Friday, February 23, 2018

‘Beautifully designed and brilliantly written’: IF WE GOT SOME MORE COCAINE I COULD SHOW YOU HOW I LOVE YOU – Vault Festival ★★★★ by Debbie Gilpin

John O’Donovan’s two-hander If We Got Some More Cocaine I Could Show You How I Love You returns to London as part of this year’s Vault Festival.

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FROM DOWN UNDER: Bernadette Robinson – The Show Goes On in Melbourne by Simon Parris

With a vocal talent that can only be described as phenomenal, Bernadette Robinson returns to the stage in tailor-made new crowd pleaser, The Show Goes On.

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INTERVIEW: Happy Idiot makes plans for Not: Lady Chatterley’s Lover 2018 tour by Debbie Gilpin

Happy Idiot has now launched a Kickstarter campaign to help raise funds for the company’s upcoming tour of Not: Lady Chatterley’s Lover. I had a chat with artistic director Lawrence Russ…

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‘A captivating world where ordinary lives touch the extraordinary’: THE WEIR – Touring ★★★ by Thom Dibdin

An evening of tall tales puts a spotlight on the human heart as the King’s presents Conor McPherson’s modern Irish classic, The Weir.

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‘Even in the darkest moments, a genuine belly laugh is never far away’: THE NEWSPAPER BOY – Manchester ★★★★ by Kristy Stott

All in all, The Newspaper Boy is a gripping story, well written and featuring a host of brilliant performances.

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‘Myriad quick-fire changes’: NAPOLEON DISROBED – Arcola Theatre ★★★★ by Carole Woddis

Told by an Idiot’s stage adaptation of Simon Leys’ acclaimed counter to the-great-man-of-history novella The Death of Napoleon though asks the useful question that gels nicely with the c…

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‘Highly engaging experience’: CARMEN 1808 – Union Theatre ❤❤❤❤ by Emma Clarendon

Phil Willmott’s production of Carmen 1808, based on Bizet’s beloved opera, has plenty of passion and Spanish flair to make for a highly engaging experience.

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‘Language is beautifully used’: THE HOUSE OF BERNARDA ALBA – Cervantes Theatre by Laura Kressly

In The House of Bernarda Alba at Cervantes Theatre, Lorquian language is beautifully used and the production showcases bright and powerful actresses on stage.

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NEWS: Lulu takes over from Sheena Easton in 42nd Street from 19 March, TICKETS ONSALE by Press Releases

Lulu returns to the West End after 30 years to join the cast of Broadway classic 42nd Street. From 19 March 2019, she takes over the iconic role of ‘Dorothy Brock’, first played by Sheen…

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‘Makes for theatre that packs a punch’: ANGRY – Southwark Playhouse by Laura Kressly

“Remember me; I sparkled.” Philip Ridley’s ability to write about the most grotesque scenarios with the most beautiful language will never cease to amaze. His latest offering is Angry …

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NEWS: Nicholas Hytner directs world premiere of Alan Bennett play Allejujah! at Bridge Theatre by Press Releases

Nicholas Hytner is to direct two world premieres for the London Theatre Company at the Bridge Theatre: Alan Bennett’s Allejujah! and the world premiere of Lucinda Coxon’s Alys, Always, b…

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‘A work that in an era of #MeToo has become ever more complex’: THE TAMING OF THE SHREW – Bristol ★★★ by Kris Hallett

all in all, it’s a very solid take on a work that in an era of #MeToo has become ever more complex. Working with an accomplished director as Bill Alexander is obviously paying off.

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Thursday, February 22, 2018

FROM DOWN UNDER: Gilligan’s Island the Musical by Simon Parris

Nostalgia aficionados may enjoy the trip down memory lane of Gilligan’s Island the Musical, but the talented cast and crew deserve better material in future stage outings.

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Olivier Awards – my public panel application 2018 by Debbie Gilpin

It’s that point in the year again: Olivier Award public panel application time! After getting to the interview stage last year (better than 2016 and 2015) I was hoping to do it again this …

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PHOTOS: In the rehearsal room with Pegasus Opera’s new double bill at the Actors’ Church by Press Releases

Preparations are well underway for the UK premiere of a double bill of two new one-act operas showcasing women in lead roles, Ruth and The Dark Lady of the Sonnets. Sneak a peek into the reh…

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This isn’t a dig at Rufus, but if I ran the National Theatre… by Victoria Sadler

Now, straight off the bat, this isn’t a dig at Rufus. No, that’s not what this blog is about. Rather, it’s some comparably small suggestions that I think could bring about real meaning…

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‘Brings a whole new audience to discover the magic’: THE SOUND OF MUSIC – Touring ★★★★ by Thom Dibdin

It may be a cliché, but Edinburgh is definitely “alive with the Sound of Music” once again as the classic musical returns to the Playhouse.

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‘Much to commend it’: ROPE – Hornchurch by Ian Foster

As time ticks away in Rope at the Queen’s Theatre, Hornchurch, the tightly wound coils of this expertly constructed thriller remain as poised as ever.

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‘Joyful but baffling’: NAPOLEON DISROBED – Arcola Theatre by Laura Kressly

There’s a lot to like about Napoleon Disrobed at the Arcola Theatre, but its focus on getting laughs in individual moments means the narrative arc is neglected. Only a little work is neede…

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‘Packed with excellent choreography’: FLASHDANCE – Touring by Emma Clarendon

Hannah Chissick has managed to create a show in Flashdance which captures the flavour of the 1980s and the spirit of the original film, really focusing on the dancing element and celebrating…

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NEWS: Jonny Fines and Emma Williams head up An Officer and a Gentleman – The Musical cast by Press Releases

Jonny Fines and Emma Williams will lead the cast of the world premiere production of An Officer and a Gentleman – The Musical when the show opens at Curve on 6 April 2018 (press night 19 A…

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‘A period piece with a difference’: JUBILEE – Lyric Hammersmith by Anne Cox

Nostalgic, trying too hard to shock and no longer a force to be reckoned with, Jubliee is, nevertheless, a period piece with a difference which will find fans hoping to relive their youth or…

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FIRST-LOOK PHOTOS: Is the world ready for robot companions? Version 2.0 gets its world premiere by Press Releases

Can a robot ever replace a real human relationship? Check out our bumper gallery of stunning production photography from Kashyap Raja's new play Version 2.0, which runs at London's Leicester…

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‘Little doubt about the quality here’: THE B*EASTS – Bush Theatre by Ian Foster

With Monica Dolan in scintillating form with her effortless naturalism, The B*easts at the Bush Theatre proves an intelligently provocative play.

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NEWS: Sheila Reid and Bo Poraj join cast of Rasheeda Speaking at Trafalgar Studios by Press Releases

Sheila Reid and Bo Poraj will join Elizabeth Berrington and Tanya Moodie in the UK première of Joel Drake Johnson’s tense workplace drama Rasheeda Speaking, opening at Trafalgar Studios 2…

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‘Gripping storytelling & brilliantly cast’: FROZEN– West End by Aleks Sierz

This Frozen is a dark story, a revival of Bryony Lavery’s 1998 award-winning play about a child killer — definitely no singing, no dancing, no hummable tunes, but it does have an outstan…

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‘Everything is up for grabs’: WITT ’N CAMP – Vault Festival by Michael Davis

There’s no one quite like Witt ’n Camp. ‘Singing’ classic rap songs in the style of opera, Charlie Howitt (Witt) and Holly Campbell (Camp) have subtlely dispensed with the distinctio…

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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

‘Moving mix of high emotion & comedy’: TIGER – Vault Festival by Laura Kressly

Tiger strikes a great balance between highly emotional drama and the comedy of a man dressed as a tiger, doing yoga.

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‘Hits a perfect balance’: MARGARET THATCHER QUEEN OF SOHO – Vault Festival by Laura Kressly

The night before Parliament votes on Section 28, an amendment to the Local Government Act which prevents schools or similar local authorities from promoting homosexuality, Margaret Thatcher …

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‘A lot of potential’: BREAKFAST – Vault Festival by Laura Kressly

With bolder, physical choices and more exploration of the theatrical material, Breakfast has a lot of potential.

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‘Maximum impact from its almost immersive setting’: THE THINGS I DON’T SAY – Edinburgh ★★★ by Thom Dibdin

There is an edge of guerilla theatre to Neon Eye’s theatre debut, The Things I Don’t Say, set and performed in a Bruntsfield flat, which makes it feel special before it even starts.

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