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Monday, August 3, 2020

Putting Up A Monument To The Unknown Enslaved People Of The United States by Artsjournal2

As the Civil War raged, Kentucky was officially neutral – but it was a slave state. Freedom lay just across the river in Indiana, says poet Hannah Drake, whose nonprofit is preparing to in…

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That Time A Research Librarian Discovered His Library Owned A First Edition Of Beethoven’s Sixth by Artsjournal2

At the Moravian Music Foundation, librarian David Blum “was doing a routine cataloging of material that the foundation has owned for years, [when] he noticed the plate number of the printi…

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Is That Dead Air Time? No, It’s Deliberate Peace And Quiet On The Airwaves by Artsjournal2

Some stations have meditation minutes, and some have other ways to fill all of that time when they’d normally have stories about events (the events that aren’t happening right now). Some…

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Victor Victor, Musician Who Brought Music, Dance, And Theatre To The Underprivileged, 71 by Artsjournal2

Víctor’s hit was the 1991 “Mesita de la Noche,” but before that, his son says, the Dominican singer/songwriter/producer had “lived a double life. … He was writing romantic songs a…

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There’s A New Genre In Town: Quar-Horror by Artsjournal2

A couple of the filmmakers: “This is where our brains went. Instead of making bread, we were like, ‘what can we do with how we’re creative?'” – NPR

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It Took 80 Years For This Piece By Composer Ulysses Kay To Have Its World Premiere by Artsjournal2

Why? Perhaps this: “While Ulysses Kay shared stages with the greats of his day, his daughter said over time his compositions haven’t been performed as widely and are often programmed for…

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Neighbors Performing Music For Neighbors Hasn’t Stopped by Artsjournal2

And, in the U.S., it may be just getting started. A cellist in Pasadena who performs weekly with his wife, a pianist, says, “We thought with so much suffering, and so much anxiety, this is…

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Tokyo’s Kabuki-Za Theatre Has Reopened by Artsjournal2

Blocked off seats, reduced capacity, and musicians wear masks and face shields, with dancers keeping far apart as they perform onstage. – BBC

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The Literary Museums That Made It This Far Are Slowly Reopening by Artsjournal2

Shakespeare’s birthplace just reopened, and Jane Austen’s house is about to reopen – and some of the changes advantage the visitors coming now. “The cottage where Austen revised, wro…

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How Poetry Can Guide Us Through Trauma by Artsjournal2

Audre Lorde’s 1977 piece “Poetry Is not a Luxury” seems prescient right now. “Poems have alchemized death and imagined the continuation of lives cut short by racist violence. The…

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Obie Award Winner Vinie Burrows Has Been Working In Theatre For More Than Seven Decades by Artsjournal2

Burrows is an actor, playwright, producer, and activist who started her career as a kid on a radio show. In 1968, she was favorably written about in The New York Times, and she says, “It p…

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James Murdoch Has Resigned From The News Corporation’s Board by Artsjournal2

Rupert Murdoch’s son James, who has championed environmental causes and helped force out Bill O’Reilly at Fox after the host’s past with sexual harassment came into the open, “abrupt…

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It Is Wacky To Think That Writing For Adults Is Better Or More Important Than Writing For Kids by Artsjournal2

Author Robin Stevens on writing for kids: “What book changed your life? What stories made you think about the world? I couldn’t tell you much about what was in most books I read last mon…

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Leon Fleisher, Pianist And Teacher, Has Died At 92 by Artsjournal2

Fleisher famously spent 30 years mastering piano’s left-handed repertoire after an injury to his right hand – and then reintegrated his right hand when it recovered after three decades. …

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Why Is Netflix’s ‘Most Watched’ List Such A Wasteland? by Artsjournal2

Whew: “If HBO’s Game of Thrones was the last great piece of TV monoculture, then the pandemic has popularized a series of forgettable productions that each offers a fleeting, miniatur…

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Sunday, August 2, 2020

When The American Museum Of Natural History Reopens, It Will No Longer Be Pay As You Wish by Artsjournal2

The planned reopening date is September 9, but of course not if infections start to crest again in New York. And, of course, “when it reopens, it will limit capacity to 25% and reduce its …

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Don’t Treat Women Writers Like Mistresses, Publishers by Artsjournal2

Novelist Kathleen McMahon says she’s tired of flowers on publication day. “MacMahon says she does not like that writers are treated ‘like show ponies . . . I’m not comfortable with t…

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What Is A Broadway Producer’s Moral Responsibility? by Artsjournal2

Arvind Ethan David is one of very few Broadway producers of color, and he (famously) gave a TED Talk comparing his path to becoming a U.S. citizen to his path producing the show Jagged Littl…

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Becoming The Accidental Chronicler Of Four Ridiculously Intense Years by Artsjournal2

In December of 2015, British novelist Ali Smith proposed an idea to her publishers: Four books in four years, as close to the time news events happened as possible. “I’d try to write one…

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The Strange New Life Of Objects In The Coronavirus Era by Artsjournal2

There are the familiar objects that suddenly seem to glow with importance – toilet paper rolls, Lysol wipes – and then there are the new objects: the to-go cocktail pouch, the ultra-larg…

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The Literary Movement Of Gayl Jones by Artsjournal2

Gayl Jones’ debut work, Corregidora, “had a marked effect not only on [her editor Toni] Morrison’s subsequent novels but on an entire generation of writers, whether they realized it or…

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Bidding Farewell To Havana’s City Historian And Conservationist by Artsjournal2

Eusebio Leal Spengler so loved the old city that he found ways to save it. “Never a priority in the 20th century, old Havana fell into disrepair. By befriending Fidel Castro, Leal began th…

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What Does It Truly Mean To ‘Decolonize’ Dance? by Artsjournal2

Ask choreographer Sarah Crowell. The artistic director emeritus of the Destiny Arts Center. “The inquiry requires that we look at all levels of society. We have a particular way of seeing …

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Booker Nominee Arrested For Supporting Another Arrested Writer In Zimbabwe by Artsjournal2

Tsitsi Dangarembga, an activist and award-winning writer who was just chosen for the Booker longlist, has been arrested in Zimbabwe while she was protesting the arrest and imprisonment of in…

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Actor Wilford Brimley Of ‘Cocoon’ And So Very Much More Has Died At 85 by Artsjournal2

The actor excelled at playing cantankerous characters but came to fame playing an assistant engineer at a nuclear plant in The China Syndrome. Later, he became famous for his spokesperson ro…

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To Cull One’s Books During Quarantine, Or To Hold All Of Those Friends Even More Tightly? by Artsjournal2

Not surprisingly, different readers had passionate (and passionately differing) opinions about their book collections and an essay recreating a cull. “While it is fine to move so-so books …

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Canada’s Prominent Black Filmmakers Call Out Racism And Inequity In The Film Industry by Artsjournal2

“These systemic barriers – no one seemed to notice, no one seemed to care, and so we felt like we had to say something,” says Jennifer Holness, who adds that even as the most senior Bl…

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The Shutdown Kills A Young Cabaret Theatre Near Indianapolis by Artsjournal2

Though the theatre tried hard to attract smaller, socially distanced crowds as it reopened in June, no one was ready to return to an indoor space, and tickets didn’t sell. The now common r…

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The Rank Hypocrisy Of Threatening TikTok by Artsjournal2

The U.S. president’s TikTok flipout might not just be because of its security issues; indeed, there’s a lot more to it, including free speech … and Facebook. “It’s a rare feat to u…

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The History Nobody Tells You by Artsjournal2

Morgan Jerkins wanted to know more about where her people came from: “I hated the fact that I didn’t know much about land. I didn’t know about harvest, high tide, low tide, the levees,…

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This May Seem Like Basic Information, But Plays Written By Black Playwrights Don’t Have To Be About Trauma by Artsjournal2

Keenan Scott II explains: “We tend to be rewarded for depicting the harshest realities of the Black experience while ignoring its beauty. In art, our trauma is fetishized and romanticized …

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