Friday, January 19, 2007 at midnight (Broadway Time)

A Producer for All Seasons (Also Juggles) By STEPHEN HOLDEN

Scott Siegel is the quintessential scuffling, do-it-yourself-on-a shoestring producer working just below New York's pop-culture radar.

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Dress defines character in one-man play BY PETER FILICHIA

German transvestite's tale describes surviving Nazi and Communist eras

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Loose Lips By: Brian Scott Lipton

Jon Tenney gets up to speed on Mamet, Jordan Gelber gets the royal treatment, and Paige Howard gets her big break.

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Breaking Cultural Barriers By KATE TAYLOR

Lin-Manuel Miranda turned 27 on Tuesday. To celebrate, he spent eight hours rehearsing and making last-minute changes on his new musical "In the Heights," which is in previews at 37 Arts, an…

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A Business in Rehearsal By ERICA ORDEN

Sarah Thomas is no slouch.

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SAY "American Songbook," and most people think of the standards written by the likes of Gershwin, Berlin, Porter and Kern. But American songwriting takes many disparate forms, as the ninth a…

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Unexpected turns for 'Dex' By Howard Shapiro

What's love got to do with it? In Dex and Julie Sittin' in a Tree, at the Arden Theatre Company, everything.

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Actor is one to watch in these one-act plays By Evan Henerson

If Samuel Beckett, Edward Albee and Deaf West Theatre's ever-arresting fusion of spoken text and sign language aren't enough to get viewers through the doors at 5112 Lankershim, I offer a co…

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"WHEN the Lights Go on Again," the new 1940s musical, has scarce scenery and props, and costumes that are nothing to write home about.
What it does have, in spades, is the sound of four voices singing together in glorious harmony - delivering more than two dozen hit songs that perfectly recapture a wonderful and vanished musical era.

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Welterweight Bialystock Treads Softly on Big Shtick By CHARLES ISHERWOOD

Tony Danza is treating audiences to a soft and chewy sweetheart of a Bialy in "The Producers."

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A yearning to believe in 'Rose' By Louise Kennedy

As a lesson in acting technique, Olympia Dukakis's performance in Martin Sherman's "Rose" is virtuosic. As a theatrical experience, however, this one-woman show at the Boston Center for the …

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The Scene

This domestic drama may not be the stuff of social satire for the ages, but it is an entertaining sendup of our celebrity conscious culture. If it gives new meaning to anything, it's the little in the ever fashionable little black dress.

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A Rapper, Backed Up by Brass By BEN RATLIFF

The intent of Mos Def's show at Lincoln Center was to honor and protest, connecting music and politics. Sadly, the rapper just seemed uninterested in delivering.

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Never Mind the Age, Listen to the Numbers By STEPHEN HOLDEN

"Little Tributes," Rita Moreno's breezy new cabaret act at the Cafe Carlyle, is a smooth, comfortable ride with a performer who knows who she is.

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Perspectives on Womanhood, in a Dialectic of Desire By STEPHEN HOLDEN

Maude Maggart's must-see "Good Girl/Bad Girl" at the Oak Room is the rare cabaret show that matters not only musically but sociologically.

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The Young Chanteuse Is All Grown Up By WILL FRIEDWALD

When Maude Maggart, whose three-week run at the Oak Room opened Tuesday, first began performing around New York a few years ago, she was a distinct novelty: Not many women in their mid-20s c…

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KEVIN Spacey has taken on one tough assignment: besting Julia Roberts at the box office.

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Liza and Gest to shut up and kiss off in Tennessee by Jose Martinez

The mismatched lovebirds agreed yesterday to lower the curtain on their very nasty and very public New York breakup by volunteering to take a quiet, no-fault divorce in Gest's home state of …

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