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Sunday, April 21, 2019

When Your Career Becomes A Hashtag, What Happens Next? by Artsjournal2

In 2016, John Cho “became the unwitting beneficiary of #StarringJohnCho, a social movement that imagined Cho standing in for, say, Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible and Daniel Craig in Spe…

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Director John Singleton Is In Intensive Care After A ‘Mild’ Stroke by Artsjournal2

The director is most known for the 1991 film Boyz N the Hood, but he’s also a producer and screenwriter whose films include 2 Fast 2 Furious, Shaft, and the documentary LA Burning: The Rio…

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The Man In Charge Of The Music Of The Ring by Artsjournal2

Philippe Jordan, 44, has 15 hours of Wagner’s Ring Cycle to get through – and try to shine through – at the Met. How does he do it? The man who has been in charge of Opéra National de…

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Mental Health Apps May Be Sharing Data, And Not Telling Their Customers by Artsjournal2

Basically: “Free apps marketed to people with depression or who want to quit smoking are hemorrhaging user data to third parties like Facebook and Google — but often don’t admit it in …

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It’s Past Time To Let Go Of Robinson Crusoe by Artsjournal2

The colonial fairytale doesn’t hold up at all in our contemporary world. Crusoe, to put it bluntly, was a slave trader – but somehow it became a children’s story: “Educationists agre…

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Pop-Up Theatre Can Change Lives by Artsjournal2

When Fiona Shaw decided to perform excerpts from T.S. Eliot’s “The Wasteland” in (and near) an empty fountain in Central Park, she didn’t want it announced – and there was only a b…

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Monday, April 15, 2019

Americans Are Losing Whatever Empathy For ‘Others’ That They Once Had by Artsjournal2

Americans seemed to be into empathy from roughly post-WWII to the 2000s. Then things started going sideways. Now, it’s “Empathy, but just for your own team. And empathizing with the othe…

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How Does The Woman Who Saved Publishing With Her Softcore ‘Twilight’ Fanfiction Write A New Book? by Artsjournal2

E.L. James says writing used to be her hobby. Then, well, then Fifty Shades of Grey happened. “Overseeing a wildly successful multimedia franchise left little time for James’s one-time h…

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The Joy – And Reality – Of The American Library In Paris by Artsjournal2

If you’re an English-speaker jaded about the City of Lights, head to the library. “As I learned more about the American Library and its place in the history of literary Paris, I recovere…

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Misty Copeland Curated A Special Dance Photo Section Of The New York Times by Artsjournal2

OK, that’s pretty cool – here’s an explainer on what she picked, and why. – The New York Times

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The Greatest Art Forger Of All Time Might Have Been Killed By The Mafia by Artsjournal2

When Eric Hebborn was found with a fractured skull near his home in Rome in 1996, his death was a mystery. But now, filmmakers making an 8-part miniseries about his life (and the more than 1…

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These Survivors Are Using Dance As A Method Of Healing From Abuse [VIDEO] by Artsjournal2

Sure, dance is great in and of itself, and it needs to further reason to exist or for people to love it. But some rape survivors see it as one method of healing. “I can dance, and I can da…

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What Britons (Of All Races) Talk About When They Talk About Black People by Artsjournal2

Jeffrey Boakye (that’s roughly “Bwaaaaah-ch,” by the way, he says): “The Cool Black Myth helps the white mainstream to understand and handle black identity. There’s something enigm…

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Two Decades Of A Publisher, And Now Bookstore, Of One’s Own by Artsjournal2

London is book-focused enough that, mirroring almost exactly the rise of Amazon, Persephone, a publisher (and recently a bookstore too) that focuses on forgotten early and mid-20th-century b…

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Can The World Save This 1914 Movie Theatre In Spain’s Most High-Rent District? by Artsjournal2

The Palace of Fine Arts in San Sabastián has been threatened by a real estate developer for five years – and as a final move, UNESCO’s International Council on Monuments and Sites has p…

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The ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Showrunner Leaves Her Agent As WGA Members Terminate Agency Ties by Artsjournal2

Krista Vernoff: “It was hard to part ways with [my agent] when the deadline expired for talks between the guild and the agencies. I say ‘part ways’ because I did not fire my agent. Ins…

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Hollywood Claims To Be Getting More Inclusive – But That Change Hasn’t Gotten To The Director’s Chair by Artsjournal2

Hollywood, you should be ashamed. “Even after years of being called to task for sidelining female filmmakers, studios as a whole continue to rely overwhelmingly on men to lead productions.…

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Is Brexit Truly Shakespearean, Or Do We All Just Not Understand Shakespeare? by Artsjournal2

The problem is that “the plays can very easily function as a kind of confirmation bias, where we find exactly what we are looking for. The allure of such topical readings is ultimately nar…

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Bibi Andersson, Actor And Inspiration To Bergman, Has Died At 83 by Artsjournal2

Andersson starred in 13 mid-20th-century Bergman films. “Her emotionally complex role in Persona (1966), the film that made her acting reputation, was one of the great stereotype reversals…

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Here Are The Details Of How That Black Hole Picture Came To Be by Artsjournal2

It wasn’t easy, and it wasn’t fast, and it involved – shock – physical material. “The dreamy photograph represents a tremendous technological achievement, assembled using eight rad…

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Sunday, April 14, 2019

Writers Rally, Agents Dig In Over The Weekend by Artsjournal2

Writers vs. agents heated up over the weekend, and the sides don’t look any closer than they were last week. “The contract battle between the WGA and Association of Talent Agents came to…

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This Is The Director Who Sued Her Government For The Chance To Show Her Film In Her Own Country by Artsjournal2

Wanuri Kahiu isn’t happy with how much trolling and nastiness she’s gotten since her film Rafiki was banned in Kenya because it positively depicted a same-sex relationship. But middle fi…

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Gary Stewart, Who Turned Rhino Records Into An Essential Label, Has Died At 63 by Artsjournal2

Stewart did a lot more than run Rhino and help get playlists onto iTunes as an Apple exec. He “advocated for lesser known, unjustly dismissed or overlooked music by artists including the M…

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Yeah, We Were Lied To: Emily Dickinson Was Actually A Trailblazing Rebel Artist by Artsjournal2

Molly Shannon, an actor who spent years on Saturday Night Live, didn’t think much of or about Dickinson until she got the chance to play her in a new movie. Then things changed. Shannon: …

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Brazilian President Who Says The Holocaust ‘Can Be Forgiven’ To Be Honored In A Private Event At NY Museum by Artsjournal2

The American Museum of Natural History said on Twitter that it was “deeply concerned” and “exploring its options” as Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro is set to be honored at a gala…

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Author Beverly Cleary Just Turned 103, And Her Most Important Creation Helps Kids And Adults Make Sense Of The World by Artsjournal2

Ramona Quimby “is a plain girl in the suburbs. Nothing remarkable happens to her, no one notices her particularly, nor does she have the power to make her own magic.” And yet. – LitHub

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When The Star Of A Ring Cycle Is The Traditional Villain by Artsjournal2

At the Met, “the typically villainous Alberich — the dwarfish Nibelung of the title — is portrayed with nobility and nuance by Tomasz Konieczny, in a stunning company debut.” – The…

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Mathematicians Just Discovered The ‘Perfect’ Way To Multiply by Artsjournal2

Basically, this is the fastest way … so far. Things still might change, but “it splits up digits, uses an improved version of the fast Fourier transform, and takes advantage of other adv…

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Night At The Museum by Artsjournal2

Sure, Hyperallergic was joking about overnights at the Met Museum, but this is real: The Louvre is offering a one-night AirBnB experience. Why? To try to make the museum “cool.” – Le M…

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Making Dance Out Of T.S. Eliot’s Poetry (And We Don’t Mean ‘CATS’) by Artsjournal2

How to make sense of Eliot’s “Four Quartets”? The choreographer isn’t sure, even after years of work. Pam Tanowitz: “It’s massive, it’s hard, it’s abstract. I still don’t u…

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James Winn, Biographer Of Queen Anne And Dryden, And A Master Of The Flute, Has Died At 71 by Artsjournal2

Winn didn’t like the way that the academic world tended to get itself twisted into silos, he said, which is why he wrote about cultural life during Queen Anne’s reign, the poetry of war,…

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