Friday, August 7, 2020

Black Dancers Are ‘Reclaiming’ Richmond’s Robert E. Lee Monument by Artsjournal1

Here’s one instance from last month: “Standing at the base of the three-story pedestal supporting the Confederate general’s likeness, [Janine] Bell, the artistic director of Elegba Fol…

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Reckoning With The Ugly Racist Origins Of Some Of American English’s Most Common Expressions by Artsjournal1

“‘Sold down the river.’ ‘Cakewalk.’ ‘Master and slave.’ American English is riddled with words and phrases with racist origins or undertones. Since the killing of George Floyd …

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Mao Zedong’s Home Province Is Now The Hotbed Of Chinese Commercial TV by Artsjournal1

“Making waves is what Hunan Broadcasting System does best. … That is striking for an outfit run by the government of a province that is better known as China’s largest producer of rice…

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What’s The Definition Of ‘Museum’? The International Council Of Museums Is Tearing Itself Up Over That Question by Artsjournal1

“In recent months, several people working on the committee to revise the body’s definition of what a museum is have resigned, and there have been accusations of ‘back-alley political g…

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Staffers At Philadelphia Museum Of Art Vote Overwhelmingly To Unionize by Artsjournal1

The vote tally was 181 to 22. “While organizers said there were many reasons behind the union drive, complaints against two Art Museum supervisors provided the movement with energy. Organi…

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Stop Panicking Over The Age Of Classical Audiences, Says NY Times Chief Critic by Artsjournal1

Anthony Tommasini: “Elements of dismaying ageism run through the chronic bemoaning over the graying of classical and opera audiences, something that bothered me even before I entered this …

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Reporter At DC’s WAMU Harassed Female Colleagues For Years — And Kept His Job After Two Final Warnings by Artsjournal1

Martin Di Caro, an award-winning transportation correspondent at Washington’s public radio news station from 2012 to 2017, was outrageous enough in hitting on junior employees at WAMU, loc…

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Replay: Picasso at work in 1949 by Terry Teachout

Pablo Picasso paints for the camera in 1949 in a scene from Visit to Picasso, directed by Paul Haesaert: (This is the latest in a series of arts- and history-related videos that appear in…

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Almanac: G.K. Chesterton on puritanism by Terry Teachout

“A puritan is a person who pours righteous indignation into the wrong things.” G.K. Chesterton, interview, New York Times (November 21, 1930) Continue reading Almanac: G.K. Chesterton on…

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Salort-Pons’ Response: Detroit Institute’s Director Tussles with Anonymous Detractors by Artsjournal1

Showing a courage and candor that’s been in short supply among museum officials navigating the choppy waters of racial tensions, political unrest and economic difficulty, Salvador Salort-P…

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VPAC PRESENTS: Joshua Bell & Larisa Martínez’s “Voice and the Violin” with Pianist Peter Dugan by Artsjournal

Most seminal event in classical music since global onset of COVID-19 on August 14th in Vail, CO!

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Thursday, August 6, 2020

The World’s Nightlife On Hold. (And Yet…) by Artsjournal

The problem is that urban nightlife — no matter how risky — isn’t something that just allows itself to be canceled. The need to socialize, relax, mingle, hear music and dance is a powe…

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When Fans Of A Show Become Its Owners by Artsjournal

Fans come to see themselves not just as the audience for, or patrons of, a given “intellectual property” but (to paraphrase the old WestJet slogan) as owners too. This feeling of ownersh…

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An Opportunity To Diversify Your Theatre by Artsjournal

“The reluctance to produce shows with casts that are all or largely non-white disproportionately affects shows written by Black, Indigenous, people of color (BIPOC) playwrights and compose…

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Meet Canada’s New $2 Coin by Artsjournal

The artwork appearing on the toonie honouring his legacy is known as Xhuwaji, Haida Grizzly Bear. Reid painted it in 1988 on a ceremonial drum belonging to the Sam family of Ahousat, B.C. …

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How Instagram Is Changing The Job Of A Critic by Artsjournal

Being unable to see real works of art in person for months has made me realize just how much I have come to depend on seeing works online—and how I get more from that experience than I’d…

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What A Profound Design Revolution Curb Cuts Were by Artsjournal

“The need for accessible streets and sidewalks has utterly reshaped the contemporary cityscape, and the most profound change is also the most modest: the curb cuts that you’ll find now a…

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Frustrating: Quality Information Costs While Lies Are Free by Artsjournal

A white supremacist on YouTube will tell you all about race and IQ but if you want to read a careful scholarly refutation, obtaining a legal PDF from the journal publisher would cost you $14…

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Lessons On Coping With COVID From A Bankrupt Opera House In 17th-Century France by Artsjournal1

The Lyon Académie de Musique officially went bust on New Year’s Day 1693, but it was back in business two years later. “How did Académie musicians transform hardship into productive cr…

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How Remote Work Will Remake American Cities by Artsjournal

If white-collar workers are told the downtown office is forever optional, some will take their superstar-city jobs out of superstar cities. That much is obvious. But these shifts, even if th…

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‘A Video Diary Of What Dancers Do Inside’: Annabelle Lopez Ochoa’s New Choreography Project(s) by Artsjournal1

“From her house in Amsterdam, she has taken to creating dance films, all three to five minutes in length, with performers around the world. Dancers from Tulsa Ballet, Joffrey Ballet, Dutch…

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Leon Fleisher: More About The Struggle Than The Triumph by Artsjournal

The truth of Fleisher is in his own questions, his dogged pursuit of answers (from spiritual healers to experimental treatments) is more interesting than the answer itself. You can’t help …

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Reality Dating Shows And What They’ve Done To America by Artsjournal1

“To find out, we chose one reality dating show that debuted every year from 2000 through 2020 — shows that were particularly popular, controversial, influential or taught us something un…

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All The Flags Now At NYC’s Rockefeller Center Were Custom-Designed By Artists (Some Of Them Quite Famous) by Artsjournal1

“Hundreds of New Yorkers submitted proposals earlier this year to design eight-by-five-foot flags. This past Saturday, the 192 winning designs were unfurled on the [flagpoles] surrounding …

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Abstract Art Can Changes Your Mindset: Study by Artsjournal1

Looking at non-representational art tends to induce what’s called “psychological distance.” As one of the lead researchers put it, “This means that art has an effect on our general c…

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Pointe Shoes: A Brief History by Artsjournal1

“With their ability to elevate a dancer both literally and metaphorically to a superhuman realm, [they] are the ultimate symbol of a ballerina’s ethereality and hard work. … The shoes …

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Rethinking (And Reinvesting In) Our Public Spaces by Artsjournal

While the pandemic has revealed the power of our shared public spaces, it has also magnified enormous disparities in quality and access to them. Demand has outstripped supply, in some cases …

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Fifty Years After His Messy Suicide, Yukio Mishima’s Fiction Is Coming Back To The Fore by Artsjournal1

“[His] carefully cultivated image — a vigorous martial artist, his commitment to bushido, the code of the samurai and his fixation with masculinity, beauty and glory — has remained mor…

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An App For Serialized Novels Draws Tens Of Millions In Investment Dollars by Artsjournal1

“Radish, which has offices in Seoul and New York, says it has seen significant revenue growth since its 2016 launch, and that it has produced more than 6,500 episodes across 30 original se…

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‘Not To Put Any Pressure On You, But The Entire American Theater Is Depending On You To Be Really Smart’ by Artsjournal1

That’s what Actors’ Equity president Kate Shindle said (via video call) to the cast of the Berkshire Theater Group’s Godspell, the first live-with-audience musical Equity has approved …

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England’s Theatres Reeling As Christmas Pantos Get Cancelled by Artsjournal1

“Dozens of pantomimes across the land have been cancelled or postponed due to uncertainty about easing lockdown restrictions for theatres. … Though it is only August, pantos take months …

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