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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

‘Fear Of Jerks’ Is Why New Yorkers Are Nervous About Coming Back To See Live Shows by Artsjournal1

“A New York Times/Siena College Research Institute poll, administered [last week], sought to gauge how soon New Yorkers would be comfortable attending live performances like Broadway shows…

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Philly Fringe Festival Will Happen This Fall, At Least Partly In The Flesh by Artsjournal1

No specific program has been announced yet, but “look for some combination of performances presented online, outside, or in other ways that maintain social distance. The festival will cont…

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€50,000 A Day: What La Scala Would Lose By Operating Under Social-Distancing Rules by Artsjournal1

That’s the grim figure that the Milan opera house’s new superintendent, Dominique Meyer, will present to its board of directors on Thursday. Under the law that Italy’s parliament passe…

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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Pioneering Op Art Painter Richard Anuszkiewicz Dead At 89 by Artsjournal1

“[He] devoted his career to studying how some of the fundamental elements of art could be manipulated to create perceptual effects. His experiments with color led him to make paintings of …

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How Did Renaissance Architects Build Church Domes Without Columns? High-Tech Analysis Has Found The Answer by Artsjournal1

The broad cupolas in Italian churches of the era were constructed by laying bricks in a “complex cross-herringbone spiraling pattern” called a double loxodrome, according to a team of en…

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Philip Glass’s Lost ‘Music In Eight Parts’ Has Been Recovered by Artsjournal1

“For decades, [the piece] seemed, to Mr. Glass’s circle, to exist only as fragments in his archive. Then the final manuscript for Music in Eight Parts resurfaced near the end of 2017. …

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The Dangers And Delights Of Choreographing Over-Familiar Music by Artsjournal1

Carmina Burana. Bolero. Arvo Pärt’s Spiegel im Spiegel. Even The Rite of Spring. They’re good pieces, they work for dance, and audiences are familiar with them. “Still, many choreogra…

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Africa’s First Million-Selling Singer, Mory Kanté, Dead At 70 by Artsjournal1

“[He] came from a family of griots, the dynastic West African musicians whose songs carry news and chronicle history. Steeped in those traditions, he electrified the kora, the traditional …

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With Lockdown Lifting, This Country’s Bookstores Are Having A Boom by Artsjournal1

“Booksellers around the country say they’re experiencing ‘Christmas’ levels of demand post-lockdown, as many readers have sworn off shopping offshore following the Covid-19 crisis, w…

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Salzburg Festival 2020 Will Go Ahead — In Reduced Form by Artsjournal1

“Bucking the trend of the vast majority of international festivals and opera companies that have been forced to shutter due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Salzburg Festival announced tod…

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How Will Art Schools Reopen In The Fall? In California, They Really Aren’t Sure by Artsjournal1

“Hyperallergic reached out to several art schools in California to see how they are planning to address the need for social distancing while maintaining the integrity of their arts curricu…

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London’s Southbank Centre Says It Must Close Until April 2021 Unless It Gets More State Money by Artsjournal1

“The UK’s largest arts and cultural organisation, the Southbank Centre, has warned that it will have used up its financial reserves by September, forcing its closure until April 2021 unl…

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Michael Moore’s ‘Planet Of The Humans’ Yanked From YouTube by Artsjournal1

The controversial documentary — produced by Moore, directed by Jeff Gibbs, criticized by many mainstream scientists, and championed by parts of the far right — incorporates a clip from t…

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Monday, May 25, 2020

Frantisek Uhliř’s Welcome New Album by Artsjournal1

Some time ago, I wrote on Rifftides, “The Czech Frantisek Uhliř is one of the greatest bassists in the world.” Leading his septet on his new release, Story of my life, he is as powerful…

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Clayton With a Period, Full Stop by Artsjournal1

Clayton Patterson’s importance in general, but especially on the Lower East Side of New York City, comes from his commitment to social and political values for the good of his community. H…

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Friday, May 22, 2020

Teachers, Want To Get Your Students Interested In Learning Grammar? Start With A Rant by Artsjournal1

Not your own rant, mind you. A pair of teachers recommends using one of those vehement complaints that turn up every so often in advice columns or blogs. “[The instructors] “note that he…

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Repertory Theatre, Live From An Actual Florida Closet by Artsjournal1

Rachel Burttram Powers, co-founder and co-star (with husband Brendan) of Tiny_Theatre: “I started cleaning out a back closet because I thought, ‘What would happen if you made a theatre a…

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Rothko Chapel In Houston Finally Has A Post-Renovation Opening Date by Artsjournal1

The Menil Collection’s octagonal landmark, which houses 14 of Mark Rothko’s black paintings, was closed in early 2019 for work that included reinforcing the walls, installing a digital l…

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Hollywood Studios And Craft Unions Struggle Over How To Restart Production by Artsjournal1

“The industry task force that was assembled last month to address the safety issues has generated a 30-page draft of a white paper that is designed to convince governmental officials to gi…

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Italy’s First Classical Concert Since Lockdown: Muti In Ravenna, June 21 by Artsjournal1

The performance, Riccardo Muti conducting the Luigi Cherubini Youth Orchestra in Scriabin and Mozart, will be the opening event of this year’s Ravenna Festival. Attendance will be limited …

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Facebook And YouTube Copyright-Police Bots Are Blocking Classical Musicians’ Concert Streams, Sometimes Mid-Performance by Artsjournal1

And the music at issue is almost always in the public domain. The bots, developed and trained on popular music, are finding performance videos of, Bach, Mozart, Chopin and so on to be too si…

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U.S. Copyright Office Says Digital Millennium Copyright Act Should Be ‘Fine-Tuned’ by Artsjournal1

The issue discussed in a report just released by the Copyright Office is the DMCA’s Section 512, which lays out what social media companies and Online Service Providers (e.g., Spotify, You…

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Watching ABT’s Virtual Ballet Class by Artsjournal1

Marina Harss: “A masked dancer in a studio, which is empty but for a pianist, peers into her computer’s camera, calling out a cheerful ‘Hi, everyone! So good to see you!’ In another …

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Well, Here’s One Way To Give A Coronavirus-Safe Live Dance Performance by Artsjournal1

“On Saturday night, about 35 cars converged at the Santa Monica Airport parking lot. Inside each vehicle, the passengers had 12 pages of instructions: Arrive exactly at 7:50 pm; stay insid…

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What Will Post-COVID Novels Be Like? For Possible Answers, Look To Post-9/11 Fiction by Artsjournal1

Chris Bohjalian: “If 9/11 is a literary precedent, it could be years before we will see our first rush of novels about the coronavirus pandemic.” (The first such major titles, Ian McEwan…

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Bernice Silver, Beloved Agitprop Puppeteer, Dead Of COVID At 106 by Artsjournal1

“A hummingbird of a woman at 4-foot-8, [she] was a puppeteer whose performances were mock-chaotic, subtly cerebral and always slyly subversive. She made sure to slip in a history lesson, o…

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Going for the Archrival’s Jugular? Christie’s Assures Clients About Its “Continuity of Activity” by Artsjournal1

A message from Christie’s CEO Guillaume Cerutti, which hit my inbox late Friday, included a boldfaced passage that struck me (and probably some of his firm’s clients) as an implied gibe …

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Jürgen Ploog, R.I.P. by Artsjournal1

“Jay,” the name he went by among close friends, was widely regarded as one of Germany’s premiere second-generation Beat writers. But his narrative fiction — like that of William S. B…

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Thursday, May 21, 2020

René Buch, Who Established Professional Spanish-Language Theater In New York, Dead At 94 by Artsjournal1

“[He was] a co-founder and the artistic director of Repertorio Español, … [which since 1968] has reimagined Spanish classics and offered contemporary work by Latin and Latin American pl…

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Woman Wins €1 Million Picasso In Raffle by Artsjournal1

The fundraiser, organized by Christie’s, netted €5.1 million for CARE’s clean-water projects in three African countries. The prize, a small 1921 Nature morte (still-life), went to an I…

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Sampling The World Of Zoom Book Clubs by Artsjournal1

Gail Beckerman joins a New York literary salon now hosted remotely from Nairobi (“I’d never had the experience of watching in close-up such a large group of people actively listening”)…

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