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Where Family Trees Grow a Little Differently by LAUREL GRAEBER

"They Chose Me!" by Ned Paul Ginsburg and Michael Colby

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Euan Morton In Kushner/Sendak's Brundibar And In Concert;
A Chorus Line Returns; Tennessee Williams On DVD;
Red Light Winter's Show-Within-the Show; More
By Ellis Nassour

Tony-nominee Morton stars in a colorful family-friendly opera with an interesting past; film adaptations of one of America's greatest playwrights are boxed for DVD; More.

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'Wedding Singer' Hits Right Notes Without Sandler: John Simon

The fun doesn't abate for one unamusing instant.

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Accept This 'Wedding' Invitation By Terry Teachout

... among the most ingenious and amusing musical adaptations of a Hollywood film ever to reach Broadway.

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The Wedding Singer
Reviewed by: Peter Filichia

Here's a nice, lightweight show that's going to bring a great deal of pleasure to a great number of people.

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Something Borrowed, Something Renewed: The Return of the 80's in 'The Wedding Singer' By BEN BRANTLEY

An assembly-kit musical that might as well be called "That 80's Show," this stage version of the 1998 film is all winks and nods and quotes from the era of big hair and junk bonds.

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'Wedding Singer' Doesn't Deliver By MICHAEL KUCHWARA, AP Drama Critic

The show, which opened Thursday at the Al Hirschfeld Theatre, is, unfortunately, more relentless than inspired.

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"Wedding Singer" hits Broadway By Misha Berson

Judging from a press preview last week, the show underwent a lot of nipping and tucking since its 5th Avenue Theatre run here. As a result, it's a sunnier, gentler, sleeker affair - but the …

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This 'Wedding' is off by Howard Kissel

What could have gone wrong, you wonder. And then you realize, this is a musical version of a mediocre film - how good could it be?

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'Wedding Singer': Back to the '80s By Peter Marks

A premise this flimsy -- one asking for your Joblike forbearance of jokey references to the 1980s -- requires two crucial elements this show does not have: a corker of a score, and a leading…

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The Wedding Singer
Review by Matthew Murray

What's been forgotten by librettists Chad Beguelin and Tim Herlihy - like everyone involved in this robotically entertaining enterprise, from director John Rando on down - is that cheeky ref…

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'Wedding' loves the '80s By Elysa Gardner

The Wedding Singer (* * 1/2 out of four), the new musical adaptation of the film, trades on 1980s nostalgia with a ferocity that would put a VH1 marketing executive to shame.

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Review: "The Wedding Singer" musical By JACQUES LE SOURD

It's trying to cash in on a movie title that people remember fondly, without the personality that made it work.

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'Wedding Singer' comes with plain fare BY MICHAEL SOMMERS

Even for the jaded appetite, though, it's a lot of laughs and a good time

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Cagle's Review: 'The Wedding Singer' by Jess Cagle

The show is a little crude and a little long, but overall -- to borrow a word from the 80s -- it's awesome, as colorful and sweet and tasty as a jar of Ronald Reagan's jellybeans.

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The Wedding Singer
Review by Rob Kendt

What's the point of wallowing in the guilty pleasures of a dubious musical era with simulated junk? It's like a vending machine stocked with RC Cola.

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Sophisticated, it ain't.
Still, the book, based on the '98 movie script - by the original screenwriter, Tim Herlihy, with the show's lyric writer, Chad Beguelin - isn't all that bad.

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The Wedding Singer
Review By Frank Scheck

How much 1980s nostalgia can you stand?

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The Wedding Singer

Like a knockoff Prada bag picked up on Canal Street, this looks at first glance like the real thing, but closer inspection reveals the imperfections.

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That '80s show is one big party BY LINDA WINER

The show that opened last night at the Al Hirschfeld Theatre is a good-natured, harmless, high-energy knockoff of the 1998 Adam Sandler-Drew Barrymore romantic comedy about nuptial rituals o…

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Altar Ego Just For Laughs By MALCOLM JOHNSON

Broadway's 'Wedding Singer' Will Leave You Humming And Hawing

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'Singer' falls a little flat By ROBERT FELDBERG

"The Wedding Singer" has moments that are entertaining at a certain basic-comedy level. It's not awful, but it doesn't set the bar very high, either.

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The Black Rider
Review By Ed Kaufman

A magical evening of spectacular theater.

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It's love, hate - or both By Charles McNulty

The full range of Robert Wilson's artfully hallucinatory style can be seen in the striking, if trying, "Black Rider" at the Ahmanson.

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'Black Rider' is as dark as its name By Evan Henerson

Great visuals, but a chilly theatrical experience.

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A Fine And Private Place
Review by Matthew Murray

The most captivating embrace of the season occurs between two characters who never even touch.

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A Fine and Private Place

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Nightlife Notes
Just Joni By: Barbara & Scott Siegel

At the Duplex, Phil Geoffrey Bond and company present a wonderful tribute to singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell.

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A role already played BY PETER FILICHIA

Barbara Andres sees herself in 'From Door to Door'

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Arts, Briefly

TKTS booth relocates, Rossellini twins feud over film homage, Comédie-Francaise drops Handke play and more culture news.

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Theater notes By Terry Byrne

Award-winning composer William Finn, best known for "Falsettos" and the current Broadway hot ticket "The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee," will be the guest of honor at this year's El…

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'Feet,' 'Throats' and 'Ears': Break a leg! by Joe Dziemianowicz

The titles of three new shows opening on 42nd St. - "Hot Feet," "Sore Throats" and "Look Ma ... No Ears!" - might make you wonder whether ushers will hand you a Playbill or a medical chart.

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