Tuesday, July 16, 2019 at 11pm (Broadway Time)

A new urban art festival announced for Melbourne: Can’t Do Tomorrow by Arts Review

The first of its kind in Melbourne, Can’t Do Tomorrow is a celebration of urban art and contemporary culture in one of the most iconic underground spaces in Australia: The Facility, Kensin…

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Tuesday, July 16, 2019 at 10pm (Broadway Time)

Top 5 Shows of the Week by April Forrer

  1. ‘Songs for a New World’ at Annapolis Summer Garden Theatre. “The songs are good—Brown is a legendary composer for a reason—but they’re brought to a level above what they mi…

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Metro Theater hires new boss away from Opera Theatre by Joe Holleman St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Joe Gfaller taking over reins of local theater troupe in September

Linked From St. Louis Today at 10:33PM

Fringe Review: ‘Kafka’s Metamorphosis: The Musical!’ by Peter Orvetti

The only bad thing to say about “Kafka’s Metamorphosis: The Musical!” is that you will not get a chance to see it at the Capital Fringe Festival. The company of the short musical poppe…

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Sonny Tufts: His Bite Was Worse Than His Bark by Trav S.D.

Today Sonny Tufts (1911-1970) may best be known as a punchline. In the 1960s, many years after he had ceased to be a marquee name, joking references to Tufts were made on Rocky and Bullwinkl…

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Tuesday, July 16, 2019 at 9pm (Broadway Time)

Today on Broadway: Wednesday, July 17, 2019 by Matt Tamanini

“Waitress” Closing Up the Diner, ALW’s “Cinderella” Planning a 2020 Broadway Run, Harry Styles in Talks to Play Prince Eric “Today on Broadway” is a daily, Monday through Frida…

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Music Remembrance: Adeus, João Gilberto, Free-Spirited Creator of Bossa Nova by J. R. Carroll

Melhor do que isso só mesmo o silêncio, melhor do que o silêncio só joão (The only thing better than [music] is silence, the only thing better than silence is João)—Caetano Veloso ("…

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Tuesday, July 16, 2019 at 8pm (Broadway Time)

VIDEO: Mentalist Derren Brown Explores Psychological Manipulation in New TEDTalk

From stage to screen, two-time Olivier Award winner Derren Brown has mesmerized millions worldwide with his unique brand of mind reading, persuasion, and psychological illusion. Now, with …

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Theatre Review: ‘Legally Blonde: The Musical’ at Cumberland Theatre by Christopher McGoff

If you like your musicals with a touch of camp and lots of pink, then you’ll relish in the delight that is Cumberland Theatre’s production of “Legally Blonde: The Musical.” With lyri…

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What Snowball The Dancing Parrot Is Teaching Neuroscientists About Why Humans Dance by Artsjournal

These newly published observations cement the human-ness of Snowball’s dancing. His initial headbangs and foot-lifts are movements that parrots naturally make while walking or courting. Bu…

Linked From ArtsJournal at 08:54PM

London Theatre Review: The Night of the Iguana at the Noel Coward Theatre

It’s sometimes odd to be crammed into a warm auditorium, amongst your tribe of fast-paced, fidgety Londoners – to wait as those lights dim, and see everyone falling into a trance-like si…

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The Caucasian Chalk Circle by Lara Altunian

The post The Caucasian Chalk Circle appeared first on STAGE RAW - ARTS IN L.A. - SERVED FRESH.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2019 at 7pm (Broadway Time)

Broadway Stars Step Out for a Special Screening of The Lion King by Caitlin Moynihan

We just can't wait to be king and neither can these Broadway stars! Ahead of The Lion King's highly anticipated premiere date on July 18, stage favorites attended a special screening hosted …

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Greta Gerwig & Oscar Isaac to Star in Three Sisters at New York Theatre Workshop by Andy Lefkowitz

Screen stars and theater alums Greta Gerwig and Oscar Isaac will return home to the New York stage this spring in a new mounting of Chekhov's Three Sisters. Tony winner Sam Gold will direct …

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Jack Viertel Will Step Down as Encores! Artistic Director Following 2020 Season by Andy Lefkowitz

New York City Center has announced that Encores! Artistic Director Jack Viertel will step down from his longtime role at the end of the 2020 series—after 20 seasons as the renowned leader …

Linked From Broadway.com at 07:54PM

Sas Goldberg on the Importance of Saying Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow's Full Title, Writing the Mystic Pizza Musical & More by Caitlin Moynihan

Sas Goldberg is currently giving new life to Chekhov’s Three Sisters in Halley Feiffer's Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow off-Broadway. The repeating title is often shortened by t…

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Odds & Ends: Andy Karl & Orfeh to Be Honored by Humane Society & More by Broadway.com

Here's a quick roundup of stories you might have missed today.Andy Karl & Orfeh to Be Honored by Humane Society The Humane Society of New York has announced that married couple, Pretty W…

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Harry Styles Tapped to Play Prince Eric in Live-Action Little Mermaid by Andy Lefkowitz

Harry Styles, strong-voiced band member of One Direction and featured star of the major motion picture Dunkirk, is in early talks to portray Prince Eric in the upcoming live-action remake of…

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Broadway.com #LiveatFive with Danny Burstein of Moulin Rouge! by Broadway.com

Danny Burstein stops by Broadway.com HQ to chat about playing Harry Zidler in the Broadway production of Moulin Rouge! and more with Paul Wontorek.

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Backstage at Aladdin with Michael James Scott, Episode 4: B'way Friends by Broadway.com

Aladdin star Michael James Scott hangs out with a bunch of Broadway friends, says hello and goodbye to co-stars, checks in with original cast members and more!

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The Last Days of Don Juan by Lara Altunian

The post The Last Days of Don Juan appeared first on STAGE RAW - ARTS IN L.A. - SERVED FRESH.

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The Night of the Iguana review at Noel Coward Theatre, London – ‘Lia Williams is magnificent’ by Natasha Tripney

Written in 1961, Tennessee Williams’ The Night of the Iguana was inspired by a rum-fuelled night in 1940 when the playwright was

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Book Review: Unburied by Debra Cash

David Treuer's expansive new history of native America from 1890 to the present looks with skeptical, Indian eyes from inside simplistic American symbols and narratives. The post Book Review…

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E. Katherine Kerr, Actress and Playwright, Is Dead at 82 by Jaclyn Peiser

She appeared onscreen with Meryl Streep, won an award for her Off Broadway work, and later distinguished herself as a writer and a teacher.

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Classical CD Review: Bravo Leoš Janáček — A Marvelous Serving of his Vocal Music by Susan Miron

This album led me to choose, for a summer project, to listen to all of the music of Janáček -- and it has been a complete delight The post Classical CD Review: Bravo Leoš Janáček — A…

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Tuesday, July 16, 2019 at 6pm (Broadway Time)

The Night of the Iguana review – Clive Owen joins menagerie of lost souls by Michael Billington

Noël Coward theatre, LondonOwen is a disgraced priest, Anna Gunn a widowed hotel keeper in Tennessee William’s languorous hymn to human endurance ‘Nothing human disgusts me unless it’…

Linked From The Guardian at 06:54PM

He Went From Being Uncastable To Playing The Role Of A Lifetime In 'A Strange Loop' by Jeryl Brunner

Larry Owens is a fierce force in Michael R. Jackson’s breathtaking musical A Strange Loop.

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Conference Alert: National Arts Marketing, Development & Ticketing Conference, Chicago by Artshacker

Who wants to get away to Chicago? Granted, that’s a silly question because everyone wants to visit Chicago, it’s a fabulous city and on July 30 and 31, National Arts Marketing, Developme…

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The Feingold Column: The Gish Sisters, and Bowling Green’s Disgrace by Michael Feingold

Ohio's Bowling Green State University removed Lillian and Dorothy Gish's names from a campus theater, and insulted the sisters' legacies in the process. The post The Feingold Column: The Gis…

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Win a double pass to Sunday In The Park With George at The Whitehorse Centre by Matt Edwards

AussieTheatre has a double pass to giveaway to Sunday In The Park With George at the Whitehorse Centre on Saturday 10 August, 7.30 pm. Presented by Whitehorse and Watch This Productions. In …

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Tuesday, July 16, 2019 at 5pm (Broadway Time)

Bachelor Party Confused After Assuming “Moulin Rouge!” an Actual French Sex Show by Broadway Beat

by HaleyJane Rose. @haleyfamous. Al Hirschfeld Theatre, NY -- West Virginia natives and groomsmen to 28-year-old Neil Wilson reportedly left last night’s performance of Moulin Rouge! The M…

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Equus, Trafalgar Studios review - passionate intensity by Tom Birchenough

Lean and hungry brilliance in Ned Bennett's production of Peter Shaffer When he gave Martin Dysart, the troubled psychiatrist protagonist of Equus, a line in which he speaks about “moments…

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John Leguizamo On The Difference Between Performing Solo In Comedy Clubs And Theaters by Artsjournal1

“In a comedy club, you can go nuts and go off and be funny, but you can’t really get emotional, you know? The crowd is there to get in a rhythm of set-ups-and-jokes with you. They don’…

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A Look Inside The Ruins Of Notre Dame by Artsjournal

The man responsible for overseeing the reconstruction of Notre-Dame says the risks of a catastrophic collapse are small but that the true extent of the damage will not be known until at leas…

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On The Nature Of Aphorisms by Artsjournal1

Adam Gopnik: “The aphorism, in the course of history, can be taken as the epitome of the rational or the epitome of the irrational. It can be compressed and self-contained wisdom, or it ca…

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Why Other Experiences Help Make Better Artists by Artsjournal

“You’re trying to do something new to you, and in some cases new to anyone. One of the sources of power for doing things like that is having really broad experiences.” That often requi…

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Wendy Whelan Comes Back To New York City Ballet, This Time As A Boss by Artsjournal1

And here’s the dynamic she means not to recreate: “In my whole 30 years in New York City Ballet, I rarely interacted with my boss except on the stage. I never knew where I was in his eye…

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A History Of Celebrity (Why We Care) by Artsjournal

Celebrity distinguishes itself from other forms of public approbation because it centres on the individual personality. Celebrities reflect our personhood – they show us who we are. But th…

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The Philadelphia Orchestra’s Transformative $55 Million Gift by Artsjournal

Peter Dobrin: “It’s hard to overstate the significance of this recent $50 million infusion to the endowment plus an additional $5 million toward operations from an anonymous couple. In r…

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Rethinking Hipster Culture – What It Says About Our Time by Artsjournal

The grand consensuses of modern life online—the politics of approbatory or condemnatory agreement—keep culture from renewing and reinventing itself. When hipster lost its edge and went m…

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Speakers Of Endangered Languages Find Model For A Comeback by Artsjournal

“As thousands of languages around the world are threatened—hundreds of which are in the United States—Indigenous communities are learning from the successes of the Māori and the Hawai…

Linked From ArtsJournal at 05:54PM

Francoise Gilot Was Picasso’s Muse. When She Left He Predicted Disaster. It Didn’t Turn Out That Way by Artsjournal

“For one thing, Gilot ended up happily married to Jonas Salk, who was doubtless secure enough in his own accomplishments to like her for reasons that had nothing to do with Picasso. And sh…

Linked From ArtsJournal at 05:54PM

Scarlett Johansson Says Her Comments On Casting Were Taken Out Of Context by Artsjournal

In a recent interview with As If magazine, she said actors should be allowed to play any person “because that is my job and the requirement of my job”. On Saturday, Johansson said those …

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'Saturday Night Fever': It moves when there's music

The Bee Gees music and the white disco suit are the real stars of "Saturday Night Fever" at John W. Engeman Theater in Northport.

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Win a double pass to ‘night Mother at Chapel off Chapel by AussieTheatre

AussieTheatre has a double pass to giveaway to Iron Lung Theatre’s ‘night Mother at the Chapel off Chapel on Sunday 11 August, 5 pm. The turbulent tale of a mother-daughter relationship …

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Mary McDonnell to Star as Gloria Steinem in Gloria: A Life in New Jersey by Adam Hetrick

Emily Mann’s play, seen Off-Broadway last season, will begin performances at the McCarter Theatre Center in September.

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‘Waitress’ to end four-year Broadway run by Barbara Hoffman

There go the pies. The Sara Bareilles musical “Waitress” will end its Broadway run on Jan. 5, the Hollywood Reporter announced, after nearly four years and countless turns by many guest …

Linked From The New York Post at 05:21PM

BWW TV: Get a Behind-The-Scenes Look at Goodspeed's PASSING THROUGH in the Show's Second Vlog!

Goodspeed Musicals is set to stage the inspiring new musical Passing Through this summer, and we're getting an inside peek with an exclusive vlog series featuring the show's cast and creativ…

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Tuesday, July 16, 2019 at 4pm (Broadway Time)

Jack Viertel Stepping Down at Encores! After 20 Years as Leader by Michael Paulson

A tenure that included 60 concert presentations of classic shows and led to several Broadway productions will conclude with “Thoroughly Modern Millie.”

Linked From The New York Times Subscription at 04:54PM

‘Waitress’ to Close in January 2020 by Gabrielle Debinski

The crowd-pleasing musical, with its popular score by Sara Bareilles, will wrap up after four years on Broadway.

Linked From The New York Times Subscription at 04:54PM

Bruce Springsteen Emmy Nomination Puts The Boss Within Reach Of EGOT Status by Greg Evans

Bruce Springsteen is within reach of EGOT: With his Netflix special Springsteen on Broadway Emmy-nominated for an Outstanding Variety Special (Pre-Recorded), Springsteen could add the TV awa…

Linked From Deadline at 04:47PM

‘The Greatest Step of Them All’: Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker Passes On her Fase to the Next Generation by Seth Boyce

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker’s breakthrough came in 1982, at the age of twenty-one, with Fase, Four Movements to the Music of Steve Reich. For years, she continued to dance the piece herself…

Linked From fringearts.com at 04:43PM

Matt Harrington Takes On Seven Questions About The Play That Goes Wrong, How John Cleese Inspires His Chris Bean, & More

Matt Harrington discusses the challenges that come with playing Chris Bean in The Play That Goes Wrong, his past life as a Brit, and giving up his pilot dreams for the stage.

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Review: Michael Urie returns as Hamlet in STC’s rocket ship of a production by Tim Treanor

Simon Godwin is poised to take the reins of the Shakespeare Theatre Company, but the presence of Michael Kahn hangs over it like a mist. If you have any question, you should see the free-for…

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Dust writer sets clashing beliefs at the heart of her Capital Fringe love story by Guest Writer

It was a windy spring day, and I was taking a moment to zone out during rugby practice. As I looked up, noticing a plane flying above me, my mind wandered, as minds often do. “I wonder wha…

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West Side Insta-Story: The New Broadway Cast Goes Social by Matthew Wexler

The Broadway Blog takes a look at how the new Broadway cast of "West Side Story" broke the news to their social media fans! The post West Side Insta-Story: The New Broadway Cast Goes Social…

Linked From The Broadway Blog at 04:36PM

Hannah Cabell, Michael Countryman, Ebony Jo-Ann, More Cast in Second Stage’s World Premiere of The Underlying Chris by Andrew Gans

Kenny Leon will direct the Off-Broadway production of Will Eno’s play this fall.

Linked From Playbill at 04:32PM

'Waitress' set to close in January

After more than three years on Broadway, the musical "Waitress" will end its run on Jan. 5.

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Check Out Photos From Vienna 1394 – Munich 1938, Starring Writer-Director Vanessa Redgrave by Nathan Skethway

The production began performances July 11 at the Theatre Royal in Bath, England.

Linked From Playbill at 04:10PM

Amber Iman, Phoenix Best, More Join Vassar and New York Stage and Film’s 2019 Powerhouse Season by Ryan McPhee

The series of in-development works continues through July.

Linked From Playbill at 04:07PM

Photo Flash: Tom Hiddleston Gets Ready for Broadway Debut in BETRAYAL!

Tickets are now on sale to the general public for Jamie Lloyd's smash-hit production of Harold Pinter's Betrayal, which begins its strictly limited 17-week engagement on Wednesday, August …

Linked From BroadwayWorld at 04:06PM

Nickelodeon's HENRY DANGER THE MUSICAL to Debut July 27

Kid Danger (Jace Norman) and Captain Man (Cooper Barnes) will face their biggest challenge ever in Nickelodeon's hour-long episode, Henry Danger The Musical, airing Saturday, July 27, at 8…

Linked From BroadwayWorld at 04:06PM

Harry Styles in Talks to Play Prince Eric in THE LITTLE MERMAID

Harry Styles is in early negotiations to play Prince Eric in Disney's live-action remake of The Little Mermaid, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Linked From BroadwayWorld at 04:06PM

Phoenix Best, Amber Iman, and More Among Latest Vassar Powerhouse Casting

Vassar & New York Stage and Film have announced additional casting for the highly anticipated 35th Powerhouse Season in Poughkeepsie, NY, which continues through Sunday, July 28.

Linked From BroadwayWorld at 04:06PM
Tuesday, July 16, 2019 at 3pm (Broadway Time)

Watch Andy Mientus and Cedric Neal Discuss The View UpStairs' Importance by Dan Meyer

The production begins performances July 18 at London’s SoHo Theatre.

Linked From Playbill at 03:55PM

Review: ‘Southern Hospitality’ at Aldersgate Church Community Theater by Julia L. Exline

Aldersgate Church Community Theater presents Southern Hospitality, written by Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope, and Jamie Wooten. Eddie Page directs this outlandish comedy about a band of people …

Linked From DC Metro Theater Arts at 03:44PM

A little earnest absurdism about bodily functions goes a long way in the Welders’ ‘LadyM’ by Celia Wren

New show implies that the stigmatization of menstruation is part of a broader tradition of oppressing women.

Linked From Washington Post at 03:42PM

2019 Capital Fringe Review: ‘Acuña Acuna’ by Ravelle Brickman

Whenever Erick Acuña is asked to play Peruvian music, he launches into a burst of rock. Why not, he wonders, since rock is his country’s favorite sound. But rock is not what his hosts ex…

Linked From DC Metro Theater Arts at 03:27PM

Jack Viertel Will Leave New York City Center Encores! After 20 Years as Artistic Director

Jack Viertel, who has run New York City Center's Encores! series for the past twenty years, has just announced that he will resign from his position as Artistic Director at the end of the 20…

Linked From BroadwayWorld at 03:24PM

Justin Sayre’s Ravenswood Manor Will Feature Drew Droege, Sam Pancake, Danielle Gaither, More by Andrew Gans

The camp-horror soap opera will play Los Angeles’ Celebration Theatre in October.

Linked From Playbill at 03:22PM

A Friend Like Me: Disney's Best Musical Sidekicks by Mark Robinson

These sidekicks steal the show

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Hartford Stage, Pip's Island, Gallery Players, and More Are Hiring by Playbill Staff

Looking for a job in tech? Try some of these listings!

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Everything You Need To Know About Community Theatre

Actors ages 6-60 often get their start on the local stage whether it be church, school, or community theatre. Stepping out of your comfort zone and in to the spotlight can be daunting, espec…

Linked From BroadwayWorld at 03:16PM

Check Out Highlights from Hair at Serenbe Playhouse by Adam Hetrick

The outdoor production celebrates the 50th anniversary of Woodstock.

Linked From Playbill at 03:13PM

Greta Gerwig, Oscar Isaac Set For Off-Broadway Production Of Chekhov’s ‘Three Sisters’ by Greg Evans

Greta Gerwig and Oscar Isaac will star in an Off Broadway production of Anton Chekhov’s Three Sisters, directed by the Tony-winning Sam Gold for New York Theater Workshop’s 2019/20 seaso…

Linked From Deadline at 03:07PM

Block Talk- Episode 125: Make Mike Watch Meet the Robinsons by Michael Block

It's time to make me watch another movie! This time, Jacklynn Hyde and Seraphim made me watch a modern Disney marvel, Meet the Robinsons!To listen to the podcast, visit Apple Podcasts, Sound…

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Tuesday, July 16, 2019 at 2pm (Broadway Time)

Stagedoor Manor Unveils New Massive, State-of-the-Art Costume Shop

When you're the world's premier performing arts summer camp, what do you do when you need to fit 900 kids for multiple costumes each as part of 42 full-production shows each year? You build …

Linked From BroadwayWorld at 02:56PM

Andy Karl & Orfeh to be Honored at Benefit for Humane Society of NY

Best in Shows, a star-studded cabaret evening benefiting the Humane Society of New York, will honor Broadway stars Andy Karl and Orfeh on Monday, October 14 , 2019 at 7 pm at Feinstein's/ 54…

Linked From BroadwayWorld at 02:50PM

Step Out With Lincoln Center Out of Doors by Kaitlyn Zafonte

It’s free, it’s in the fresh air, and there’s a world of music to hear.

Linked From Playbill at 02:44PM

How an Eating Disorder and a Sense of Frustration Spurred the Creation of Off-Broadway’s Rinse, Repeat by Ruthie Fierberg

With her new Off-Broadway play Rinse, Repeat, Domenica Feraud exposes the dangers of our diet culture.

Linked From Playbill at 02:43PM

How an Eating Disorder and the Near-Death of a Friend Spurred the Creation of Off-Broadway’s Rinse, Repeat by Ruthie Fierberg

With her new Off-Broadway play Rinse, Repeat, Domenica Feraud exposes the dangers of our diet culture.

Linked From Playbill at 02:43PM

Watch Lauren Elder Sing 'Fly Right Outta Here' From Mary and Max by Dan Meyer

The show, about two lonely pen pals, held its world premiere in Calgary in 2018.

Linked From Playbill at 02:37PM

SoHo Playhouse’s 2019–2020 Season to Include New Show From Comic Daniel Sloss and American Premiere of Games by Adam Hetrick

The season will also include the inaugural New Zealand Festival of Plays.

Linked From Playbill at 02:33PM

BWW TV: Watch a Sneak Peek of Melanie Moore & Matt Doyle in FREDDIE FALLS IN LOVE!

Freddie Falls in Love, a joyously unrestrained and captivating dance play starring some of today's hottest performers from stage and screen, including Matt Doyle and Melanie Moore, will play…

Linked From BroadwayWorld at 02:31PM

ABC to Air WE DAY Special Hosted by Neil Patrick Harris

WE, an organization that makes doing good doable, invites young people and their families to tune in to the fifth annual “WE Day” Special on Aug. 9 at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT on ABC. The “…

Linked From BroadwayWorld at 02:24PM

New York Theatre Workshop Wraps Up Season with Greta Gerwig, Oscar Isaac in THREE SISTERS and More

New York Theatre Workshop (NYTW) announces the final two productions for its 2019/20 season.

Linked From BroadwayWorld at 02:13PM

Jack Viertel to Step Down as City Center Encores! Artistic Director by Ryan McPhee

Viertel has led the series since 2000.

Linked From Playbill at 02:09PM
Tuesday, July 16, 2019 at 1pm (Broadway Time)

Inside Opening Night of The Rolling Stone Off-Broadway by Marc J. Franklin

The American premiere of Chris Urch’s new play, directed by Saheem Ali, opened at Lincoln Center Theater July 15.

Linked From Playbill at 01:45PM

NEWS: Hit tale of grief & storytelling River in the Sky comes to The Hope Theatre by Featured Content

Following a hit run at the Lion & Unicorn Theatre earlier this year, Turn Point Theatre's acclaimed drama River In The Sky receives an extended run at The Hope Theatre this summer. Book …

Linked From mytheatremates.com at 01:32PM

FEATURED SHOW: ★★★★★ reviews are in for An Enemy of the People at the Playground Theatre by Featured Content

What happens when Ibsen's 1892 classic An Enemy of the People is relocated to modern London, played out amongst a group of millennials in the shadow of Grenfell Tower? We've rounded up some …

Linked From mytheatremates.com at 01:25PM

Andrew Lloyd Webber Reveals Broadway Plans for His Modern CINDERELLA

As BroadwayWorld previously reported, a London workshop recently took place for Andrew Lloyd Webber's modern musical remake of Cinderella, which welcomed some of Broadway's most notable prod…

Linked From BroadwayWorld at 01:24PM

FREE Outdoor Movies in NYC Summer 2019: A Schedule by New York Theater

Every night from now until the end of the summer, you can watch a free movie somewhere outdoors in New York City  -- and whole movie series every weeknight except Tuesdays. The movies v…

Linked From newyorktheater.me at 01:14PM

Billy Porter, FOSSE/VERDON, Rachel Brosnahan Nominated for 2019 EMMY AWARDS

Celebrity presenters Ken Jeong and D'Arcy Carden announced the nominees for the 71st Emmy Awards on July 16, 2019.

Linked From BroadwayWorld at 01:13PM

Oscar Isaac and Greta Gerwig to Star in Three Sisters Off-Broadway by Ryan McPhee

Also added to New York Theatre Workshop's 2019–2020 season is Celine Song's Endlings.

Linked From Playbill at 01:07PM

‘I think we need to honour & keep revisiting LGBTQ history’: Ben SantaMaria’s Really Want to Hurt Me goes on tour by Liz Dyer

Writer and director Ben SantaMaria experienced for himself growing up as a gay man in 80s Britain. He wrote the autobiographical show Really Want to Hurt Me as a way to explore what has – …

Linked From mytheatremates.com at 01:00PM

Broadway's Waitress to close in January 2020 by Ruth Kinane

Waitress is serving up its last performance early next year. The producers of the hit musical announced Tuesday that the show would end its current Broadway run on Jan. 5, 2020, at which tim…

Linked From Entertainment Weekly at 01:00PM
Tuesday, July 16, 2019 at noon (Broadway Time)

Watch Heathers Star Carrie Hope Fletcher Cover New Aladdin Song 'Speechless' by Logan Culwell-Block

The stage veteran, who will play Fantine when Les Misérables returns to the West End, covers the tune from Alan Menken and Pasek and Paul.

Linked From Playbill at 12:56PM

The Subtext: Roger Q Mason on Coming Out as Genderqueer by American Theatre Editors

The playwright talks about being forbidden from performing growing up and learning how to be his authentic self.

Linked From American Theatre at 12:52PM

Introduce Yourself(ie): 10 Questions with Footloose at The Muny Star Mason Reeves

Mason Reeves talks about the unexpected way he was cast in Footloose, working with director Christian Borle, and the power Passing Strange has on his life.

Linked From BroadwayBox at 12:43PM

Sara Bareilles' Broadway Musical Waitress Will End Its Run by Andy Lefkowitz

Everything changes. After a healthy, profitable run, the beloved Broadway musical Waitress will close up shop at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre on January 5, 2020. Waitress began previews on Ma…

Linked From Broadway.com at 12:42PM

Billy Porter, Fosse/Verdon Among 2019 Primetime Emmy Nominees by Andy Lefkowitz

Nominations for the 2019 Primetime Emmy Awards were revealed on July 16. The list includes a slew of series and stars of interest to Broadway fans, including Tony-winning actor Billy Porter …

Linked From Broadway.com at 12:42PM

“Blue/Orange” Blurs Reality & Madness In Tense Trialogue Play by Cary Ginell

In British playwright Joe Penhall’s Blue/Orange, Christopher is a patient in a London psychiatric hospital who has been admitted under a “Section 2” for what has been diagnosed as a …

Linked From vconstage.com at 12:38PM

For World Snake Day: On Side Show Snake Charmers by Trav S.D.

I was going to share this carte de visite of Mlle. Octavia, Queen of the Reptile World, a star of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West and let it go at that for this World Snake Day, but then came acr…

Linked From Trav S.D. at 12:36PM

Coming August 3: The Freaks Come Together at WEIRDSTOCK by Trav S.D.

August 3, 8pm, Trav S.D. and the American Vaudeville Theatre Present WEIRDSTOCK. 50 years after 500,000 hippies came together to “make something happen” at Max Yasgur’s farm, Trav S.D.…

Linked From Trav S.D. at 12:36PM

The Great Composer Schumann — Clara Schumann — Is Still Being Overlooked, Even In Her Bicentennial Year by Artsjournal1

“What we have here, in other words, is the painful and all-too-familiar story of two creative dynamos in the same house, only one of whom was allowed to give full rein to their artistic im…

Linked From ArtsJournal at 12:32PM

In Hyper-Curating Our Desires Have We Lost The Thread Of Reality? by Artsjournal

One doesn’t have to subscribe to Plato’s ladder of ascent or gift of the gods to appreciate his point that the realm of selfish desire is the futile and corrupting alternative to more ge…

Linked From ArtsJournal at 12:32PM

MTI Acquires Licensing Rights to PRETTY WOMAN: THE MUSICAL

Theatrical licensor Music Theatre International (MTI) has secured worldwide licensing rights to the Broadway hit Pretty Woman: The Musical.

Linked From BroadwayWorld at 12:31PM

Reborning by Christopher Caz

There is a prevailing sense that the script tries to cover too much intellectual ground on the topic of reborning in too short a time frame, placing a burden on the characters to experience …

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2019 Emmy Nominations: Viola Davis, Sterling K. Brown, Billy Porter & More by Drew Shade

Tony Award winners Billy Porter & Viola Davis have found themselves on the list for the 2019 Emmy nominations for “Pose” and “How To Get Away With Murder,” respectively. Theatre …

Linked From BroadwayBlack at 12:19PM

Breaking News: WAITRESS to End Broadway Run in January

On Tuesday, BroadwayWorld learned that WAITRESS will end its Broadway run at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre on Sunday, Jan. 5, 2020. Featuring a book by Jessie Nelson and a score by Sara Bare…

Linked From BroadwayWorld at 12:14PM

Glimmerglass Festival premieres Blue, a forceful opera about race in America

Jeanine Tesori and Tazewell Thompson’s work has pride of place in the summer season in upstate New York

Linked From The Financial Times Subscription at 12:04PM

Shoshana Bean, Alex Brightman & More Will Perform this Week at Broadway in Bryant Park

This week's performances will feature the casts of WAITRESS (Shoshana Bean, Brandon Kalm, Charity Angel Dawson, Dayna Dantzler, Jessie Hooker-Bailey, Max Kumangai, Tyrone Davis Jr.); CHICAGO…

Linked From BroadwayWorld at 12:03PM

Valerie Harper’s family seeks help paying for TV legend’s cancer treatment and 24/7 care by Martha Ross

A GoFundMe campaign has been started for the "Mary Tyler Moore" and "Rhoda" star, who has been battling cancer for 10 years and whose current treatment and care is "not covered by insurance."

Linked From San Jose Mercury News at 12:02PM

SPINOFF ALERT: A New Broadway and Off-Broadway General Management Company

People ask me all the time what I look for when I’m hiring an employee. That’s a complicated question, especially when you need someone with expert knowledge and specific skill sets, nev…

Linked From The Producer's Perspective at 12:00PM
Tuesday, July 16, 2019 at 11am (Broadway Time)

Andy Karl and Orfeh to Receive Humane Society of New York’s Sandy Fund Award at Annual Best in Shows Cabaret by Andrew Gans

Seth Rudetsky will host the event October 14 at Feinstein’s/54 Below.

Linked From Playbill at 11:59AM

See the Broadway Cast of The Lion King and More Celebrate the Release of Disney's New Remake by Nathan Skethway

The event also included members of the original Broadway cast and stars from Disney's other Broadway musicals.

Linked From Playbill at 11:57AM

Review: The Skin of Our Teeth at Berkhire Theatre Group by Mark G Auerbach

Westfield News Group Review: Berkshire Theatre Group's The Skin of Our Teeth starring Harriet Harris.

Linked From thewestfieldnews.com at 11:48AM

2019 Emmy Awards Celebrate Broadway With Nominations for Fosse/Verdon, Billy Porter, and More by Dan Meyer

Other nominees include Viola Davis, Laura Linney, and Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

Linked From Playbill at 11:48AM

Broadway Musical Waitress Will Close January 2020 by Drew Shade

Waitress, the musical based on the 2007 film, will end its run in January 2020, according to The Hollywood Reporter. January 5th, to be exact, will be the final performance at the Brooks At…

Linked From BroadwayBlack at 11:47AM

‘Cannibal! The Musical’ by ‘South Park’ creator Trey Parker hits SF by Sam Hurwitt, Correspondent

Long before "Book of Mormon," "South Park" co-creator Trey Parker wrote "Cannibal! The Musical," which finally gets its Bay Area premiere.

Linked From San Jose Mercury News at 11:45AM

Read Reviews for London Revival of Equus by Adam Hetrick

Robert Fitch stars in the revival that officially opened July 15 at Trafalgar Studios.

Linked From Playbill at 11:34AM

Watch a Sneak Peek of the Song Cycle Finding Beautiful by Roberto Araujo

The show will be performed as part of the New York Musical Festival.

Linked From Playbill at 11:34AM

A Look at Equus at London’s Trafalgar Studios by Marc J. Franklin

The English Touring Theatre and Theatre Royal Stratford East production opened July 15.

Linked From Playbill at 11:30AM

Music Theatre International Secures Licensing Rights to Pretty Woman: The Musical by Andrew Gans

The musical, based on the film of the same name, currently plays Broadway's Nederlander Theatre.

Linked From Playbill at 11:29AM

Broadway’s ‘Waitress’ Announces Closing Date by Greg Evans

Broadway’s Waitress will close Jan. 5, 2020, the show’s producers announced today. The Sara Bareilles musical, directed by Diane Paulus, began previews at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre on …

Linked From Deadline at 11:26AM

‘Waitress’ to close on Broadway in January by Caitlin Huston

“Waitress” will end its run on Broadway in January, producers Barry and Fran Weissler announced Tuesday. The musical, with a score by Sara Bareilles, will play its final performance on …

Linked From broadwaynews.com at 11:16AM

Look Back at Lindsay Mendez and Derek Klena in Dogfight Off-Broadway by Nathan Skethway

The Pasek and Paul musical premiered at Second Stage Theatre July 16, 2012.

Linked From Playbill at 11:16AM

Broadway Grosses w/e 7/14/2019: We Are Powerless

The following are the Broadway grosses for the week ending July 7, 2019. The Broadway grosses are courtesy of The Broadway League.

Linked From The Producer's Perspective at 11:15AM

A Huge Illicit Antiquities Market Hiding In Plain Sight On Facebook by Artsjournal1

“Last month, the ATHAR Project published an important report on West Asian antiquities trafficking taking place more or less out in the open — on Facebook. … The report, ‘Facebook’…

Linked From ArtsJournal at 11:12AM

Sony Picks Up Respected Book-To-Film Unit That Disney Shut Down by Artsjournal1

“Sony and HarperCollins Publishers said on Monday that they would finance a yet-to-be-named venture run by the executive, Elizabeth Gabler, who is considered Hollywood’s foremost bridge …

Linked From ArtsJournal at 11:12AM

Edinburgh Fringe’s Looming Problem: Not Enough Critics by Artsjournal1

“[The worrisome development is] the recent decision of leading Scottish newspapers and magazines to slash their coverage of the festival in half. Coupled with the dwindling size of the ann…

Linked From ArtsJournal at 11:12AM

Marcus Overton, Who Managed Classical Music Institutions From Coast To Coast, Dead At 75 by Artsjournal1

“His many management credits included production stage manager at Chicago Lyric Opera, where his colleagues included William Mason, later the company’s general director; general manager …

Linked From ArtsJournal at 11:12AM

Long-Running Hit Waitress Begins Final Six Months on Broadway by Mark A. Robinson For Broadway Direct

The long-running hit musical Waitress, currently playing at Broadway’s Brooks Atkinson Theatre, has just entered the final six-months of its celebrated run. Producers of the musical announ…

Linked From Broadway Direct at 11:09AM

George Salazar, Krysta Rodriguez, and More to Sing The Jonathan Larson Project at Barnes and Noble by Ruthie Fierberg

The performers celebrate the release of the cast album later this month.

Linked From Playbill at 11:06AM

Adrienne Walker Returns to The Lion King as Nala by Andy Lefkowitz

Adrienne Walker, a recent standout of Kiss Me, Kate, returns to Broadway's The Lion King in the role of Nala on July 16. Walker replaces Syndee Winters, who took her final bow in the role on…

Linked From Broadway.com at 11:03AM

Back to the Future Musical Sets Additional Casting for 2020 World Premiere in U.K. by Andy Lefkowitz

More casting has been announced for the highly anticipated Back to the Future musical. The previously announced tuner based on Robert Zemeckis' hit 1985 movie will make its world premiere …

Linked From Broadway.com at 11:03AM

REVIEW ROUND-UP: Captain Corelli’s Mandolin at the Harold Pinter Theatre by Emma Clarendon

Discover what the critics made of the stage adaptation of Louis de Bernières’ novel, Captain Corelli’s Mandolin at the Harold Pinter Theatre.

Linked From mytheatremates.com at 11:00AM
Tuesday, July 16, 2019 at 10am (Broadway Time)

Waitress to End Broadway Run by Ryan McPhee

The Sara Bareilles musical opened in 2016.

Linked From Playbill at 10:59AM

New-to-Denver film fest highlights filmmakers of color this weekend at Newman Center by Lisa Kennedy, The Know

Grab your bag of popcorn and head to the Newman Center this week.

Linked From Denver Post at 10:49AM

Shoshana Bean, Alex Brightman, Jim Walton, Aaron De Jesus, More Set for July 18 Broadway in Bryant Park by Andrew Gans

The free lunchtime concert series is presented Thursdays in the New York City park.

Linked From Playbill at 10:48AM

A Woman Of No Importance UK Tour – Classic Spring Theatre Company by Douglas Mayo

By Douglas Mayo Liza Goddard and Roy Hudd are to star in Classic Spring Theatre Company's in Oscar Wilde's A Woman Of No Importance UK Tour. This post A Woman Of No Importance UK Tour – Cl…

Linked From britishtheatre.com at 10:47AM

Dave Chappelle Live On Broadway Grosses Over 1.4 Million Despite Blackout by Drew Shade

Comedian Dave Chappelle made his Broadway debut July 9th with Dave Chappelle Live on Broadway at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre. Originally scheduled to close July 13th the residency was extend…

Linked From BroadwayBlack at 10:44AM

Casting Announced for The Coast Starlight at La Jolla Playhouse by Adam Hetrick

The Keith Bunin world premiere begins performances August 20.

Linked From Playbill at 10:42AM

Back to the Future Musical Sets Additional Casting for 2020 World Premiere in U.K. by Andy Lefkowitz

More casting has been announced for the highly anticipated Back to the Future musical. The previously announced tuner based on Robert Zemeckis' hit 1985 movie will make its world premiere …

Linked From Theatre.com at 10:38AM

Capital Fringe review: Air Mail/Par Avion by Julian Oquendo

As the doors to the theatre open, five jazz musicians play to the crowd, setting a comfortable flow to the dance of finding our seats. These are talented performers, and much of the joy from…

Linked From DC Theatre Scene at 10:36AM

Review: Bright Colors and Bold Patterns at Studio Theatre by John Bavoso

Well, it’s mid-July, so we’re deep in the thick of it and there’s no turning back now… it’s officially wedding season. It was fitting, then, that I was returning to DC from a lovel…

Linked From DC Theatre Scene at 10:36AM

Capital Fringe review: Dreamer/Seeker by Julian Oquendo

An actor, Nick (Matt Calvert) goes into rehearsal for William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, to reprise his role as Bottom. Bottom is the (both literally and figuratively) donk…

Linked From DC Theatre Scene at 10:36AM

Adrienne Walker Returns as Nala in THE LION KING Tonight, July 16

Broadway's award-winning best musical THE LION KING will welcome back Adrienne Walker as Nala to the company, beginning performances Tuesday, July 16, 2019 at the Minskoff Theatre.

Linked From BroadwayWorld at 10:18AM

Inside Rehearsals With ABBA's Björn Ulvaeus for Mamma Mia! The Party in London by Marc J. Franklin

The immersive theatrical and dining experience is set to begin performances at The O2 August 29.

Linked From Playbill at 10:13AM

See Tony Nominee Jenn Colella Fly in Highlights from Peter Pan by Dan Meyer

Pittsburgh CLO’s production also stars The Nanny’s Charles Shaughnessy.

Linked From Playbill at 10:13AM

Back to the Future Musical Finds Its George McFly, Mayor Goldie Wilson, and Lorraine Baines by Ryan McPhee

The stage adaptation of the 1985 comedy will premiere in Manchester before a West End bow.

Linked From Playbill at 10:09AM

Cast Set for London's Immersive The Wolf of Wall Street Play by Dan Meyer

The production, adapted and directed by Alexander Wright, will premiere this fall.

Linked From Playbill at 10:09AM

An Evening With Dick Van Dyke Will Be Presented in August by Andrew Gans

Catalina Bar & Grill will welcome the Tony-winning legend later this summer.

Linked From Playbill at 10:00AM
Tuesday, July 16, 2019 at 9am (Broadway Time)

New York Representative Elise Stefanik Honored With Legislator Leadership Award From Educational Theatre Association by Logan Culwell-Block

The annual award honors public leadership in support of theatre and other arts education policy and practice on a national or state level.

Linked From Playbill at 09:59AM

A Lover’s Guide to American Playwrights by Todd London

By Todd London. Todd London celebrates one of the most prolific and prominent Latino playwrights in America, Octavio Solis.

Linked From HowlRound at 09:52AM

Read Reviews for Lincoln Center Theater’s The Rolling Stone by Ruthie Fierberg

The play by Chris Urch bowed Off-Broadway July 15.

Linked From Playbill at 09:46AM

Adrienne Walker Returns to Cast of Broadway’s The Lion King July 16 by Andrew Gans

The hit Disney musical continues at the Minskoff Theatre.

Linked From Playbill at 09:32AM

GRACE NOTES: Tuesday, July 16, 2019 by Susan Grace

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Tickets Now On Sale For THE GREEN ROOM by BroadwayWorld

Tickets go on sale today on Brown Paper Tickets to THE GREEN ROOM - A New Off-Broadway Musical! Not since A Chorus Line and The Phantom of the Opera has there been such a rousing musical tha…

Linked From BroadwayWorld at 09:25AM

Building Your First Makeup Kit by Gene Flaharty

Choosing the right products for your needs The post Building Your First Makeup Kit appeared first on Dramatics Magazine Online.

Linked From Dramatics Magazine at 09:24AM

Berlin’s Heyday As An Inexpensive Haven For Artists Is Being Gentrified Away by Artsjournal1

“Its reputation as a hub where artists and creative types can rent inexpensively and still afford to do as they please is eroding. Certain neighborhoods, such as Kreuzberg, … [which] was…

Linked From ArtsJournal at 09:24AM

Audit Finds ‘Substantial Uncertainty’ About Baltimore Symphony’s Viability, Says Management by Artsjournal1

“The organization’s independent auditor for the fiscal year that ended on Aug. 31, 2018, concluded that ‘there is substantial uncertainty about the BSO’s ability to continue [for one…

Linked From ArtsJournal at 09:24AM

Egypt Reopens 4,600-Year-Old ‘Bent’ Pyramid To Public After 54 Years by Artsjournal1

“The 101m-high structure, in the Dahshur royal necropolis, just south of Cairo, is one of two built for Sneferu, the pharaoh who founded the Fourth Dynasty. Tourists will be allowed inside…

Linked From ArtsJournal at 09:24AM

Is US drama training a realistic option for British students? by Susan Elkin

America, the land of opportunity… but is that the case when it comes to studying for a career in the performing arts?

Linked From The Stage Registration at 09:22AM

‘Prepare to weep, jump & hold your breath’: LUNATIC 19’S – Finborough Theatre by Shanine Salmon

For a play that starts and ends with the sound of the ocean, Lunatic 19’s is one tight, claustrophobic package in between.

Linked From mytheatremates.com at 09:00AM

Celebrate Tony Kushner's Birthday With a Look Back at the 2018 Broadway Revival of Angels in America by Nathan Skethway

The Tony- and Pulitzer–winning playwright was born July 16, 1956.

Linked From Playbill at 09:00AM

Further casting announced for Back to the Future world premiere

Further cast members have been announced for the upcoming world premiere of Back to the Future The Musical, joining the previously announced Olly Dobson as Marty McFly.

Linked From London Theatre Direct at 09:00AM
Tuesday, July 16, 2019 at 8am (Broadway Time)

What Happens Behind a Nondescript Door: ‘Bar Dykes’ by Matthew Wexler

The Other Side Of Silence presents "Bar Dykes," Merril Mushroom's seminal play about the hidden subculture of lesbian nightlife in mid-century America. The post What Happens Behind a Nondesc…

Linked From The Broadway Blog at 08:36AM

‘My grandparents were both part of the Hitler Youth’: German actor Simon Stache on appearing in Glenn Chandler’s The Good Scout by Featured Content

German-born actor Simon Stache draws on his own family's history for the premiere of Glenn Chandler's The Good Scout, inspired by an incredible, and never before dramatised, exchange between…

Linked From mytheatremates.com at 08:30AM

Ushers fitted with body cameras to combat increase in aggressive theatregoers by Georgia Snow

Ushers working in West End theatres have begun wearing body cameras to combat increasing levels of aggressive behaviour from audiences. The Society

Linked From The Stage Registration at 08:12AM

How Can You Put ‘Life of Pi’ Onstage? With Puppets by Holly Williams

In an adaptation for a theater in Sheffield, England, the tiger at the center of Yann Martel’s best-selling book comes startlingly to life.

Linked From The New York Times Subscription at 08:06AM

300 Shows: Favorite Flops by JK

My celebration of hitting the milestone of seeing 300 different Broadway shows continues today with a look at my favorite sub-genre of show - the flop. Now I don't mean "flop" in the stricte…

Linked From JK's TheatreScene at 08:03AM
Tuesday, July 16, 2019 at 7am (Broadway Time)

The Wolf of Wall Street immersive experience now on sale, plus full cast and venue announced

Full casting and venue location have been announced for the highly-anticipated world premiere of The Wolf of Wall Street, an immersive new experience based on the infamous memoir by Jordan B…

Linked From London Theatre Direct at 07:45AM

Tao of Glass review at Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester – ‘a love letter to a pioneering composer’ by Chris Bartlett

There’s a point during Tao of Glass, Phelim McDermott’s heartfelt collaboration with Philip Glass, when the Improbable co-founder explains the Japanese art

Linked From The Stage Registration at 07:44AM

NEWS: Casting is announced for the West End transfer of Touching the Void by Press Releases

Casting has today been announced for the West End transfer of Tom Morris’ production of Touching the Void which will see original cast members Fiona Hampton, Patrick McNamee and Josh Willi…

Linked From mytheatremates.com at 07:30AM

Melbourne International Arts Festival reveals 2019 program by Arts Review

A giant adventure through the arts awaits when pop culture icons, political prose, immersive magical meals and musical heroes are celebrated in the 2019 Melbourne International Arts Festival…

Linked From artsreview.com.au at 07:10AM

‘Half of the Hitler Youth who visited Tamworth did not survive the war’: Glenn Chandler on the real-life ‘spyclists’ who inspired The Good Sco by Press Releases

When Glenn Chandler came across an old newspaper article about the Hitler Youth's 'peace and friendship' cycle tours to England, he had to find out more... and dramatise the story as an urge…

Linked From mytheatremates.com at 07:09AM

Best of the Blogs: The Mates give their verdicts on Joseph, Jesus, Kylie Jenner, Peter Gynt & more by Lisa Martland

It’s all in a name this week as our editor Lisa Martland picks out her Top Picks from the last week’s theatre in the West End, London Fringe or beyond.

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DePaul students show off the future of video games by Leo Herrera

Inside the world of an academic game development program. Last month, DePaul University hosted its annual game development showcase at the Richard M. and Maggie …

Linked From www.chicagoreader.com at 07:00AM
Tuesday, July 16, 2019 at 6am (Broadway Time)

Stephen Sondheim and Anthony Hopkins among four new honorary fellows of RADA by Matthew Hemley

Anthony Hopkins and Stephen Sondheim have been named honorary fellows of RADA. They are joined by actor Mona Hammond and movement director

Linked From The Stage Registration at 06:56AM

Tao of Glass, Royal Exchange, Manchester review - brilliant, enchanting tales fascinate by Robert Beale

Phelim McDermott's show about the bits that were left over Who would have thought that a one-narrator show, mainly about projects that never got off the ground, would turn out to be such a s…

Linked From theartsdesk.com at 06:48AM

Whitewash, Soho Theatre review - a wild-at-heart linguistic joy-ride by Rachel Halliburton

Energetic two-hander offers a sparky portrait of a transforming city This witty street-smart play about a white-skinned boy born to a mixed-race mother deploys its narrative with the dexteri…

Linked From theartsdesk.com at 06:48AM

Watch: Cedric Neal sing a new song from Back to the Future The Musical as further casting is announced

Rev up that flux capacitor because it’s time to find out more casting details for the world premiere production of Back to The Future The Musical with Hugh Coles as George McFly, Rosanna H…

Linked From Stage Faves at 06:35AM

The Lion King — handsome and funny but also creepy and icky

Disney’s CGI-enhanced live-action revamp is one of its better ones efforts despite an overdose of sweetness

Linked From The Financial Times Subscription at 06:30AM

NAISDA Dance College appoints new Head of Dance by Arts Review

NAISDA Dance College has announced the appointment of Deon Hastie to the position of Head of Dance. This significant role will oversee the College’s unique and rigorous artistic and cultur…

Linked From artsreview.com.au at 06:27AM

‘The audio description adds layers of texture for sighted audiences too’: Visually impaired actor Gillian Dean on Crystal Clear by Featured Content

How much has theatre changed in its depiction of and access for blindness since Crystal Clear premiered in 1982 at the Old Red Lion Theatre? Gillian Dean, who stars in the three-hander's fir…

Linked From mytheatremates.com at 06:17AM

Wake Up With BWW 7/16: First Listen to PRINCE OF EGYPT, New Disney Shows For Licensing, and More!

Today's top stories: Get a first listen to The Prince of Egypt in an all new video, read about the new Disney shows soon available for licensing, and more!

Linked From BroadwayWorld at 06:15AM

‘I hope to see at least one person leaving the theatre during the show’: Alessandro Onorato on his Camden Fringe show The Last King of Porn by Featured Content

Italian writer and director Alessandro Onorato isn't shy of letting audiences know what they're in for. In the case of The Last King of Porn, it's: "A lot of sex, some drama and a decent qua…

Linked From mytheatremates.com at 06:07AM

On the Couch with Kate Amos by Arts Review

Who is Kate Amos? Kate Amos is a young Australian soprano who relishes singing opera and also loves the versatility of performing musical theatre. Currently she’s making her mainstage debu…

Linked From artsreview.com.au at 06:06AM
Tuesday, July 16, 2019 at 5am (Broadway Time)

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat starring Jac Yarrow at London Palladium – review round-up by Fergus Morgan

This was the genesis. More than 50 years ago, in March 1968, the first public performance of a musical work by Andrew

Linked From The Stage Registration at 05:55AM

In Conversation With Jeremy O. Harris and Robert O’Hara on Slave Play by Broadway Direct

Slave Play, an audacious meditation on sex, race, and class, became the talk of the town when it debuted at New York Theatre Workshop last fall. It turned its young playwright, Jeremy O. Har…

Linked From Broadway Direct at 05:39AM

London Theatre Review: Equus

They shoot horses, don’t they? Well, no. Not in Peter Shaffer’s classic thriller. In Equus, the horses are blinded.

Linked From London Theatre Direct at 05:15AM

‘Like most parents/carers, I’m bombarded by big questions’: Miranda Duffy on how Rox, Paper & The Scissors helps teach kids about Trump & by Featured Content

How should adults answer kids when they ask about big world problems: Donald Trump, Brexit, Hong Kong, Iran? Gone to the Dogs Productions founder Miranda Duffy had an idea while watching her…

Linked From mytheatremates.com at 05:02AM

‘Fabulous, challenging theatre’: RUST – Bush Theatre ★★★★ by Amy Toledano

Bush Theatre follows its trend of programming interesting and challenging work, as Rust provides an exciting 75 minutes of raw emotion.

Linked From mytheatremates.com at 05:00AM
Tuesday, July 16, 2019 at 4am (Broadway Time)

This Bitter Earth by Arts Review

An unstitched patchwork of queer lives in queer times, New Theatre presents the world premiere of Chris Edwards’ new Australian play, This Bitter Earth, on stage until 27 July 2019. Being …

Linked From artsreview.com.au at 04:30AM

Dance moves: shaping a successful career path after the final bow by Daphné Leprince-Ringuet

The emotional trauma experienced by dancers facing the end of their career can be as profound as any physical change, and building

Linked From The Stage Registration at 04:00AM

The Special Sauce in Broadway's 'Moulin Rouge!' by Variety

Writer John Logan and director Alex Timbers bring elephants, windmills, Baz and Beyoncé to Broadway.

Linked From stagecraft.libsyn.com at 04:00AM
Tuesday, July 16, 2019 at 2am (Broadway Time)

Freddie Jones: star of Hammer horror and Chekhov by Letters

Tributes to the film and stage actor, who died last week, from Anthony Roche and Jenifer ArmitageFreddie Jones was an actor of extraordinary gifts and I was saddened to read of his passing. …

Linked From The Guardian at 02:36AM

The Cripple of Inishmaan by Arts Review

It’s 1934 and an American film crew has arrived in Ireland to film Man of Aran (a real life filum). This news casts a spell on the inhabitants of the Irish island of Inishmaan, and a plan …

Linked From artsreview.com.au at 02:16AM

Cats, cancer and mental breakdown: the joy of indie gaming

As blockbuster budgets swell and big studios grow more risk-averse, indies are leading the way with innovation

Linked From The Financial Times Subscription at 02:00AM

Our critics picks the top shows to see at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019 by The Stage

The Stage’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe review team pick the shows they are most looking forward to see when the world’s largest arts

Linked From The Stage Registration at 02:00AM

Catherine Kodicek: Let’s celebrate the work of theatre’s costume professionals by Catherine Kodicek

Looking over my columns in the past year it’s hard to miss the pattern: low pay, no pay, opportunities not advertised, long

Linked From The Stage Registration at 02:00AM
Tuesday, July 16, 2019 at 1am (Broadway Time)

Pomona by Arts Review

A story steeped in despair with just a smidge of light strobing through the cracks, it’s no wonder Alistair McDowall’s script for Pomona tracks through the imagery of HP Lovecraft withou…

Linked From artsreview.com.au at 01:08AM

Jacob Dickey Takes Over the Title Role in Broadway's Aladdin by Andy Lefkowitz

Jacob Dickey steps into the title role of the Tony-nominated musical Aladdin beginning on July 16. Recent star Ainsley Melham took his final bow at the New Amsterdam Theatre on July 14. Dick…

Linked From Broadway.com at 01:04AM

A Unique Audition Experience: Hoodie by Lindsay Price

Relevant themes, easy-to-connect-to characters and fun, fun, fun! Hoodie by Lindsay Price examines appearance and image in middle school, allowing students to immerse themselves in subject m…

Linked From Theatrefolk at 01:00AM
Tuesday, July 16, 2019 at midnight (Broadway Time)

A Rebel With a Cause: Christina Bennington of ‘Bat Out of Hell’ by Matthew Wexler

Jim Steinman's "Bat Out of Hell" finally arrives in New York City. One of its stars, Christina Bennington, talks about singing Meatloaf's iconic music. The post A Rebel With a Cause: Christ…

Linked From The Broadway Blog at 12:54AM

Ripples Moving Fish In Other Ponds by Joe Patti

When I caught the name, “Penis Monologues” out of the corner of my eye, I felt a moment of trepidation that some men’s rights group was mounting a show as an aggressive counter to the …

Linked From insidethearts.com at 12:48AM

Netflix and King Features Syndicate Announce “The Cuphead Show!” by Blouin Artinfo

Netflix and King Features Syndicate, which is a part of Hearst Entertainment and Syndication jointly announced an all-new animated series “The Cuphead Show!” This show is based on Studio…

Linked From www.blouinartinfo.com at 12:20AM

Review: Piety Laced With Poison in the Uganda of ‘The Rolling Stone’ by Ben Brantley

In this latter-day variation on Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible,” the young British dramatist Chris Urch creates a portrait of gay love under siege.

Linked From The New York Times Subscription at 12:18AM

Tao of Glass review – golden odyssey through Philip Glass's music by Sanjoy Roy

Royal Exchange theatre, ManchesterPhelim McDermott’s sublime collage of theatrical fragments is the fantastical, tearjerking fruition of a lifelong dream In his youth, the actor and direct…

Linked From The Guardian at 12:18AM

Photo Coverage: Matt Doyle And More Share A Peek At FREDDIE FALLS IN LOVE

Freddie Falls in Love, a joyously unrestrained and captivating dance play starring some of today's hottest performers from stage and screen, including Matt Doyle and Melanie Moore, will p…

Linked From BroadwayWorld at 12:06AM

‘Pretty Woman The Musical’ Is Breathtaking! by Corine Cohen

Listen to my podcast on ‘PRETTY WOMAN THE MUSICAL’       The post ‘Pretty Woman The Musical’ Is Breathtaking! appeared first on BroadwayShowbiz.com.

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Laurie Anderson: ‘I want people to surrender’

The artist and musician’s latest virtual reality work aims to take viewers outside and inside themselves

Linked From The Financial Times Subscription at 12:00AM

Today on Broadway: Tuesday, July 16, 2019 by Matt Tamanini

“What the Constitution Means to Me” Recoups, Matt Likes Pop Music Now, and Did We Just Learn the B’way Cast of “SIX”? “Today on Broadway” is a daily, Monday through Friday, pod…

Linked From BroadwayRadio at 12:00AM

‘I love the life I’ve had’: Margaret Trudeau brings her life stories to Just For Laughs by Giuseppe Valiante - The Canadian Press

Margaret Trudeau has been fascinating people for decades, from the time she secretly married then-prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau in 1971 at age 22, to her unabashed tales of partying …

Linked From Toronto Star at 12:00AM

Dance News: Get Enthused! These Are The 2019 Bessie Award Nominees by The Dance Enthusiast

Get Enthused! These Are The 2019 Bessie Award Nominees. Also, Daina Ashbee Is The Outstanding Breakout Choreographer Award & Alice Sheppard Receives 2019 Juried Bessie Award.

Linked From Dance Enthusiast at 12:00AM

Why Mitchell Jarvis Will 'Rock' Till He Drops - The actor on reprising his role as Lonny in 'Rock of Ages'

The actor on reprising his role as Lonny in Rock of Ages---Mitchell Jarvis credits Shakespeare with inspiring him to revisit his best-known stage role, Lonny, the cheeky narrator of Rock of …

Linked From feedproxy.google.com at 12:00AM

Environmental Midsummer: A Banquet Begins Off-Broadway Previews July 16 by Adam Hetrick

Audiences are served a tasting menu during the performance.

Linked From Playbill at 12:00AM

Joseph Scott Ford’s Not Even The Good Things Opens Off-Broadway July 16 by Dan Meyer

The new play focuses on six friends who struggle to find enjoyment in life outside out of self-destructive behavior.

Linked From Playbill at 12:00AM

Jacob Dickey Is Broadway’s Aladdin Starting July 16 by Andrew Gans

The hit Disney musical continues at the New Amsterdam Theatre.

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Coriolanus, Starring Jonathan Cake, Begins in Central Park by Olivia Clement

The second Shakespeare in the Park production of the summer kicks off July 16 at the Delacorte Theater.

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