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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Managing Director, The Lab – Georgetown University’s Walsh School of Foreign Service by Artsjournal

Working closely with the faculty Co-Founding Directors, the Managing Director will provide strategic direction and administrative management for the Laboratory for Global Performance and Pol…

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Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Everhart Museum – Executive Director by Artsjournal

As one of the oldest museums in Pennsylvania, the Everhart Museum is a vibrant interdisciplinary museum with significant collections in American folk art and wide-ranging specimens of natura…

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The Artist Trap: How Do You Get Paid In The Digital Age? by Artsjournal

There’s still plenty of money to be made in art, or writing, or music. It’s just not being made by the creators. Increasingly, their quest for personal artistic fulfillment is part of so…

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Hunter College Laid Off Half Its College Art Assistants. The Other Half Is Threatening Not To Work by Artsjournal

With an average enrollment of 125 students, Hunter’s art department is one of the largest in the US. The college assistants are usually given one-year contracts, with benefits, and they ar…

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Revealed: Gehry Plans For Two New Concert Halls Across From Disney Hall by Artsjournal

With fundraising for the Colburn School project stalled, Frank Gehry released to The Times images of his concert hall models for the first time. As the architect’s design demonstrates, the…

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New Startup To Deliver Movies To Theatres Through The Cloud by Artsjournal

In the U.S., current theatrical distribution is about 50/50 between hard drives and satellite delivery, according to Jason Brenek. He believes cloud-based tech offers a more efficient altern…

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Violinist Suing Former Shanghai Quartet Colleagues Over Dismissal by Artsjournal

In March of this year, Yi-Wen Jiang posted a comment on the Chinese social media platform WeChat in response to a post by San Francisco Symphony associate principal viola Yun Jie Liu. Jiang…

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That Trump Trip To Paris To Commemorate WWII? (Or Not) He Also Went Art Shopping by Artsjournal

Trump fancied several of the pieces in the U.S. ambassador’s historic residence in Paris, where he was staying, and on a whim had them removed and loaded onto Air Force One, according to p…

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France’s Culture Of Complaint (Just For The Fun Of It) by Artsjournal

In France, there are several words for “to complain”: there’s “se plaindre”, used for regular old complaining; there’s “porter plainte”, for complaining more officially. …

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TikTok Holocaust Meme Demonstrates Need For Ethical Remembrance by Artsjournal

The TikTok Holocaust trend saw users – for the most part, teenagers – uploading videos of themselves pretending to be Holocaust victims entering heaven. Many were outraged, describing th…

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Jazz Musicians Perform “Bad Jazz” To Drown Out Hate Speech Monger by Artsjournal

A Danish collective of jazz musicians have perfected their far-right counter-protest strategy. “Free Jazz Against Paludan” follows the far-right politician Rasmus Paludan around the cou…

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So What Are Straw Man Arguments Really For? by Artsjournal

One wonders how straw man arguments function. Our answer is that straw men arguments do their rhetorical work not on the speaker depicted as made of straw, but rather on an audience of argum…

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Saturday, September 5, 2020

zFestival Arts is Reinventing Arts Education and Collaboration in a Virtual Environment by Artsjournal

zFestival Arts has filled a recent need for low-cost music and art collaboration focused on technological empowerment. They are now launching a fall program -- zFestival unAcademy -- to show…

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Friday, September 4, 2020

What Sources Will Historians Of The Future Use To Make Sense Of 2020? by Artsjournal

A child today will be a historian of 2020 in the future. What sources will they turn to? How will they verify scattered memories? How will people tell the story of the tumultuous times that …

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Women Directors Made Almost Half The Films At This Year’s Venice Festival by Artsjournal

“This is an unprecedented percentile which we hope augurs well for a future cinema that is free of any sort of prejudice and discrimination.” – Toronto Star

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Thank Goodness For Caremongering by Artsjournal

Over decades and centuries, mutual aid has helped people pay rent, buy groceries, and acquire medicine; it has given workers something where there is so much nothing to be had, and it has gi…

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Cancel Culture? This Too Shall Pass by Artsjournal

So what to make of the apparent growing strength of cancel culture and affiliated movements? Here is the fundamental point: With the rise of social media and low-cost communications, virtual…

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Why Does Time Seem To Speed Up As We Age? by Artsjournal

To a ten-year-old child a year is a tenth of her existence, and thus feels like something of a stretch. For someone who’s twice her age a year is only a twentieth of the time they’ve alr…

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How To Explain How New Yorkers Talk? by Artsjournal

To an outsider, someone from, say, Toronto or Seattle or London, a conversation among New Yorkers may resemble a verbal wrestling match. Everyone seems to talk at once, butting in with quest…

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Could Changing Our Work Weeks Mitigate Layoffs? by Artsjournal

One potential avenue to spare redundancies is a move to a four-day workweek. While the idea has been toyed with for decades, new and adaptable working situations ushered in by Covid-19 have …

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How Creative Workers Are Adapting During Shutdown by Artsjournal

The coronavirus pandemic has ravaged all parts of the economy, and culture workers are among the hardest hit. Yet some have managed to keep their jobs — and even thrive — while others ar…

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Report: Global Movie Box Office Down 66 Percent For 2020 by Artsjournal

For the U.S., the firm’s annual study projects a 65.7 percent decline from $11.4 billion in 2019 to $3.9 billion this year. The firm warned that “the whole cinema ecosystem will be drama…

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Thursday, September 3, 2020

Are Americans Losing Faith In Our Scientific Institutions? by Artsjournal

We’ve reached a sort of meta-crisis of scientific authority, one in which our leading experts have lost their faith in the public’s faith in the leadership of experts. – Wired

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How A Young Unknown Redefined Fame In The 1800s by Artsjournal

In May 1884, long before the likes of Kim Kardashian achieved celebrity through the careful curation and promotion of self, a young unknown named Marie Bashkirtseff staked her desire for fam…

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Two California Theatres Lay Off Their Artistic Directors. Now What? by Artsjournal

The decisions suggest that the theater world will likely continue to feel the effects of the pandemic long after artists and audiences are again allowed to gather. Eliminating a position, as…

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A Different Way Of Thinking About The Purpose Of Education by Artsjournal

Too often schools are tasked not simply with caring for their students but with repairing an entire social order. Schools can do so much we do not ask of them, like developing solidarity, fo…

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So Rich People Think NYC Is Dying. The Reality Is Something Different by Artsjournal

“Of course, people don’t come to cities for jobs alone; people come to places such as New York and London to be around other people. They come for the addictive energy that you get only …

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The Prejudice Against Those With Less Education by Artsjournal

Building a politics around the idea that a college degree is a precondition for dignified work and social esteem has a corrosive effect on democratic life. It devalues the contributions of t…

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Is Punctuation Finished? by Artsjournal

Enter the international Apostrophe Protection Society, with its attempts to call out misuse and spread good practice. But November 2019 saw the announcement of the society’s demise, and ow…

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Why Do Some Technologies Transform Our World And Others Don’t by Artsjournal

Although the private sector brought electricity to the big cities—New York, Chicago, St. Louis—the federal government’s Rural Electrification Administration brought electricity to much…

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What (And When) Was The First Novel? by Artsjournal

Some critics argue that a novel has to also be one narrative through and through, one long story about one person. A lot of ancient fiction, arguably, is too distractible and prone to side s…

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