Friday, June 5, 2015

Tony Awards: Predictions And Facts About This Year's Nominations - CTnow by Frank Rizzo

Here are seven things you should know about this year's awards show recognizing the best of Broadway theatre:

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Monday, May 25, 2015

Art Scene's Leaving Ladies by Frank Rizzo

Three women who have contributed mightily to the culture of Connecticut will be leaving the state arts scene.

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Dream Sequence by JEFF RIVERS

Making It In America, As Seen On TV And In Movies ...

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Pamela Gien's 'Syringa Tree' Opens Long Wharf by Frank Rizzo

It took a while, but New Haven's Long Wharf Theatre has finalized its 2003-04 season, the second under artistic director Gordon Edelstein.

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A Thorny 'Rose' by MALCOLM JOHNSON

Ultimately, "Rose's Dilemma" evolves into a melodrama, albeit one with an engaging coda. Mostly missing, however, is Simon's famous gift for crackling jokes.

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'BFE' Funny, Potent, Chilling By MALCOLM JOHNSON

Cho Limns Love, Psyche, Fear

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'Barefoot' On Broadway By MALCOLM JOHNSON

Despite Stellar Acting And Skillful Staging, Comedy Shows Its Age

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Farmington Girl Sets Sights On Show Business by JOANNA MECHLINSKI

Emily Graham-Handley Gets Good Start With Carol Burnett

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He Is His Own Actor By FRANK RIZZO

James Lecesne Stars In 'I Am My Own Wife'

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Fathers and sons in the dark heart of England By MALCOLM JOHNSON

Directed with style and imagination and co-designed by Melly Still, this look at the Thomas Coram foundling hospital exposes the horrors of cruel and harsh times, while resounding with glori…

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Man Of The Theater By CHARLES HIX

Doug Hughes insists that he is "by no means a great specialist" of the French master Molire (1622-1673), whom he calls "the protean man of the theater."

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Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious By MALCOLM JOHNSON

'Mary Poppins' Becomes Broadway Spectacular

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Seized By A Climate Of Fear By MALCOLM JOHNSON

Iraq, Afghanistan Or America Resonate In Wallace Shawn's 'The Fever'

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New And Old For Long Wharf's Next Season by Frank Rizzo

A premiere of a solo show by Anna Deavere Smith, a new play by Craig Lucas and a small-scale production of a Rodgers & Hammerstein classic are part of the lineup for the 2007-08 season at Lo…

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A Dramatic 'Feast' by ROGER CATLIN

Quotes from Kushner, Nichols, Pacino and Streep.

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A Poetic, Well-Acted Portrait by MALCOLM JOHNSON

A Unique Survivor Of Nazis, East Berlin

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With Tonys, It's Sherman's Wing And A Prayer by FRANK RIZZO

Howard Sherman uses "opportunity" a lot.

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titles with a touch of the poet By FRANK RIZZO

To a person scanning the theater ads in New Haven, it appears that the "caps lock" key is missing on several writers' keyboards.

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Laughter, Tears - And A Talking Tennis Ball By MALCOLM JOHNSON

With A Large Cast Of Sidekicks, Ventriloquist Jay Johnson Shines As A Broadway Showman

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Bells Are Ringing For Tucci by RON DICKER

Stanley Tucci broke through the fourth wall recently, and not as a dramatic device. Irritated by cellphones ringing and cameras clicking during "Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune," his…

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Flying High By CHARLES HIX

Defying gravity is literally and figuratively at the heart of The Flight of the Lawnchair Man, the charming musical fantasy for which Robert Lindsey contributed both music and lyrics.

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