Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Hollywood Celebrates Harvey Weinstein Verdict by Artsjournal

Actresses and activists celebrated Monday when a New York jury found the producer guilty on two counts, in a decision that could send him to jail for up to 25 years.  – The Daily Beast

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New Right Wing Director Of Warsaw’s Contemporary Art Center Cancels Shows, Cuts Funding by Artsjournal

The Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art is now seen by many in Poland’s contemporary art community as a new front in the country’s culture wars, as the ruling Law and Justice p…

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When Filmmakers Make Films In Languages They Don’t Speak Well by Artsjournal1

“It is a truth universally acknowledged in world cinema that a celebrated auteur, making their first film outside their native tongue, must be preparing a dud.” But is it actually true? …

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Neuroscientists Study Blind Pianist’s Brain And Discover How It Rewired Itself by Artsjournal

“Pretty remarkable. His entire brain is stimulated by music. His visual cortex is activated throughout. It seems like his brain is taking that part of the tissue that’s not being stimula…

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Langston Hughes, Spanish Civil War Correspondent by Artsjournal1

“The Baltimore Afro-American newspaper sent him abroad to write ‘trench-coat prose’ about black Americans volunteering in the International Brigades. … Hughes’s 22 articles covered…

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Finally: A Serious Attempt To Cut Down Money Laundering In Art? by Artsjournal

“There has long been concern over the ease with which suspect funds can be laundered through the buying and selling of art. Now, at last, we are seeing a concerted attempt to get to grips …

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Why We’re Both Repelled And Drawn To Disgusting Things by Artsjournal

“We need to account for the fact that we chase after disgust. Our attraction to disgust is hardly modern. The grotesque fascinated painters from the Renaissance to Goya, with his visages o…

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Some Advice From The Ancients On Dealing With “Alternative” Facts by Artsjournal

From teaching Greek texts I have become increasingly convinced that the Theogony’s narrator quotes the Muses not merely to evade responsibility for telling an unknown story nor to praise t…

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So Far California’s New Gig Economy Law Is A Disaster For Theatres And Actors by Artsjournal

No one is arguing that theatre artists don’t deserve to be paid or shouldn’t be treated well. As Susie Medak, managing director at Berkeley Repertory Theatre, pointed out, there’s simp…

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Blake Gopnik’s New Bio Of Warhol: A Case For His Enduring Influence by Artsjournal

It is hard now to recapture the shock of 1962 when the iterations of Campbell’s soup went on display at the Ferus Gallery in Los Angeles (New York wasn’t interested). But the cumulative …

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It’s Time To Retire ‘West Side Story’ And Its Stereotypes, Argues Puerto Rican Critic by Artsjournal1

Carina del Valle Schorske: “If this musical is still our narrative ghetto, then the least we can do is make noise about what it feels like to live in it. In 2020, it feels exhausting.” …

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Turns Out It’s Not So Tough To Go From Tragedy To Comedy by Artsjournal2

Jane Alexander, the 80-year-old actress who has starred in Ibsen, Shakespeare, and Chekhov, and, not incidentally, who was head of the NEA during the (first) culture wars, is onstage again, …

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Even Great Journalism Isn’t Enough To Fully Understand #MeToo. We Need Fiction. by Artsjournal1

“It’s a truism to say our society doesn’t do well when faced with competing stories about what happened; that’s what ‘he said/she said’ has become a shorthand for. … To overcom…

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Steve Bannon Wants To Set Up National Bootcamp In Ancient Italian Monastery. The Ministry Of Culture Is Trying To Block Him by Artsjournal

The Dignitatis Humanae Institute (DHI), a Catholic lobby group run by the British conservative Benjamin Harnwell, was granted a 19-year lease on the building by the ministry of culture two y…

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Which Language Is Most Difficult To Lipread? by Artsjournal1

“This last question, though seemingly simple, resists every attempt to answer it. Every theory runs into brick walls of evidence, the research is limited, and even the basic understanding …

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Met Opera Orchestra To Tour For First Time In 18 Years by Artsjournal1

In late June and early July, music director Yannick Nézet-Séguin will lead the orchestra in concerts at the Barbican in London, the Philharmonie de Paris, and the Festspielhaus Baden-Baden…

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Italian Arts Venues Close And Venice Carnival Is Cancelled As Measures To Contain Coronavirus by Artsjournal1

Across northern Italy from Venice to Milan, theatres, cinemas, museums, and opera houses (including La Scala) have been ordered to stop operations for a week as cases of the disease spread. …

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Plácido Domingo Sexually Harassed And Abused Power For More Than 20 Years, Inquiry Finds by Artsjournal1

“The investigation, conducted by lawyers hired by the American Guild of Musical Artists, concluded that the accounts from 27 people showed a clear pattern of sexual misconduct and abuse of…

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Philadelphia Museum Of Art Retail Exec Abused And Hit Staffers For Two Years Before He Was Fired by Artsjournal1

“After [James A.] Cincotta was hired as the museum’s retail director in 2015, staffers who worked for him began reporting what they said was routinely abusive behavior. Cincotta slapped,…

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The Real Problem With That Open Letter Supporting The Fired Lyon Ballet Director Wasn’t Who Did Or Didn’t Agree To Sign It by Artsjournal1

“Unthinkingly defending one’s powerful friends has real-life consequences. What [illegally fired dancer Karline] Marion, and other dancers who may find themselves in a similar situation,…

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David Mamet Tries Out A Play As Quietly As Possible In L.A. The L.A. Times’s Critic Found Out About It Anyway by Artsjournal1

Charles McNulty: “I’m going to respect the tacit wishes of Mamet and not review the play as I would if it had had an official press opening. A work that’s still being tinkered with bef…

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Silent-Film Superstar ‘Baby Peggy’, Diana Serra Cary, Dead At 101 by Artsjournal1

“Born Peggy-Jean Montgomery, she became one of the country’s youngest self-made millionaires by age 4, then suffered a devastating reversal of fortune and fame in her adolescence. In adu…

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Lookback: on parody by Terry Teachout

From 2004: I love parody and caricature, and it’s one of my medium-sized regrets that I have no gift for either (though I can do adequate impersonations of a few of my friends). Alas, I fi…

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Almanac: James Rees-Milne on the death of old friends by Terry Teachout

“Only when one’s friends die and one accompanies them to the grave’s edge does one realise precisely what they have meant to one.” James Lees-Milne, diary, March 25, 1977 Continue re…

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From caftan to opera hat: the greatest living playwright takes on the Jewish bourgeoisie and its destruction by Artsjournal1

There’s something a bit ho-hum, mean and pinched about the reception of Sir Tom Stoppard’s new (and, he says, perhaps final play), Leopoldstadt. – Paul Levy

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In Memoriam: Tobi Tobias (1938-2020) by Artsjournal1

Alongside the the wonderful, illuminating dance criticism she wrote for decades, she wrote wonderfully well about fashion, and only when I became a mother did I realize that while Tobi was r…

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Remembering Tobi Tobias by Artsjournal1

Tobi was among the first group of writers I invited to blog on ArtsJournal. I had read her for years and appreciated her elegance, clarity and erudition. Though her judgments were crisp, the…

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Monday, February 24, 2020

Is It Possible To Enjoy The Instagram “Museum” Without Your Phone? by Artsjournal

Specifically, the Ice Cream “Museum,” which is all about shareable selfies. After all, what’s the point of going if not to take appealing pictures? – New York Magazine

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New Pew Study: Experts Believe Tech Will Weaken Democracy by Artsjournal

Some 49% of these respondents say use of technology will mostly weaken core aspects of democracy and democratic representation in the next decade, 33% say use of technology will mostly stren…

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Trump Administration Is Moving National Archives Out Of Seattle. Native Americans Are Furious by Artsjournal

“The U.S. government made us paper Indians — our ancestors are here,” Jack proclaimed last week at Sand Point. To close and remove the archives is to physically remove the ancestors (w…

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Director, Indiana University Cinema by Artsjournal

One of the nation’s most prestigious movie houses, Indiana University Cinema (IU Cinema) presents and examines the world’s most entertaining, fascinating, and thought-provoking films and…

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