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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Many Rank-And-File Dancers Can’t Afford To Eat Properly — So This Organization Feeds Them by Artsjournal1

“Dancers will forego eating to take classes,” says Yvonne Chow. So, once a month, DanceMart, operated by H+ | The Hip-Hop Dance Conservatory in New York City, will cook and serve a dinne…

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James Joyce’s ‘Ulysses’ And The Politicians Who Love It (And Keep Telling Us So) by Artsjournal1

“In the current political environment, name-checking the writing of James Joyce may not seem like the canniest move. It’s a dog whistle, meant to appeal to refined impulses, to élite ra…

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La Jolla Playhouse And Goodman Theatre Co-Commission Plays By And For Artists With Disabilities by Artsjournal1

“National Disability Theatre has announced a partnership with La Jolla Playhouse and Goodman Theatre to commission two new works written, directed, and designed by artists with disabilitie…

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Playwright Lucas Hnath — A 21st Century George Bernard Shaw (Via Wallace Shawn) by Artsjournal1

“Hnath is a master of Socratic dialogue … In a Hnath play, you repeatedly find yourself agreeing with a pointed speech, then agreeing with its rebuttal. … Many playwrights promote the …

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What Will Art, And The Art World, Look Like In 2039? by Artsjournal1

“Devon Van Houten Maldonado asks artists and curators to imagine the changes and trends that will influence the art world in the next two decades.” – BBC

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Generosity? Noblesse Oblige? Or Reputation-Laundering? The Century-Old Bargain Behind Big-Ticket Philanthropy by Artsjournal1

The debate has arisen a lot over the past few years: BP, the Koch brothers, the Sacklers, that board member at the Whitney, Notre-Dame. Bob Garfield talks about the issue with Anand Giridhar…

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Is ‘Jeopardy!’ Winning Machine James Holzhauer Breaking The Game? If So, Does That Matter? by Artsjournal1

Emily Yahr: “After all, we’re in an era where television is more fractured than ever. Big TV events are increasingly rare, and it’s refreshing to have one topic to discuss around the v…

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How The Roxane Gay-Christina Hoff Sommers #Feminist Debate Tour In Australia Turned Into An Ugly Mess by Artsjournal1

If it had happened in a radio or television studio, it might have gone well. But having an audience turns out to have been a bad idea. (And some ill-advised moves by either Gay or her manage…

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Academy Decides Not To Bar Streaming Movies From Oscars by Artsjournal1

The board of governors of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences “left intact Rule Two, the one that established that a film” — including one produced by Netflix or Amazon —…

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Frank Almond Tells The Story Of His Stolen Stradivarius by Artsjournal1

In 2014, in a parking lot following a solo recital, the Milwaukee Symphony’s concertmaster got zaped with a Taser and had his violin ripped from his hands. (The culprit, it turned out, was…

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Modern Library To Release New Low-Cost Series Of Classics By Women Authors by Artsjournal1

“The Modern Library will launch a new trade paperback series, Modern Library Torchbearers, this May. The series, the publisher said, will ‘honor a more inclusive vision of classic books…

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In China, Two Historical Soap Operas Go Viral, And The Communist Party Promptly Cancels Them by Artsjournal1

The Story of Yanxi Palace and Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace smashed viewing records for the streaming services that showed them. Then the journal Theory Weekly (a title only a Communist …

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In Case Of Counterfeit Rodins, French Court Sentences Businessman And Art Dealer by Artsjournal1

Last week a court of appeals in Paris handed septuagenarian U.S. businessman Gary Snell a suspended prison sentence of one year and Parisian art dealer Robert Crouzet a four-month suspended …

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Notre-Dame’s Organ Is Almost Completely Undamaged By Fire by Artsjournal1

“Pascal Quoirin, a specialist who restored the Notre Dame organ in 2017, … said ‘after two hours spent examining the instrumental part, I did not notice any damage that could have been…

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Henry Wollman Bloch, Art Philanthropist And Co-Founder Of H&R Block, Dead At 96 by Artsjournal1

The primary beneficiary of Bloch’s largesse has been Kansas City’s Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art: he spent three years as its board chairman, he and his wife are the name donors on the mus…

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Here’s The Problem With The Backlash Against The Millions Pledged For Notre-Dame by Artsjournal1

Kathy LeMay: “The problem with [the complaints] is this: they do not help fundraisers unlock donor giving. … Imagine if after giving to help a family in need, articles were written about…

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Getting It Backwards: The Shed’s Architects Came 1st, Its Artistic Director a Distant 2nd by Artsjournal1

When an ambitious new cultural institution chooses its architect six years before appointing an artistic director/CEO, you know its priorities are upside-down and backwards. – Lee Rosenbaum

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Charity Tillemann-Dick, R.I.P. by Artsjournal1

Charity Tillemann-Dick, a coloratura soprano who suffered from pulmonary hypertension and who resumed her singing career after undergoing a double lung transplant, died this morning. – Ter…

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Presenter Engagement by Artsjournal1

I have spoken with staff members of presenting organizations interested in community engagement who lament the fact that they are not in a position to select specific works themselves; they …

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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Katy Waldman Was Reviewing A Novel. Then She Found Herself In It. And On It Goes From There. by Artsjournal1

Well, she’s pretty sure she found herself — more specifically, an essay she wrote about herself and her twin sister — but the novel’s author differs. And the author of another book c…

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A Very Bad Idea: Broadcasting ‘Saturday Night Live’ Direct From New Orleans Mardi Gras by Artsjournal1

Yes, they tried it once, back in 1977. And not on Saturday night at 11:30, but on Sunday evening at 8:30. “Vulture recently spoke to many of those involved, including Lorne Michaels, Randy…

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‘Fancy Free’ Doesn’t Seem So Delightful After #MeToo — Should It Be Retired? by Artsjournal1

In 2019, the Bernstein-Robbins ballet about three sailors on shore leave looks rather like “a case study in rape culture,” writes Lea Marshall, who took a group of undergraduate dance st…

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Bringing The Music Back To Ancient Greek Drama by Artsjournal1

“Greek tragedy survives today as words on a page, but ancient performances were distinguished as much for music and dance as for speeches and dialogue. … The musical dimension of ancient…

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Transporting The Instruments For A Touring Orchestra Is An Even Bigger Production Than You Think by Artsjournal1

A reporter talks with a logistics expert at DHL who’s worked with touring orchestras for 15 years about everything it takes to pull a successful tour off. – WQXR (New York City)

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Can We Just Lose The Whole Non-Profits-Should-Run-Like-Businesses Nonsense For Good? by Artsjournal1

The donors, usually businesspeople, who keep saying that are “thinking of giving as analogous to investing when it isn’t, which leads to related mistakes like utilizing the wrong metrics…

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Why Even Great Social-Media Marketing By Dance Companies Doesn’t Lead Straight To Ticket Sales by Artsjournal1

“There is no clear correlation between a company’s social media campaigns and how many seats they fill in the theater. That doesn’t mean social media isn’t, of course, vital. … ‘…

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New Tolkien Biopic Disowned By Tolkien Estate by Artsjournal1

“On Tuesday morning, the estate and family of Tolkien issued a terse statement in which they announced their ‘wish to make clear that they did not approve of, authorise or participate in…

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Albright-Knox Art Gallery Releases Plans For Its $160 Million Expansion by Artsjournal1

The good news: “When an expanded Buffalo Albright-Knox-Gundlach Museum opens in 2021, visitors will see their own reflections in a kaleidoscopic network of mirrored glass suspended over th…

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Conductor Daniele Gatti And Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Settle Lawsuit Over His Firing by Artsjournal1

“After the dismissal of Daniele Gatti as Music Director of the Amsterdam based Concertgebouw Orchestra, following allegations of sexual harassment, both parties had ‘constructive consult…

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How Artists Should Plan For What Will Happen To Their Work After They Die by Artsjournal1

“For every multi-millionaire dollar Robert Rauschenberg estate, there are thousands of lesser-known talents whose families have to confront the tough decisions about what to do with hundre…

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Great Theatre Challenging Capitalism — At $1,000 Or More Per Ticket by Artsjournal1

“We are lingering in a moment in which there is a fashion, or even a giddiness, for spending large sums of money on theatrical experiences that explore the foundations and promises of Amer…

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