Friday, March 20, 2015

Productions Raises Women’s Voices in “Properties of Silence” by Abe

Productions Raises Women’s Voices in “Properties of Silence” “I walk beneath your pens, and am not what I truly am, but what you’d prefer to imagine me.” ― Juana Inés de …

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Friday, January 9, 2015

Dragon Street by Abe

After rounding up at least four Chinese food fans, which shouldn’t be too difficult, head for DRAGON STREET in North Hollywood. Unprepossessing is a kind word for the interior, whose booth…

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Multicultural by Abe

Theatre was born the moment one being tried to express a story to another. It’s as simple as that.  Given that every culture anywhere in this world has some form of theatre, it can easily…

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Angara by Abe

When people ask, “What’s your favorite restaurant?” I usually want to know, in which category? If it’s Indian, the answer is ANGARA in Torrance (matched, perhaps, by Jaipur in West L…

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Across the Freeway from Universal City is CALIFORNIA CANTEEN, a misnomer which might imply a veggieburger/hot dog counter. But, it’s actually a charming French bistro with a tempting menu …

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Those of you who have tried Cuban food, know that it’s not spicy but mildly and cleverly seasoned involving citrus juices in marinades etc. Why not try it at EL RINCON CRIOLLO, where a sma…

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It’s all Greek to you, when you visit GEORGE’S GREEK CAFÉ, one of the few restaurants with authentic, home-style cooking and decent prices, owned for decades, by the Loizides Family. Th…

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Vox Lumiere by Abe

The breadth of human creation is a derivative of prior moments. Art, all human knowledge is built upon a foundation originally started before the dawn of man and added to by each subsequent …

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Coming of Age by Abe

For those that want to know how life changes as you gain seniority, let me offer this perspective. Mostly it doesn’t. But what does happen is you, or me in this case, pause for reflection …

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24th Street Theatre Answers the Question: What is Theatre? by Abe

24th Street Theatre Answers the Question: What is Theatre? It all started with a simple question from an inquisitive young boy strolling past the open doors of a converted 1928 carriage hous…

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

SCARY, The Musical by Jazmyn

Someone is killing off the Drama Club of Vera Miles High School, everyone is a suspect and you decide who the killer is! Combining a slasher movie plot with a rock ‘n roll score, pop-cultu…

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La Mirada Theatre by Jazmyn

Winner of the L.A. Stage Alliance OVATION AWARD for 2012-2013 “Best Season of the Year,” LA MIRADA THEATRE FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS, now in its fourth decade, has been hailed by the Los A…

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Spring Awakening at Deaf West Theatre by Jazmyn

Showing September 25 till November 9th, 2014 Deaf West Theatre, in association with The Forest of Arden, reinvents the multiple Tony Award-winning musical about lost innocence and the strug…

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Boston Court: Creative, Bold and Daring by Jazmyn

There are a lot of buzzwords to describe Boston Court’s artistic vision; among them in their mission statement is creative, bold and daring. In the broadest terms, these are certainly appl…

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Why Theatre? Why Now? by Jazmyn

Theatre has been an institution of western culture for more than 3000 years. That’s a ton of tradition, and a lot of baggage. While admittedly there have been periods where the art was ove…

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Young Frankenstein – Sizzle Reel by Jazmyn

OPENING TODAY a DOMA Theatre Company production, “Young Frankenstein”, a New Musical by Mel Brooks  at The MET Theatre in Hollywood. For more info, visit: …

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Bulrusher presented by Skylight Theatre Company & Lower Depth Theatre Ensemble by Jazmyn

REMARKABLE play unfolds with mesmeric leisureliness. SUPERB production elements.- LA Times CRITIC’S CHOICE! The LA PREMIERE of the PULITZER PRIZE FINALIST “Couldn’t be more tim…

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

METRO CAFÉ by Jazmyn

Please be aware that this isn’t one of Culver City’s new hot spots. It’s off the beaten dining track and fronts the Travelodge Motel. Are you still reading? Good!  METRO CAFÉ is plai…

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LE CELLIER by Jazmyn

This may be the classiest spot in town, in which to enjoy French accented Vietnamese cuisine. They call themselves a gastro wine bar but the food is way above gastro and as for the wine bar,…

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Whether you’re about to jump into your private jet and head out of town or attending a performance at the nearby Ruskin Group Theatre, the recommended pit stop is SPITFIRE GRILL, for some …

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Friday, September 12, 2014

The Behavior of Broadus by Jazmyn

The Behavior of Broadus now playing till October 11th buy your tickets now at From the award winning Sacred Fools Theater, producer of such hits as: Louis &…

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Thursday, September 11, 2014


To get away from the stress and strain of city life, how about a drive up the mountain road of Topanga Canyon? You’ll pass the CANYON BISTRO , but don’t. Stop in for some California/Fren…

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If you can find fish fresher than at SANTA MONICA SEAFOOD COMPANY, it’s still swimming!. Displayed in glass cages like Tiffany’s jewels, you can buy anything from the rivers, lakes and o…

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YUJUYA by Jazmyn

The space once occupied by an Italian restaurant, which was not only criminally overpriced but so noisy, a gunshot would have blended right in, has been replaced by YUJUYA, a serene, non-kit…

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Dacha by Jazmyn

DACHA Politically, the Ukrainian-Russian situation is dismal, but gastronomically, here in Valley Village, it’s otchin horosho (very good), as they say in Russian. I also know “I love yo…

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Friday, August 29, 2014

“Try A Little Tenderness” – THE BROTHERS SIZE at the Fountain Theatre by Abe

Critic’s Choice! “Dazzling!” LA Times. “Joyous!” Broadway World. The LA Premiere of THE BROTHERS SIZE by Tarell Alvin McCraney, starring Gilbert Glenn Brown, Ma…

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Tonya Cornelisse by Jazmyn

Tonya Cornelisse by Graham Sibley There is no one in the world like Tonya Cornelisse.  No one.  Her sultry voice, ginger head of hair and more sweet, raw talent wrapped up in her petite fr…

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Arts and Entertainment by Jazmyn

Recently there has been a rumbling, a conversation in the zeitgeist, pondering the value of theatre. There seems to be some contention about whether theatre is entertainment, or a forum of c…

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MAISON RICHARD   Remember how many French restaurants we used to frequent, just a few years ago? Here’s one for you, MAISON RICHARD, which bears the surname of famous Master Chef Mich…

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Duna Csarda by Abe

THE DINING SCENE BY INGRID WILMOT A theatre outing should begin by avoiding all chopping, stirring and even microwaving but with a pleasant, relaxing dinner. Here are some suggestions, each …

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The times, they are a changin’ by Abe

For more than a century, Theatre as an institution has been facing a challenge of audience interest. While theatre along with sports were the principal sources of popular public entertainmen…

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