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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Chief Executive Officer, YR Media by Artsjournal

YR Media seeks a Chief Executive Officer to lead a unique, state-of-the-art multi-media organization that is building a network of young adults across the country to change the face of publi…

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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Study: A Dip This Season In Broadway’s Gender Parity Progress by Artsjournal

Overall, there has been a dip in representation amongst female directors, with the study finding that women make up 13 percent of the roles available this season, contrasted to a slightly hi…

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When The Machines Get Smarter Than We Are, Things Will Change by Artsjournal

David Chalmers: “Once we have a human-level artificial intelligence, there’s just no doubt that it will change the world. A.G.I.s are going to be beings with powers initially equivalent …

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Colossal Art: Stockhausen’s Astonishing Masterpiece by Artsjournal

Alex Ross: “Aus licht” turned out to be the kind of inexplicable marvel that one waits half a lifetime to see. It induced shivers not just in its awesome moments—trumpeters intoning a…

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The Dilemma Of Creative Placemaking by Artsjournal

The question of just how to execute creative placemaking without inviting gentrification sits at the forefront of creative placemaking circles. Jamie Hand, a researcher for ArtPlace Americ…

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Renee Fleming’s Theatre Breakout by Artsjournal

The past two years have been busy in the theatre, with non-operatic roles, some time in Carousel, and currently in The Light in the Piazza. – The Guardian

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America’s Museums Have Become A Political Battleground by Artsjournal

Once ivory towers of culture, far removed from politics and controversy, museums have increasingly come into the spotlight as sites of protest and places where equity, diversity, and inclusi…

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When Zeffirelli Went Wrong At The Opera by Artsjournal

He was all about the lavish set. At their best, his productions induced gasps. But ultimately, these stagings were not just singer- and conductor-proof. They were drama-proof, almost like a …

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg Goes To Broadway To See “What The Constitution Means To Me” by Artsjournal

Ginsburg got a standing ovation when her famous line about women on the Supreme Court was said by a cast member: “When will there be enough women on the court? My answer is, when there…

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Art Requires Empathy. Machines Don’t Have It. So Can They Make Art We Will Relate To? by Artsjournal

“We are able to empathise with nonhuman characters or intelligent machines in human-made fiction because they have been conceived by other human beings from the only subjective perspective…

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Why Sotheby’s Was Bought by Artsjournal

The purchase, by Mr. Drahi’s BidFair USA, returns the only publicly traded major auction house to private ownership after 31 years on the New York Stock Exchange. – The New York Times

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Sotheby’s Going Private Will Mean Less Transparency About The Art Market by Artsjournal

While the financial deals carved out by Christie’s with buyers, sellers and third-party guarantors (one of whom is often thought to be the firm’s owner itself, François Pinault) remain …

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Monday, June 17, 2019

A Mysterious And Shadowy Literary Fellowship That Existed In Secret And Then Was Abruptly Canceled by Artsjournal

“I remember more experienced writers telling me that I should say yes to every opportunity until I had earned the privilege to say no. But hope is both a strength and a weakness; it takes …

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Edinburgh International Festival Faces Big Cuts by Artsjournal

The proposal would mean the EIF has taken a 19.4% cut in its funding since 2015/16. EIF director Fergus Linehan questioned the lack of a strategic plan for the festival, which took £3.8 mil…

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Why Is There Still A Stigma About Males Dancing? by Artsjournal

Data compiled by Doug Risner, a professor of dance at Wayne State University in Detroit, shows that only 32 percent of male dancers have fathers who support their desire to dance. Typically,…

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Baltimore Symphony’s Financial Situation Was Much Worse Than Outsiders Knew by Artsjournal

Financial documents obtained by The Baltimore Sun and interviews with three of the symphony’s key decision-makers reveal that the organization’s efforts were predicated on the thinnest o…

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Prize-winning Architects Pledge To Combat Climate Change by Artsjournal

A whole host of Stirling Prize-winning architecture practices have declared an emergency in response to accelerating climate change. Calling for a “paradigm shift”, they unveiled 11 p…

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Biggest Threat To Machu Picchu? Museumification by Artsjournal

“The museumification process of a living cultural landscape and the consequences of the loss of ancestral knowledge in managing water, agriculture, sustainable production and occupation of…

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A Massive Grandiose Digital Mural Seeks To “Explain” San Francisco by Artsjournal

There’s an idea in vogue that if an artist or writer can just talk to enough different people about their experiences in the city, they can give us a clear vision of San Francisco as it is…

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Addicted To Your Phone? Unlikely – It’s Likely Social Norms… by Artsjournal

The distinction is critical: Whereas addiction is something people experience mostly as individuals, social norms are shared mental states shaped by the views and beliefs of other members of…

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Making Sense of The Complicated Havana Bienal by Artsjournal

The Cuban government, which regularly arrests artists and journalists, also expected to welcome a record-breaking 5.1 million tourists this year. Cuba’s leaders are well aware that cultura…

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Northern Canadian Musicians Are Hot Right Now. But Remoteness Costs by Artsjournal

In the past 10 years, northern and Indigenous music has been winning over bigger and bigger audiences, and some artists have leveraged that into international recognition. But the cost of …

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How Post-Modernism Has Shaped Our Culture (And Our Debates) by Artsjournal

“In the era of Donald Trump — and YouTube — the most fevered version of the case against postmodernism has become increasingly visible. That is, the claim that a coalition of critical …

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Remembering Dr. John by Artsjournal

Mac made every recording session, every gig, and every musical encounter better just by being there. He knew what to add. He knew what to subtract. He brought the best out of everyone in the…

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Detective Mystery: Where Is The $450 Million Salvator Mundi? by Artsjournal

The most common theory is that the 500-year-old artwork is sitting in storage in Switzerland — specifically in Geneva, where, according to The New York Times, more than a million works of…

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Too Many People Want To Go To Burning Man by Artsjournal

Burning Man organizers had proposed raising the current 80,000 limit as high as 100,000 in coming years. But the Bureau of Land Management said in releasing the final environmental impact st…

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The Nine Movies And Operas That Defined Franco Zeffirelli’s Work by Artsjournal

The critics sometimes found his work overstuffed, with more attention paid to décor than to human beings. But audiences ate it up for decades. – The New York Times

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How The Trump Era Has Changed Comedy by Artsjournal

“When satire is doing a good job, it’s not just punching up. It’s reminding us of our complicity.” But there’s no double meaning in outrage: “Outrage tells you, ‘Here is the th…

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Genius From A Different Time: Elon Musk Is A Throwback Entrepreneur by Artsjournal

“His personality isn’t so different from one of those determined entrepreneurs from the 1900s who wanted to stick a motor on a carriage and get people moving without having to hitch a ho…

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How Independent Bookstores Are Becoming Hip Again by Artsjournal

Across Britain and Ireland indies are doing what they do best: hosting readings and signings, cooking up literary lunches and generally feeding curiosity. Bookshop crawls are quite the thing…

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New Berlin “Super-Museum” Gets Delayed by Artsjournal

The opening of a €600m super-museum in Berlin has been postponed to next year, raising sceptical eyebrows among locals wary of the German capital’s growing tendency to deliver large publ…

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