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Friday, October 15, 2021

Jim O’Quinn: Enthusiast, Champion, Ever-Bouncing Buoy by American Theatre Editors

The founding editor of American Theatre did everything with gusto, including mentoring two generations of theatre journalists.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 09:46AM

How Extra Time Gave Court Theatre a Deeper Dive Into ‘Othello’ by American Theatre Editors

Pandemic delays allowed the Chicago theatre to rethink their both production process and the meaning of the play, with strong input from their lead actor.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 09:07AM
Thursday, October 14, 2021

How Lili Taylor Caught Wallace Shawn’s ‘Fever’ by American Theatre Editors

She may be alone onstage for the performance, but she contains---and reflects---multitudes.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 03:18PM
Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Support for Latinidad Onstage: A Lifelong, Not a Month-Long, Job by American Theatre Editors

For Hispanic Heritage Month, four Latinx/Latine play festival producers talk about their vision for a more expansive and inclusive American theatre.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 01:12PM
Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Know a Theatre: Six Points Theater of St. Paul, Minn. by American Theatre Editors

Formerly the Minnesota Jewish Theatre Company, this Twin Cities mainstay is dedicated to new work rooted in Jewish culture.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 05:51PM

The Folger’s Karen Ann Daniels: Making the Shakespeare We Want by American Theatre Editors

As she steps into a new role at D.C.'s Folger Theatre and Library, she's focused on how a repurposed Bard can help build community.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 05:06PM

Jim O’Quinn, Founding Editor of American Theatre Magazine, Dies at 75 by American Theatre Editors

Hired in 1982 to create a national theatre magazine, he spent decades covering and celebrating artists and companies in the U.S. and around the world.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 03:15PM
Friday, October 8, 2021

Offscript: Jokes and Epiphanies With Will Eno by American Theatre Editors

The playwright of 'Middletown' and 'Thom Pain' talks about his new Ibsen adaptation, 'Gnit,' the often winding pursuit of the self, and the lessons of community.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 03:15PM
Thursday, October 7, 2021

This Month in Theatre History by American Theatre Editors

From a warning against home-grown fascism to an R&H revisal, from WOW Café to slam poetry.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 03:17PM
Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Jean-Claude van Itallie Made Adventures Possible by American Theatre Editors

Among the doors the playwright and teacher opened: to the power of words, to the world of theatre, to the possibilities of meditation.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 10:00AM

Biden’s Picks to Head NEH, NEA: Shelly Lowe and Dr. Maria Rosario Jackson by American Theatre Editors

If confirmed, Lowe will be the first Native American head of the NEA, and Jackson the first African American and Mexican American to lead the NEA.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 09:16AM
Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Flannery Short List of Faith-Related Plays Includes 2 by Guirgis, Hall by American Theatre Editors

A list of 200 plays dealing with faith, religion, and/or spirituality also includes work by Lucas Hnath, Ins Choi, and Mark St. Germain.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 04:17PM

The Lark Is Grounded: New-Play Incubator to Fold After 25 Years by American Theatre Editors

Citing a financial 'perfect storm,' the organization's board has opted to close the 27-year-old organization.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 01:38PM
Friday, October 1, 2021

Teresa Sapien Named Associate Artistic Director at Arena Stage by American Theatre Editors

An artist and leader who first joined the company in 2019, she will oversee the efforts of the theatre's artistic development.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 11:42AM

NY Theatre Review Site DidTheyLikeIt.Com Unveils Roster of 5 Critics by American Theatre Editors

The review aggregation site will publish original criticism alongside its thumbs-up-or-down parsings of NYC theatre reviews.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 10:38AM
Thursday, September 30, 2021

Three on the Aisle: Patrick Page Goes Deep by American Theatre Editors

This month the critics talk to the star of 'Hadestown' about darkness and empathy, and share their theatregoing highlights.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 04:01PM

Jean Passanante: More Than One Life to Live by American Theatre Editors

In her successful soap writing career, she used new-play development skills she honed at the O'Neill and New York Theatre Workshop, among others.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 03:45PM
Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Dramatists Guild Announces First Inclusion Rider by American Theatre Editors

Guild writers may now use the rider to encourage equitable and inclusive hiring practices in their plays or musicals.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 09:59AM
Monday, September 27, 2021

Offscript: Previewing the Season With Maya Phillips & David John Chavez by American Theatre Editors

In this episode we talk to critics on both coasts (with JR holding down the Midwest) about criticism, in-person theatre, and Twitter vs. TikTok.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 02:59PM
Friday, September 24, 2021

How the Shows Went On, and How They May Again by American Theatre Editors

2 new documentaries look at Broadway as it was, while a third gives us a glimpse of our possible post-COVID future.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 11:04AM
Wednesday, September 22, 2021

There Is No Metaphor by American Theatre Editors

This moment has pushed us past even our most prescient preparations for crisis and challenge, but we can face it together.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 07:04AM

Come Back to the Theatre? First, We Need to Talk by American Theatre Editors

As theatre workers prepare for a return to in-person theatre, they have lingering questions about what kinds of spaces and conditions they're returning to.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 07:02AM

Second-Act Problems: What Comes Next Is Up to Us, and Also Not by American Theatre Editors

Poised between a troubled but familiar past and the uncertain promise of a transformed future, is it any wonder we're having trouble with the next act of our lives?

SOURCE: American Theatre at 07:00AM

Checking In With This Year’s Rising Leaders of Color by American Theatre Editors

The 8 individuals in this year's cohort don't just make theatre; over the past year and going forward, they are all about making change.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 06:58AM

The Critical Revolution Will Be Tweeted by American Theatre Editors

The pandemic led to innovative, alternative forms of theatre. Can theatre criticism keep up?

SOURCE: American Theatre at 06:56AM

All the Screen’s a Stage: A Transmedia Manifesto by American Theatre Editors

As theatremakers celebrate the return to in-person, in-venue performances, it's imperative to keep open the doors offered by digital theatre and celebrate its place alongside the stage.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 06:54AM

Director/Deviser: Tina Satter by American Theatre Editors

The downtown artist didn't ever expect or hope to be on Broadway, but her docutheatre piece 'Is This A Room' has defied expectations all along.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 06:52AM

Playwright: Douglas Lyons by American Theatre Editors

Lyons is out to change the theatre canon, and serving 'Chicken & Biscuits' on Broadway is just the one step along the way.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 06:50AM

Choreographer: Ricardo Aponte by American Theatre Editors

When the pandemic cut short a crazy-busy schedule, Aponte used the time to fulfill a dream of giving back to his community.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 06:48AM

Production Manager: Miguel Flores by American Theatre Editors

With a focus on experimental opera, Miguel Flores's career has him looking forward toward a more human-centric way of working.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 06:46AM

Costume and Set Designer: Silvia de Marta by American Theatre Editors

When the pandemic hit her career on both sides of the Atlantic, she got the unique chance to help develop productions in gestation.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 06:44AM

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