Saturday, October 3, 2009 at 11am (Broadway Time)

Almost Practically Perfect by Broadway Mouth Blog

The Mary Poppins tour is one of the few shows that came through town where a lot of people I know attended. I know people who want to see The Lion King or Wicked and aren’t able to get ti…

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Saturday, October 3, 2009 at midnight (Broadway Time)

Kathleen Marshall and Scott Landis By ERIC V. COPAGE

The couple's love affair has all the makings of a backstage romance like the ones in the old musicals that they know so well.

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North Shore Music Theatre latest

Reporter Steve Rosenberg has the latest on the shuttered North Shore Music Theatre. The property was sold yesterday.

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Happy Journey of an Actor as Tragic Hero By MONICA DRAKE

After several screen credits and countless regional theater roles, John Douglas Thompson has become a Shakespeare specialist.

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The Tangle of Branches in a Royal Tree By CELIA McGEE

Rosemary Harris has been watching a significant chunk of her life flash before her eyes, and it's played by Jan Maxwell in the Broadway revival of "The Royal Family."

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The Health Care Monologues By SUSAN DOMINUS

Can Anna Deavere Smith's one-woman play about health care bring other voices to the debate?

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Michael Learned & Cathy Rigby: La Mirada's Women of Steel by Geo Hartley

The two leading ladies of La Mirada's Steel Magnolias talk about the upcoming show and their extensive theatre careers.

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5 Questions I've Never Been Asked: Mimi Imfurst

Lacking interest in "run-of-the-mill" impersonations" of Barbra, Judy and Cher, Imfurst does Anne Frank, Jon Benet Ramsey, Terri Schiavo and the Virgin Mary instead.

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Superior Photos By: Joseph Marzullo & Tristan Fuge; Text by Dan Bacalzo

Liev Schreiber, LaChanze, Kathleen Turner, Michael McKean, Candice Bergen, Martha Stewart, Martin Short, Rosie O'Donnell, and Tyne Daly celebrate the opening nights of Superior Donuts and Love, Loss, and What I Wore.

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Review: "Superior Donuts" By: David Cote - Time Out New York

This witty, melancholy but hopeful chamber drama is a full-course meal served up by a crew of top chefs.

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Superior Donuts - Review by Adam Feldman

Tracy Letts treads lightly into diner-counter culture.

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Inherit The Wind by Gerald Berkowitz

Lawrence and Lee's 1955 courtroom drama is frequently revived in America but virtually unknown in Britain, a situation this barnstorming Trevor Nunn production should soon correct as the dir…

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Matt Lucas, in what is an inspired piece of casting, is memorable as the hapless and equally deserved Halliwell, who is caught up in the slipstream of Orton's talent.

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Prick Up Your Ears by Mark Shenton

Daniel Kramer's smart, funny and eventually poignant production earns its keep by the fully inhabited strength of its two lead actors.

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Prick Up Your Ears at the Comedy Theatre, review By Charles Spencer (***)

Prick Up Your Ears, Simon Bent's play about Joe Orton and his lover Kenneth Halliwell, lacks the wit and daring of Orton at his best.

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Prick Up Your Ears (**)

Matt Lucas doesn't disgrace himself but this play says little new about Joe Orton and Kenneth Halliwell, writes Michael Billington

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Prick Up Your Ears, by Simon Bent, Comedy Theatre - Review By Quentin Letts

This production forgets that loneliness and tension are often best conveyed by judicious silences rather than screaming.

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Prick Up Your Ears

Simon Bent's new biodrama is darkly comic, as it should be, but helmer Daniel Kramer gradually pushes his smartly cast production into -- pardon the expression -- overkill.

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Staccato rhythms and male competition, or: David Mamet phones it in by TOBY ZINMAN

School is a lame skit about recycling, and Keep Your Pantheon offers dismaying evidence that the great Mamet isn't above recycling old material himself.

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Son of Pagliacci by DAN ROTTENBERG

To win the love of his clown father- as well as the audience- Lorenzo Pisoni drives his body through every pratfall in the standard clowning handbook. The result is exhausting.

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Audience Rolls the Dice, and the Actress Takes Her Chances By JASON ZINOMAN

"Luck" at 59E59 Theaters is a sly solo piece about professional gambling which mixes memoir, philosophy and show business gimmickry.

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While some may think The Pride of Parnell Street is overly sentimental, sentimentality is exactly the play's strength.

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A Steady Rain - Review by OSCAR E. MOORE

Hugh Jackman & Daniel Craig, Hollywood He-Men, deliver powerful performances.

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