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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Episode 278: Stephanie Jae Park gets Broadwaysted! by Elizabeth Wheless

Play along as Stephanie Jae Park (@StephanieSlayPark - Hamilton, King & I, War Paint) joins Bryan, Kevin, and Kimberly for tequila, broadway talk, theatre games, bad puns, and 11 O'clock…

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Episode 50: Roses and Daffodils (Gypsy) by Elizabeth Wheless

In this episode, Ben and Daniel discuss the results of Roses and Daffodils: The Essential Gypsy Playlist. For this project, listeners voted weekly and song-by-song for their favorite recorde…

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Ep42 – Austin Jetton, Old Deuteronomy on 1987 US National Tour 3 by Elizabeth Wheless

"People thought we were a baseball team." This episode features Austin Jetton who played Old Deuteronomy on 1987 US National Tour 3. Hear Austin talk about the show jackets that confused peo…

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Season 2: Episode 15: Sally Wilfert: A Tribute to Rebecca Luker: Celebrating My Best Friend by Elizabeth Wheless

Sally Wilfert & Rebecca Luker were best friends. In celebration of what would have been Rebecca Luker's 60th Birthday (4/17), Sally & I pay tribute to their amazing friendship, their…

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Ep15 – Heather Hitchens (President and CEO of The American Theater Wing) by Elizabeth Wheless

The first Tony Awards ceremony took place on Easter Sunday in 1947. It was a small affair where awards were handed out to notable artists of the day. Some of the winners that evening includ…

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Ep138 – Ramin Karimloo: Phantom of the Opera, Les Misérables, Colby City by Elizabeth Wheless

From Iran to Italy to Canada and finally to London, this performer forged a path uniquely his own, knowing the only failure is not trying. “When someone puts a seed in my head, I'll dive i…

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Ep124 – SPOTLIGHT: Red Pilling America with with Amir Talai (Part 1) by Elizabeth Wheless

Actor, Comedian, Activist, Amir Talai on Spotlight: The Redpilling of America

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A performer, a choreographer and now the Artistic Associate of The Muny, it’s MICHAEL BAXTER! Michael joins Brendon and Jack this week to discuss his impressive career. Talk about a man wh…

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#62 – Ruthie Ann Miles, Grief and Hope by Elizabeth Wheless

In a time of great loss for our entire world, Tony Award winner Ruthie Ann Miles shares her continuous journey through grief - how she puts one foot in front of the other on a daily basis, w…

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Ep095-Act II…Places-Actor/Singer Raymond J. Lee by Elizabeth Wheless

Loving Dad, Brilliant Actor, Groundhog/Elvis Impersonator/High-Flying Deity! Ep.95 - Actor/Singer Raymond J. Lee Discusses His Incredible Body Of Work, As Well As The Effect Of The COVID-19 …

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Monday, April 12, 2021

Episode 74: SMASH Season 2 Episode 10 by Elizabeth Wheless

Pamela and Ebony discuss "The Surprise Party" episode of Smash where people try to act professional but miss the boat.

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Ep31 – TikTok Finds // @kendallmariah // Kendall Mariah by Elizabeth Wheless

The TikTok Finds series is focused on finding TikTok profiles that speak to me! Viral TikTok Star Kendall Mariah with her 500k followers joins The Take On. Kendall is an amazing example of u…

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#509 – Reopening Theater (Company – feat. Gina Rattan) by Elizabeth Wheless

Over the last two months, I’ve been speaking to performers who have reopened theatre doors in productions across the world. But we have yet to speak to anyone who is on the team working to…

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#257 JULES FISHER + PEGGY EISENHAUER, Lighting Designers by Elizabeth Wheless

Their collaboration is one of the longest in theatre history and their brilliant lighting designs have enriched every show on which they work. Solo, Jules Fisher was the lighting designer on…

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08 – Why We Tell The Story by Elizabeth Wheless

QUESTIONS! ADVICE! STORIES! THEATRE! On this week's episode, we are back to our original trio talking, life, creativity, and Billy Bigelow! You're going to have a blast!

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228 – “How Bumble Helps Me Make Theater” by Elizabeth Wheless

In February, Whitney Wolfe Herd became the youngest female billionaire on the planet. And she did it by breaking into one of the most competitive markets around . . . online dating.

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Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure the Musical – Make me a Musical #6 by Elizabeth Wheless

Today we're turning the classic cult comedy "Pee Wee's Big Adventure" into a musical!

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48 – Marc Jablonski, Arts and Culture Researcher by Elizabeth Wheless

How are ticket prices determined for Broadway shows? Marc Jablonski shares his insights on ticket prices, digital marketing, streaming marketing, A/B testing, and more!

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#103 – Mike Ruckles – BROADWAY SINGING VOICE SPECIALIST by Elizabeth Wheless

Within the theatre industry, there are several components that are an absolute must that we focus on. One of those components is the training and care of our voice. But how do we do so cor…

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EMI Days by Elizabeth Wheless

Tim talks about his first proper job in the entertainment business - a management trainee at EMI Records in the Swinging 60s. He produced his first singles (flops) but learned the recording …

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Saturday, April 10, 2021

March Madness Final – Rent vs West Side by Elizabeth Wheless

WE GOING TO THE SHIP.. WHAT?! WE GOING TO THE SHIP.. WHAT?! Name that movie :) Dan and Joe read off the tally for the BEST MUSICAL OF ALL TIME 2021 edition. Rent vs West Side Story. The fina…

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Who Are YOU Listening To? by Elizabeth Wheless

This is an exclusive interview with salon business expert, Gina Bianca! Gina is known for her transformative skills both behind the chair and in the business. In this down-to-earth conversat…

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Friday, April 9, 2021

#15 – The Movies of Chadwick Boseman by Elizabeth Wheless

In which we raise a glass to the late great T'Challa and thank him for his service and legend.

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#508 – How to Award Ensembles (feat. Darius Barnes) by Elizabeth Wheless

After speaking to producer Eva Price about the commercial Broadway theatre, awards for performances are the kind of thing that can make or break a show’s life. So if awards ultimately beho…

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Episode 201- We’re BACK! with Jonah Ho’okano and Peter Surace by Elizabeth Wheless

Welcome back to season two of What's Your Backup Plan?. In this episode, we chat with Jonah Ho'okano (Aladdin in the National Tour of Aladdin, Disney Cruise Lines), and Peter Surace (Somethi…

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Episode 173: Sarah Kenny by Elizabeth Wheless

Sarah Kenny is a long time theater educator with a focus towards accessibility/disability inclusion, and is currently working on her Masters in Disability Studies at CUNY School of Professio…

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Ep 15 – Brandon J. Ellis: “A Life-sized Antonio Banderas Body Pillow” by Elizabeth Wheless

If you’re looking for a full-sized, Antonio Banderas body pillow, then Brandon J. Ellis is the man you should be hanging with. Broadway star Brandon J. Ellis and I have been friends for ov…

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Ep123 – SPOTLIGHT: Red Pilling America with with Joanna Carpenter (Part 2) by Elizabeth Wheless

Artist, Activist, Athlete, Joanna Carpenter on Spotlight: The Redpilling of America.

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BONUS-Cara Cooper & Jessica Rush, Pivot Step: One Year Later by Elizabeth Wheless

It's been one year since Broadway went dark and life moved into lockdown, and co-hosts Cara and Jessica are checking in on this bonus #minisode. A lot has changed in some ways since they ini…

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Thursday, April 8, 2021

Ghost Shows Call Out by Elizabeth Wheless

While we wait for Episode 3 to drop (20th April 2021), we'd like to know if you were taking part in a "Ghost Show"

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Episode 93: Charlie Rosen: One Man, 70 Instruments by Elizabeth Wheless

This week, Jamie and Rob round out the mission of the podcast by speaking with Broadway musician, music director, music supervisor, conductor, composer, and orchestrator Charlie Rosen. Toget…

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