Friday, June 5, 2020

Lebrecht: Privatise The South Bank Centre by Artsjournal

Save that? Better to take the South Bank apart, piece by piece, in a period when there is no performance, so that it can put it together again under entrepreneurial management over the next …

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China’s Movie Theatres Reopened… But Audience Hasn’t Returned by Artsjournal

There are now more than 12,000 cinemas in China, according to market research firm IBISWorld. This figure has more than doubled in the past decade as China has embraced movie-going. But four…

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Where Did “Shit Hits The Fan” Come From? by Artsjournal

The true origins of the expression “shit hits the fan” are largely undetermined, though some sources suggest that Canada is to blame—it might have come from particularly picturesque Ca…

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How Might We Rethink Public Spaces After COVID? by Artsjournal

In recent years, designers and city-builders have largely come to reject defensive strategies and the exclusionary policies from which they stemmed. Great public spaces are now built with fl…

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New York Theatres Are Opening Their Buildings To Protestors by Artsjournal

A new Twitter account, called “Open Your Lobby,” has encouraged theaters to welcome protesters. A post from the account recommended that the theaters “not permit police inside of the b…

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Study: Kids Now Spending Nearly As Much Time On TikTok As On YouTube by Artsjournal

Kids are now watching twice as many videos per day as they did just four years ago. This is despite the fact that YouTube’s flagship app is meant for ages 13 and up — an age-gate that wa…

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Poor Old Machiavelli Had ‘A Talent For Ending Up On The Losing Side’ by Artsjournal1

His tenure as a senior administrator in the Florentine Republic saw many more failures than successes; he was bounced into prison and then exile after the Medici returned to power; when he f…

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How Ornette Coleman Radically Reimagined Jazz by Artsjournal

Conventional jazz harmony is religiously chord-based, with soloists improvising within each key like balls pinging through a pinball machine. Coleman, in contrast, imagined harmony, melody, …

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How Did Ancient Australians Make Their Cave Paintings So Precise? A Team Of Archaeologists May Have The Answer by Artsjournal1

At a site in Limmen National Park in the Northern Territory are 17 paintings, stenciled on rock, that are far smaller than usual for such art, featuring detailed renderings of humans, kangar…

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No Tonys This Year? How About The Charlies? by Artsjournal

Instead of choosing the best from an incomplete list, I decided to play a different game. Looking back at the last 10 years of Tony winners, I came up with my own nominations and winners for…

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The Backstory Of The Bravest (And Sneakiest) Opening Number In Tony Awards History by Artsjournal1

Here’s how songwriters Adam Schlesinger and David Javerbaum and host/lead performer Neil Patrick Harris concocted, and got away with, the immortal intro to the 2011 Tony Awards telecast, …

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Bail-Outs For The Arts Aren’t Enough by Artsjournal

Virus impacts aren’t a short-term blip for the funded arts to be ameliorated by nifty footwork, strategised centrally and ‘top down’ in the coteries of arts power. Short-term bail-outs…

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One-On-One Corona-Concerts Are Now Spreading Through Germany by Artsjournal1

Last month, a few musicians in Stuttgart began giving intimate-yet-socially-distanced performances — one performer, one listener, a couple of meters of empty space between them — at the …

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€1 Billion For Arts In Germany’s New €130 Billion Corona-Rescue Package by Artsjournal1

“The funds, which will be made available this year and next year, will be widely distributed across cinemas, music clubs, memorials, museums, theaters, and festivals. €250 million will g…

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Museums And Galleries Sue UK Insurers For Not Paying COVID Claims by Artsjournal1

“The group of more than 50 claimants — none of whom wanted to be named — includes major contemporary art galleries, museums and sole traders, with claims ranging from around £50,000 t…

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Here’s One Area Of Publishing That’s Making Progress On Diversity: Audiobooks by Artsjournal1

“Audiobook publishers are increasingly offering opportunities to narrators of color, … a response to a broader range of stories and desire for the voice talent to reflect that diversity.…

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Are TV Shows Scared Of Dealing Frankly With Police Brutality? Or Just No Good At It? by Artsjournal1

“As protests sparked by the murder of George Floyd continue around the country, THR‘s Daniel Fienberg and Inkoo Kang reflect on the small screen’s struggle to depict police violence an…

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These Ballet Dancers Are Calling Out Inequity At Their Companies by Artsjournal1

“Over the past few years, calls for the ballet world to become more diverse, equitable and inclusive have become a regular rallying cry. Most of the public complaints, however, have been a…

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Venetians Are Loving This Not-Utterly-Overrun-By-Tourists Thing. Is There Any Hope Of Preserving It? by Artsjournal1

Residents and interested observers have been concerned for years about the local economy’s addiction to mass tourism and the ills that accompany it. Italy’s COVID lockdown has, at least …

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Artist Response To Injustice? Seven Musicians Speak Out by Artsjournal

“What’s really important is to take a step back and look at the macro picture, and think through, how did we get here? What are the underlying causes? There’s this phrase flying around…

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Post-Plague Poetry In Medieval England Could Be Downright Reactionary by Artsjournal1

With the huge drop in population following the Black Death, peasants and laborers were able to take advantage of the labor shortage to demand higher pay and improve their lives. Those who ha…

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Fill up empty spaces—with music by Terry Teachout

In this week’s Wall Street Journal “Sightings” column, I ask the following question: can summer concerts and other public performances in large outdoor spaces help bolster the flaggin…

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No stage? No problem! by Terry Teachout

In today’s Wall Street Journal I review the online world premiere of Anno Domino, a new audio-only play by Alan Ayckbourn. Here’s an excerpt. *  *  * One by one, drama companies on b…

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Replay: Graham Greene on board the Queen Mary by Terry Teachout

Jack Mangan interviews Graham Greene about The Third Man on board the S.S. Queen Mary. This clip was originally telecast in 1950 by WJZ-TV as part of Ship’s Reporter, a TV series in whi…

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Almanac: Graham Greene on unhappiness by Terry Teachout

“The sense of unhappiness is so much easier to convey than that of happiness. In misery we seem aware of our own existence, even though it may be in the form of a monstrous egotism: this p…

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Thursday, June 4, 2020

Here’s What A Socially-Distanced Theatre Looks Like by Artsjournal

Around 70 per cent of the auditorium’s seats have been removed, with every second row cleared and seats arranged either individually or in pairs on the remaining rows. – Dezeen

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Why Our Sense Of Time Is Messed Up Under Lockdown by Artsjournal

Our internal clocks and external cues have fallen out of sync, explains Anthony M. Tobia, associate professor of the Division of Consultation Psychiatry at the Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Me…

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We Revere The Renaissance – But It Lacked A Few Things by Artsjournal

The uncomfortable truth is that the age of the Renaissance contributed very little to innovation in science. This was largely because the revival of classical learning and languages concentr…

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The Reggae Producers That Changed The Way We Record Music by Artsjournal

Perhaps no innovations have been as far-reaching as the set of boundary-smashing experiments that a small group of producers performed on multi-track recording machines and mixing desks in a…

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Black Theatre Workers Call Out Broadway Racism by Artsjournal

Several black actors, writers, and others working in the New York theater have come forward to share the stories of the racism embedded in the industry. Many of them described hearing subtly…

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Between Theatre And The Screen – A New Form? by Artsjournal

It’s not film. (Except when it is.) It’s definitely not television. It’s…theatre on a screen? As COVID-19 continues to force industries online, one Bay Area organization is exploring…

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