Sunday, December 1, 2019 at 11pm (Broadway Time)
Sunday, December 1, 2019 at 10pm (Broadway Time)

🍸 Seared (Closing Dec. 22) by Theater With A Twist

MCC Theater, 511 West 52nd Street, NYC See it if you are a fan of Raúl Esparza, or are hungry for a light, fast-paced, well-performed

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Kid’s week announced at Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Peter J Snee

Australia’s leading theatre producer John Frost and Her Majesty’s Theatre owner Mike Walsh have announced an exciting new initiative, Kid’s Week at Charlie and the Chocolate Factory fr…

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Sunday, December 1, 2019 at 9pm (Broadway Time)

Whodunit? You Decide in Maltz’s The Mystery of Edwin Drood by Bill Hirschman

Have you ever watched a play and complained, “I could end it better than that!” Here’s your chance. You – along with everyone else in the audience—gets to choose this month among 5…

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Sunday, December 1, 2019 at 8pm (Broadway Time)

What Ginger Cox wants dancers to know about dance anatomy by Admin

Our body is wonderfully complex and multifaceted. Yet broken down into its simplest parts, it is a collection of bones, muscles, fascia and other types of tissue. A dancer’s instrument is …

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A day in the life of a Radio City Rockette by Admin

Natalie Reid is kicking up her heels in her ninth Christmas season with the Radio City Rockettes. As a longtime Rockette veteran, Reid has grown to love her crazy busy schedule during the l…

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LUKER! by Corine Cohen

The post LUKER! appeared first on

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NUTCRACKER ROUGE at Théâtre XIV by Jacquelyn Claire

NUTCRACKER ROUGE is a scopophiliac’s nirvana. The deep pleasure of “looking” is sated by being able to gaze unbidden into the erotic, sensual and sexy crack in the universe opened by t…

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Does Venice Have A Future? by Artsjournal2

Yes, the water’s up, but the population is also dropping fast. “In the central Castello District, master artisan Paolo Brandolisio — one of only four remaining makers of oars and oar p…

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In Kodiak, Alaska, Fed-Up Residents Open Their Own Bookstore by Artsjournal2

Since the last bookstore closed, people in the town on Kodiak Island have had to use thrift stores and online purchases for their books. But two residents who moved back home to care for ill…

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Conductor Mariss Jansons Dead At 76 by Artsjournal1

He was born and raised in Soviet-occupied Latvia and trained in what was then Leningrad; he became well-known in the West as music director of the Oslo Philharmonic and then the Pittsburgh S…

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PUMPGIRL: And All the Rest Is Talk by Peter Filichia

In 2007 alone, it was produced by the estimable Manhattan Theatre Club and won The Susan Smith Blackburn Prize that...Continue Reading The post PUMPGIRL: And All the Rest Is Talk appeared fi…

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Sunday, December 1, 2019 at 7pm (Broadway Time)


The last week of July 2019 was business as usual for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child  on Broadway. Sales rose less than 2 percent to $1.4 million, according to data from the Broadway Lea…

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Where’s My Money? by Arts Review

John Patrick Shanley’s writing has certain hallmarks. Born in The Bronx, a number of his works, say the screenplay for Moonstruck (1988), and Doubt: A Parable (2005 Pulitzer Prize for Dram…

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#WorldAIDSDay 2019: Not Just Back on Stage by New York Theater

Today is World AIDS Day. AIDS has been around so long that there’s a new wave of plays about the epidemic. This is not nostalgia. There were 1.7 million people newly diagnosed with HIV in…

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Circus Oz to explore new artistic directions by Peter J Snee

Australia’s national circus company, Circus Oz has announced exciting new artistic plans that will reposition the company within the new National Performing Arts Partnerships Framework ann…

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Aurora Richardson from West End to West End by Peter J Snee

From a young age, Aurora Richardson has had her sights set on the stage. After being encouraged by her high school drama teacher to pursue a career in the Arts, Aurora a Brisbane native from…

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Sunday, December 1, 2019 at 6pm (Broadway Time)

“A Bright Room Called Day” at the Public Theatre by Richard Seff

Tony Kushner wrote this play in 1985 when he was 29 years old. It deals with the early 1930s in Germany, the years in which the Weimar Republic was beginning to crumble, and Adolf Hitler was…

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This Week on Broadway for December 1, 2019: by James Marino

Peter Filichia, James Marino, and Michael Portantiere talk about The Inheritance, Michael Bennett, World AIDS Day, The Young Man From Atlanta @ Pershing Square Signature Center, MCC Theater…

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Sunday, December 1, 2019 at 5pm (Broadway Time)


By Bob Shuman John Doyle’s production of Macbeth, playing through December 15 at Classic Stage Company (CSC), should fit into the current zeitgeist exactly.  In a world of 280-character …

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Broadway Review: “A Christmas Carol” at the Lyceum Theatre by Joseph Verlezza

Nearly everyone was filled with a joyous feeling as they watched Scrooge learn what happiness he could bring to his fellowman. As the hand bell choir assembles like a Christmas card vignette…

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Irving Burgie, Songwriter of 'Day-O', Featured in BEETLEJUICE, Has Died at Age 95

Irving Burgie, the songwriter best known for his calypso hit Day-O, has died at age 95, according to the BBC. The cause of death was a result of complications from heart failure.

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VIDEO: Alanis Morissette and Diablo Cody Talk JAGGED LITTLE PILL on CBS SUNDAY MORNING

On this morning's episode of CBS Sunday Morning, the new musical Jagged Little Pill was featured. The musical is based on the music from the album of the same name, by Alanis Morissette.

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Seasonal Treats on Stages and Screens Top Our Must-Do Events for the Week of December 2 to 8 by Kathy Henderson

Stay in or go out? Whatever your preference, we’ve gathered great options in our list of must-do events for the week of December 2 through 8, including SpongeBob on the small screen, Les M…

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Sunday, December 1, 2019 at 4pm (Broadway Time)

A Bright Room Called Day by Darryl Reilly

Maddeningly alternating between being an absorbing historical drama and a grating exercise in self-indulgence,  "A Bright Room Called Day" is author Tony Kushner’s reimagining of his 198…

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‘Catch and Kill: Lies, Spies, and a conspiracy to Protect Predators’ by Ronan Farrow by Stephen Silver

Ronan Farrow, one of the leading journalists of the #MeToo movement, has written ‘Catch and Kill: Lies, Spies, and a Conspiracy to Protect Predators,’ a gloriously cinematic narrative of…

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December 2019 New York Theater Openings by New York Theater

Below is a selection of New York theater opening in December, organized chronologically by opening date, including the one Broadway musical, “Jagged Little Pill,” with songs by Alanis Mo…

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Sunday, December 1, 2019 at 3pm (Broadway Time)

Why on-screen representation matters, according to these teens by Artsjournal1

“Alec Fields, a junior at Forest Hills High School in Pennsylvania, … was one of 144 middle and high school students who were interviewed about seeing themselves reflected — or not —…

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The Enduring Power of the Detroit Jazz Collective Tribe by Artsjournal1

“Led by four jazz musicians, Tribe’s members put out their own records; published a widely influential, Afrocentric magazine with a circulation reaching 25,000; organized concerts, often…

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How artists are remembering Tamir Rice, 5 years after his death by Artsjournal1

“Five years ago, 12-year-old Tamir Rice was shot and killed in a public park by a Cleveland police officer. The incident quickly became a rallying point for a growing national conversation…

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HarperCollins to Launch Native-Focused Imprint by Artsjournal1

“HarperCollins Children’s Books has announced the debut of Heartdrum, an imprint devoted to publishing books by Native creators that introduce young Native protagonists and showcase the …

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Head of the Class by Artsjournal1

“In previous decades, musicians may have learned [such] skills [as grant writing, marketing, and audience development] on the fly, but more and more educational institutions are beginning …

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Equality and quality: The influence of private funds in public arts education in Boston and Baltimore by Artsjournal1

“A priority for educational philanthropists is to help schools compensate for social inequalities, which was true of the funders who supported arts education in Baltimore and Boston. But i…

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Harmonic Convergence by Artsjournal1

“A new orchestra of musicians from multiple South Asian countries aims to promote understanding through music. Co-founder Nirupama Rao discusses the role orchestras can play in building br…

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How Native Americans In NYC Are Using Art To Strengthen Community by Artsjournal1

The nation’s largest city has the nation’s largest Native American population, with 112,000 individuals representing more than 75 tribal nations. Most of those people arrive in New York …

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Making Music: A community-school music partnership by Artsjournal1

“The purpose of this study was to explore a fledgling community-school music partnership, Making Music, and to examine the benefits and challenges of this partnership. The partnership was …

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The Kehinde Wiley Statue In Times Square Has Given Security Officers A Lot Of Extra Emotional Labor by Artsjournal2

As the monument “Rumors of War” prepares to leave Times Square for its permanent home in Richmond, some security officers talk about their time as special “art ambassadors” slash sec…

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Why Do Music Fans Want ‘Constant Content’ From Singers Even After The Musicians Are Dead? by Artsjournal2

It’s generational, really: “The old consensus decreed that in order to build a respectable legacy, an estate should protect what the artist had already put out and be discerning with any…

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Has Anything Truly Changed For Women Since The Shockingly Subversive Novel ‘In The Cut’? by Artsjournal2

As In the Cut is reissued, “What is more shocking about the book in 2019 than 1995 … is not the violence, or the fact of a woman having sexual desire, but how little else has changed –…

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It’s The Most Wonderful Time To Dig Into The Economic Push Behind Media Gift Guides by Artsjournal2

To be blunt, well, ugh: “Beyond the curious clicks they draw, gift guides often allow publishers to sell outright sponsorships or subtly blend content and commerce through back-end deals w…

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An Actor Afraid Of Singing And Dancing? by Artsjournal2

Well, no time to confront those fears like filming a Noah Bambach movie, of course. Julie Hagerty has been in everything from Airplane to Lost In America (and a whole lot more), but it was n…

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Marion McClinton, Vital Interpreter Of August Wilson, Has Died At 65 by Artsjournal2

McClinton, who was mourned on actors’ Instagram feeds and Twitter posts as soon as word spread that he had passed, was “a noted director who was a favorite of the playwright August Wilso…

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Marilyn Yalom, Who Wrote About The History Of The Breast And The History Of Wives, Has Died At 87 by Artsjournal2

Yalom, who was a professor of French at Stanford before she segued into writing history books for a wider audience, admired the salons of the 18th century in France and ran one of her own in…

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Pink Martini’s Thomas Lauderdale Once Wanted To Be Mayor Of Portland, But Rally Music ‘Really Sucked’ by Artsjournal2

Because of the music, Lauderdale “had become the de facto social director of Portland’s underground political scene, staging rallies, parties and functions at coffeehouses, private homes…

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Can Dance Make a More Just America? Donald Byrd Is Working on It by Artsjournal1

“The choreographer’s commitment to dance as a catalyst for social change can be seen at a museum show in Seattle and in a new work for the Alvin Ailey company.” – The New York Times

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On The One Hand, Instagram Brings Ballet To The Masses by Artsjournal2

And on the other hand, dancers really have to keep their feeds up to become big stars. It’s a responsibility far away from the rehearsal studio. – The Observer (NY).

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A Decade After ‘The L Word’ Ended, It Returns To Get More Things Right This Time by Artsjournal2

Lesbians, the producers of The L Word thought after the show ended its run in 2009, would become more omnipresent in mainstream U.S. culture. Maybe true, but no queer women’s ensemble show…

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What Does Music Mean? by Artsjournal2

In Portland, Oregon ArtsWatch’s Matthew Neil Andrews is writing a series about classical music and meaning. For instance: We know music can help people process trauma (think of the Boston …

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Sunday, December 1, 2019 at 2pm (Broadway Time)

World AIDS Day and Its Theatrical Impact by Matthew Wexler

Several current productions reference the impact of AIDS on the theater community by subject matter and their creators. The post World AIDS Day and Its Theatrical Impact appeared first on T…

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Ethel Shutta: The Little Girl with the Big Voice by Trav S.D.

The long career of Ethel Shutta (1896-1976) has several distinct phases: 1) childhood in vaudeville; 2) young womanhood on Broadway; 3) middle aged woman on radio and singing with big bands;…

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The Wizard of Oz review – thrilling staging, tremendous performances by Mark Fisher

Leeds PlayhouseDorothy turns eco-warrior, seeking justice in an unjust world, in this visually exciting production of the children’s classic Check out the internet theory that Greta Thunbe…

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Peter Panties and Pinocchio's whopper: it's adult panto everybody! by Ryan Gilbey

They revel in filth and have names like Sinderella and Jack Off the Beanstalk. But is there more to X-rated panto than gross-out gags? Panto season is under way and Pinocchio is on stage in …

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‘Rich & fascinating story’: HOMING BIRDS – Tara Theatre by Stephanie Ressort

Homing Birds is a rich and evocative play that is well worth seeing.

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Thomas Ostermeier’s Magnificent Adaptation of “History of Violence” at St Ann’s Warehouse by Jeremy M. Barker

When the Gilets Jaunes (“Yellow Vest”) protests broke out just a little over a year ago, the leaderless, populist movement was somewhat baffling – as with so much of French social life…

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Aussie Theatre Christmas Advent Calendar Giveaway #2 by Sean McLoughlin

On Day TWO of our Christmas Advent Calendar AussieTheatre has a double pass to giveaway for Come From Away at the Comedy Theatre Melbourne. A global success story, Come From Away opened on B…

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Sunday, December 1, 2019 at 1pm (Broadway Time)

5 reasons Christopher Boone liked ‘Curious Incident’ at Round House better than on Broadway by John Stoltenberg

My name is Christopher Boone and I am 15 and I am brave and I can do anything. I know that because I traveled by train by myself from Swindon to London and I solved the mystery of a neighbor…

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Sunday, December 1, 2019 at noon (Broadway Time)

Celebrate Christmas Early on This Week's Episode of Elaine Paige on Sunday by

Olivier-winning actress Elaine Paige is giving listeners a chance to hear her BBC Radio 2 show, Elaine Paige on Sunday, and this week, the diva is getting into the holiday sp…

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Upcoming CD Releases for December 2019

Check out the latest in upcoming releases of Broadway and theatre related CDs for December, 2019.

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Close-Up On the World of Hadestown, One Hour Before the Audience Arrives by Nathan Skethway

Step inside Broadway’s Walter Kerr Theatre for a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to make the Tony-winning musical happen every night, both onstage and off.

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Sunday, December 1, 2019 at 11am (Broadway Time)

‘All feels a bit under-weight’: THE WOLF OF WALL STREET – Secret Location by Johnny Fox

If you’re with a bunch of co-workers and up for a turkey and tinsel-free ‘night out’ for your department that won’t frighten Mavis from Accounts, The Wolf Of Wall Street may be just …

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Sunday, December 1, 2019 at 10am (Broadway Time)

The Latin Dictionary That’s Been Underway For 125 Years And Isn’t Finished Yet by Artsjournal2

German researchers started working on this new dictionary in the 1890s, thinking it would take 10-15 years of work. But “the Thesaurus Linguae Latinae (T.L.L.) has seen the fall of an empi…

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As Fines Head To The Scrap Heap, Libraries Tear Down (Self-Inflicted) Barriers For Low-Income Patrons by Artsjournal2

Fines probably seemed like a great idea at the time – an encouragement for children (and adults) to keep track of time, keep track of library books and DVDs, and go back into the library t…

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Ski Architecture That’s Meant To Be Egalitarian And Perhaps Has Aged Better Than It Began by Artsjournal2

One of the ideas of Les Arcs was to make skiing holidays easier and more affordable for French holidaygoers. “This huge block of holiday apartments is cantilevered into the hillside, one s…

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It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Climate Change Christmas At The Tate by Artsjournal2

And a very merry apocalypse to you too. Artist Anne Hardy got the Tate Britain commission this year, and she says she worked back from the Winter Solstice, “creating what could be a ransac…

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What’s Happening On Broadway After Dark by Artsjournal2

Broadway is … people, of course, and despite how touristy some of the shows can get, “there’s still a weird, gritty New York patina in there somewhere,” says one of four photographer…

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The Boundary-Pushing Artwork Of 93-Year-Old Artist Zilla Sanchez by Artsjournal2

The Cuban artist has been making important work first in Cuba and then in Puerto Rico for decades. “But outside the Caribbean archipelago, she has been largely ignored. Until the mid-80s, …

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Aleshea Harris Is A Young Playwright Fiercely Confronting U.S. Audiences On Race, History, And Power by Artsjournal2

Playwright Aleshea Harris, who won the Obie Award in 2018 for Is God Is, “is part of a vanguard of young, African American playwrights boring into questions of race and history through hum…

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Stage and Screen Star John Barrowman Was Rushed to the Hospital For Neck Injury; Cancels Performances

Stage and screen star John Barrowman was rushed to the hospital after suffering a?oea severe neck injurya??, according to Independent.

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David Byrne Breaks the Broadway Rules With American Utopia by Noah Mutterperl

Broadway’s Hudson Theatre may be a stop on his international tour, but as the only venue of its kind on the list, you won’t see the Talking Heads frontman like this anywhere else.

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Sunday, December 1, 2019 at 9am (Broadway Time)

Playwright takes ‘Pride’ in his world premiere musical at TheatreWorks by Anne Gelhaus

’Tis the season of Jane Austen, at least among local theater companies. “The Wickhams’ Christmas at Pemberley,” Lauren Gunderson and Margot Melcon’s companion piece to their “Pri…

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Celebrating Etta McDaniel by Trav S.D.

Some brief words of tribute for African American character actress Etta McDaniel (1890-1946), younger sister of Sam McDaniel, and older sister of Oscar winning Hattie McDaniel. Etta started …

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On my radar: Conor McPherson’s cultural highlights by Kathryn Bromwich

The playwright and director on Middle East musicals, Bob Dylan bootlegs, and walking the Earth as he thinks about playsBorn in Dublin in 1971, playwright, director and screenwriter Conor McP…

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The week in theatre: The Boy in the Dress; The Arrival; Richard III – review by Susannah Clapp

Royal Shakespeare theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon; Bush; Sam Wanamaker Playhouse, LondonA new musical adaptation of David Walliams’s book scores on all counts; director Bijan Sheibani makes a…

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Jack Dee: Off the Telly review – new targets, same old grump by Brian Logan

Chequer Mead, East GrinsteadAttacks on Extinction Rebellion and smashed avacado keep Dee in default pissed-off mode, but there are a few inspired moments Jack Dee speaks out of a diagonal mo…

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‘Razor sharp in terms of comedy timing’: AN ACT OF GOD – The Vaults ★★★★ by Emma Clarendon

David Javerbaum’s hilarious comedy An Act Of God effectively brings the ten commandments into the 21st century.

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When the World Isn’t Made for Your Body by Sally Lobel

By Sally Lobel. Introducing the second installment of the Parent-Artist Advocacy series, Sally Lobel talks about how the parent-artist community and the disability community have the potenti…

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Sunday, December 1, 2019 at 8am (Broadway Time)

The Many Stages of Mary Martin by Trav S.D.

Mary Martin (1913-90) is certainly one of the first performers I knew primarily as a stage star. This is because she’s only in a handful of movies, none of them blockbusters or enduring cl…

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Concert review: A well-played 'Nutcracker' with the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra by Sarah Bryan Miller St. Louis Post-Dispatch

It's a beloved score, but there are some issues with presenting it as a stand-alone

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Sunday, December 1, 2019 at 7am (Broadway Time)

‘Electrifying dancing, beautiful singing & wonderful acting’: WEST SIDE STORY – Leicester ★★★★★ by Fairy Powered Productions

Electrifying dancing, beautiful singing and wonderful acting, if you want to treat yourself to something really special this Christmas, get a ticket for West Side Story at Curve Leicester.

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Sunday, December 1, 2019 at 6am (Broadway Time)

Velma and Thelma: The Connor Sisters by Trav S.D.

The identical Connor Twins, Velma (1906-1987) and Thelma (1906-1981) hailed from Hornbeck, Vernon Parish, Louisiana. The harmonizing sisters toured big time vaudeville with a Gus Edwards rev…

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Sunday, December 1, 2019 at 5am (Broadway Time)

‘Involuntary’: ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ in the Age of Neurodivergence by Artsjournal1

Leon J. Hilton explores the recent production of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest created by Spectrum Theatre Ensemble, a company dedicated to making theatre with and for neurodiverse artis…

Linked From ArtsJournal at 05:18AM

The American Theatre Was Killing Me: Healing from Racialized Trauma in an Art Workspace by Artsjournal1

“In the following conversation, theatremaker Lauren E. Turner recounts her courageous healing journey from the depths of sustained racialized trauma working in a New Orleans theatre to the…

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New Data: Who Is Taking Art Classes? by Artsjournal1

“News that the National Assessment of Educational Progress in the arts would fall victim to budget constraints raised a collective groan from the nation’s arts advocates earlier this yea…

Linked From ArtsJournal at 05:18AM
Sunday, December 1, 2019 at 4am (Broadway Time)

Myself UK: Decade; Madhavi Mudgal’s Vistar – review by Bidisha

Stratford Circus Arts Centre; Sadler’s Wells, LondonNew works hit home as hip-hop collective Myself UK hits 10. And Indian classical dance that feels like new In front of a wildly supporti…

Linked From The Guardian at 04:12AM

Wild Goose Dreams review – an internet liaison complete with visions by Clare Brennan

Ustinov Studio, Theatre Royal BathHansol Jung’s tale of two lonely Koreans who meet online is witty but overstuffed with ideasWe are in Seoul. Guk Minsung is a “goose father”, one of t…

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What’s closing in London Theatre this month? (December 2019)

The year is coming to a close and so must some shows in London Theatre. The weather is certainly colder now, and we can hardly believe 2019 is coming to an end, just as we can’t believe mo…

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What’s opening in London Theatre this month? (December 2019)

We’re approaching the end of the year but like Elsa from Frozen the cold doesn’t bother us because we’re embracing the festive side of winter. Whilst there is uncertainty over whether…

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Sunday, December 1, 2019 at 1am (Broadway Time)

Ian Kershaw’s “The Greatest Play in the History of the World” at the Trafalgar Studios: Science Fantasy Hymn to Love by Aleks Sierz

Naturalism is both the best thing about British theatre, being democratic and comprehensible by all, and the worst, being boringly unimaginative and frankly banal. The hegemony of this aesth…

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Theatrefolk Featured Play – Hamlette by Allison Williams by Lindsay Price

Welcome to our Featured Play Spotlight. Hamlette by Allison Williams is a fantastic competition piece for student performers that takes Shakespeare and turns it on its ear. Imagine if you w…

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Celebrate 61 Years of Flower Drum Song by Mark Peikert

The Richard Rodgers-Oscar Hammerstein II classic, directed by Gene Kelly, opened at the St. James Theatre December 1, 1958.

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Sunday, December 1, 2019 at midnight (Broadway Time)

Philadelphia Theater Calendar December 2019 by Calendar

Philadelphia theater calendar for December 2019

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A new podcast series goes behind the scenes in The Crown

Actors and writers talk about their roles in the Netflix series

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