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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Tosca by Arts Review

Judging by the packed house on opening night, Opera Australia Artistic Director, Lyndon Terracini’s strategy of presenting revivals of the company’s most popular productions with interes…

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PIAF: Betroffenheit by Arts Review

Never before has a show disturbed, frightened and entranced me more than Betroffenheit. A contemporary exploration of addiction, depression and trauma, written and performed by Jonathon You…

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Friday, February 24, 2017

The Homosexuals, or Faggots by Arts Review

Described as a “ferocious farce where nobody is safe”, The Homosexuals, or Faggots did cause an offence, but not how you would think. It is quite normal, and indeed, completely understan…

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2017 Adelaide Festival sets record with biggest box office sales in two decades by Arts Review

Just days out from its opening weekend the 2017 Adelaide Festival has already made history by breaking the $3 million mark in box office sales, the largest sales for the festival in over 20 …

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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Adelaide Fringe: Radelaide! by Arts Review

With her funky and relatable ideas of ‘Adelaidean’ culture, Lucy Gransbury brings her very best in presenting her show, Radelaide at the 2017 Adelaide Fringe. With references tha…

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PARIS – A Rock Odyssey by Arts Review

A love affair that sparked the Trojan Wars, Music Theatre Melbourne (MTM) pays homage to one of Australia’s great performers, Jon English, in their exciting new concert production of the A…

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Single Asian Female by Arts Review

Skewering race and gender in contemporary Australia, La Boite Theatre Company presents Single Asian Female – an incisive new comedy from Brisbane-based award winning writer Michelle…

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David Stratton: A Cinematic Life by Arts Review

“I can’t imagine a life without film,” says Australia’s most revered critic, the English-born David Stratton. “I try to see a film every day. At least one.” Film is David’s lif…

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

On the Couch with Jonathan Biggins by Arts Review

Who is Jonathan Biggins? Jonathan is an actor, writer, director and political satirist with a level of fame that means you need to ask that question. What would you do differently to what yo…

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Best of Brisbane Theatre acknowledged at the 2016 Matilda Awards by Arts Review

Queensland Theatre has dominated the 2016 Matilda Awards to be Queensland’s most lauded company for the second year running, associated with eleven of the 16 category winners through fou…

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Richard 3 by Arts Review

Continuing on their quest to daringly reimagine Shakespeare’s works with a boldness and unexpectedness that will leave audiences breathless, Bell Shakespeare presents in Sydney, Melbourn…

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On the Couch with Camilla Blunden by Arts Review

Who is Camilla Blunden? Me. I sometimes wonder Moments, places, people you have inside you and around you then and now. Where do they all fit in or do they? And what about you? What would yo…

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Adelaide Fringe: Blanc de Blanc by Arts Review

If you want to be immersed in champagne infused show featuring brilliant acrobatics, cheeky comic routines with a bawdy burlesque display then you are in the right place. Blanc de Blanc has …

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House of Mirrors is coming to Bendigo by Arts Review

Bendigo Art Gallery has announced that the renowned art installation House of Mirrors – the hit of Hobart’s 2016 Dark Mofo, will be installed in Rosalind Park from 7 – 30 Apri…

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Arts Captain by Arts Review

Did you go to school with that overly ambitious drama student who thought they were going to be the next big thing? Or perhaps you were that poor student and can look back on how dramatic yo…

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Adelaide Fringe: Comedy Hypnosis! Entranced by Arts Review

As soon as he steps on stage, Adelaide’s own, Isaac Lomman has the audience under his spell. His soothing voice calms the nerves of an anxious audience waiting with baited breath to be…

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Adman: Warhol before pop by Arts Review

In the 1950s, before his paintings of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley and Campbell’s Soup, Andy Warhol was one of New York’s most sought-after commercial illustrators and an emerging artis…

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The Homosexuals, or Faggots by Arts Review

It will be very funny and potentially very offensive, but one thing’s certain – it’ll be the talking point of the season, as The Homosexuals, or Faggots reunites playwright Declan Gr…

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On the Couch with Trisha Noble by Arts Review

Who is Trisha Noble? She is somewhat of a homebody when not performing in a show. She loves art and animals and the lakes and beaches in her local area. What would you do differently to what…

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Monday, February 20, 2017

PIAF: The Dark Mirror by Arts Review

The Dark Mirror sees the joining of the world’s leading performer of Schubert’s Winterreise, tenor Ian Bostridge, director, designer and video artist Netia Jones, and conductor Baldur Br…

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Nominations for the 2017 Green Room Awards Announced by Arts Review

Recognising excellence and innovation across a range of professional productions presented on the Melbourne stage in 2016, the Green Room Awards Association is proud to announce the nominati…

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The Age of Bones (Jaman Belulang) by Arts Review

A stunning Indonesian-Australian co-production set deep beneath the sea from award-winning playwright Sandra Thibodeaux, The Age of Bones (Jaman Belulang) will be presented at La Mama Court…

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On the Couch with Gavin Webber by Arts Review

Who is Gavin Webber? I’m a choreographer and one of Australia’s oldest dancers. I’m about to go to Melbourne with a show called Cockfight and I’ll turn 50 on the last day! I feel pre…

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Media roundtable aims to improve quality of LGBTIQ images and storylines in Australia by Arts Review

Author and journalist Benjamin Law (The Family Law), and comedian Jordan Raskopoulos (Axis of Awesome) will join leading international LGBTIQ media advocates in Sydney next week for a ground…

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Sunday, February 19, 2017

More cast announced as Melbourne Season of The Bodyguard confirmed by Arts Review

Producers Michael Harrison, David Ian and John Frost have announced that the Melbourne season of the international award-winning hit musical The Bodyguard will play at the Regent Theatre fr…

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PIAF: A O Lang Pho by Arts Review

In the words of Nouveau Cirque du Vietnam director Tuan Le, the word ‘A O’ is derived from ‘Lang Pho’, which loosely means ‘Village and City’. At its heart, this is the premise o…

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White Night Melbourne’s fifth installment thrills and delights visitors by Arts Review

An estimated crowd of between 550,000 and 600,000 visited Melbourne on Saturday night to experience the fifth iteration of White Night Melbourne, Australia’s most celebrated cultural and …

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Friday, February 17, 2017

The Fever by Arts Review

Dawn. An unnamed country riven by civil war. A Western traveller is huddled on the bathroom floor of an anonymous hotel room. Shaking and sweating with fever, he embarks upon a lurid and hal…

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All This Living! by Arts Review

Are older people now a nuisance? Do they cost too much? How does society view old women? And what do younger people really know about the older generation? Running for a limited season, Cam…

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SUPERCELL: Festival of Contemporary Dance Brisbane by Arts Review

A collision of multiple particles to create a major event with widespread beauty, ferocity, spectacle and rejuvenation SUPERCELL: Festival of Contemporary Dance presents movement in all its…

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Top Picks at the 2017 Adelaide Fringe by Arts Review

The 2017 Adelaide Fringe kicked off in spectacular style last night, as the Fringe Parade heralded the start of this year’s Festival. With more than 1100 events, the 2017 Adelaide Frin…

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