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Monday, February 11, 2019

As A Ring Is Busted, Counting The Ruinous Damage Of Years Of Fake ‘Authentic’ Native Art by Artsjournal2

Several businesses were involved in purchasing jewelry from the Philippines and selling it as “genuine” Native American art – scams worth $12 million, with 300 shipments fr…

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Women Have A Few Things To Say About Disgraced Dudes Rejoining Hollywood by Artsjournal2

Some things have changed, says actor Alyssa Milano. “I used to joke that whenever there was an animal on set there would be someone from the Humane Society [there] … but women ar…

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Amazon, Privacy, And Kids At School by Artsjournal2

Hm. The company has announced some recent “initiatives” and training courses for kids. “These programs aren’t just charity of course: They stood to serve Amazon itsel…

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The Expert Pianist Mentioned At The Grammys by Artsjournal2

When Alicia Keys sat between two pianos and started to play, she gave a brief shout-out to Hazel Scott. But who was Hazel Scott? “An expert pianist who made a career out of the maneuve…

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Let’s Just Sum Up The Publishing Scandals Of February by Artsjournal2

Holy hell. Quick recap: “We got a Talented Mr. Grifter story about a best-selling novelist, a plagiarism scandal involving the former editor of the biggest and most reputable paper i…

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Can A Dallas Museum Initiate A Thaw With Russia? by Artsjournal2

It’s worth a try. “It’s been nearly a decade since Russian state museums last loaned works from their vast and magnificent collections to U.S. institutions. For example, no…

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How Reading Creates Time by Artsjournal2

Reading doesn’t quite go with our everyday understanding of time. “It’s incommensurate but parallel: books unspool their own chronology of plot, intersecting our own lives, but…

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Origami Ballet Costumes by Artsjournal2

Need we say any more? (We will: They’re real. The photographer: “There’s a wave of change that is happening in the dance world and it was important to me to push it forward…

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The Boston Symphony Orchestra Wins Its Third Grammy In Four Years by Artsjournal2

It’s a Shostakovich three-peat for the orchestra and its conductor, Andris Nelsons. Nelsons: “I don’t even know what to say. … I’m very happy, and honored, but mostly I…

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Journalism Isn’t Dying by Artsjournal2

Yes, some newspapers are. But the myth of objectivity is – and journalism, at least in the U.S., is returning to its roots. – Wired

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The Last Major Awards Before The Oscars Split ‘Roma’ And ‘The Favourite’ by Artsjournal2

The BAFTAs in London happen “just two days before voting begins for the Oscars, are often considered a bellwether for the Academy Awards. The Favourite has been nominated for 10 Acade…

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Tuba Players Can Get Awfully Lonely In Their School Bands, Which Is Why Youth Symphonies Are So Important by Artsjournal2

Well, that’s one reason, anyway. “Having a buddy relieves some of the solo tuba pressure. Plus, it’s fun to have someone to learn from and decompress with.” – Chica…

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Apparently, The TV Show ‘Parks & Rec’ Killed Valentine’s Day by Artsjournal2

But don’t worry, capitalism was saved by the show’s “Galentine’s Day,” which has now become a very real thing. – The Wall Street Journal

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The Editor Behind Scorsese’s Classic Movies by Artsjournal2

Thelma Schoonmaker is an editor – perhaps the editor, in this case. She’s won three Oscars, and she just received an honor at the BAFTAs. Though she’s happy about the push …

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The Grammys Had A Surprise Special Guest by Artsjournal2

Surprise! “Those expecting a ho-hum Grammys night were surely jolted awake on Sunday when, just minutes into the show, Michelle Obama walked onto the stage hand-in-hand with Lady Gaga,…

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Sunday, February 10, 2019

The BAFTA Live Blog by Artsjournal2

As the ceremony happens, the blog will update with a full list of winners. To begin with, though, it’s red carpet commentary. – The Guardian (UK)

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The Music Industry Is Changing, And This Grammys Party Showed How by Artsjournal2

Or at least it COULD change, according to those at Janelle Monáe’s “Fem the Future” brunch. Stacy L. Smith, founder and director of the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative: …

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Is Britain’s West End Finally Stepping Up For Women Playwrights? by Artsjournal2

Looks like it. Of course, there’s always (been) Agatha Christie and The Mousetrap, but looking beyond Dame Agatha, “Changes do appear to be happening. And activism … is he…

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The Director Of ‘The Shoplifters’ Isn’t Interested In Happy Endings by Artsjournal2

If you’ve seen Hirokazu Kore-eda’s other films, like Nobody Knows or Like Father, Like Son, you won’t be surprised that The Shoplifters isn’t all about joy. The …

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Playing in the minor leagues by Artsjournal2

Smaller market orchestras deserve great marketing (not this mess). – Greg Sandow

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New York City Ballet Presents a New Work by Artsjournal2

What would Isaac Newton have thought of this new ballet? – Deborah Jowitt

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The Classical Grammys Are Irrelevant Right Now, But That Might Change Quickly by Artsjournal2

Anne Midgette: As more and more orchestras record their live performances for broadcast and for sale, the Grammys may change. “Since, as we’ve seen, recordings tend to feature differ…

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Lou Harrison and The Great American Piano Concerto — Reprised by Artsjournal2

Lou Harrison’s Piano Concerto is “a technical tour de force: a terrific sonata form whose trajectory does not depend on directional harmony.” – Joe Horowitz

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The Oregon College Of Arts And Crafts Will No Longer Grant Degrees by Artsjournal2

The OCAC’s future is in doubt after negotiations with both Portland State University and the Pacific Northwest College of Art ended without a deal. Meanwhile, with 70 full and part-tim…

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Rosamunde Pilcher, Author Of ‘The Shell Seekers,’ Has Died At 94 by Artsjournal2

Pilcher had been writing short stories and novels for decades before her most famous book made her a star, and not just in Britain and the U.S. “A string of German TV productions based…

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The Star Of ‘Roma’ Wasn’t Plucked From Obscurity by Artsjournal2

Here’s some of the real story of Yalitza Aparicio, the first indigenous woman nominated for a Best Actress Oscar. Sure, she didn’t know cinema that well – and here’s …

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Books: Not Dead At All, Not Even Dying by Artsjournal2

So, to quote a great movie whose screenwriter had also written the book, stop saying that! “The reality is that if 76% of any population is participating in a single activity then yo…

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Post-Apocalypse Now by Artsjournal2

The future, and present, of fiction is cli-fi – books about what humans do while, and after, we change the climate. “We need to show people what life will look like under current…

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Protesters Hit Guggenheim For Its Sackler Family Ties by Artsjournal2

As fake OxyContin prescription slips fell from the upper walkways of the Guggenheim Museum, protesters explained this action against the museum, which has accepted rather a lot of money from…

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A Brief Timeline Of All Of The Shady ‘National Enquirer’ Doings, Pre-Bezos by Artsjournal2

Just in case you haven’t been following along, here’s the deal. “The Enquirer makes no pretense of following journalistic norms, and its parent company has a longer history…

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How The Weinstein Company’s Bankruptcy Continues To Hurt Native Women by Artsjournal2

The deal was to take the Weinstein company name off, and donate future from, the film Wind River to the National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center. “For the center, which is run ou…

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