Sunday, February 21, 2021 at 11pm (Broadway Time)
Sunday, February 21, 2021 at 10pm (Broadway Time)
Sunday, February 21, 2021 at 9pm (Broadway Time)

Why It’s Time To Reopen Movie Theaters by Artsjournal1

“Despite being indoors (a red flag), the sort of behavior engaged in at the movies is, relatively speaking, benign. Patrons who can and should wear a mask for the duration of their visit f…

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For First Time, Boston Symphony Will Have Female CEO by Artsjournal1

“In picking [Gail Samuel], the orchestra looked west, to one of the most successful American orchestras of recent years” — the Los Angeles Philharmonic, where she is COO — “for its…

Linked From ArtsJournal at 09:24PM

U.S. Newspapers Are Starting To Accept The ‘Right To Be Forgotten’ by Artsjournal1

Back in 2014, when the EU passed a law allowing people to petition Google to de-index old news stories about them (e.g., criminal convictions or embarrassing incident from youth that became …

Linked From ArtsJournal at 09:24PM

Research Paper Linking Violence To Video Games Is Retracted by Artsjournal

“Zhang and his co-authors reported high levels of statistical significance for their finding, but the reported differences in the effects of violent games versus nonviolent games were too …

Linked From ArtsJournal at 09:24PM

Boston Symphony Finds Its New CEO At The LA Phil by Artsjournal

More than a year after it began its search for a new president and chief executive, the Boston Symphony Orchestra is expected to announce on Thursday that it has found a new leader on the op…

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Why It’s Important To Make Art With Your Kids by Artsjournal

“When young children make art together with their caregivers, they share a new experience which can reinforce bonding. Creativity is an extension of babies’ natural desire to share and c…

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The Woman Who Saved Samba, Back When It Was Outlawed by Artsjournal1

“A century ago, samba becoming synonymous with Brazil’s cultural identity would have seemed impossible. In the early 20th century, Rio’s ruling elite were ashamed and afraid of the rhy…

Linked From ArtsJournal at 09:24PM

How Big Tech Subverted The Public Square by Artsjournal

“A functioning market required transparency, a mutual understanding of exchanges and a shared moral framework. And, as Rana Foroohar puts it in this brief animation for the Royal Society o…

Linked From ArtsJournal at 09:24PM

Charge: UK Government Has Forgotten Culture Post-Brexit by Artsjournal

MPs at the digital, culture, media and sport committee hearing told DCMS minister Caroline Dinenage that her department was treated as an “afterthought” by the government, and that durin…

Linked From ArtsJournal at 09:24PM

12th-Century Moorish Bathhouse Uncovered In Seville Beer Hall by Artsjournal1

There had always been rumors, and a few hints in surviving records, that there had been a hammam where the Cervercería Giralda now stands, but most people (including the owners) shrugged th…

Linked From ArtsJournal at 09:24PM

(Un)Daunted: Crystal Pite On Choreographing For The Paris Opera Ballet by Artsjournal1

“You feel the weight of the famous Palais Garnier opera house itself, and the history and legacy of the legendary dancers who have performed there. And then there’s the pressure of expec…

Linked From ArtsJournal at 09:24PM

Wichita Symphony Seeks Manager of Marketing and Communications by Artsjournal

Join a dynamic, small team of creative innovators open to the possibilities of a symphony orchestra

Linked From ArtsJournal at 09:24PM

Nielsen Will Begin To Track Diversity Alongside Ratings Numbers by Artsjournal

The initiative combines entertainment metadata with Nielsen’s audience measurement data. It’s designed to equip content creators, owners, distributors and advertisers with data around on…

Linked From ArtsJournal at 09:24PM

As The Tonys Remain Undetermined, Where Are Previous Nominees Now? by Artsjournal2

A Broadway stage manager who’s now in graduate school for (logically) organizational leadership project management: “I initially thought, well, I’ll get a class or two under my belt an…

Linked From ArtsJournal at 09:24PM

The Music And Life Lessons Of Piano Teacher Cornelia Vertenstein by Artsjournal2

Vertenstein, a Holocaust survivor, was 93 when she died earlier this month. She “began giving lessons at age 14 in war-torn Romania. She did not stop for nearly 80 years. Toward the end, a…

Linked From ArtsJournal at 09:24PM

Scorsese Says Streaming Algorithms Are Ruining Film by Artsjournal2

True? Film has always had marketing, PR, and of course ratings: “It would be a mistake to present the old gatekeepers in romantic colours compared to new technology companies. In both case…

Linked From ArtsJournal at 09:24PM

The Show’s Going On Down Under by Artsjournal2

This sounds wildly exotic and dangerous to most theatregoers in the U.S. right now: “A few days ago, Kylie Estreich went to a theater in Sydney to see a Broadway show. In person. With hund…

Linked From ArtsJournal at 09:24PM

Is There A Way To Change, And Improve, Arts Nonprofits? by Artsjournal2

Issues: “Change will feel snail-like as long as white organizational leaders, tenured professors, board members, and funders control and dictate, the pace of inclusion and the adoption of …

Linked From ArtsJournal at 09:24PM

Where Did All Of Hollywood’s Women Go? by Artsjournal2

In 1917, Warner Bros. had eight films directed by women. In 2017, it had … one. What the heck? Well, for one thing: “Female-focused stories that perform well at the box office are repeat…

Linked From ArtsJournal at 09:24PM

That Podcast Exposing One Media Empire’s Bigotry And Workplace Bullying Came Under Fire For The Same Behavior by Artsjournal2

This is a twisty, turny saga that does not in any way make the original media empire – Bon Appetit, of course – look any better, but the public peeling of “problematic media property…

Linked From ArtsJournal at 09:24PM

The Latest Front In A Music Copyright Battle: Superhero Cartoons by Artsjournal2

Members of De La Soul were, suddenly, characters on Teen Titans Go!, where in one episode, “the plot revolves around a fraught real-life issue: the ownership and availability of the group…

Linked From ArtsJournal at 09:24PM

Peter G. Davis, Classical Music Critic For The New York Times And New York Magazine, 84 by Artsjournal2

Davis “presided over the field during boon years in New York in the 1960s and ’70s, when performances were plentiful and tickets relatively cheap, and when the ups and downs of a perform…

Linked From ArtsJournal at 09:24PM

The Golden Globes’ Parent Organization Is A Mess, Including Accusations Of Corruption And Tax Evasion by Artsjournal2

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has some issues, with members describing monthly meetings as battle zones. The HFPA includes zero Black members. It’s “an embattled organization s…

Linked From ArtsJournal at 09:24PM

Shifts In How Kids Play Mean Playground Design Needs To Follow by Artsjournal2

A new emphasis has also changed how design firms feel about commissions. “For the new guard of playground design, the boundary between play equipment and public sculpture is blurring. … …

Linked From ArtsJournal at 09:24PM

Phoebe Waller-Bridge Of ‘Fleabag’ Fame Is Now The President Of Edinburgh Fringe Society by Artsjournal2

It’s an honorary, spokesperson role during a year when Fringe Fest may be online or may be in-person, or both, depending. Fleabag got its start at Fringe in 2013. Waller-Bridge: “From le…

Linked From ArtsJournal at 09:24PM

Art House Pulls 19th Century Romanian Jewish Community’s Burial Register From Auction by Artsjournal2

The register of Jewish burials in the Romanian city of Cluj-Napoca between 1836 and 1899, is one of very few documents left after more than 18,000 Hungarian-speaking Jews were deported from …

Linked From ArtsJournal at 09:24PM

Black Ballerinas In Utah Are Helping Change Ballet Culture by Artsjournal2

In the wake of George Floyd’s killing and the Black Lives Matter protests that swept the country, Ballet West’s Black dancers were asked by their artistic director what needed to change.…

Linked From ArtsJournal at 09:24PM

Director Lee Daniels Says His Movies Are Independent Because Hollywood Studios Don’t Fund Black Films by Artsjournal2

You’d think the director of Precious, The Butler, and more could get funding. But … “‘Studios will give you about $10 to make a black movie. I’m exaggerating, but you get the point…

Linked From ArtsJournal at 09:24PM

The Remarkable, And Continuing, Artistic Career Of Lorraine O’Grady by Artsjournal2

Before she burst onto the art scene with performance art with an edge, O’Grady “had worked for the Labor and State Departments, including as an intelligence analyst in the period leading…

Linked From ArtsJournal at 09:24PM

Bust Of Black Member Of Lewis And Clark Expedition Appears In A Park In Portland by Artsjournal2

York was enslaved by William Clark and remained enslaved after the expedition returned. The memorial bust, which is on a pedestal where a statue of a conservative newspaper editor used to st…

Linked From ArtsJournal at 09:24PM

A Reckoning With Racism In Canada’s Country Music Industry by Artsjournal2

There’s no Indigenous Artist of the Year award in Saskatchewan this year, and when a committee was discussing why not, well: “Somebody made a comment about ‘why should we give them an …

Linked From ArtsJournal at 09:24PM

Getting In The Archive Sub-Basements To Discover How Librarians In Paris Resisted The Nazis by Artsjournal2

A researcher comes up against French bureaucracy: “To learn more about the day-to-day life of Parisians during the war, I turned to the Bibliothèque Nationale de France (BNF). This mode…

Linked From ArtsJournal at 09:24PM

The British Family Providing Lockdown Relief With Musical Parodies by Artsjournal2

The Marsh family of Faversham are dealing with Britain’s lockdowns by performing parodies. “This six-voice choir, with its sweet harmonies and the occasional wobbly note, is creating son…

Linked From ArtsJournal at 09:24PM

The Show Goes On: Sugar In Our Wounds by Manhattan Theatre Club

MTC invites you to revisit some of our greatest hits and rare gems with our monthly series, The Show Goes On. For more information on MTC's virtual content series, please visit www.manhatt…

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Sunday, February 21, 2021 at 8pm (Broadway Time)

2021 cast announced for Brisbane Ring Cycle by Sean McLoughlin

After announcing the postponement of last year’s Ring Cycle due to the pandemic, Opera Australia today unveiled its new cast

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The Story Of Shakuntala And Dushyant Set In Contemporary Times Reaches Broadway by Gowri S

The Mahabharata’s Shakuntala and Dushyant find themselves in a modern-day setting, addressing the same old conflict, in this play by Isheeta Ganguly. For anyone who has had an Indian upbri…

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Sunday, February 21, 2021 at 7pm (Broadway Time)

Virtual Production of MEGILLAH CYCLE Premieres Today with All-Star International Cast by BroadwayWorld

The Congress for Jewish Culture continues its International Virtual Yiddish Theater series with MEGILLAH CYCLE, featuring an all-star international cast, directed and adapted by Mike Burstyn…

Linked From BroadwayWorld at 07:34PM

Settlement Reached in Suit Accusing James Franco of Sexual Misconduct by Sarah Bahr

Two former students of Mr. Franco’s have agreed to drop their claims that he had intimidated them into performing explicit sex scenes. Mr. Franco has denied the allegations.

Linked From The New York Times Subscription at 07:24PM

National Theatre to halt Europe tours over Brexit rules by Nicola Slawson

EU work permit regulations could scupper productions like The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time The National Theatre is shelving plans to tour productions to mainland Europe due …

Linked From The Guardian at 07:03PM

‘You can smell the sweat and hair gel’: the best nightclub scenes from culture by Peter Bradshaw, Claire Armitstead, Keza Macdonald, Simran Hans, Ammar Kalia, Lanre Bakare, Lyndsey Winship, Alexis Petridis, Arifa Akbar, Aniefiok Ekpoudom and Jonathan Jones. Artist Interviews By Ben Beaumont-Thomas

Writers and artists including Róisín Murphy, Tiffany Calver and Sigala on the art that transports them to the dancefloor during lockdown There have been many notable nightclubs in film his…

Linked From The Guardian at 07:03PM

Greek theatre director arrested on rape charges by Helena Smith In Athens

Dimitris Lignadis maintains innocence as allegations continue to shake arts and sports worlds The former director of Greece’s national theatre has been detained on charges of rape amid mou…

Linked From The Guardian at 07:03PM
Sunday, February 21, 2021 at 6pm (Broadway Time)

Green Park

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February 2021 Theater Openings Final Week: De Shields as Frederick Douglass. Baryshnikov in a Computer Chekhov. A New Labyrinth Play Every Day by New York Theater

Below are the day-by-day listings of online theater that is opening between February 22 and February 28. In this final week of the month, Labyrinth Theater is offering an original new play e…

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Sunday, February 21, 2021 at 5pm (Broadway Time)


(from RT, 2/21.) On the show this week, Chris Hedges discusses with Emily Allen-Hornblower and Marquis McCray the power of the classics, such as Sophocles’ play Philoctetes, to elucidate…

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A riveting E. Faye Butler lifts up Black history as Fannie Lou Hamer by Malcolm Lewis Barnes

Sarasota, Florida’s Asolo Rep continues its 2021 outdoor season with the Rolling World Premiere of Mississippi native Cheryl L. West’s Fannie: The Music and Life of Fannie Lou Hamer. Ori…

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Musical Mondays #26 by Gabi Bergman

Welcome back to Musical Mondays! In case you’re new here, this column is a peek into the depths of the

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Sunday, February 21, 2021 at 4pm (Broadway Time)

Artistpreneur by The Ensemblist

by Kara Shea Jönsson …

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Redefining Black Masculinity in "Thug" by The Ensemblist

by Tislarm Fitzgerald Bouie It was Spring of 2015, the weekend of Freddie Gray’s murder, and I was arrested for walking through a park past dark that was less than a 30-second walk from my…

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LPA calls for targeted JobSaver action as snap lockdowns, border closures and audience restrictions smash industry recovery by Sean McLoughlin

90 percent of live entertainment companies are still receiving JobKeeper in January-March 2021 quarter Only 2 percent of live entertainment

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Beggar's Holiday - York Theatre Company's Show (+ Tell!) Series by York Theatre Company

Join us as we revisit the 1999 York Musicals in Mufti presentation of the 1946 Broadway musical BEGGAR’S HOLIDAY with music by the incomparable Duke Ellington, and book and lyrics by John …

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NEWS: The Off West End Awards 2021 winners are announced by Press Releases

The winners of the Off West End Awards 2021, encompassing the Offies, OffFest, OnComm and OneOff Awards, have been announced in an online ceremony on 21 February 2021 via Scenesaver.

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This Week on Broadway for February 21, 2021: Lauren Gunderson by James Marino

Peter Filichia, James Marino, and Michael Portantiere talk with Lauren Gunderson. This Week on Broadway has been coming to you every week since 2009. It is the longest running Broadway and t…

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Sunday, February 21, 2021 at 3pm (Broadway Time)

Dance/NYC and Gibney publish digital toolkit ‘Reopening Dance in NYC’ by Admin

Dance/NYC and Gibney have launched Reopening Dance in NYC (, a digital toolkit that aims to support the planning process that the dance industry faces while it works t…

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Sunday, February 21, 2021 at 2pm (Broadway Time)

Review: Sherlock in Homes 2, Sharp Teeth Theatre by George Collins

Review: Sherlock in Homes 2, Sharp Teeth Theatre4.0Overall ScoreIf you’re enjoying our content, then please consider becoming a patreon with every penny going towards keeping AYT going and…

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Equity must defend members’ interests | Letter by Letters

Tam Dean Burn says he and many other members of the union for actors and other creative workers have no confidence in the leadership of their Brexit-supporting general secretary I write in t…

Linked From The Guardian at 02:36PM

James Franco Settles Sexual Misconduct Suit by Ellise Shafer

A settlement deal has been reached in a 2019 lawsuit alleging that James Franco intimidated his students into sexual situations at the acting school he founded. According to a joint status r…

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Sunday, February 21, 2021 at 1pm (Broadway Time)

The Tempest Toss’d Craft of Kelsey Grammer by Trav S.D.

“Shipwreck” was the metaphor I wanted for the title of this post on Kelsey Grammer (1955). Like the Sea Venture and the characters in The Tempest he hung fire on American Islands (born i…

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Sunday, February 21, 2021 at noon (Broadway Time)

Listen to Fan-Favorite Show Tunes on This Week's Elaine Paige on Sunday by

Broadway might still be shut down, but Elaine Paige on Sunday isn't! Olivier-winning actress Elaine Paige is giving listeners a chance to hear her BBC Radio 2 show. This week,…

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(Jesse Green’s article appeared in The New York Times, 2/19; via Pam Green; Photo:  From left, Maria Friedman, John Owen Edwards, John Yap and Stephen Sondheim working on the recording of…

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Episode 29! Caribbean Beach Pirate Room! Reviewing Banana Cabana (RUM FLIGHT)+#ExpertParentalBribery by Framily Travel

Episode 29! Caribbean Beach Pirate Room! A beautiful January day at the pool, reviewing Banana Cabana with #GrownUpDrinks, Pulled Pork, Jerk Chicken that's better than Bahama Breeze, and #Ex…

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Sunday, February 21, 2021 at 11am (Broadway Time)


On February 21 at 2:30, the Congress for Jewish Culture is presenting Itzik Manger’s MEGILLAH CYCLE, an adaptation of the 1968 Broadway musical The Megilla of Itzik Manger, conceived and d…

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‘Right up to standard & terrific fun’: Sherlock In Homes 2: Murder On Ice (Online review) by John Chapman

If you’re a whodunnit devotee and you like plenty of (frozen) red herring then you’ll love Sherlock In Homes 2: Murder On Ice.

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Sunday, February 21, 2021 at 10am (Broadway Time)

VIDEO: Watch Lin-Manuel Miranda, Amanda Gorman & More in #Ham4Progress THE JOY IN OUR VOICES

Celebrate Black History Month with '#Ham4Progress Presents: The Joy In Our Voices', celebrating Black art and artists! Tune in tonight, February 21, at 7pm ET to watch live!

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Sunday, February 21, 2021 at 9am (Broadway Time)

Frank Langella Will Lead THE BEAST IN THE JUNGLE Film Directed by Susan Stroman

It has been revealed that a film adaptation of The Beast in the Jungle is coming soon, directed by Susan Stroman and starring Frank Langella. Stroman directed a musical adaptation of the Hen…

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Ham Kinsey: Stan Laurel’s Stunt Double by Trav S.D.

Some brief recognition today for Hamilton “Ham” Kinsey (1900-67), a minor figure in comedy history but an important member of the teams on which he played, mostly Hal Roach Studios. Kins…

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What it takes to start your own dance company by Admin

Gabrielle Johnson is the founder, director and choreographer of Gabrielle Johnson and Artists. Armed with a BFA from Alonzo King LINES Ballet at Dominican University, and an MFA from New Yor…

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Smuin Contemporary Ballet unveils original works by company artists by Admin

Smuin Contemporary Ballet continues its inspiring tradition of encouraging company dancers to explore their creativity in its Choreography Showcase, an opportunity for audiences to experie…

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Theatre Review: ‘The Drowning Girls’ by Strand Theatre Company by Mary Ann Johnson

This play is based on a real serial killer and bigamist who was tried, convicted, and hanged in England in 1915. He was responsible for the murders of three of his brides — Bessie Williams…

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Lisa Dwan: 'Narratives of nasty women spread with few facts attached' by Kate Kellaway

The Irish actor on reimagining Antigone, what she learned from Billie Whitelaw, and starring in Jed Mercurio’s new crime drama Lisa Dwan, 43, is an Irish actor particularly celebrated for …

Linked From The Guardian at 09:06AM

Carlos Acosta: ‘There’s a danger we’ll lose a whole generation of young dancers’ by Vanessa Thorpe, Arts and Media Correspondent

The Cuban star talks about his battle to lift spirits at the Birmingham Royal Ballet and the film he has made to rally performers as their stages stay dark When Carlos Acosta, considered one…

Linked From The Guardian at 09:06AM

‘The audience feels as though it is time-hopping with ease & style’: RECOGNITION – Written on the Waves (Online review) ★★★★★ by Emma Clarendon

Recognition is a powerful and fascinating audio drama that I can really see working well as a two hander on stage – definite potential to be explored further and adapted into a live show.

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Sunday, February 21, 2021 at 8am (Broadway Time)

Preview: SANTINO FONTANA (Seth Concert Series) by Tony Frankel

SANTINO AND SETH Get ready, kids. This Sunday, February 21, 2021 at 8 (LIVE!) and Monday at 3 (EST), the gregarious, gadfly Seth Rudetsky will have as his guest Santino Fontana. Seth — acc…

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‘Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist’s’ Jane Levy could pull off a Golden Globes upset like fellow TV songstress Rachel Bloom by David Buchanan

When Golden Globes nominations were announced, Jane Levy beat our odds and landed a slot in the Best TV Comedy/Musical Actress category. The singing star of NBC’s musical comedy “Zoey…

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Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater partners with YouTube Originals for ‘Black Renaissance’ by Admin

YouTube Originals, in partnership with Google Arts and Culture, has revealed additions to the lineup for “Black Renaissance,”a new special celebrating the contributions of Black history…

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Sunday, February 21, 2021 at 6am (Broadway Time)

All on Her Own Review – a curio of repressed emotion by Susannah Clapp

MZG Theatre Productions; available onlineJanie Dee impresses in a smart production of a Terence Rattigan solo work bound up in class issues Terence Rattigan has long been rescued from the th…

Linked From The Guardian at 06:54AM

‘You can still savour the atmosphere’: WEST END MUSICAL DRIVE-IN – Stream.Theatre (Online review) by Kirsty Herrington

Featuring some amazing song choices and outstanding vocals, the live-stream of West End Musical Drive-In is just what we need right now to lift our spirits

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Sunday, February 21, 2021 at 5am (Broadway Time)

Sue’s Views – An Ode to the Cabaret Spouse by Sue Matsuki

AN ODE TO THE CABARET SPOUSE This is a slightly belated Valentine to all the wonderful Cabaret Spouses in our community who love and support us as we step on to the stage to do what we do. T…

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March 3-24 Amanda McBroom & Michele Brourman’s Songwriting Class by Cabaret Hotspot!

STUDY SONGWRITING WITH GRAMMY AWARD WINNERS AMANDA McBROOM AND MICHELE BROURMAN Wednesday, March 3rd – 24th @ 4:00-6:00 pm (EST) Four 2-hour sessions. Cost: $895 (Audit spots also availabl…

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March-April Dr. Regina Zona teaches Music Fundamentals & Sight Reading by Cabaret Hotspot!

MUSIC FUNDAMENTALS AND SIGHT READING Thursdays (7:00 to 8:30 pm EST) – March 4–April 29 (No class on April 1st) Cost:  $300 REGISTER ONLINE TODAY!! Do you want to beef up your musicians…

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Carole Demas “With You” from Skylight Run by Aron Bederson

Carole Demas: “With You” Live from Skylight Run in with Ian Herman by: Aron Bederson This intimate concert with Broadway veteran and TV performer Carole Demas was broadcast and filmed in…

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Fri., 2/26 @ 5:00 pm Ann Kittredge’s Virtual Shorts with Steve Ross by Cabaret Hotspot!

Ann Kittredge’s Virtual Shorts with Steve Ross Friday, February 26th @ 5:00 pm EDT Click here to go directly to this link the day of the show: AND…HOLD THE DATE! Friday, March 12 @ 5:00 …

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Fri., 2/26 @ 8:00 pm EST Neiheisel, Corsaro & Toroian in “Think About Love” by Cabaret Hotspot!

Think About Love Premieres Friday, February 26th @ 8:00 PM / ET on YouTube Channel “Gregory Toroian” Announcing a new show featuring songs of Michel LeGrand, Alan & Marilyn Bergman, …

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Sun., 02/28 @ 5:00 pm EST Gretchen Reinhagen & David Gaines present Live @ Five Zoomettes! by Cabaret Hotspot!

Gretchen Reinhagen and David Gaines present Live @ Five Zoomettes! Sunday, February 28th from 5:00-6:30 pm EST LIVE on Facebook STARRING: Sarika A…

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Jane Monheit celebrates her 20th Year with a new CD! by Cabaret Hotspot!


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Sunday, February 21, 2021 at 4am (Broadway Time)

A Point and Click Music Session With “Modulation” by Marcina Zaccaria

I was mesmerized by Courtney Love, performing in Kansas City Choir Boy at Prototype in 2015.  Moving around New York to find the best new music, it was a liberating experience to listen to …

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Sunday, February 21, 2021 at 3am (Broadway Time)

Who Let the “Lady of Pestilence” In? by Magda Piekarska

The Jerzy Szaniawski Dramatic Theater in Wałbrzych opens the season with a play built on one of the most basic building blocks of theater ‒ language. Visually, Lady of Pestilence (PaniMor…

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The outcome (so far) of Seyi Omooba’s Tribunal case against Curve and her former agents by Mark Shenton

... Read More The post The outcome (so far) of Seyi Omooba’s Tribunal case against Curve and her former agents first appeared on Shenton Stage.

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Sunday, February 21, 2021 at midnight (Broadway Time)

Eleanor Reissa, Allen Lewis Rickman, Avi Hoffman, Star in Megillah Cycle Beginning February 21 by Andrew Gans

Mike Burstyn, who penned the adaptation, also directs.

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All that Chat

Oct 06, 2019: Slave Play
Oct 17, 2019: The Sound Inside - Studio 54
Feb 01, 2020: The Minutes
Mar 31, 2020: Diana - Longacre Theatre
Apr 19, 2020: Sing Street - Lyceum Theatre
Dec 16, 2021: Diana - Longacre Theatre