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Monday, April 22, 2019

A Home Improvement TV Show Helped ‘Restore’ Waco, But Does Waco Want To Be Instagram Central? by Artsjournal2

For those over a certain age – people who can remember the first years of the Clinton administration – “Waco” used to mean one thing: Branch Davidians. Now it’s all about the empir…

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Jayne Wrightsman, Grande Dame Benefactor Of The Arts Of New York, Has Died At 99 by Artsjournal2

Wrightsman, like her husband before her, was a big donor and a trustee at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. “While giving millions to buy art and refurbish galleries, her involvement was oft…

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Yale Students Ask, ‘You Want To Do What With Our Library Books?!’ by Artsjournal2

This happened: “At a forum in January, Yale’s top librarian outlined a seemingly uncontroversial proposal: to relocate tens of thousands of books from the heart of the undergraduate libr…

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The Flea That Kickstarted British Art by Artsjournal2

Without Robert Hooke’s keen drawing eye, and the microscope, who knows what might have happened? You can read “the story of British art through a scientific looking glass. The Royal Soci…

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Here, Listen To Teenage Pierre Boulez’ Compositions, Written When He Was 19 by Artsjournal2

Boulez erased most of his early compositions, but this one was preserved at the Paul Sacher Foundation. “After reviewing that score, ‘Prélude, Toccata et Scherzo,’ the Dutch pianist R…

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Abigail Disney Says Disney CEO’s Compensation Is ‘Insane’ by Artsjournal2

The Disney heir isn’t happy with the numbers – not the raw numbers, but the pay gap. “Disney told attendees that her perspective has been informed by her interactions with Disneyland e…

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The Impossible Dream (Come True) Of Scoring A Documentary by Artsjournal2

When students get a chance to write music for a documentary about a musician, one composer, who had never been into TV or movies, realizes this is the path: “I see media like TV and film i…

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The Fifth Week Of Whitney Protests Focuses On Palestinian Liberation by Artsjournal2

And it didn’t always go well. ‘”This is offensive to me,’ [a] vexed visitor complained. The security staffer found himself in the position of having to defend the activists’s right…

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As Social Media Ages, Some Who Documented Their Own Lives Turn Away, For Their Kids by Artsjournal2

Don’t do it for the children! In other words, some parents, even in tech-obsessed San Francisco, refuse to put their kids online. “They cite reasons ranging from preserving children’s …

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The Band That Sang End Credits To This Week’s ‘Game Of Thrones’ Turned Down The Same Opportunity In Season Two by Artsjournal2

Florence and the Machine sang a haunting song over the end credits of the second episode of the final season of Game of Thrones, and they’re one of a very few groups who have gotten that o…

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Everyone Draws, And Everyone Should Appreciate Drawings A Whole Lot More by Artsjournal2

If you can doodle, you are drawing. And you’re not alone. “When I was a baby critic, a veteran colleague once told me to avoid drawing shows at all costs, since they were just preliminar…

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We Can Expect A Lot More Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Style Options Like This Game by Artsjournal2

Sure, Netflix is developing more interactive content, but Netflix is far from alone. A new game, or perhaps it’s an “interactive media experience,” aspires to do something slightly dif…

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Youth America Grand Prix Marks Two Decades Of Changing The World’s Opinions by Artsjournal2

The country – and world – is chock-full of serious ballet competitions now. But “before YAGP was founded 20 years ago, it was a much different story. For bunheads, ‘competition’ wa…

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Concert Films Are Big Again, But Why? by Artsjournal2

Follow the money: “The resurgence of interest in concert films has been fuelled – in part – by streaming services’ need for content without the financial burden of drama.” The star…

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Of Course Southern California Has Gardeners Who Are Instagram Stars by Artsjournal2

Southern California may seem dry and image-obsessed, but its Instagram garden stars – plantfluencers, perhaps – find not only fame but also community, and acolytes. “Influencers like C…

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Sunday, April 21, 2019

The Art At Coachella Is ‘So Sick!’ by Artsjournal2

The music festival actually commissions several massive artworks to go with each year. At first, it was connected closely with Burning Man; now, 20 years in, things are slightly more interna…

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What Literary Agents Want Now by Artsjournal2

“On the hunt for a less problematic Simone de Beauvoir who can speak for literally all women at once and also not be so serious. This seems like it should be simple?” (Yes, this is a sat…

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The Rise Of Pregnant Stand-Up Comedy by Artsjournal2

Sure, men have dominated comedy for a long time. But pregnant women aren’t about to let that stop them. And actually, says one comic, “When I got pregnant with my second child, things ha…

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The Paradox Of Pointe by Artsjournal2

Classical ballets present a contemporary challenge: “Ballet, like so much else in our current society, is infused with sexist elements that are also elements of beauty. To tease these apar…

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Agents Versus Writers Is Nothing New In Hollywood by Artsjournal2

Sure, the conflict is about packaging and digital rights – but it’s older than that, dating back to Robert Kennedy’s Department of Justice and a deal brokered in 1962. Now, “the two …

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The Joys And Learning Of Cultural Appropriation by Artsjournal2

Yes, some of it is bad, or uncomfortable, or a real mess of power dynamics. But “the impulse to play dress-up in other people’s cultures goes beyond teenagers wearing qipaos to prom, or …

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Old Games Never Die by Artsjournal2

Well, they do, of course, but Nintendo Game Boys don’t. The man who invented the Game Boy had a philosophy called “Lateral Thinking with Withered Technology.” And the Game Boy has had …

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Should Notre Dame Get A Modern Spire? by Artsjournal2

Architects weigh in. Here’s one opinion: “Surely, this is an opportunity to recreate a once-hidden – and now destroyed – timber structure with a modern, fireproof, lightweight replac…

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A Political Observation by Artsjournal2

The façade of the UN’s Secretariat Building is a mirage. – Jan Herman

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The Iconic Helvetica Font Just Got A Makeover by Artsjournal2

Did you notice? Some people sure did. “The alter-typeface became a trending topic on Twitter. Mitch Goldstein, a design professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology, tweeted, ‘Saw …

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This Presidential Museum Got Scammed by Artsjournal2

The Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum was all set to open a show on the Rosetta Stone, with accompanying Egyptian and Mesopotamian artifacts, when they invited University of Iow…

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The Drug Wars From Different Angles In Latin America’s Complex Narco Novelas by Artsjournal2

Unlike English-language stories created for the U.S. market, narco novelas offer “a compelling complexity in the face of the simplistic story lines that emerge out of Hollywood. Narco nove…

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The UK’s Biggest Contribution To World Theatre by Artsjournal2

Is … the circus? – The Stage (UK)

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The Sudden Dominance Of International Pop Music by Artsjournal2

Sometimes, as with 2012’s monster hit “Gangnam Style” and all of the K-pop since, “all it takes is one song to introduce a new culture to the mainstream, paving the way for other act…

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As Gen-Z And Millennials Drive Up Poetry Sales, London Now Has A Young People’s Poet Laureate by Artsjournal2

Theresa Lola, 24 years old and a former finance major who preferred poetry, is actually the city’s third youth poet laureate. She says, “Poetry was instrumental for me, to find my voice …

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When Your Career Becomes A Hashtag, What Happens Next? by Artsjournal2

In 2016, John Cho “became the unwitting beneficiary of #StarringJohnCho, a social movement that imagined Cho standing in for, say, Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible and Daniel Craig in Spe…

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