Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Lookback: on becoming a Recognized Authority by Terry Teachout

From 2005: I got a call yesterday from a fact checker at The New Yorker who wanted to know whether H.L. Mencken actually sent the following form letter to angry correspondents: Dear Sir or M…

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Almanac: John Gielgud on New York at mid-century by Terry Teachout

“New York is a terrifying city but hectically beautiful in many ways. The kindness and welcome are overwhelming, but there is too much money, food and drink and too much respect for succes…

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Ahhhh. So Macbeth Had PTSD? by Douglas McLennan

“We know from soldiers today coming back from Iraq or Afghanistan that they have these hallucinations,” Michael Fassbender said. “You could be walking down the Croisette here and then …

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Australia’s Backward Progress In Indigenous Theatre by Douglas McLennan

“The use of on-stage tropes to represent colonial oppression has been written about extensively by many scholars in my field of Theatre Studies. The over-arching theme is that non-Indi…

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Monday, May 25, 2015

It’s been a great year. Thanks!

I may be unable to post much the next few weeks as I’m on planes and trains, buried in research materials, visiting friends and family that I too rarely get to see these days, and spri…

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The times may be a-changin’ but (no surprise) arts philanthropy ain’t

The Philanthropy News Digest recently sent me a bulletin with the headline, “Arts Funding Does Not Reflect Nation’s Diversity, Report Finds” which linked me to an AP Newsbreak arti…

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Digitalization in the arts: Is there a do-over if we get it wrong?

I’ve recently come across four articles/papers that have me grappling with the promise and the potential threats of digitalization in the arts and culture sector. At the end of Septemb…

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What are we incubating and to what end?

A couple weeks back Thomas Cott published an issue of “You’ve Cott Mail” centered loosely on the theme of innovation and business incubators in the arts world, in which he linked to a…

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50+ years of backing away from the hazardous ledge of imagination

Last week the NEA announced a round of 34 grants totaling $11.5 million as part of a new program, ArtPlace, which aims to integrate artists and arts groups into local efforts in transportati…

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Works-in-process in an everyone-is-a-critic-now world.

If inviting general audiences into the artistic process now means potentially inviting them to share their feedback with the world does this change what we think about presenting works-in-de…

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But What Does Barry’s List Mean?

So Barry’s Blog posted its annual Top 25 Most Powerful and Influential Leaders in the Nonprofit Arts list last week. In years’ past I would see this list and bemoan the fact that it seem…

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The lesson in my new tree for arts policy makers

About my tree: Last month my husband and I hired a small family-owned landscaping business to help us renovate the small gardens in the front and back of our house. They planted three new tr…

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My, how he goes on! by Terry Teachout

The author of the biliously self-important little e-mail that I posted on Tuesday has now outed himself at enormous length.

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The province of Manhattan by Terry Teachout

I haven't read each and every review of The Norman Conquests that ran on Friday, but so far as I know, I'm the only critic who made a point of mentioning that this production was not the fir…

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Blossom Dearie, R.I.P. by Terry Teachout

I once described Blossom Dearie as "the hippest person in the world."

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How to avoid a strip-mall future for the arts sector: Lessons from the boutique label, Pi

This past week I came across a New York Times article featured on ArtsJournal examining the remarkable success of the indie Jazz label, Pi. The article demonstrates that Pi is bucking trend…

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No algorithms needed for this show recommender system

I’m back from my honeymoon and a brief hiatus from Jumper. Despite a volatile stock market, downgrading of the US credit rating, questions about the fate of the Euro, and arts budgets hith…

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Theatre Changes Costumes After Told It was Violating Geneva Convention

"The dress worn by Nurse Poltis in the Pavilion Theatre production of Robin Hood originally had red crosses on the hat and tunic. Unauthorised use of the emblem violates the Geneva Conventio…

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Should Critics Wait To Review A Show?

"If a critic's job is to assess the total merits of a work of art -- or at least a gaudy chunk of entertainment -- reason also argues that the entertainment should be allowed to achieve the …

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Who Really Wrote Shakespeare? A Poll

"As James Shapiro's new book rehearses the loony arguments about our greatest playwright, Robert McCrum asks some of today's finest Shakespearean actors and directors their thoughts on the a…

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Shakespeare's Final Collaboration Reappears (Or Does It?)

"Though The Tempest has been long acknowledged as William Shakespeare's final work, in the last several decades many scholars have accepted that he collaborated with John Fletcher on at leas…

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London Theatre Critic Explores the State of the Art in Berlin

Michael Billington: "I came to Berlin eager to learn about the current issues. What impact is the national obsession with immigration having on theatre? How is drama surviving in the current…

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How To Succeed In Theatre

"Don't shy away from politics, religion or other tinderboxes. In my experience, theater people will forgive a noble flop, but perfunctory dullness is an unpardonable sin."...

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Spider-Man Producers to Drop Many of Taymor's Signature Touches

The producers who recently fired director Julie Taymor from the ever-more-expensive Broadway musical have so far decided on "scaling back the villainess Arachne, dropping the 'Deeply Furious…

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Advice on Fixing Spider-Man: NY Times Readers Chime In

"Cut the geek chorus. Cut the female spider. Beef up the roles of the bad guys (currently wasted in a fashion show)." "Beef up the Green Goblin and other villains. They need to be evil and s…

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