Friday, August 23, 2019

Faculty – Arts Administration by Artsjournal

Butler University’s Jordan College of the Arts (JCA) invites applications for a full-time, 9-month faculty position in the Department of Arts Administration beginning August 2020.

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Cruising For Art – The Bizarro World Of Cruise Ship Art Auctions by Artsjournal

One gimmick in particular stood out: A pair of works presented turned away from the audience, and sold as one lot, without any idea of what they looked like. “They are going to be two of t…

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Comfort Reading: In Defense Of Returning To The Same Book Over And Over by Artsjournal1

Rebecca Jennings — who confesses to having read each of the Harry Potter books at least ten times and insists she’s “not advocating for laziness” — points to research on “repeate…

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Fascinating Rights Issue: After Dispute, Taylor Swift Says She’ll Re-Record Her Early Albums by Artsjournal

The singer reached an impass with her recording label, which owns masters of the original songs. So Swift says she’ll simply re-record them all so she has control. Travis Andrews untangles…

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The Joys Of Traveling From Small Town To Small Town Performing Shakespeare For High Schoolers For $225 A Week (A Reminiscence) by Artsjournal1

“As a recent graduate with a BFA in acting, I could have been stuck lip-synching to Buddy Holly at an amusement park or being cast as a Native American in a problematic outdoor drama in Ch…

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Conductor Leo Driehuys, 87 – He Built The Modern Charlotte Symphony by Artsjournal

“He was a very strong face for the Charlotte Symphony, but he worked his butt off behind the scenes with the power players in Charlotte. He got people to realize that this was something im…

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How “Sesame Street” Revolutionized Teaching Using Music by Artsjournal

Since its inception in 1969, the public television show has redefined what it means to teach children through TV, with music as its resounding voice. Before “Sesame Street,” it wasn’t …

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The New Streaming Reality Is Looking More And More Like The Bad Old Days Of TV by Artsjournal

The rise of digital video is bringing back more than just bloated bundles and bills. Many companies are returning to TV’s original business model: selling you anything and everything but t…

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Russian Literature And The Meaning Of Truth by Artsjournal

“We usually assume that literature exists to depict life, but Russians often speak as if life exists to provide material for literature. Russians, of course, excel in ballet, chess, theate…

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The Increasingly Oh-So-Complicated Politics Of The Politics Of Arts Organization Donors by Artsjournal

“You don’t want to have either Fox or MSNBC after you. Those are huge distractions of the time of individual board members and senior management.” – The New York Times

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UK Study: Businesses Are Not Investing In The Arts by Artsjournal

Fewer than one-third of businesses do. “Most individuals surveyed by the funder wanted more cultural opportunities where they live (55%), but businesses were less enthusiastic: they priori…

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CEO Exit Interview: A Model That No Longer Works by Artsjournal

Arti Prashar: “We operate in a climate where we have been asked to grow and grow, following a business model that just doesn’t work for the arts – of seeking bigger turnover and bigger…

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Inside India’s First-Ever Contemporary Sculpture Park by Artsjournal1

At the Madhavendra Palace, just outside Jaipur, “floral murals, elaborate arches, patterned columns, dark paneled doors, and stone-lined courtyards serve as maximal backdrops for sculpture…

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UK Entertainment Unions Lament Decline In Arts Journalism by Artsjournal

The letter states that recent job losses for arts critics at the Guardian and the Evening Standard highlight this issue. It goes on to quote figures from the List magazine that reveal the nu…

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Anish Kapoor’s ‘Orbit’ — AKA Boris Johnson’s Giant Erector-Set/Sliding Board — Is Millions In Debt by Artsjournal1

The 376-foot sculpture was commissioned by Johnson, then London’s Mayor, for the 2012 Olympics, and he had hoped that it would become London’s answer to the Eiffel Tower (7 million annua…

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Saying He No Longer Feels Welcome As A Refugee, Ai Weiwei Is Leaving Germany For Britain by Artsjournal1

“[The dissident artist] said he initially chose Germany after leaving China as it had worked so hard for his freedom, but now felt that Germany had changed and he was once again an exile. …

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Female Comics Are Taking On A Previously Off-Limits Topic: Abortion by Artsjournal1

“Given the trend over the last few years to use comedy as therapy, to use laughter to counterpoint pain, a complicated subject like abortion is no less likely to be a topic for comedy than…

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L.A.’s Flagship Arts Complex Was Built As A Shining, And Remote, City-On-A-Hill. Will Its Redesigned Central Plaza Make It More Welcoming? by Artsjournal1

“We shouldn’t be a white castle on the hill. Our new vision is about deepening the cultural life of every resident in the county. That is a very outward vision,” says Los Angeles Music…

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The Access Conundrum At The Heart Of Popular Music Journalism by Artsjournal1

There are more and more outlets, but they pay writers less and less; there are huge quantities of new music pouring out, but large bodies of readers are going to click on pieces about artist…

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Audience Talks And Talkbacks, And Keeping Them On Track by Artsjournal1

Says the former director of public programming at Lincoln Center, who has moved on to a new arts center in Abu Dhabi, “I’m someone who dreaded talkbacks and Q&As. While I was in New …

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Are We Reaching The Point Where Dancers Need Big Social Media Followings Just To Get Hired? by Artsjournal1

“New York City-based choreographer and director Jennifer Weber once worked on a project with a strict social media policy: ”Hire no one with less than 10K, period’ — and that was a f…

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Netflix India Has Its Own Version Of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ by Artsjournal1

“It’s 2047, 100 years after India’s independence, and in the fictional nation of Aryavarta, water is scarce. The republic’s authoritarian rulers are seizing children of mixed parenta…

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We Are The Stories We Tell Ourselves – And That’s Determined By Our Age by Artsjournal

There’s a lot of research now that shows that in the teenage years we develop skills from what’s called autobiographical reasoning—which is the ability to derive personal meaning from …

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The “Times Change” Excuse for Past Antiquities Misdeeds: Kapoor/Metropolitan Museum Edition by Artsjournal1

“Times change” is a time-dishonored argument for justifying moral lapses, whether they’re #MeToo transgressions (Plácido Domingo) or retention of antiquities that were likely looted (…

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Thursday, August 22, 2019

Alex Ross: Why “Salome” Is My Favorite Opera by Artsjournal

“To say that Richard Strauss’s “Salome” is your favorite opera is a bit like saying that “The Shining” is your favorite film or that Edgar Allan Poe is your favorite author: it m…

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Free Speech Vs. Political Correctness Isn’t The Real Problem: What’s Behind The Furious Social-Justice-Warrior Battles At Elite Universities by Artsjournal1

Natalia Dashan, who was a full-scholarship student at Yale and witnessed such imbroglios as the Halloween Costumes fiasco up close, looks at the underlying dynamic by which, among a very pri…

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Is The World Turning Against Calatrava And His Projects? by Artsjournal

His sleek designs are notoriously high maintenance, over budget, and prone to failure. Here’s a short list of his debacles. – D Magazine

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We’re Learning How Emotional Intelligence Drives The Brain by Artsjournal

“With the help of neuroscientific and behavioural research, we are beginning to appreciate how the ancestral mammal brain is alive and well inside our higher neocortical systems. Unlike th…

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Composer Killed While Collecting Sounds In The Far North By A Bear by Artsjournal

“Julien really wanted to connect with something else. He really wanted to connect with nature, but not only with nature, but with the scientists and the people that actually are studying t…

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Artists Take Over Power Station And Make Art That Generates Power by Artsjournal

The contemporary arts centre E-Werk Luckenwalde will not only open exhibition galleries and studio spaces in a former brown coal power station 65km south of Berlin, it will also begin genera…

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Fascinating To Contemplate What We Define As “World Literature” (We Read So Little Of It) by Artsjournal

“World literature happens when Russian novels remake English literature; when a Turkish writer takes inspiration from a Colombian writer; when Japanese critics review translations of Leban…

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