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Monday, March 25, 2019

NEWS: Space race drama Tales from Star City lands at King’s Head Theatre by Featured Content

Though many of the tales surrounding the Soviet space race are well known, the darker side of the sprint for the stars is explored and exposed in Idle Discourse's production of Tales from St…

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Sunday, March 24, 2019

Jermyn Street examines the modern donor conception landscape with Mary’s Babies Q&As by Featured Content

Maud Dromgoole's new play Mary's Babies, just opened at Jermyn Street Theatre, looks at ethical and personal choices relating to genetics, family and donor conception. During the run, two po…

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Friday, March 22, 2019

FIRST-LOOK: Katy Stephens & Emma Fielding double up for Mary’s Babies premiere by Featured Content

Tonight's the night! Katy Stephens and Emma Fielding star in the world premiere of Maud Dromgoole's new two-hander Mary's Babies, inspired by the true story of fertility pioneer Mary Barton.…

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WATCH: Eileen Page rules as Eleanor of Aquitaine, ‘Queen of England & once of France’ by Featured Content

We continue our Featured Content series around Eleanor of Aquitaine: Mother of the Pride, now released on audio care of Tara Theatre and B7 Media. Watch these video snippets of 92-year-old E…

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‘If roles aren’t there for us, we have to create them ourselves’: Half Me, Half You’s Kalea Williams on diversity & casting by Featured Content

What do you do as an actor if you don't know where you fit in? We catch up with Half Me, Half You's Kalea Williams on diversity, creating your own work and why this play is so relevant to ri…

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Thursday, March 21, 2019

WATCH: Enter the world of Wise Children with this enchanting trailer by Featured Content

"Pure unadulterated theatre", so says Broadway World's review of Emma Rice's Wise Children. This trailer gives a hint of exactly what they mean. Have a watch, then book tickets for the final…

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FEATURED SHOW: Check out the scarily good reviews for creepy thriller We Know Now Snowmen Exist by Featured Content

"A plot worthy of Inside No. 9" - could there be a greater compliment to pay We Know Now Snowmen Exist? Take a look at what reviewers said about the all-female claustrophobic thriller, then …

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Terri trips: A Lesson from Aloes, A Hundred Words for Snow, Strike Up the Band by Featured Content

My recent theatre trips have included A Lesson from Aloes, A Hundred Words for Snow and Strike Up the Band. Here's a round-up of my on-the-night reactions to each.

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FEATURED SHOW: The Rubenstein Kiss at Southwark Playhouse, ★★★★★ reviews are in! by Featured Content

James Phillips' award-winning drama The Rubenstein Kiss can now be seen for the first time in London since its 2005 premiere. What have critics - including Mates co-founder Mark Shenton - be…

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WATCH: Hundred Words author Tatty Hennessy dons her director’s hat for Mary’s Babies by Featured Content

Tatty Hennessy and Maud Dromgoole's last collaboration, Acorn, was a hit in 2016. Now, as her own play A Hundred Words for Snow continues to critical acclaim at Trafalgar Studios, Hennessy a…

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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

‘These issues and these women deserve more support’: Monsay Whitney on what moved her to write Box Clever by Featured Content

What happens when the systems that should be there to support you let you down and in fact, work against you. That's the issue faced by a mother in Monsay Whitney's Box Clever. In her interv…

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‘It’s a play about taking up space’: Lucy Atkinson on A Hundred Words for Snow & the joy of directing monologues by Featured Content

A Hundred Words of Snow, Tatty Hennessy's coming-of-age adventure story, officially received its West End premiere last night at Trafalgar Studios, where Gemma Barnett stars until 30 March 2…

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REHEARSAL PHOTOS: How have Emma Fielding & Katy Stephens prepared to play 41 characters in Mary’s Babies? by Featured Content

As previews begin tonight (20 March 2019) for the world premiere of Maud Dromgoole's Mary's Babies, at London's Jermyn Street Theatre, sneak a peek inside the rehearsal room with stars Katy …

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PHOTOS: Sneak a peek into the rehearsal room with the cast of Half Me, Half You by Featured Content

Female-led with diversity at the heart of the play and the production. What have the company of the UK premiere of Liane Grant's provocative new political play Half Me, Half You been up to i…

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‘​I suffered badly with anxiety in my early 20s’: Lee Lomas on what inspired new play Killing Nana by Featured Content

From struggling with anxiety to the influence of Pinter, Osborne and Mamet, and following the success of Sunrise for the Blind, actor and playwright Lee Lomas tells us everything about Killi…

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‘I hope Hamilton will influence opera around the world’: Alison Buchanan on Pegasus Opera & their new production Shaw Goes Wilde by Featured Content

As Pegasus Opera prepares to stage it's latest production, Shaw Goes Wilde, at the Royal Academy of Music, Artistic Director Alison Buchanan tells us about playing a character with dominatri…

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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Madrid is a Female Name: Cervantes Theatre’s monologue cycle concludes with Virginia Woolf by Featured Content

Throughout March, the Cervantes Theatre, London's home of Spanish drama, is celebrating Madrid with Madrid is a Female Name, its mini-season of monologues imported from the Spanish capital. …

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‘I know what it takes to dig down inside yourself’: Christopher Tajah on creating Dream of a King by Featured Content

From his first experience of Martin Luther King to why a telephone plays such an important role in his play, writer and performer Christopher Tajah tells us about his hit one-man Martin Luth…

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“It’s impossible to hear the tale and not begin speculating”: Lexie Ward on the creation of thriller We Know Now Snowmen Exist by Featured Content

Infrasound frequency, unsolved mysteries, paranoia and raising the profile of Cumbrian theatre - director Lexie Ward tells us why she's so excited about bringing acclaimed all-female thrille…

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PHOTOS: Discover the wonderful world of Wise Children with these production images by Featured Content

Productions created by Emma Rice have a reputation for glorious theatricality. It's a reputation that, judging from these production images, Wise Children more than lives up to. Take a look,…

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‘I first played her in 1964 but I was far too young’: 92-year-old Eileen Page on her historic performance as Eleanor of Aquitaine by Featured Content

Eileen Page first played Eleanor of Aquitaine in 1964, but it wasn't until many years later, when she was 70, that she first laid claim to the one-woman play that has so firmly associated he…

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Monday, March 18, 2019

FIRST LOOK: We spy the cast of The Rubenstein Kiss ready for opening night by Featured Content

It's opening night tonight (18 March 2019) for the first London revival of James Phillips' multi-award-winning espionage dramaThe Rubenstein Kiss at Southwark Playhouse. Check out our full g…

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‘We are the often silenced and the greatest taboo’: Kat Woods on the frustration that led to writing Killymuck by Featured Content

In a searingly honest interview, playwright Kat Woods tells us about the annoyance and irritation that led to writing Killymuck, why it's important to recognise the difference between the wo…

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‘I’m livid that neither Trump or the cheating Leave campaign have been held accountable’: Playwright Liane Grant on Half Me, Half You by Featured Content

Can art help to combat hate crime? Outrage over Donald Trump, Leave Means Leave and much more, including the real-life experiences of close friends, inspired Liane Grant to write Half Me, Ha…

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FEATURED SHOW: Check out the ★★★★ reviews for Headlong’s ‘heart-stopping’ Richard III at Alexandra Palace by Featured Content

"Thrilling", "illuminating" & "excellent" - Headlong's new production of Richard III has impressed critics in both Bristol, where it opened earlier this month, and at Alexandra Palace, w…

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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Madrid is a Female Name: Cervantes Theatre’s monologue cycle continues with Gloria, inspired by Spanish poet by Featured Content

Throughout March, the Cervantes Theatre, London's home of Spanish drama, is celebrating Madrid with Madrid is a Female Name, its mini-season of monologues imported from the Spanish capital. …

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NEWS: Emma Fielding & Katy Stephens play 41 characters in Mary’s Babies premiere by Featured Content

Emma Fielding and Katy Stephens star in the world premiere of Maud Dromgoole's Mary's Babies, playing dozens of character who may all - unknowingly - be related. The premiere production, dir…

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NEWS: Wise Children ends national tour at Belgrade Theatre with Emma Rice taking to the stage by Featured Content

The national tour of Wise Children, the inaugural show by Emma Rice's company, also named Wise Children, will end its UK tour at the Belgrade Theatre. The stage adaptation of Angela Carter's…

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FEATURED SHOW: Check out what reviewers have to say about ‘Impactful & unsettling’ The Project by Featured Content

"A play I won't forget." Can you ask for more as an audience member than a play that has such an impact that the memory sticks with you. This is the effect The Project is having on reviewers…

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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

NEWS: Pegasus Opera Company premieres Hagemann double bill, Shaw Goes Wilde by Featured Content

Two one-act operas based on works by George Bernard Shaw and Oscar Wilde will receive their UK premieres when Pegasus Opera Company brings Shaw Goes Wilde to the Royal Academy of Music later…

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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

NEWS: Lee Lomas follows Sunrise for the Blind’s success with new play Killing Nana by Featured Content

After bringing Sunrise for the Blind to the Tristan Bates Theatre in February, playwright, performer, actor and producer Lee Lomas will stage his latest play, Killing Nana, at London's Hen &…

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