio floor, or a parent or dancer seeking an at-home practice space, safety should always come first. Dancing on a …

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Monday, July 8, 2019

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater: Dancing meaning and motivation by Admin

Lincoln Center’s David H. Koch Theater, New York, NY. June 15, 2019. In dancemaking, there’s the meaning of the work at hand (the beauty of the human body’s movement being a totally v…

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Broadway choreographer Lorin Latarro is on fire by Admin

On the heels of an illustrious performance career that included dancing in 14 different Broadway shows, Lorin Latarro is now shining bright as a highly sought-after choreographer. Her next p…

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Things that dancers are good at: Tourism by Admin

Welcome to the first installment in our series on alternative dance gigs! This month, we’re talking about tourism and the various ways you, as a dancer, are perfect for the job. Tourist at…

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Summer superfoods to reduce muscle fatigue and soreness by Admin

Summer is the best season for fresh food, especially fruit. All fruits have compounds that reduce inflammation and oxidative stress. Don’t worry about the sugar content; they also have f…

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Performance spaces for nonprofessional adult dancers: Why should they have to stop? by Admin

There’s just something about dancing in the glow of stage lights, of giving your all to an audience with something on which you’ve worked hard (for weeks, months or even years). The proc…

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