Friday, April 24, 2015

As long as the lady is paying… by Terry Teachout

In the last of three season-wrapping drama columns that appeared in The Wall Street Journal this week, I review the Broadway transfers of The Visit and Airline Highway Here’s an excerpt. *…

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The man who loved Shakespeare by Terry Teachout

In today’s Wall Street Journal “Sightings” column I write about Henry Folger, who amassed the collection that became the Folger Shakespeare Library, and about art collectors in general…

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Almanac: William Hazlitt on the fragility of virtue by Terry Teachout

“The greatest offence against virtue is to speak ill of it.” William Hazlitt, “On Cant and Hypocrisy”

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British Theatre Has Gone Election-Mad by Matthew Westphal

“It’s a paradox. In TV studios and on Twitter, British politics seem trapped in a spin cycle of claim and counter-claim, carefully massaged soundbites and kitchen-sink (or kitche…

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How Could Such A Good Broadway Revival Of ‘The Heidi Chronicles’ Flop? Is The Play That Out-Of-Date? by Matthew Westphal

Does it really “represent a moment in feminism that has passed”? Or is it an important piece of history? On the other hand, observes Lisa Kron, “Does this question get aske…

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The Shakespeare’s Globe Round-The-World “Hamlet” Tour: Postcards From The Halfway Mark by Matthew Westphal

“After 80,000 miles, 96 countries and more than 150 shows, the two-year worldwide tour of Hamlet has reached its halfway point in Spain – on Shakespeare’s birthday. Here…

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

The doctor is out by Terry Teachout

In the second of three season-wrapping drama columns that will appear in The Wall Street Journal this week, I review two new musicals, Doctor Zhivago and Something Rotten! Here’s an excerp…

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So you want to see a show? by Terry Teachout

Here’s my list of recommended Broadway, off-Broadway, and out-of-town shows, updated weekly. In all cases, I gave these shows favorable reviews (if sometimes qualifiedly so) in The Wal…

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Almanac: Nathaniel Hawthorne on discomfort and progress by Terry Teachout

“The world owes all its onward impulse to men ill at ease. The happy man inevitably confines himself within ancient limits.” Nathaniel Hawthorne, The House of Seven Gables

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This Theater Company Makes House Calls by Matthew Westphal

“The latest iteration of intimate, in-home performances – think home concerts – Salon Ariel hopes to fill a void in the theater world.”

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A Brief History Of Religion On The Stage by Matthew Westphal

“Religious drama is one of the oldest forms of British theatre, with the incorporation of performance into worship recorded from the time when Christianity was only 500 or so years old…

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Bigger and better by Terry Teachout

In the first of three season-wrapping drama columns that will appear in The Wall Street Journal this week, I review the Broadway transfers of Fun Home and Living on Love. Here’s an excerpt…

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Snapshot: Bert Lahr and Ricardo Montalban in The Fantasticks by Terry Teachout

A rare kinescope of an abridged TV adaptation of The Fantasticks, originally telecast on NBC’s Hallmark Hall of Fame in 1964. The production was directed by George Schaefer and the cast in…

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Almanac: Arthur Miller on humor by Terry Teachout

“Everyone likes a kidder, but no one lends him money.” Arthur Miller, Death of a Salesman

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Cirque du Soleil Is Such A Singular Enterprise. Can Itrs Creative Spark Survive A Sale Of The Company? by Douglas McLennan

“Cirque has already played to over 160 million people around the world and I firmly hope it will continue to dazzle us with sights and wonders. But you’ll have to prove to me that a …

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LA Stage Actors Strongly Oppose Wage Increase by Douglas McLennan

“The new wage could quadruple what actors earn from a typical production. But opponents say a change could backfire on actors by shutting down the most economically fragile theaters an…

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In the open by Terry Teachout

I love my job, but I don’t much care for April, the last month of the Broadway season, when I have to spend nearly every night on the aisle seeing shows, some of them wonderful and others …

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Lookback: on unpunctual friends by Terry Teachout

From 2005: Why is it that only two of my friends meet me on time? Because none of the others do, not ever. As in never. N-E-V-E-R. And you know what? Even though I know they’re going to be…

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Almanac: Somerset Maugham on “men of one book” by Terry Teachout

“There is an impression abroad that everyone has it in him to write one book; but if by this is implied a good book the impression is false.” W. Somerset Maugham, The Summing Up

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Cirque Du Soleil Hasn’t Been *Completely* Sold, Just *Mostly* Sold – For $1.5 Billion by Matthew Westphal

The majority stake went to a U.S. private equity firm, with minority stakes going to a Chinese investment firm, Quebec’s pension fund, and founder Guy Laliberté. Plans are for a major…

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“Between Riverside And Crazy” By Stephen Adly Guirgis Wins Pulitzer For Drama by Matthew Westphal

“[A] play about the police, race, a suspect shooting, and real estate,” with a retired African-American cop (shot and wounded by a white colleague) at its center, Between Riversi…

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Monday, April 20, 2015

What beauty does. (Taking stock in WK6 of the class.) by Diane Ragsdale

  Approaching Elaine Scarry’s On Beauty and Being Just: Elaine Scarry is a major contributor to the discussion on beauty. In the sixth week, the always brilliant Polly Carl gave …

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Talking About ‘Resilience’ In Theatre Can Lead To Bad Ends by Suzi Steffen

“We are so reliant on the resilience narrative that it has become our intuitive response to every event, from audience development to fundraising to how we generate our creative work. …

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The shame sharks by Terry Teachout

The publication of Jon Ronson’s So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed has triggered much discussion of the phenomenon of social-media “shaming,” most interestingly and convincingly by my fr…

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Back in the saddle again by Terry Teachout

Paul Moravec and I are at work on a new project—but this time, it isn’t an opera. My old friend John Sinclair is celebrating his twenty-fifth anniversary as artistic director of the Bach…

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Just because: a 1974 interview with Richard Rodgers by Terry Teachout

Richard Rodgers is interviewed by James Day on an episode of CUNY-TV’s Day at Night originally taped in 1974. A new revival of The King and I, which Rodgers wrote with Oscar Hammerstein II…

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Almanac: Somerset Maugham on happy endings by Terry Teachout

“Death ends all things and so is the comprehensive conclusion of a story, but marriage finishes it very properly too and the sophisticated are ill-advised to sneer at what is by convention…

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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Second Stage Buys The Helen Hayes Theater, Ending Months Of Discussion And Worry by Suzi Steffen

“Carole Rothman, the artistic director of Second Stage, said the theater would be used for plays by contemporary American writers, with a particular emphasis on works by women and mino…

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Kenneth Branagh Sets Up New Theatre Company With Judi Dench, Lily James, Rob Brydon by Suzi Steffen

Also, the guy who plays Robb Stark on Game of Thrones. “The Kenneth Branagh Theatre Company will take up residency at London’s Garrick Theatre for a year in October. The Cinderel…

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Friday, April 17, 2015

Shock Move: London National Theatre Executive Director Suddenly Quits Six Months Into The Job by Douglas McLennan

Announcing her resignation, Tessa Ross said only one person should be in charge. “It has become clear to me that the new leadership structure, with a separate role of chief executive, …

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Bliss at Lincoln Center by Terry Teachout

In the second of my two Wall Street Journal drama columns for this week, I report on another pair of Broadway openings, The King and I and Finding Neverland. Here’s an excerpt. * * * Point…

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