Sunday, July 16, 2017

Harvard theater school to go on ‘three-year hiatus’ - The Boston Globe by Malcolm Gay

Harvard University’s struggling ART Institute, a graduate-level theater training program housed within the American Repertory Theater, has announced that it is suspending admissions for th…

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Friday, January 27, 2017
Thursday, June 30, 2016

‘What if’ questions pay off for Tony-winning duo behind ‘If/Then’ by By Christopher Wallenber

NEW YORK — Over the years, composer Tom Kitt always marveled at the “what if” questions of his life. There were the roads not taken, but also the seemingly random events and choices th…

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

How a Cambridge show became the newest big musical to hit Broadway by Meagan McGinnes

'Waitress,' composed by Sara Bareilles, is about love, female empowerment, and freshly baked pies.

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Monday, May 25, 2015

A Quick Study

With Applegate out, Charlotte d'Amboise steps right in By Geoff Edgers
"She's one of those Broadway girls who has just worked her whole life," says Bobbie. "When we started to do the show, we thought of Charlotte, but we couldn't raise $8 million on her name."

SOURCE: Boston Globe at 05:58PM

'Spamalot' arrives with gusto By Ed Siegel

Will there ever again be a rapturous musical that isn't a parody of other musicals?

SOURCE: Boston Globe at 05:58PM

New faces of 'Charity'; facing news media's troubles By Carol Beggy & Mark Shanahan

Weissler, who admitted he's had better weeks, said he decided a month ago to remove Sandy and Diaz. "We saw something we didn't like, and we think we have a better show now," he said.

SOURCE: Boston Globe at 05:58PM

An actor's dream: Pick the play, get the lead By Louise Kennedy

Almost all stage actors work job to job, rarely knowing what they'll be doing a year or even six months from now -- and not having much say in that decision, either. But lately several group…

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If they could see me now... By Geoff Edgers

To win the starring role in 'Sweet Charity,' Christina Applegate had to convince others -- and herself -- that she could sing

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Shakespeare & Company sets its summer By Catherine Foster

Includes Martin Moran's "The Tricky Part."

SOURCE: Boston Globe at 05:58PM

Trude Rittmann, arranged music for Broadway; 96

Her musical journey took her to France, Belgium, and England before she arrived in the United States, where, for four decades she used her piano training to arrange dance and choral music for more than 50 Broadway shows, including such hits as ''The Sound of Music" and ''My Fair Lady."

SOURCE: Boston Globe at 05:58PM

A mysterious book, a Japanese sensation, and plot twists galore By Catherine Foster

A play by Naomi Iizuka features 36 scenes and continual shifts

SOURCE: Boston Globe at 05:58PM

This 'Diary' lacks any revelations By Wesley Morris

Blows to the head are delivered with more subtlety than the message of "Diary of a Mad Black Woman."

SOURCE: Boston Globe at 05:58PM

After gastric bypass surgery, it's springtime for one actor's career By Catherine Foster

As Max Bialystock, the scheming, down-on-his-luck theater producer in "The Producers," Bob Amaral gets to inhabit one of the great Broadway roles of all time.

SOURCE: Boston Globe at 05:58PM

'Quartet' struggles to find right tone By Ryan McKittrick

LOWELL -- In ''Quartet," playwright Ronald Harwood imagines a nursing home for musicians that caters to divas and virtuosos of years past.

SOURCE: Boston Globe at 05:58PM

A cultural demolition By Adrian Walker

There isn't much joy these days surrounding the Gaiety Theater, where an important piece of Boston's black history is well on the way to demolition.

SOURCE: Boston Globe at 05:58PM

Summer theater planned By Catherine Foster

Including Judy Kaye in "Souvenir" at the Berkshire Theatre Festival.

SOURCE: Boston Globe at 05:58PM

Moonstruck By Ed Siegel

The ART poetically explores inner and outer space in a hopeful one-man voyage through 'the far side'

SOURCE: Boston Globe at 05:58PM

Its time has come By Catherine Foster

'Virginia Woolf' is back, and what was once shocking now simply seems contemporary

SOURCE: Boston Globe at 05:58PM

Giving voice to a silenced screenwriter By Catherine Foster

Dennehy tackles blacklisted Trumbo

SOURCE: Boston Globe at 05:58PM


Four playwrights' forte is provoking the body politic By Ed Siegel

SOURCE: Boston Globe at 05:58PM

From the moon to a mother's death in a one-man show By Louise Kennedy

Robert Lepage's new play goes to extremes at ART

SOURCE: Boston Globe at 05:58PM

BEHIND THE SCENES: Vaudeville's exuberant star shines again

Schmoozing with Sophie: One-woman show on Sophie Tucker

SOURCE: Boston Globe at 05:58PM

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