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Friday, January 17, 2020

Barry Tuckwell, Perhaps The World’s Most Prominent French Horn Player, Dead At 88 by Artsjournal1

He started playing the horn at age 13 and within two years landed a position in the Melbourne Symphony; by age 19, he had gone to Britain and played in orchestras there; at age 24, he was ap…

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Just Days Before Grammy Awards, Recording Academy’s New CEO Suspended by Artsjournal1

“Deborah Dugan, who took over as Recording Academy president/CEO on Aug. 1, has been placed on administrative leave just over a week before the 2020 Grammy Awards due to ‘serious concern…

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Maryland Governor Blocks Legislature’s $1.6 Million Grant To Baltimore Symphony (Again) by Artsjournal1

“Gov. Larry Hogan has asked the Maryland General Assembly to rescind a promised $1.6 million for the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra — the second time in two years the governor has attempte…

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Large Incan Idol That Pizarro Claimed He Destroyed Has Survived by Artsjournal1

“A basketball-player-size wooden idol that allegedly escaped destruction by the Spanish conquistadors is real — but it may not be quite what people suspected. The statue is even older th…

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Christopher Tolkien, JRR’s Son And Collaborator, Dead At 95 by Artsjournal1

While his father was alive, he drew many of the maps of Middle-earth in the original edition of The Lord of the Rings; after JRR’s death, “his son was left to sift through the files and …

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So What Is This ‘Festival Of Brexit’ Going To Be, Anyway? Here’s What Its Director Says by Artsjournal1

“It has been mocked and pilloried as a ‘festival of Brexit‘, but the newly appointed boss of the £120m nationwide celebration planned for 2022 has said he is going to embrace the cyni…

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Thursday, January 16, 2020

When Neurodiverse Actors Make A Play Better by Artsjournal1

“When it comes to acting, neurodiversity — a term embraced by many people with intellectual, social and other disabilities arising in the brain and nervous system — involves more barri…

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Podcasts Are Getting Book-Group-Like Fan Clubs — And, Like Book Groups, They’re About More Than Just The Material by Artsjournal1

“Though they are ostensibly meant for conversation about the shows themselves, actual episodes are seldom discussed. Instead, members get sidetracked and end up on tangents, talking about …

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Choreographer Gregory Maqoma Turns Traditional South African Movement Into Contemporary Western Concert Dance by Artsjournal1

“‘He has coherently brought classical African dance into conversation with all that is contemporary,’ said [South African dance scholar] Jay Pather, … long-established practices of Z…

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Audible And Publishers Settle Lawsuit Over Captioning by Artsjournal1

“In July, the audiobook company owned by Amazon announced Captions, an additional function for the existing app that would allow customers to read the text as it was read, as well as looki…

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Public Library Systems Are Beginning To Lend Musical Instruments by Artsjournal1

From some of North America’s largest cities to a roving truck in rural California, instrument-lending programs are proving so popular that the biggest challenge is meeting demand. Reporter…

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Betty Pat Gatliff, Who Pioneered Practice Of Forensic Sculpture, Dead At 89 by Artsjournal1

“Ms. Gatliff developed a new method for facial reconstruction in the late 1960s, then spent nearly five decades refining her technique and teaching it to hundreds of students, including at…

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Jewels Stolen From Dresden’s Green Vault Are Turning Up On The Dark Web by Artsjournal1

“The thieves who stole priceless jewels from the Dresden Green Vault treasury at the end of last year are allegedly trying to sell some of the loot on the dark web. Investigators from an I…

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Is Boris Johnson Going To Disband Or Downsize UK’s Culture And Media Department? by Artsjournal1

There have been rumors in London’s government and business circles that the Conservative government will make major changes to the Department of Culture, Media, and Sport next month — an…

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San Antonio Arts Presenter Abruptly Shuts Down by Artsjournal1

Just after New Year’s, ARTS San Antonio, one of the city’s top presenters of touring music, dance and theater artists, sent a message to donors and subscribers saying that the organizati…

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Gustavo Dudamel Renews With Los Angeles Philharmonic Through 2025-26 by Artsjournal1

“The four-year extension … maintains what has proved a winning formula: the pairing of a conductor whose fame extends beyond the classical music world and is a powerful audience draw wit…

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Carnegie Library’s Ex-Archivist And His Fence Plead Guilty To Stealing And Selling Rare Books by Artsjournal1

“Between 1992 and 2017, archivist Greg Priore smuggled some 300 documents worth more than $8 million out of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, where he served as sole manager of the rare …

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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Intimacy Coordinators Are Making Sex Scenes Sexier As Well As Safer by Artsjournal1

On stages and film/video sets alike, the practitioners of this new profession help actors feel secure physically and emotionally — which, naturally, help the actors do their jobs better. W…

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When Piet Mondrian Painted Landscapes by Artsjournal1

“Decades before becoming New York’s Pied Piper for nonobjective art, he had established a reputation in Europe for navigating and remaking realism in his own image.” – Hyperallergic

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Pina Bausch Invented Her ‘Tanztheater’ With This Piece In 1977. Now Her Company Is Reviving It For The First Time In 25 Years by Artsjournal1

When the choreographer and her company debuted Bluebeard. While Listening to a Tape Recording of Béla Bartók’s “Duke Bluebeard’s Castle”, audiences who’d never seen anything like…

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Baltimore Symphony Can Switch Out Of Survival Mode Thanks To New Cash Gifts by Artsjournal1

“The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra announced Tuesday that it has been promised pivotal gifts totaling $7.25 million that officials say will allow the beleaguered organization to pay its out…

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Why Do The ‘Star Wars’ Films Keep Bombing In The World’s Second-Biggest Movie Market? by Artsjournal1

“One after another, Star Wars movies have flopped in China, defying efforts to bring one of the most successful franchises in history into a market that has printed money for the heroes, m…

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Why Wasn’t ‘Goodnight Moon’ One Of The Ten Most Circulated Books At The New York Public Library? One Reason by Artsjournal1

“Goodnight Moon, by Margaret Wise Brown, would have made the Top 10 list and might have topped it, the library notes, but for the fact that ‘influential New York Public Library children…

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Nancy Lewis, Who Brought Monty Python To America, Dead At 76 by Artsjournal1

After having worked as a publicist for some of rock’s all-time greats, she discovered two of the English comedy troupe’s LPs and began encouraging her contacts at FM radio stations to pl…

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Bollywood’s Female Stars Speak Out In Support Of Protesters As Male Stars Keep Mum by Artsjournal1

“Unlike Hollywood, where actors and filmmakers have [frequently] spoken out against governments, A-listers in Bollywood — the world’s second-best paying film industry — have largely …

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After Losing Parts Of Three Fingers, Pianist Is Back At The Keyboard by Artsjournal1

“As he lay bleeding on his kitchen floor in Bedford, the snow blower that lopped off the tips of three of his fingers still sputtering outside, the same question kept rattling around in Mu…

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‘Reality Is The Better Writer’: Why Gabriel García Márquez’s Journalism Is Even More Important Than His Fiction by Artsjournal1

“In fact, while his novels and stories may have won him global renown, journalism was his first calling. Not only was it foundational to his development as a writer, but it also remained i…

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Houston Is Nearly 50% Hispanic. Why Doesn’t The City Have A Major Hispanic Cultural Center? by Artsjournal1

“Some community leaders … wonder why a city with such a fierce appetite for new parks, public spaces, museums and theaters has not invested in a major facility that acknowledges their si…

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New Year’s Manifesto by Artsjournal1

The New Year seems to be a good time to try to set down some of my basic thoughts about the need for and the path to effective community engagement. As often happens on this blog, this is a …

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Failures of imagination by Artsjournal1

As I watched Dolemite Is My Name on Netflix the other day, I realized that I never anticipated living to see the end of movies as a public and collective viewing experience. Yet it’s well …

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Tuesday, January 14, 2020

How Esther Perel Turns Couples Therapy Sessions Into Podcasts by Artsjournal1

“Perel, a famed Belgian cross-cultural psychologist and educator who has written numerous books and given countless talks on the subject of relationships and sexuality, conducts these sess…

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