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Sunday, March 14, 2021

We’re Longing For The Communion That Only Theatre Can Provide by Artsjournal2

We mourn together for our lost months and years. “Every day the theatre is dark, an opportunity for transformation is lost—yes, for the performers, remaking themselves so completely that…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 02:30PM

A Broadway Pop-Up Concert Slash Rally Briefly Invigorates New York by Artsjournal2

With Chita Rivera, André De Shields, and an array of singers and dancers, the pop-up on the anniversary of Broadway’s shutdown gave paying work to performers who haven’t seen much of it…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 02:00PM

Live Theatre Finally Gets Its Own Guidelines In Los Angeles by Artsjournal2

The guidelines are stringent – each county must cycle completely out of “colors” of COVID-19 infections before indoor theatre can open, and they have to cycle way lower rates before ou…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 01:00PM
Monday, March 8, 2021

Will European Theatre Bounce Back? by Artsjournal2

Basically, the pandemic has changed the performing arts audience. “Fans have had access to virtual theater from all over the world. Some venues have expanded their audiences far beyond wha…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 10:00AM

Melbourne Theatre Company Starts Rehearsals With Hope by Artsjournal2

The director of a play in tech rehearsal says of the theatre building, abandoned a year ago as the pandemic swept the world, “I walked in, it was very quiet and I found myself touching eve…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 07:30AM
Monday, March 1, 2021

Australian Theatre Is Lighting The Way For The West End And Broadway by Artsjournal2

Actors get temperature-taking robots; there’s Hamiltizer for your hands if you’re rehearsing Hamilton; and then there are the actors who can’t hug – so Olaf and Elsa flash each other…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 10:00AM
Monday, February 22, 2021

Facebook’s Ban On Australian News Has Harmed Small Aussie Arts Orgs by Artsjournal2

Small arts organizations got caught up in the massive trawler net of Facebook’s rush to react to a new Australian law meant to generate funding for news organizations. “By the close of b…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 11:48AM

Women Are Getting Stronger, Deeper Roles In A New Generation Of Bollywood Movies by Artsjournal2

Some of the change is due to a worldwide audience. Netflix and other streaming services “have a certain sensibility that they want to see in the kind of narratives that they are promoting …

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 11:48AM

Did The Post-Earthquake Rebuild Of Central Christchurch Fail? by Artsjournal2

Pretty much, yes. “Downtown Christchurch isn’t empty because of COVID. It’s empty because of twin catastrophes: Ten years ago an earthquake leveled much of the city—and then the loca…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 11:48AM

The Artist Painting Baltimore’s Winter Salt Boxes by Artsjournal2

Juliet Ames couldn’t resist decorating her first salt box, back in December. Then she got permission from the city. “In the past two months, more than 100 of the decorated salt boxes hav…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 11:48AM

If You’re A Special Effects Artist, You Might As Well Make Pandemic Isolation More Fun by Artsjournal2

Peter Quinn, VFX artist, has been making homemade special effects movies, and posting them online. “The whole quarantine and lockdown aspect, I find that useful because it means I’ve got…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 11:48AM

Longing For The Challenges Of The American Booksellers Association by Artsjournal2

Sometimes, virtual isn’t going to cut it – and certainly won’t replace “the interstitial socializing, the sidewalk conversations on the way to the next bar, the hungover confessional…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 11:48AM

Monopoly Place Names Are Just As Redlined As Real Life Cities by Artsjournal2

To wit: Cyril and Ruth Harvey, “who played a key role in popularizing the game, lived on Pennsylvania Avenue (a pricey $320 green property on the board); their friends, the Joneses, lived …

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 11:48AM

Who Wrote A Mysterious Inscription On Munch’s The Scream? by Artsjournal2

Looks like the mystery’s been solved – and the writer was (drumroll) … the artist himself. “The text, ‘Could only have been painted by a madman,’ isn’t large enough for most pe…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 11:48AM

Dali Was A Surrealist With Absolute Discipline And Scientific, Renaissance Style Perspective by Artsjournal2

Dalí, art historians say, was “very deliberate” in his art – and sketches of unfinished works also show how he combined complex mathematical calculations with artistic license in his …

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 11:48AM

Arturo Di Modica, Sculptor Of New York’s Charging Bull Sculpture, Has Died At 80 by Artsjournal2

Di Modica was a “Sicilian-born sculptor best known for Charging Bull, 3.5 tons of bronze belligerence that he illegally deposited in Lower Manhattan one night in 1989.” But this wasn’t…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 11:48AM

Certain ‘Muppet Show’ Episodes Get A Disclaimer At Disney Plus by Artsjournal2

The disclaimer, which runs on 18 episodes of the show (re-relased on Disney+ last week): “This program includes negative depictions and/or mistreatment of people or cultures. These stereot…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 11:48AM

Bringing The Joy Back To New York, Through Pop Up Music by Artsjournal2

As the leader of “NYPopsUp” explains, “This is what I like to call ‘social music.’ … You can use music to minister to so many sectors of society.” This summer, that means 100 d…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 11:48AM

Los Angeles Group Plays Its Way To Diversifying The Orchestra by Artsjournal2

The Inner City Youth Orchestra of Los Angeles is the largest Black-majority orchestra in the country. But it doesn’t want to be alone. The ICYO founder’s mantra “is that there needs to…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 11:48AM

The Phillips Turns 100 by Artsjournal2

The museum in Washington, DC, founded by Duncan and Marjorie Phillips, was a sensation when it opened as a museum of modern art, and it’s been a refuge and inspiration since, including, at…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 11:48AM

In Canada, The Supreme Court Is Facing A Major Case About Comedy And Freedom Of Speech by Artsjournal2

At issue: Whether the comedian Mike Ward harmed a disabled teenager by mocking his disability, calling him “ugly,” saying that the youth would die soon and if he didn’t, the comedian w…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 11:48AM
Sunday, February 21, 2021

As The Tonys Remain Undetermined, Where Are Previous Nominees Now? by Artsjournal2

A Broadway stage manager who’s now in graduate school for (logically) organizational leadership project management: “I initially thought, well, I’ll get a class or two under my belt an…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 09:24PM

The Music And Life Lessons Of Piano Teacher Cornelia Vertenstein by Artsjournal2

Vertenstein, a Holocaust survivor, was 93 when she died earlier this month. She “began giving lessons at age 14 in war-torn Romania. She did not stop for nearly 80 years. Toward the end, a…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 09:24PM

Scorsese Says Streaming Algorithms Are Ruining Film by Artsjournal2

True? Film has always had marketing, PR, and of course ratings: “It would be a mistake to present the old gatekeepers in romantic colours compared to new technology companies. In both case…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 09:24PM

The Show’s Going On Down Under by Artsjournal2

This sounds wildly exotic and dangerous to most theatregoers in the U.S. right now: “A few days ago, Kylie Estreich went to a theater in Sydney to see a Broadway show. In person. With hund…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 09:24PM

Is There A Way To Change, And Improve, Arts Nonprofits? by Artsjournal2

Issues: “Change will feel snail-like as long as white organizational leaders, tenured professors, board members, and funders control and dictate, the pace of inclusion and the adoption of …

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 09:24PM

Where Did All Of Hollywood’s Women Go? by Artsjournal2

In 1917, Warner Bros. had eight films directed by women. In 2017, it had … one. What the heck? Well, for one thing: “Female-focused stories that perform well at the box office are repeat…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 09:24PM

That Podcast Exposing One Media Empire’s Bigotry And Workplace Bullying Came Under Fire For The Same Behavior by Artsjournal2

This is a twisty, turny saga that does not in any way make the original media empire – Bon Appetit, of course – look any better, but the public peeling of “problematic media property�…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 09:24PM

The Latest Front In A Music Copyright Battle: Superhero Cartoons by Artsjournal2

Members of De La Soul were, suddenly, characters on Teen Titans Go!, where in one episode, “the plot revolves around a fraught real-life issue: the ownership and availability of the group�…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 09:24PM

Peter G. Davis, Classical Music Critic For The New York Times And New York Magazine, 84 by Artsjournal2

Davis “presided over the field during boon years in New York in the 1960s and ’70s, when performances were plentiful and tickets relatively cheap, and when the ups and downs of a perform…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 09:24PM

The Golden Globes’ Parent Organization Is A Mess, Including Accusations Of Corruption And Tax Evasion by Artsjournal2

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has some issues, with members describing monthly meetings as battle zones. The HFPA includes zero Black members. It’s “an embattled organization s…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 09:24PM

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