Wednesday, December 24, 2003 at midnight (Broadway Time)

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[ DN ]A Rao's razz led to killing
Say wiseguy blasted man who dissed singer

Um... well... a little holiday spirit for all.

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B'way giants rattle 'Cage'

Zaks to helm, Mitchell to choreograph revival
Two gay guys and two legit giants make for one Broadway revival. Clear Channel is joining with the Nederlanders to bring "La Cage aux Folles" back to Gotham next season. The musical version of the 1978 French film about a gay club owner and his transvestite partner opened in 1983.

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Les Tremayne, a Leading Man on Radio Shows, Dies at 90 by BEN SISARIO

Les Tremayne was a honey-voiced leading man of radio's golden age. Among his credits were "The Thin Man," "The Falcon," "Betty and Bob" and "The Romance of Helen Trent."
But to me, he was Mentor, the guy who drove the van, on "Shazam!"

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Theaters will spotlight France next fall

En garde! The French Cultural Services office of Chicago will be joining forces with 10 Chicago theater institutions next October and November for a festival designed to showcase the work of…

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Peter Filichia's Diary

What hit shows do Filichia's friends and relatives want to see during Christmas week?

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Waiting in the wings with their act together by Louise Kennedy

In Boston, there's one understudy this season who never got the call -- "thank God," he says.
"Can you imagine," asks Jeremiah Kissel, "standing stage left in the wings, listening to 880 people find out that Nathan Lane is not coming out tonight?"

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First Person Plural: Two Onstage Autobiographies by BRUCE WEBER
Josh Kornbluth and Mark Lundholm are both performing autobiographical pieces Off Broadway at the moment, but they don't have a great deal else in common.

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The Siegel Column

Barbara & Scott on Rose's Dilemma, The Regard Evening, and a clutch of cabaret Christmas shows.

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