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Monday, March 23, 2020

Online Arts Festivals Quickly Replace Canceled In-Person Fests [VIDEO] by Artsjournal2

Founded by a playwright, the Social Distancing Festival has, not surprisingly, already gotten hundreds of submissions, with more coming by the minute. – BBC

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Writers Want To Help You, Parents Trying To Deal With Your Kids 24/7, And Here’s How by Artsjournal2

Mo Willems, Grace Lin, Gene Luen Yang, Amie Kaufman and so many others are offering drawing lessons, read alouds, virtual book tours and so much more online. Oliver Jeffers: “We are all at…

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Here Are 4,000 Canadian Films To Stream For Free; Please Stop Complaining You’re Bored by Artsjournal2

Who needs Netflix when you’ve got the Canadian Film Board, right? (Also, if you like Canadian work, Kim’s Convenience is on Netflix.) – CBC

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How Did Disney Swallow Up Everything? by Artsjournal2

Disney is so big it’s even creating metaphors about itself in its many, many, many, many properties. “Disney’s gravitational pull is warping the very space-time continuum of the media …

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Ai Weiwei Says An Artist Must Be An Activist by Artsjournal2

In addition, as a huge show in London is suspended because of the COVID-19 outbreak, he says, “Cultural institutions are probably the last to be damaged, but the first to show how severely…

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Small Indie Musicians And Workers In Small Indie Music Spaces Are Living A Nightmare by Artsjournal2

Says one freelance photographer and bartender, “All my jobs have been canceled at the photo studio, and now my safety job has disappeared too.” One academic who studies the music industr…

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Julia Miles, Who Founded The Women’s Project To Influence Off-Broadway Theatre, Has Died by Artsjournal2

Miles founded Women’s Project and eventually the WP Theater, where she and others “produced more than 600 plays written and directed by women over a 42-year history, nurturing artists li…

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Perhaps You Can Fill Your New ‘Commute’ Time With These Art Podcasts by Artsjournal2

Ten picks from the NYT include podcasts from curators, artists, and critics in Los Angeles, London, Australia, Canada, Italy, and more. – The New York Times

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What Survived The Fire At The Museum by Artsjournal2

When fire, smoke, and water pumped in for more than 20 hours ripped through the archives at the Museum of the Chinese in America in late January, the staff thought all of the more than 85,00…

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Movie Theatres Reopen In China As Threat Recedes For Now by Artsjournal2

No one is comfortable buying tickets yet (literally no one, as in zero people, in two of the provinces where theatres reopened), but the distributors had a plan for that: “Most of the film…

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One Of The Last Victims Of Hollywood’s Blacklist Recounts How She Fought For Her Career by Artsjournal2

Marsha Hunt, who “never wanted to do anything but act,” was on the list when the “Red Channels” were published, claiming she was a Communist or “fellow traveler.” Why? Because sh…

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The Night The Lights Went Off Off-Broadway by Artsjournal2

The sudden loss of community is especially marked in theatre. “As companies cancel productions that were months to years in the making for the sake of social distancing and self-quarantini…

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In Canada, The Banff Centre And The Stratford Festival Lay Off Hundreds Of Workers by Artsjournal2

Banff laid off 75 percent of its staff members as classes closed, and the Stratford Festival (reported in a separate CBC story, here) “laid off 495 people Friday and says another 440 will …

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The Comedian Who Tried To Put On An Entire Saturday Night Live By Himself by Artsjournal2

After multiple sketches and a cold open, not to mention a quarantine-themed title sequence, Ian Abramson might be just a bit exhausted. “If it doesn’t kill him, Abramson should do this a…

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Plácido Domingo Has Tested Positive For COVID-19 by Artsjournal2

The singer “said that he is currently in good health but decided to get tested after experiencing ‘fever and cough symptoms.'” – CNN

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Sunday, March 22, 2020

What Does A Delayed Cannes Mean For World Cinema? by Artsjournal2

Er, maybe move online this year, film festivals? “Cannes organizers are looking at the possibility of postponing the event by about six weeks, until late June, in the optimistic hope that …

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Chicago Neighborhood Sings Bon Jovi From Quaratine by Artsjournal2

Inspired by Italy, Rogers Park got itself together to sing the popular 1980s rocker’s “Livin’ on a Prayer.” The singer himself joined in via Instagram, and a local radio station chan…

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Great Classical Music, Theatre, And Dance Now Online by Artsjournal2

This week’s edition of what we can watch while stuck at home and missing all of the culture outside our walls. – The New York Times

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The Psychology Of Comfort TV by Artsjournal2

Says one professor of media psychology on why so many people are watching, say, “The Great British Baking Show” and other comfort watches or re-watches: “There’s a lot of comfort in …

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James Hatch, Archivist Of Black Theatre, Has Died At 91 by Artsjournal2

Hatch and his wife, artist and filmmaker Camille Billops, “created a vast archive of interviews with black actors, singers, writers and artists. … He became an expert in the history of b…

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Waterstones Boss Finally Admits Staff Are In Danger And Closes Bookstores by Artsjournal2

After days – and lots of angry tweets, posts, and other pushback from staff who said they had no masks, no gloves, no hand sanitizer, and were still being forced to take cash – and the C…

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Actors And Others Read Us Sonnets Online by Artsjournal2

This story came out before Sir Patrick Stewart performed “Let us not to the marriage of true minds/Admit impediments” (aka Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116) on Instagram, but there are plenty …

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The (Temporary?) End Of Box-Office Reporting by Artsjournal2

The Northridge Earthquake didn’t even stop box office reporting. But COVID-19 has, as almost all movie theatres have closed. – Los Angeles Times

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Bill Smith, Master Of Two Musical Worlds, Has Died At 93 by Artsjournal2

His double music life: “As William O. Smith, he pioneered unorthodox techniques for his instrument and developed ways to notate them for other players. Composers like Luigi Nono, Pauline …

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Our Story Is Not Ended: Chay Yew On His Last, Closed Play And The Future Of Theatre by Artsjournal2

Yew, who was ending his run as artistic director of Victory Gardens in Chicago: “We will emerge with new stories to tell. We will revisit old tales that give our lives new meaning and sust…

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EuroVision Is Canceled; Long Live AlternaVision? by Artsjournal2

That’s not its official name, and it won’t be a competition, but EuroVision organizers said “the show will ‘honour the songs and artists’ that were due to take part of the contest …

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Broadway Unions Reach Deal With Producers To Help Workers For A Few Weeks by Artsjournal2

The “emergency relief agreement” negotiated by the Broadway League and 14 different unions created an agreement “to pay hundreds of actors, musicians, stagehands and others for the fir…

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Suzy Delair, Who Starred In Movies And Music Halls, Has Died At 102 by Artsjournal2

Delair starred in Laurel and Hardy’s last movie, but she was best known for starring in 1940s thrillers directed by Henri-Georges Clouzot, some of which were made during the Nazi occupatio…

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Even Disney Plus, Which Just Got To Europe, Will Reduce Its Streaming Load by Artsjournal2

Why? Because everyone’s at home – and everyone needs bandwidth. “European Commissioner Thierry Breton had asked streamers to take measures to prevent congestion on the internet. One of…

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Debbie Allen, Ben Platt, And Other Celebrities Host Instagram Dance Classes And Parties by Artsjournal2

Debbie Allen, star and choreographer of Fame, has been hosting dance lessons and classes since Wednesday. “‘While all of us are dealing with this uncertainty and darkness, we will bring …

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The Film Industry, Devastated In An Hour by Artsjournal2

One film art director: “Over one hour, everything was cancelled. That’s £28,000 gone in an instant. My head started spinning. I realised the knock-on effect this would have in the indus…

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