Thursday, May 26, 2022

EPIC Players Creates Employment and Training Opportunities for Autistic & Neurodivergent Theatre Makers by Jenna Lourenco

Autistic adults in the United States are unemployed at estimated rates of more than 80%. Those who find stable work are just as likely to be underemployed. According to the Ruderman White Pa…

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“Son of Byblos” Brings a Nuanced and Powerful Understanding of Lebanese Family Life to the Australian Stage by Cherine Fahd

Review: Son of Byblos, directed by Anna Jahjah for Brave New World Theatre Company The downstairs theatre at Belvoir might be small but the energy conjured from Son of Byblos is mighty. Writ…

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Belgian Premiere of “Molly Bloom” in Ghent by

In 1999, Viviane De Muynck and Jan Lauwers set to work with the last chapter of James Joyce’s Ulysses for the first time. Joyce’s grandson, Stephen J. Joyce, explicitly forbade them th…

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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Where Earth Meets The Sky: Decolonizing Latinxfuturistic Theatre by Teresa Marrero

Of all of the performances and plays I have seen, this one stands out uniquely for several reasons. It is a collectively devised piece by three women of color who choose not only to create i…

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“The Burnt City,” One Cartridge Place by Duška Radosavljević

Punchdrunk theatre, the eponymous progenitors of “immersive theatre,” have been wowing their audiences worldwide since their early modest beginnings in Devon in the year 2000. Due to the…

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Sunday, May 22, 2022

Interactive Map: “Theatre and Decolonization” at “The Theatre Times” by Lara Cox

Over the years, our contributors have been addressing the topic of decolonization in theatre and performance from all four corners of the world. This interactive map aims to give our readers…

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Saturday, May 21, 2022

“Abril imaginario”: One Step Beyond Immersive and Collaborative Theater by Antonio Hernández Nieto

It is the second time that Los números imaginarios (The imaginary numbers), a Spanish company of collaborative and immersive theater, call for artistic residencies. Six projects have been s…

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Friday, May 20, 2022

“The Legend of the Waitress & the Robber”: World Premiere of NYC-Seoul Collaboration Inspired by Schiller and Hong Gildong by Walter Byongsok Chon

The Legend of The Waitress & The Robber is a collaboration between the Korean theatre companies Playfactory Mabangzen and Yellow Bomb and the New York City-based Concrete Temple Theater.…

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Thursday, May 19, 2022

Ivo van Hove’s “Age of Rage” at Barbican by Duška Radosavljević

Ivo van Hove’s production of Age of Rage is sourced from six plays by Euripides and one by Aeschylus, chronicling the cycle of violence and revenge befallen on the house of Atreus – star…

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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

“Theater Now Is Important, It Gives People the Feeling that They Are Not Alone”: An Interview with the Ukrainian Playwright Andriy Bondarenko by Raluca Rădulescu

Andriy Bondarenko is the dramaturg of the Puppet Theater in Lviv, Ukraine, where he lives, but he is also a co-founder of the Kyiv Theater of Playwrights, and the author of the dramatic poem…

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Monday, May 16, 2022

“Stay Woke” Reminded Me of The Importance of Telling Stories of Injustice by Those Most Affected by It by Niro Kandasamy

Review: Stay Woke, by Aran Thangaratnam, directed by Bridget Balodis. The lingering smell of incense and the hurried crunching of murukku and thattu vadai greets the audience as we settle in…

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“Black Boy,” or What to Do with the White Theatre Critic by Lara Cox

What do you do when you are blown away by a show, and yet you know that there is something inherently troubling in its premise? Or how about, what do you do when you go to see a play about a…

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Saturday, May 14, 2022

Why Costume Design Is a Snapshot of Hong Kong Life by Elizabeth Kerr

This story is part of a collaboration between Zolima CityMag and the Hong Kong Design Centre’s new design knowledge platform bodw+. Over the next several months, we will explore how design…

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Friday, May 13, 2022

From Uruguay to Auroville: Clowning Duo Brings Physicality and Humour to the Stage by Gowri S

At Adishakti Theatre’s Remembering Veenapani festival, a clowning troupe from Uruguay explains how simple scripts can inspire powerful performances. If the slow afternoons in Adishakti The…

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Thursday, May 12, 2022

Gregg Mozgala, Broadway Actor Organizes Festival Celebrating Deaf/Disabled Artists by The Theatre Times

Actor Gregg Mozgala describes himself as a “Triple Threat: “Actor, Writer, Cripple.” The 42-year-old award-winning actor and theatre professional, who has cerebral palsy, has been chal…

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“Russia Is My Country, Who Better Than Me to Clean Up the Ruins of Our Humanity”: Interview with Elena Kovalskaya – Part II by Yana Meerzon

This is Part II of the two-part interview. To read Part I, click here. Yana Meerzon: Should we assume that with the change of government and the end of Medvedev’s modernization, the state …

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“Russia Is My Country, Who Better Than Me to Clean Up the Ruins of Our Humanity”: Interview with Elena Kovalskaya – Part I by Yana Meerzon

Russia is my country, who better than me to clean up the ruins of our humanity. – Elena Kovalskaya Elena Kovalskaya is a theater critic, curator, and producer. She was born in Kerch, Crime…

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Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Daniela Bershan and Others — “OCEAN” by Bojana Cvejić

OCEAN, or the touch of a relational lifeworld Sometimes, a performance, a work of art, reveals its timeliness in a time that does not favor its public appearance. Circumstances happen, and t…

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Monday, May 9, 2022

Egyptian Playwright Rasha Abd Elmonem: A Passion for Theatre by May Selim

Rasha Abd Elmonem — a playwright, independent theatre activist, and head of the training program at the Supreme Council of Culture (CSC) — shared her passion for theatre during the round…

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The Revolution of Tragedies: An Interview with Romanian Director Andrei Majeri by Ivanka Apostolova Baskar

During the very agonic and snail-slow, first foggy year under COVID of 2020, I met theater director Andrei Majeri, one of the most interesting and inspiring theatre people, at JoakimInterFes…

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Saturday, May 7, 2022

“Children of A Clockwork Orange” at the Youth Theatre, Novi Sad by Borisav Matić

Youth Theatre, Novi Sad. Premiered February 27, 2022. A few days ago, a friend who is a teacher told me a story of her high school student who beat his fellow female classmate, hitting her w…

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Dolce & Duce: “The Taming of the Shrew” at the Mossovet Theatre by Emiliia Dementsova

In a country at war, theatres continue to work… “(They) are so simple to offer war where they should kneel for peace,” phrases torn out of the context of works acquire a new tone in th…

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Thursday, May 5, 2022

“King Lori – Instagration” at The Theatre ODA by Florida Kastrati

Teatri ODA, Prishtina, 17th March 2022 Two actresses, both speaking in German, start talking about their national identity. They say they are Swiss and they question whether they have the ri…

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As Utpal Dutt’s Play “Barricade” Completes 50 Years, a Look at How the Thespian Spoke Truth to Power by Ananda Lal

The immediate trigger for the play was political and topical. West Bengal, in 1971, was passing through extreme instability. Fifty years ago, Utpal Dutt’s play Barricade stormed Kolkata. …

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Wednesday, May 4, 2022

“The Brothers Karamazov” at The Zagreb Youth Theater by Lucija Klarik

Zagreb Youth Theater (ZKM), premiered on February 26, 2022 It is almost impossible to begin a review of the newest title in the Zagreb Youth Theatre (ZYT) program, Brothers Karamazov, witho…

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Tuesday, May 3, 2022

“Heroes of the Fourth Turning”: How Theatre Can Serve as a Mode of Inquiry into Right Wing Ideas by Julian Meyrick

Why did 46.8% of Americans vote for Donald Trump in the 2020 election? Why did approximately 2,000 of them attack the Capitol building? Why do 54% believe Joe Biden to be one of the worst Pr…

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Sunday, May 1, 2022

Guide to the Classics: Shakespeare’s “Hamlet,” The Everest of Literature by Jamie Q. Roberts

Although I’m wary of declaring any literary work to be the greatest ever, Shakespeare’s Hamlet would be a frontrunner. It’s often proclaimed to be or voted Shakespeare’s best play (G…

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“Bloody Difficult Women” at The Riverside Studios by Aleks Sierz

Although the current government has blundered through both Brexit and the pandemic, and is now deliberately making life more difficult for both low-income families and the rest of us, theate…

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Saturday, April 30, 2022

Honesty and Experience: Interview with Deirdre V. Lyons, Actress, VR-Actress and Producer by Ágnes Bakk

Deirdre V. Lyons is currently living in Los Angeles and has been in over 75 Film and Theatrical productions throughout the west coast. In 2019 she joined the ensemble cast of The Under Prese…

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Thursday, April 28, 2022

In Tonderai Munyevu’s “Mugabe, My Dad & Me,” The Personal Becomes the Political by Ian Kiyingi Muddu

There are two in one Tonderai Munyevus. I meet both of them on a snowy February evening at Brixton House, a new Off-West End theatre in South West London. The one onstage is a ruffler of fea…

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Wednesday, April 27, 2022

The First Cabaret Theater in the Slavic World: An Interview with Lafayette by Nemanja Stanojevic

Belgrade and Serbia have a three-century-long history of theatre. Along with the development of theatrical forms in Western Europe, the theater was growing in, then small, Kingdom of Serbia.…

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