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Monday, August 31, 2020

Boston Center For The Arts Pushes Back Artist Evictions To 2022 by Artsjournal2

OK, so, the Center for the Arts’ “Studio 551 initiative was conceived to create opportunities for visual and performing artists in an increasingly expensive city, offering a range of tem…

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Need Some Reading Direction? by Artsjournal2

Here the map of Black-owned bookstores in the U.S. And the recent uptick (well, massive increase) in business “is both ‘lucrative’ and ‘bittersweet,'” say some owners. – Oprah Ma…

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How The Virus Could Refashion Australia’s Central Cities by Artsjournal2

The thing is, “Suddenly, an awful lot of work can be done from home and, once you get that idea in their heads, it stays.” What will happen to all of that office space in the central bus…

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The New York Phil Rejoins Public Performances By Way Of A Pick-Up Truck by Artsjournal2

Despite a thunderstorm that caused administrators to hold umbrellas over a slightly tressed trio, the musicians didn’t want to stop playing. “It’s a charge. … This is the thing, to g…

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Figuring Out Love, And Intimacy, In The Middle Of A Pandemic by Artsjournal2

Writer Akwaeke Emezi and photographer Texas Isaiah, with the help of many couples, try to figure it all out. “I have never spent this much time with myself;to become my own favorite compan…

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How Chadwick Boseman Made Dignity Look Interesting by Artsjournal2

That’s a hard task for any actor, and Boseman had to – got to – play Thurgood Marshall, James Brown, and Jackie Robinson (not to mention embodying the fictional King of Wakanda, T’Ch…

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Banksy Funded (And Painted, Using A Fire Extinguisher) A Refugee Rescue Boat by Artsjournal2

The boat ran into trouble over the weekend – every refugee aboard was rescued by another boat – because it was overloaded, but: “Named after Louise Michel, the 19th century French femi…

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Tracee Ellis Ross On Finding Her Way In Hollywood by Artsjournal2

To be fair, she wasn’t lost. The system was. “Representation isn’t the same as legitimization. When Girlfriends aired, shows featuring Black casts were categorized as ‘Black,’ a …

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The Coming Coronavirus Changes To Museum Architecture by Artsjournal2

Some ideas: “Study the chokepoints, bottlenecks, and pinch points that museums share—such as the entrances, queuing zones, and access area for exhibits. … Look at ways that all food ma…

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She Said She Would Write The Essay Herself by Artsjournal2

On reading, and really feeling, Virginia Woolf as a middle-aged writer. – LitHub

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Fake Rembrandt May Be Fake News by Artsjournal2

In other words, the painting fragment consigned to the basement of the Ashmolean at Oxford may be a real Rembrandt. – The Guardian (UK)

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The British Museum Moves A Bust Of Its Founder by Artsjournal2

Sir Hans Sloane, whose collection first formed the basis of the museum, gained much of his wealth by enslaving people. The museum moved his bust “from a plinth to a smaller display case ac…

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How ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Changed Some Of Its Actresses’ Lives by Artsjournal2

“Eight years ago, Samira Wiley and Uzo Aduba were struggling New York actors working service jobs when they auditioned for a new series from a movie-rental service-turned-streaming site ca…

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The Racial Anxiety Behind Music Reaction Videos by Artsjournal2

Sure, they’re joyful, but … “the viral popularity of this display of intergenerational sympathy — Black 20-somethings professing love for a white boomer’s pop-rock chestnut — may…

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Sunday, August 30, 2020

The Hollywood Bowl In The Time Of The Pandemic by Artsjournal2

There’s no summer season of music for the L.A. Phil at the Hollywood Bowl. But there are food banks, a take-out restaurant from those who usually make food for the concerts, and a lot of m…

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How To Keep The Memory Of WWII Alive Now? by Artsjournal2

It’s 2020, so video games, of course. “History games can spark interest in learning more, says Bob Whitaker, a professor of History at Collin College and host of the podcast History Res…

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Alice Koller, Author Of ‘The Feminist Walden,’ 94 by Artsjournal2

Koller, author of An Unknown Woman, inspired many women to consider their lives as full and complex – but she wasn’t necessarily pleased with her own experience. “It is a paradox that …

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Disabled Theatre Workers Want More Than Just A Discussion Panel by Artsjournal2

Truly, one more discussion? As a Gen-Xer might say, big whoop. Here’s a list of action points for when theatre resumes – or to work on right now. – American Theatre

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The Joys Of Music Reaction Videos by Artsjournal2

Is it time for, say, Beethoven reaction videos? Because this was the experience of someone hearing “Bohemian Rhapsody” for the first time: “Watching the full gamut of human emotions …

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Falling In Love With A Poem Across The Centuries by Artsjournal2

This is the way of powerful literature, across hundreds (or thousands) of years. “It landed in the hands of a schoolgirl who would one day fall in love with it. At first, she pushed it awa…

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Studios, Unions Closer To Deal For Return To Work In The U.S. by Artsjournal2

Sources say that the “major issues are testing protocols, sick pay and travel to work sites.” Studios cautiously say they hope to resume shooting after Labor Day, September 7. – Variety

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The Complexities Of Black Speculative Fiction Can’t All Fit Under Afrofuturism by Artsjournal2

The term was coined, by a white writer, in 1993. It might have been a good start, but there are issues: “It lacks room to conceive of Blackness outside of the Black American diaspora or …

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The Leonard Cohen Estate Is Considering Legal Action After RNC Uses Hallelujah – Twice by Artsjournal2

The RNC asked for permission, and the Cohen Estate said no. According to estate’s legal representative, “if the organizers had requested to use Cohen’s 2016 song ‘You Want it Darker…

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In London, South Bank Arts Workers Rally For Their Jobs by Artsjournal2

Workers from the Tate, the Southbank Centre , and the National Theatre rallied for their jobs and against what they call callous job cuts on Saturday. One explained that now, “You’ve got…

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What Happens If Studios Decide They Truly Don’t Need Movie Theatres? by Artsjournal2

First of all, this timeline is a terrible one; can we jump to another one? But basically, this all hinges on how Tenet performs in theatres versus how Mulan performs on Disney+. – Vulture

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Writing About A Movement, Not A Moment by Artsjournal2

What we think we know about the fight for women to get the legal right to vote is only a sliver of the history – and of our present. “There’s a lot of that still hanging in the balance…

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Rewriting Irish Dancing’s Weirdly Strict Gender Rulebook by Artsjournal2

Trans dancers are challenging the conventions. Hayden Moon says it’s not easy: “I’d spent years learning to be high on my toes and not make any noise and never let my heel touch the gr…

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Nervous Eyes, Hand Sanitizer, And No Run On Popcorn by Artsjournal2

What it was like to watch Tenet in Toronto: A little nervewracking, a little weird, a lot enjoyable. “For 45 years, the summer blockbuster has given us something to orbit around, a Movie E…

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Getting Anti-Black Language Out, While Retaining The Core Ideas And Beauty, In Shakespeare by Artsjournal2

This may not be easy, and a lot of theatre artists may not want to think about it – but a Google Doc can help. “If there’s an instance where the word ‘slave’ does harm and the word…

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Baltimore Symphony Orchestra Musicians Sign A Contract Through 2025 by Artsjournal2

Just a year after a protracted and bitter lockout, the musicians approved a multiyear contract that, while it includes COVID-19 related wage cuts (for administration as well as for musicians…

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For The First Woman To Lead A Prestigious Paris Theatre, Accusations Of Bullying Lead To Her Firing by Artsjournal2

Ruth Mackenzie was the first woman to run the Théâtre du Châtelet, the first woman to hire a Black artist to direct a play at the French theatre, and also, she says, the first woman direc…

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