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Yesterday, after the matinee of WICKED, Kristin Chenoweth held a meeting of her online fans. It was a wonderful, heartwarming event, with about sixty people attending. And thanks to Kristin's dollar-for-dollar match, it raised $4,452 for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. Here's a link to a summary from the event's amazing organizer, Jaime Morris.
I only hope this idea catches on!

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Tony Kushner responds to 'Caroline' charge

Note: In the May 9 issue of Sunday Showcase, theater critic Hedy Weiss reviewed several current Broadway productions, including "Caroline or Change," written by Pulitzer Prize-winning playwr…

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The Good, the Bad and the Tonys by BEN BRANTLEY

For two decades, it has been hard to argue that the Tony Awards celebrate what is truly the best of American theater. This year, it's hard to imagine that anyone is even going to try.

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The Best Tony Fight in Years by JESSE MCKINLEY

The Tony Awards are not exactly known for competitive intrigue. But this year, the competition for best leading actress in a musical has got something for everyone.

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The Tony Effect (or Lack Thereof) by JASON ZINOMAN

Of the many odd aspects of the Tony Awards, one of the oddest is that the prizes rarely have any effect on a show's box office.

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Green Day: A Witch's Transformation by LIESL SCHILLINGER

Eight times a week, Idina Menzel, who plays Elphaba in the Broadway musical "Wicked," is turned into a full-grown witch.

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The Wages of Song: At Least $1,354 a Week by ZACHARY PINCUS-ROTH

It pays to work in a Broadway chorus. But does it pay well enough?

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Donna Murphy's Classic Movie Crib Sheet by ZACHARY PINCUS-ROTH

Donna Murphy prepared for her role in "Wonderful Town" by watching 40 to 50 films from the 1930's, 40's and 50's. Here are eight of the films she found particularly helpful.

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The Lyrics of the Year by JASON ZINOMAN

Lyrics from songs in the four shows nominated this year for a Tony Award in the category of best original score (music and/or lyrics).

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The Specialists Behind the Scenes by MELENA Z. RYZIK

The technical experts from five Broadway productions describe how they made their shows' special effects truly special.

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Letters From Squeaky by JESSE GREEN

Earlier this year, Squeaky Fromme wrote to the actress who plays her in the revival of "Assassins" about what it was like to be at the center of the Manson fold.

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Acting Bravely by Nelson Pressley

With 'Beyond Glory,' Stephen Lang Comes Down on One Side: His Heroes'

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Baryshnikov as the Vehicle for Wry Stalinist Memories by BRUCE WEBER

In his collaboration with the puppeteer Rezo Gabriadze, Mikhail Baryshnikov plays a man who thinks he is a car.

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Chicago theater in a League of its own BY KEVIN NANCE

When the League of Chicago Theatres marks its 25th anniversary on Monday night with a gala at the Goodman Theatre, the text -- to be spoken by Windy City theater alumni William Petersen and …

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Tony Randall, Barbara Cook, Drama League Awards.

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Opera House's reopening is an event fit for 'Lion King' by Ed Siegel

Restored venue to host acclaimed Taymor musical

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It's still all work, no play by Agustin Gurza

L.A.'s Latino theater scene has a promising new venue but no major productions lined up, leaving backers scrambling to build support.

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Berkeley Rep brings masters together by PAT CRAIG

During rehearsals, they call Rita Moreno "la Leyenda."

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Meet theater's one-woman UN by Marie Ewald

Sarah Jones's neighbors wonder about the voices floating through the walls of her West Village apartment.

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Lone Star lit by Mark Lowry

Betty Buckley and others give voice to home-state authors in Texas Bound

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'Annie' hits the target by ERIC MARCHESE

"Annie Get Your Gun," with Christa Jackson.

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Sondheim done to perfection by Evan Henerson

FOR THREE short weeks -- one more than we usually get -- the musical series Reprise! is turning UCLA's Freud Playhouse into a "Company' town. And there's a lot of praise to go around.

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During songs, 'Company' sings by PAUL HODGINS

Flaws are retained in this Reprise! production, but Sondheim's music still delivers the goods.

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Symbolism fills 'Orpheus' in D.C. by J. Wynn Rousuck

Actors are making a noble effort with Williams' script

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The Wau Wau Sisters

Reviewed By: Dan Bacalzo

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Tasting Memories

Review by Matthew Murray
Tasting Memories is a brilliantly conceived and intriguingly cast exercise in exploring the links between passion, food, and theatre.

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Outside the Law

Review by Matthew Murray

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Special Import 3185

The New York Times 2004 Tony Awards Section:

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