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Monday, June 10, 2019

The Iraq Museum, Once Looted And Then Partly Restored, Has Antiquities And Art That Can’t Be Found Elsewhere by Artsjournal2

The museum lost about 15,000 items – but its collection is huge, luminous, and important. “Art historians and archaeologists know how exceptional the collection is. But despite Baghdad…

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Two Actors On Their Way To Perform Assaulted In Homophobic Attack In England by Artsjournal2

The two actors were embracing in the street when “‘assailants verbally abused them and thew stones at them from their car window,’ with one of the actors being hit in the face by a sto…

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Is Notre-Dame’s Restoration Becoming A Symbol Of Macron’s Gung-Ho Presidency? by Artsjournal2

Ah, of course. Of course. “Instead of being a unifying project, the vexed question of the restoration of the Notre Dame has become a metaphor for the battle between Macron’s modernising …

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Television And The Stories Of Refugees by Artsjournal2

One of the writers of Jane the Virgin says, “What is Game of Thrones if not the story of Jon Snow, who saves a bunch of refugees, gets killed by his people for doing so, gets brought back …

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What If You’re A Fiction Writer, But You Need To Write About Science? by Artsjournal2

Well then, you become obsessed with theoretical physics, of course. Just ask Nell Freudenberger. Freudenberger “was, like so many other young women, encouraged to believe she didn’t ‘h…

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The Art Of Protest In Putin’s Russia by Artsjournal2

To put it bluntly, Russia is terrible for activists and artists. Both? Wow. So, for the ones who haven’t fled the country, it’s necessary to find new, creative ways to protest the repres…

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The Director Of ‘Hadestown’ Won A Tony And Ripped Into The Reasons She’s The Only Woman Directing On Broadway This Year by Artsjournal2

It has nothing to do with who is ready to direct, Rachel Chavkin said. “There are so many women who are ready to go. There are so many artists of color who are ready to go. … This is not…

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Moving, By Choice, From Ballerina To Administrator by Artsjournal2

Kathleen Breene Combs has been with the Boston Ballet for decades. now, she’s packing up her pointe shoes, putting on the business shoes, and moving to Rhode Island’s Festival Ballet Pro…

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A Few Weeks On, Gauging How Very, Horribly Dark That ‘Game Of Thrones’ Ending Was by Artsjournal2

Oh, you thought it was cool, or even OK, that [SPOILER ALERT HIDDEN] is ruling Westeros? Let’s think of alllllll of the reasons why that person is a mass murderer who may rule for hundreds…

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Did The Enlightenment Invent The Future? by Artsjournal2

We didn’t used to worry or predict it, aside from religious prophets. Then came the idea of progress. “The Enlightenment gave humanity the idea that we might make things better, that pe…

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Learning About What Theatre Artists Can Offer To Veterans – And, Of Course, What Vets Offer Artists by Artsjournal2

The Telling Project works with veterans and their families to create devised work all over the country. How does that work, really? “We are using our decades of training as artists to tran…

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Doublethink, And Doublespeak, Are Stronger Than Orwell Believed by Artsjournal2

Returning to the book itself is something of a tonic against despair, but: “We are living with a new kind of regime that didn’t exist in Orwell’s time. It combines hard nationalism—t…

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One-Dimensional Diversity Isn’t Actually Very Equitable At All by Artsjournal2

“Over the history of our big and small screens, audiences have been treated to thousands of variations of whiteness. White people have stood in as the face of humanity’s fullness and com…

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Can Britain’s National Portrait Gallery Cut Its Ties To British Petroleum? by Artsjournal2

It doesn’t seem entirely likely, but artists, activists, and even a judge have asked the museum to try. “They accuse the central London gallery of helping to launder the oil industry’s…

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Who Cleaned Up At The Tonys? The Complete List by Artsjournal2

Basically, Hadestown. Sure, it didn’t win all 14 awards it was nominated for, but eight’s not bad. – The New York Times

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Sunday, June 9, 2019

Dear iTunes, Thanks For Saving The Music Industry From Itself by Artsjournal2

In 2001, the music industry “faced an existential threat” because its “vanquishing of Napster turned out to be a pyrrhic victory: the genie had escaped from the bottle. Dozens of files…

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The Only Good TV Shows Now Understand Restraint, Not Endless Streaming Expansion by Artsjournal2

Just take a look at Shrill or Fleabag versus, oh, Game of Thrones, or Chernobyl. “Over time, length came to be correlated with quality, and with TV auteurs who declined to have their geniu…

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Why Is The U.S. So Far Behind Europe On Digital Privacy? by Artsjournal2

The U.S. permits shocking abuses of privacy online. Why? Well … “Congress’s earliest attempts to regulate computing in the 1980s and 1990s were embarrassing.” – The New York Times

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Tchaikovsky And His Clever Auditory Illusions [AUDIO] by Artsjournal2

“Deep into the symphony, Symphony No. 6, there is a paradoxical passage that, when played, no one will be able to hear. This is because Tchaikovsky scored it to contain a musical illusion.…

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The Belorussian Nobel Laureate Whose Work Is The Uncredited Foundation Of The New Series ‘Chernobyl’ by Artsjournal2

Svetlana Alexiévich published Voices from Chernobyl in 1997, 11 years after the catastrophe. Now, a new HBO miniseries is bringing the story to life for a new generation – “but for Alex…

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After Protests And Outcry, Children’s Theatre Withdraws Lawsuit Against Sexual Abuse Survivor by Artsjournal2

Laura Stearns, the survivor, says it’s a bit too late. “They should never have made the motion to begin with. … It was an insensitive choice and it’s grown bigger.” – Minneapolis…

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YouTube Spends A Week Bungling Announcements, Making Harassment Worse by Artsjournal2

Reading the history of this week of YouTube announcements, discussions, demonetizing of right-wing accounts, and the subsequent high-profile, high-volume, high-intensity harassment campaign …

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The Comedians Confronting Darkness And Mortality by Artsjournal2

Natasha Lyonne and Maya Rudolph are two of the funniest stars out there, but on Russian Doll and Forever, they’re forced to put that humor to use in the middle of some pretty intense situa…

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Dr. John, Back in the Day and Blindfolded by Artsjournal2

The dazzling, dense, glorious career of the New Orleans musician. – Howard Mandel

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Who’s Going To Win The Tonys Tonight? by Artsjournal2

Will Harry Potter and the Cursed Child get a sweep? Will Hadestown dominate in the musicals? Here’s what New York Times readers said, and at the link in this post, find out what Los Angele…

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Tharp Times Three by Artsjournal2

Twyla Tharp revivals bring to mind how we understood her 40 years ago. – Deborah Jowitt

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After Ava DuVernay’s Netflix Series On The Central Park Five, The Prosecutor Is Dropped By Publisher by Artsjournal2

Linda Fairstein published 24 books after retiring as a prosecutor, but the new Netflix series When They See Us shows her “determined to see the boys convicted, regardless of inconsistencie…

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Casual French Is Sprinkled With English Words, But Young French Workers Say They Need More by Artsjournal2

One young woman who is at “the university of Mickey Mouse” – that is, working in communications for Disneyland Paris – says that fluency in idiomatic English is a must-have for busin…

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A Classic Book Of Japanese American History Gets Reissued By A Major Press – But Who Owns The Copyright? by Artsjournal2

A University of Washington professor worked hard to get the overlooked and forgotten 1957 book No-No Boy republished through the university press, and it’s become an Asian American literar…

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Cindy Sherman Has A Complex Relationship To Making Art That People Can Understand, And Buy by Artsjournal2

In short: “Hers is an art of shape-shifting and disguise, artifice and camouflage. It draws on high and low culture: European and Hollywood films, 1950s television sitcoms, art history, hi…

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Our Obsession With Old Diaries And Other ‘Found Texts’ by Artsjournal2

The author, or is that “the author,” of a new book that emerged from a diary found in 2004, says that she learned to write while reshaping the diary into a book, and that there’s a cer…

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