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Friday, December 6, 2019

Cultural Appropriation? Let’s Understand Exactly What It Is by Artsjournal

Increasingly there’s this repeated story in our country where actually a whole lot of people don’t get to profit off of the creative insights that they have. That is totally racially str…

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Washington’s Freer Sackler Galleries Want To Be Called Something Else by Artsjournal

Don’t call it a name change, though. Museum officials say it is a rebranding that clarifies the missions of the joint institutions. And, they say, it has absolutely nothing to do with inte…

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Why Vinyl Records Are Cool Again (And Getting More Expensive) by Artsjournal

For some, buying records is no longer about owning the same piece of music as everyone else but owning a version of it that few others have. It reflects a change in contemporary relationship…

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Thursday, December 5, 2019

Turner Prize’s Shared Winners Decision Says Something Important About Today’s Arts World by Artsjournal

Phil Kennicott: “The artists’ appeal, and the jury’s willingness to grant it, says a lot about the kind of art these particular artists make, which is political, documentary, socially …

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Why Do We Only Equate Innovation And Creativity With Cities? by Artsjournal

Few people, particularly those cognizant of current writing on cities, culture, and technology, would blink at the sentence above. “Urban innovation,” the “smart city,” and the “tr…

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Archaeologists Find Giant Viking Ship Using Radar by Artsjournal

Archaeologists using ground-penetrating radar found a big mound carved into a western Norwegian island — along with the remains of a “huge” ship as long as 55 feet, Paasche told The Wa…

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Reset: 50 Classic Songs About LA? Things Are Changing by Artsjournal

Some of Los Angeles’ selling points need to be reset. The idea of endless summers has shifted in the age of climate change. “It Never Rains in Southern California” has morphed into Bad…

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Dilbert Creator Proposes “Mulligans” For A Kinder Internet by Artsjournal

He lays out two such rules in his new book, Loserthink. His first proposal, which he calls the “48-hour rule,” states that everyone should be given a grace period of a couple of days t…

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The Armenian Refugee Who Changed Jerusalem With His Ceramics by Artsjournal

Armenian pottery has become synonymous with Jerusalem, so it’s a shock to learn that the city’s ceramic tradition, beyond major monuments such as the Dome of the Rock, is just 100 years …

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The Seattle Man Who’s Memorizing Joyce’s Unreadable Finnegan by Artsjournal

At 25, he picked up Finnegans Wake and tried to read it. He did not get far. He was stopped by a 100-letter word in the middle of the first page. How do you read a 100-letter word, he wonder…

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Call for Applications: Master of Arts in Arts Administration at Florida State University (FSU) by Artsjournal

Are you passionate about the arts? Are you in search of a career full of meaning and opportunity? If so, have you considered a career in Arts Administration?

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Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Galleries And Museums Are So Crowded Now The Experience Is… Not Artistic by Artsjournal

Venture to many blockbuster exhibitions, particularly on a weekend, and you’ll often be met with overwhelming crowds. Is there a surfeit of public interest in art? Are galleries packing in…

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Study: Calling To Thank Donors Doesn’t Result In Them Giving More by Artsjournal

About 28% of the donors to the public TV stations who got thank you calls gave to the same charity within the next year. And 28% of the donors who didn’t get the calls did as well. Likewis…

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What’s The Point Of The Turner Prize If Everyone Wins? by Artsjournal

“While this gesture is charged by the passion of a particular moment, it has huge implications for the future. It places the Tate and subsequent Turner Prize artists and juries in an invid…

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You Get A Turner Prize And You Get A Turner Prize And You Get A Turner Prize And You Get A Turner Prize by Artsjournal

The four nominees had appealed to the jury to consider awarding the prize to them as a collective due to their shared commitment to urgent social and political causes. “At this time of pol…

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Bravo To The Turner Prize For Declaring Four Winners by Artsjournal

“The Turner has always been premised on there being a winner. The award garners publicity, feeds the bookies and, apparently, generates discussion. It is all, supposedly, good for the clim…

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Tommasini: Upgrade Of NY Philharmonic’s Theatre Experience Could Be Transformative by Artsjournal

” ‘Amenities’ seems inadequate to describe how transformative the improvements could be for performers and audiences. I’d argue that the physical details of a concert hall are crucia…

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How NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts Became So Big by Artsjournal

During its 11-year run, “unadorned” has been the name of the game at Tiny Desk Concerts, whose appeal lies in the nakedness of its setup: no backing tracks, no Auto-Tune, no frills. The…

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What Broadway 2019 Looked Like by Artsjournal

In some years, narratives emerge, about innovation or stagnation, retrenchment or inclusion, celebrity, politics, source material. But 2019 seemed especially all over the map. Shows were big…

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What I’ve Learned About Arts Journalism In The Past Decade by Artsjournal

Diep Tran: “When I was first hired at American Theatre, I thought arts journalism was two things: reviewing shows and interviewing celebrities. But as I’ve grown in my career, I realized…

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What Mr. Rogers Tells Us About Generation X by Artsjournal

“How is it possible that those of us raised on — or perhaps more accurately, raised by — Mister Rogers could have turned out to be so disengaged and sarcastic? Well, for starters, mayb…

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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

The Difficulties Of Reconciling Consciousness With The Physical World by Artsjournal

“The mind is not physical, not extended in space. The body and everything else are made of physical substance and located in space. Substance dualism is out of fashion these days, but some…

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Against Sameness: Paradise Can’t Be Boring by Artsjournal

One view of paradise is that it is a place with no conflict, no sharp edges. But that’s not what most of us want. The peak experiences, the excellence of accomplishment isn’t about frict…

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What We Learned About Handel From His Bank Records by Artsjournal

“When I began to explore Handel’s personal accounts at the Bank of England twenty years ago, I was often asked why. For me the answer was always ‘follow the money’. Handel’s financ…

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PostClassical Ensemble, a 16-year-old "experimental" DC-based chamber orchestra, seeks a Development Director.

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Is Opera’s Glorious Past Trapping It Or Anchoring It? by Artsjournal

The very traditions that appeal to longtime fans may be what holds opera back from gaining new fans. How to tell? – The Telegraph (UK)

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The Baltimore Sun Has Been Critical Of The Baltimore Symphony’s Business. But Maybe The Sun Should Look To Itself First? by Artsjournal

“Instead of filling The Sun’s pages almost exclusively with reports about crime and corruption in our city, thereby cementing its negative image locally and abroad, does The Sun not have…

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The Baltimore Museum Of Art Pledged To Buy Art Only By Women In 2020. So? by Artsjournal

“The first thought that occurred to me when I saw the headline was the fact that collecting a piece of art doesn’t automatically guarantee that the artist will find a viewing audience.…

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Russia And Syria Make Deal To Restore Ancient Palmyra, Damaged By ISIS by Artsjournal

Among the long-term goals of the agreement are the Hermitage and the National Museum of Oman working together to restore 20 Syrian antiquities, primarily from Palmyra; an international campa…

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Smaller Galleries Weigh The Cost/Benefits Of Participating In Art Fairs by Artsjournal

While it may be the right time for a newer or smaller gallery to try to get into the bigger fairs like FIAC, Frieze and Art Basel, the costs can be almost prohibitive. – The New York Times

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Letter From The Future: Stories In A Post-Print World by Artsjournal

It strikes me as strange to mourn a format, particularly when the new format has made storytelling more accessible and widespread than ever before. Virtual reality transcends literacy, langu…

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