Sunday, February 1, 2004 at midnight (Broadway Time)

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[ PRN ] Barry Manilow Hospitalized Following Court Days

    The superstar had returned to his home earlier in the day from New York where he "endured two of the most grueling days of arbitration in a lawsuit where he and co-writer Bruce Sussman are fighting to get back the rights to their brilliant stage musical 'Harmony,' from producer Mark Schwartz," according to Manilow's publicist Jerry J. Sharell.
Hmmm... Lots of spin happening here. When your own PR person releases a story about hopitalization and loss of rights to his "brilliant stage musical"... it smacks of looking for sympathy when there is no legal basis.

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1) If it was a "brilliant stage musical", would it have been kicking around for so long? I mean, come on, Patrick Wilson was not even a *star* when he first did this out on the left coast.

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2) And if it was a "brilliant stage musical", would there have been such a problem financing it?

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3) And if it was a "brilliant stage musical", why didn't Barry put the money up himself?

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There is more to this story here than either side is willing to admit.

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On another note, it looks like Barry needs good health coverage. He is a regular at the hospital lately...

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A brilliance dimmed by time by Carlin Romano

S.J. Perelman's centennial gets little fanfare.

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STAGE TO SCREEN: Looking Ahead "Phantom," "Proof" and "Closer"

With all the talk of "The Producers" going in front of the cameras for a Christmas 2005 release, the year were in right now has sort of been lost in the shuffle. As it happens, 2004 could b…

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Audience interaction part of a rich history by Chris Jones

"The only reason that the theater has persisted in the modern age," says David Saltz, a professor of drama at the University of Georgia, "is its inherent sense of interactivity -- the possib…

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Broadway's Hollywood Cast by Linda Winer

Looking at the number of nominees who began in the theater, I felt a bizarre mixture of loss and undeserved pride in their success.

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Shining A Guiding Light by JEFF RIVERS

Elders Can Provide Key To Success, Say Ossie Davis And Ruby Dee

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Nellie the elegant by JIM FARBER

Will droll crooner with '40s style be pop's next phenom?

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Her Late Late Show by PAULINE O'CONNOR
Lateness seems to be a vice with Nellie McKay, who will release her debut album, aptly titled "Late Again," on Feb. 10.

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Help me get readers into the arts game by PAUL HODGINS

What can entertainment writers do to make their subjects and their sections more appealing?

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Get rich, or laugh trying by EVERETT EVANS

Comedy is the star of 'The Producers'
Interviews with Stroman and Brooks.
Thanks to American Theater Web for the final two links above!

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Shaw Festival books in the red

Season ends with $3 million deficit by RICHARD OUZOUNIAN
War, SARS and mixed reviews share blame

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Safety is a focus around theater by Scott Calvert

Hippodrome operators, city officials want patrons to feel secure in the area

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Spring shoots amid icy biz

Broadway eagerly awaits B.O. thaw
Is business bad on Broadway in January? Do people ski in Aspen? As Gotham shivers through a particularly cold winter, there's actually some moderately good news to report: Things aren't much worse than usual!

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Admissions math on B'way

Comparing the past 3 years provides better tix analysis

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'Wicked' bucks icy biz

Broadway grosses

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Biz off; L.A. 'Chi' $1.2 mil

Road grosses

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Robert Harth, Who Ran Carnegie Hall, Dies at 47 by ROBIN POGREBIN

Robert J. Harth was the artistic and executive director of Carnegie Hall who in just two years managed the institution through an economic downturn.

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