Monday, May 25, 2015

Glee: Everybody Loves a Winner By Brian Moylan

The only thing gayer than Kristin Chenoweth singing a Liza Minnelli song from Cabaret on Glee is...well, there is nothing gayer than Kristin Chenoweth singing a Liza Minnelli song from Cabaret on Glee. And it was glorious!

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American Idol Ruined Auditions for America

Hair is holding an open casting and it is plagued by crazies from far and wide who don't really want to get to Broadway, they just want attention. Thanks American Idol, now instead of auditions, we have the freak parade.

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Out at the Obies: Succulent Young Men and Pantyhose

Our unflappable correspondent Stephen Kosloff attended the Village Voice's Obie Awards, which reward excellence in Off-Broadway theater, last night. These are his stories.

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Meet Mercury-Poisoned Jeremy Piven's Fishy Celebrity Doctor

Jeremy Piven quit his Broadway show three months early because of an overexposure to mercury. Sounds serious! And fake! So who's treating him? A celebrity doctor with a shady past named Carl…

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Feel Good Because 'The Times' Looks Bad

For modern actors who have long suspected the Times of having a classical theater bias, now there is irrefutable proof.

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The Spider-Man Musical Needs to Call It Quits by Richard Lawson

Dammit, I hate it when Riedel is right.

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Doddering Publicist's Assistant Begs World For One Last Shot

Once in a great while, we're treated to an e-mail so unbelievable in both its content and format that we bow down and thank the gods for having seen fit to invent the "forward" command. All …

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Broadway Stunt Casting Increasingly Popular, Annoying

While big namers do earn more than a typical theatre star would to glow under the lights, the pay isn't great and the performance schedule can prove grueling. So why are so many folks jumpin…

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Friday, May 17, 2013

'Bloodbath' Day at Village Voice: Musto, Sietsema, Feingold Out by Hamilton Nolan

We hear that executives from the Voice's parent company flew in for today's massacre. Michael Musto, the Voice's nightlife columnist and most high profile remaining staffer, has been let go,…

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

War Horse: A Boy, His Horse, and Steven Spielberg by Matt Cherette

Here's a trailer for War Horse, directed by Steven Spielberg and slated to open in theaters on December 28.

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