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Sunday, January 19, 2020

Life As A Young, Award-Winning Cellist by Artsjournal2

Sheku Kanneh-Mason has had quite the life in recent years, what with winning the BBC’s Young Musician Award in 2016 and performing at the wedding of Harry Windsor and Meghan Markle. He say…

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This Austrian Village, Overrun By ‘Frozen’ Tourists, Wants Them To Go To The Salt Mines by Artsjournal2

Only 780 people live in Hallstatt, Austria – but a million tourists visit each year, hoping for the perfect Frozen-style photo. The town had had enough. “Hallstatt is embarking on a camp…

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We’re Losing Any Sense Of Place Because Now Everywhere Feels The Same by Artsjournal2

You can watch movies, order groceries, talk to friends, or do just about anything from anywhere, thanks to smart phones. “Nowhere feels especially remarkable, and every place adopts the pl…

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Stephen King’s Twitter Comment About The Oscars Gets At One Of The Academy’s Deepest Problems by Artsjournal2

These guys just will not accept responsibility. “Diversity is too often discussed as something separate from, or even in conflict with, artistic virtue. It is treated as an abstract concep…

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Hank Azaria Says He Will Stop Voicing Apu On The Simpsons by Artsjournal2

But will Apu be retired from the show, or will the show get a new voice actor – perhaps an Indian American voice actor? This has been a long time coming. “In 2017, the comedian Hari Kond…

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Spanish Billionaire Fined $58 Million, Sent To Jail For Trying To Smuggle A Picasso Out Of Spain To Auction by Artsjournal2

And the ultimate punishment to the art dealer, who may not actually go to jail as it’s his first offense: “The artwork is now property of the state and has been given to the Reina Sofia …

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After Producers Guild Win, Looks Like ‘1917’ Is Becoming An Oscar Fave by Artsjournal2

Sam Mendes’ movie inspired by his grandfather, a movie starring many men, a movie that’s about war and that showcases technical skill, may now be the frontrunner for the Oscars. (This li…

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Though They’re ‘Chronically Underfunded,’ Libraries Are Vital Parts Of Their Communities by Artsjournal2

Toronto’s libraries have increased program attendance by more than 30 percent in the past decade, but funding has not kept up – not at all. The libraries say they want to get going on a …

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What Did Happiness Used To Look Like? by Artsjournal2

We don’t know without a lot of careful analysis because words and their meanings change. However, “over the past two or three decades, the historical study of emotions has developed a ri…

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Portraits Of Its People Rattle Some In A Georgia Town by Artsjournal2

Newnan, Georgia, reacted to a neo-Nazi rally by putting up 17 large-scale banner portraits of people in the town – a diverse collection including African Americans, Mexican Americans, and …

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What A ‘Narrative Performance’ Is – And What It Can Do For An Audience by Artsjournal2

Helen Shaw breaks it all down: “Our critical function operates differently with the storyteller than with scene-player, because we immediately wonder about truthfulness. … The narrating …

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A Royal Ballet Dancer Says It’s On Dancers (And Companies) To Make Sure Ballet Doesn’t Look Elitist by Artsjournal2

Marinela Nuñez: “When I’m dancing, I always think – even when I am in a fairytale ballet such as The Sleeping Beauty – that it is real. It touches me and it makes me think of my l…

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Writing About War, But, You Know, With Women by Artsjournal2

You’ve probably heard of the French Resistance, but do you know about the great-grandmothers of Ethiopia in 1935? Ethiopian novelist Maaza Mengiste’s second novel (partly) concerns the w…

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Why Did The Public Shut Down A Climate Activist’s Play Early? by Artsjournal2

The show, The Truth Has Changed, tells of Josh Fox’s anti-fracking work and what he describes as “incessant harassment” from the gas and petroleum industries. Fox says the issue was th…

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Norma Tanega, Whose Hit Single Was Covered By Nearly Everyone, Has Died At 80 by Artsjournal2

Tanega’s “Walkin’ My Cat Named Dog,” which was truly a recounting of her life with her cat named Dog, smashed through 1966 and was covered by Barry McGuire, jazz artists, Yo La Tengo…

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The National Archives Blurred A Historic, And Historical, Photograph Of The Women’s March To Blur Anti-Trump Signs by Artsjournal2

They did what? Yes. They digitally blurred the photo before it went on display in the nation’s capital. To quote one strong tweet about it, “This is some weird Soviet shit right here.”…

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Hollywood Preps For A Writers’ Strike, But The Landscape Has Dramatically Changed Since The Last One by Artsjournal2

Streaming was barely a thing back in the day of the last big strike – but it still cost everyone a lot of money and time. “Studios, production companies and guild members are all eager t…

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Peter Larkin, Broadway Designer And Creator Of The Parliament-Funkadelic Mothership, Has Died At 93 by Artsjournal2

Larkin won four Tonys for his work as a designer on Broadway. “Larkin won his Tonys in a remarkable run in the mid-1950s, for Ondine, The Teahouse of the August Moon, No Time for Sergeants…

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Protesters Shut Down The Louvre by Artsjournal2

The protestors are angry about the government’s proposed pension reforms, and they’ve shut down much of Paris on and off over the past six weeks. “‘Closing the Louvre to prevent tour…

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Monday, January 6, 2020

Awkwafina Is First Asian American Woman To Win Best Actress At Golden Globes by Artsjournal2

She won for The Farewell, the film’s only win of the night. She thanked director Lulu Wang – who was not nominated, one of several snubs to women from the Hollywood Foreign Press Associa…

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John Baldessari, Conceptual Artist Who Helped Transform Los Angeles, Has Died At 88 by Artsjournal2

Baldessari’s decades of teaching and witty art-making in Los Angeles helped define it as a visual arts cultural capital. “Inspired by the spirit of Marcel Duchamp, who overturned traditi…

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Does The Museum Model Work Anymore? by Artsjournal2

And really, did it ever? The problem (in the U.S., at least): “Though exhibitions might have a progressive point of view and artists themselves might be making radical statements, as insti…

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How Does Baritone Peter Mattei Become Wozzeck? by Artsjournal2

Mattei’s voice and stage presence have made him a popular Figaro or Don Giovanni, but the 54-year-old “was cast against type as Wozzeck, a soldier who is ground down by poverty and oppre…

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Terry Gilliam Calls The Me Too Movement ‘A Witch Hunt’ And Says That He’s Tired Of Being Blamed For Things by Artsjournal2

As they say, he could just have said nothing, and no one would have had to figure out that complicated dance of dealing with sexist whining from a(nother) beloved filmmaker. Instead, he”ha…

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Comedian Kate McKinnon’s Golden Globes Speech Was Raw And Honest About Lesbian Representation On TV by Artsjournal2

The speech, which introduced Ellen DeGeneres as that comedian won the Carol Burnett Award, made it clear that Ellen was a trailblazer. McKinnon said, “She risked her entire life and her en…

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In A Series Of Tweets, The U.S. President Threatens Major Cultural Heritage Sites In Iran by Artsjournal2

Legal observers warn that the tweets themselves could be considered threats of war crimes; “the 1954 Hague Convention, of which the US is a party, bars any military from ‘direct hostilit…

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Hikers Recently Found The Skeleton Of An Artist Who Went On A Painting Walk Out From A WWII Japanese American Internment Camp by Artsjournal2

Giichi Matsumura died during a freak summer snowstorm when other members of his hiking group went on to fish in a lake, and he stayed back to paint. Though the family knew roughly where his …

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When Writers Become Perfume Consultants On Twitter by Artsjournal2

Well, one writer: Rachel Syme, who, every once in a while, calls herself the Perfume Genie – and people on Twitter ask her for recommendations. She thinks, “When people are saying, I wan…

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The Heart Of Reggae Still Beats In The Bronx by Artsjournal2

And Lloyd Barnes, the founder of Wackie’s, wants his reggae studio and label to live on after he retires – but more than that, the sound and the style. “His concerns now are ensuring t…

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The V&A Discovers The Dangers Of Turn-Of-The-20th-Century Hats by Artsjournal2

The V&A’s collection of women’s hats from the time has a lot of feathers, and those feathers were preserved in arsenic salt. Yikes. – The Guardian (UK)

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Book Clubs Sprang Up Across The Country After The Death Of A Cultural Icon by Artsjournal2

After Nipsey Hussle was killed on an L.A. street in front of his shop last March, fans wanted to figure out how to honor him. Shop at his store? Paint his face as murals on walls? Yes, and s…

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