Sunday, November 10, 2002 at midnight (Broadway Time)

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Mr. Lonelyhearts BY CAROLYN CLAY

John C. Reilly anchors the Huntingtons solid Marty
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A New Platform for the New Poets By JON PARELES

"Def Poetry Jam on Broadway" combines the ancient traditions of bards and griots and the more recent resurgence of spoken-word and hip-hop.

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Caryl Churchill's Gripping Imagination By BENEDICT NIGHTINGALE

"Far Away," starring Frances McDormand, right, is one in a number of shrewd and daring plays by the British dramatist Caryl Churchill.

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Revisions tighten Broadway-due 'Friends' by Anne Marie Welsh

'Imaginary Friends" is on its way to Broadway, after an Old Globe Theatre tryout and plenty of tinkering by writer Nora Ephron and director Jack O'Brien.

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Live from New York, the casting 'Story' by Mark Lowry

When West Side Story opens this week at Bass Hall, you may notice a few local faces in the cast, mostly members of the Fort Worth Dallas Ballet. But many of the performers you won't recogniz…

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`Medea,' a story of obsessive love by Karen D'Souza


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Medea, our first drama queen by Robert Hurwitt

Euripides' tragic, complex icon has captivated audiences for 2,433 years

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Abbey rethinks 'Medea' by Elena Park

Irish troupe brings new interpretation to classic

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Russian Musical Performed Again, in Requiem for Victims by STEVEN LEE MYERS

Two weeks to the day after the terrorist siege of a theater here ended with a daring, deadly rescue by Russian commandos, the cast of "Nord-Ost" returned to a new stage tonight for the first of two long-planned performances that had originally been meant as a promotional celebration of the show's role in bringing Broadway-style musicals to Moscow.
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Letters: Audra McDonald; Jonathan Demme; Carroll Dunham

Includes a letter to the editor by Sam Harris.

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City Center Encores! 10th Anniversary Bash

The lineup, with a few names that didn't get into the ad in today's Times. I'm counting the days...

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The Concert Musical: Score It a Hit by Peter Marks

With 'Carmen Jones,' a Hot Trend Storms the Stage

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'This is the way we were' by Catherine Foster

In a post-9/11 world, 'Our Town' has a new resonance

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Into New Territory by Sylviane Gold

'Movin' Out says it all: Twyla Tharp is taking ballet and the musical beyond their boundaries

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Mavericks bow to change by Jan Breslauer

Alternative theaters, born to serve specific communities, adapt to new circumstances by entering the mainstream.

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Let's get this show on the road: How they do it BY DOMINIC P. PAPATOLA

Moving "The Producers" from town to town is as carefully choreographed a routine as the show's biggest production number.
The Pioneer Press has four other articles on "The Producers" and its arrival in Minneapolis; click their "Performing Arts" link to read them.
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Debra Winger in "Frankie and Johnny"? (Seventh item.)

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Tonight on NBC's "Law & Order: Criminal Intent": Tammy Blanchard (soon to be on Broadway in GYPSY) and Frank Converse (soon to be on Broadway in OUR TOWN).

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