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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Smithsonian’s National Gallery Of Art Names New Director, First Woman To Hold Post by Artsjournal1

“Kaywin Feldman, 52, who has been director and president of the Minneapolis Institute of Art since 2008, will succeed Earl ‘Rusty’ Powell III, who is retiring after 26 year…

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This Is Why Boston Symphony’s Principal Flutist Is Suing Over Equal Pay by Artsjournal1

When Elizabeth Rowe launched her lawsuit against the BSO, it was reported that she is paid less than the (male) principal oboist. How much less? More than $66,000. Geoff Edgers does a deep d…

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Former Director Of New York’s Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet To Head Rambert, Britain’s Oldest Dance Company by Artsjournal1

Running a contemporary dance institution with such a long history (read: stability) will be quite a change for Benoit Swan Pouffer: Cedar Lake collapsed in 2015 after its sole funder pulled …

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What Happens When A City Tries For The Bilbao Effect And Fails? Here Are Some Cautionary Tales by Artsjournal1

“This proves to be a particularly timely question because exactly 10 years ago last month, two of the biggest arts venue headaches of recent times finally opened to the public.” …

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Upright Citizens Brigade Starts Laying Off Staff As Money Woes Mount by Artsjournal1

“The [comedy] theater, which has four spaces, including the flagship that opened in Hell’s Kitchen last year, has struggled in its new location, in part because of increased comp…

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Brazil’s Publishing Industry In Crisis With Wave Of Bookseller Closures by Artsjournal1

The country’s two major bookstore chains are in or near bankruptcy and are closing so many stores that many cities will be left with no place to buy books. The head of one Brazilian pu…

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Social Media Has Surpassed Print As News Source For Americans by Artsjournal1

According to the study from the Pew Research Center, television is still the leading source, with just under half of respondents saying they get most of their news from it; hard-copy print c…

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Motion Picture Academy Seriously Considers Letting Oscars Go Hostless by Artsjournal1

After the Kevin Hart debacle, which they had not expected, the Academy powers-that-be are having a hard time finding someone willing to host the Academy Awards ceremony, and that very much i…

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Staff Sues To Stop Reconstruction Of St. Petersburg’s Mikhailovsky Palace Museum by Artsjournal1

“Staff of the State Russian Museum are taking legal action to protest against the imminent $17m reconstruction of its main building, the Mikhailovsky Palace in St. Petersburg.They argu…

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Kaywin’s Win: Feldman to Direct the National Gallery by Artsjournal1

When museum trustees set out to hire a new director, they tend to seek someone very different from the current one, a prominent art museum director once told me. They want change. — Lee R…

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Listen vs. Tell by Artsjournal1

Here’s an updated version — call it 2.0 — of last year’s chart outlining the two main ways (the wrong one and the right one) of approaching the means by which arts organizati…

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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Gender Pay Gap In British Arts World Remains Serious Problem: Study by Artsjournal1

“Figures drawn from Arts Professional‘s 2018 online survey of pay and earnings reveal that on average, women in full-time employment in the cultural sector earn 10.6% less than m…

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Now That Belgium Has Opened Its New Africa Museum, Its Largest Ex-Colony Wants Its Art Back by Artsjournal1

The opening of the renovated and reorganized (with some input from Belgium’s African community) museum moved Joseph Kabila, president of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, to call f…

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Documenting The Civil War Damage To Yemen’s Cultural Heritage by Artsjournal1

The good news is that there’s been very little ideologically-based destruction of the kind ISIS perpetrated in Syria and Iraq; the damage is almost entirely “collateral,” t…

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Meet Dance Magazine’s 25 To Watch In 2019 by Artsjournal1

This year’s list includes an amputee tap dancer, a young man whose star-making performance was partnering a wooden stool, and a dancer-cum-planetary geologist whose TED talk about chor…

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Amazon’s Prime Video Channels Will Pull In $1.7 Billion This Year by Artsjournal1

That’s more than double the revenue from last year, and analysts say that the figure should more than double again by 2020. — The Hollywood Reporter

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American Poetry Is Political Again. The U.S. Poet Laureate Looks At How And Why by Artsjournal1

Tracy K. Smith: “Political poetry … has done much more than vent. It has become a means of owning up to the complexity of our problems, of accepting the likelihood that even we the r…

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David Sedaris Shows Us Tidbits From The Archives He Just Sold To Yale by Artsjournal1

Among them, the handmade books he turned in as papers in art school and Macy’s behavior guide for Santaland elves. As he tells Jennifer Schuessler, “There’s no way I could …

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‘Crazy Money’ Has ‘Corrupted’ Architecture, Says Highly-Paid Starchitect by Artsjournal1

“In a keynote speech at the World Architecture Festival in Amsterdam [in late November], [David] Adjaye said that architecture should be the ‘arbiter of ideas’, yet many of…

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Listener Suffers Cardiac Arrest Mid-Concert; Four Doctors In Audience Save Her by Artsjournal1

One Sunday last month, the Boston-area chamber ensemble Mistral was about to begin the third work on its program when 89-year-old Ingrid Christiansen slumped over in her front-row seat. Zoë…

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Why Do So Many New Apartment Buildings Look Just Like Each Other? by Artsjournal1

Boxy shapes, flat windows, bland façades. How did American apartment architecture get conquered by the style one wag calls “Spongebuild Squareparts”? Reporter Patrick Sisson wri…

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Can Art Help The Families Of Opioid Crisis Victims? This Museum Is Finding Out by Artsjournal1

“The Currier Museum of Art in New Hampshire has created an unprecedented program that uses art as a healing tool for those affected by the epidemic in a state that’s ranked third…

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Tiny Books Are Another Symptom Of The Great Twee-ification Of American Culture by Artsjournal1

Katy Waldman (using the Dutch name under which tiny books have become popular in Europe): “A dwarsligger‘s teeniness is inseparable from its tweeness. But dwarsliggers embody twe…

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Caught In Plagiarism, Minneapolis Star Tribune Film Critic Colin Covert Resigns by Artsjournal1

A statement from the editors, who were first alerted by a reader, says that “the reviews by Covert in question span many years, but one was published as recently as November 1.” …

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Twin Cities Theatre Company Fires Director After #MeToo Complaints by Artsjournal1

Theater Mu, a St. Paul-based company focused on Asian-American work, cut ties with artistic director Randy Reyes after a board investigation “discovered conduct that did not reflect th…

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London Dance Critic Luke Jennings Steps Down From The Observer by Artsjournal1

The veteran journalist, who is also the author of the novels on which the TV series Killing Eve is based, tweeted that, after 14 years, “it’s time to step aside and pursue new pr…

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Boat People Of The Mediterranean Form A Theater Company In Sicily by Artsjournal1

Founded in 2013, Liquid Company, a troupe made up entirely of refugees and migrants from Africa and the Mideast who survived the dangerous sea crossing, has developed, scripted, and performe…

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Friday, December 7, 2018

The World’s Oldest Surviving Form Of Theatre by Artsjournal1

The Japanese musical drama called Noh has been practiced without a significant break since the 14th century. In this short documentary, The Spirit of Noh, actor Michishige Udaka tells filmma…

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Three Years After Reviving It, Theatre Drops Its Once-Famous Rep Company Because It’s Just Too Expensive by Artsjournal1

BBC”[Liverpool’s] Everyman became famous in the 1970s for its rep company, which launched the careers of actors like Bill Nighy, Julie Walters, Pete Postlethwaite and Sir Anthony…

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Thursday, December 6, 2018

A New National Theatre Company For, And By, The Disabled by Artsjournal1

“A group of disabled theatre artists have announced the creation of National Disability Theatre, a company that will produce fully accessible live performances. The company will exclus…

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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Killing Your Darlings: How Playwrights Decide When To Cut Passages They Love by Artsjournal1

“As novelist William Faulkner said about writing, but is applicable to all creative endeavours: ‘You must kill all your darlings.’ That said, killing your darlings can be r…

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