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Friday, September 13, 2019

Why Did American Classical Music “Stay White”? by Artsjournal1

Dvořák predicted that a ‘great and noble school’ of American classical music would arise from ‘Negro melodies.’ But the black musical motherlode migrated to popular genres; America…

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Thursday, September 12, 2019

At Age 100, Henry Danton Is Still Teaching Ballet by Artsjournal1

“He’s just completed a residency at the Belhaven University Dance Department in Jackson, Mississippi, and teaches ballet around the state, where he resides in a small town outside Hattie…

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How Urban Dictionary Went From Treasure Trove To Cesspit by Artsjournal1

Aaron Peckham started the site back in 1999 at least partly as a joke, but it quickly became a genuinely valuable reference, with users constantly submitting and updating definitions for sla…

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How Conservators Keep Art Made With Day-Glo Pigments Glowing by Artsjournal1

A reporter visits Los Angeles County Museum of Art, conservator Kamila Korbela as she works on restoring Frank Stella’s enormous Bampur. The challenge: the hue that’s fading fastest is o…

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Is It Now A Strike And Not A Lockout? Baltimore Symphony Musicians Reject Both Contract Offer And Play-And-Talk Offer by Artsjournal1

Management had Meyerhoff Symphony Hall open and ready for rehearsal for this weekend’s scheduled season opening, but the musicians say they won’t play without a contract — and they’v…

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Do We Have No Choice But To Stan? How Fan Culture Is Swallowing Democracy by Artsjournal1

“We are witnessing a great convergence between politics and culture, citizenship and commerce, ideology and aesthetics. Civic participation has been converted seamlessly into consumer prac…

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Film Festivals Cost Their Host Cities A Lot — Are They Worth It? by Artsjournal1

From Cannes to Shanghai to Park City to Toronto, these events bring in visitors, create jobs, build a city’s brand, and nurture culture. On the other hand, they can drive up prices, strain…

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Conductor Anthony Parnther Knows The Effect Seeing A Black Conductor On The Podium Can Have by Artsjournal1

“I’ve seen it many times when I’m conducting, and I see young children of various colors sitting in the front three or four rows,” says the new music director of the San Bernardino S…

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American Is New Chief Conductor Of BBC National Orchestra Of Wales by Artsjournal1

Ryan Bancroft, a 29-year-old native of Long Beach who studied at CalArts, discovered classical music through a one-minute clip of Beethoven pre-loaded on his family’s first computer, and h…

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This Off-Broadway Play Was So Fraught, It Hired Post-Show Counselors For The Audience. Now It’s Headed To Broadway — Can Broadway Handle It? by Artsjournal1

Jeremy O. Harris’s Slave Play “often funny and pervasively unsettling, examines that lingering wound [of American slavery] through the frustrated sex lives, and taboo sexual fantasies, o…

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Is This The Last Botticelli Left In Private Hands? by Artsjournal1

This portrait of a 15th-century Greek-Italian poet-soldier has, for the past dozen years, been on loan to the Prado from the Spanish collector Doña Helena Cambó de Guardans, who hopes to g…

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Susan Kamil, Beloved Editor Of Famous Authors, Dead At 69 by Artsjournal1

Among the writers she worked with, first at Simon & Schuster and then at Random House, are Ta-Nehisi Coates, Ruth Reichl, Salman Rushdie, Lena Dunham, Gary Shteyngart, Allegra Goodman, T…

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Recent Listening In Brief (really brief) by Artsjournal1

Rondi Marsh, The Pink RoomBill O’Connell And The Afro-Caribbean Ensemble, Wind Off The Hudson (Savant)– Doug Ramsey

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$8.27 Million & Counting: Metropolitan Museum’s Disposable Irving Gift of Chinese Art by Artsjournal1

When I attended the celebratory press conference in 2015 that announced multiple major benefactions to the Met’s Asian Art Department, little did I know that a few years later the Met woul…

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Community Engagement Resources by Artsjournal1

The beginning of a new academic year feels like a good time to work on making all of these resources more widely known. ArtsEngaged has the following available for people in the field who wa…

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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

The Long And Ugly Fight Over Copyright To Emily Dickinson’s Work by Artsjournal1

“The [story] involves theft, adulterous affairs, a land deal gone wrong, a feud between families, two elite colleges, and some of the most famous poems in American literature.” – Los A…

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A Stage Combat Consultancy Run Entirely By Women by Artsjournal1

With four RSC plays, three other London shows, and a regional production all this year alone, the company called Rc-Annie is one of the most in-demand firms of its kind. Reporter Nick Smurth…

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Saving Endangered Indigenous Languages By Digitizing Them Is A Tricky Business, And Not Just Technically by Artsjournal1

“New technology like smartphone keyboards, language-learning apps, and digital databases makes revitalization work easier than ever, but it also requires hard conversations about which par…

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Now Here’s A Marketing Challenge: Rebranding London’s Vagina Museum by Artsjournal1

It is, as it were, a sensitive area. “Positioning a brand and crafting a suitable tone of voice is a mind-bendingly tricky thing to perfect. The Vagina Museum has built a reputation and a …

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Neil Montanus, Who Took The Enormous Colorama Photos Displayed At Grand Central Station, Dead At 92 by Artsjournal1

“Every weekday [for four decades], 650,000 commuters and visitors who jostled through the main concourse could gaze up at Kodak’s Coloramas, the giant photographs that measured 18 feet h…

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Ex-L.A. Opera Staffer Gives Eyewitness Testimony Of Plácido Domingo Kissing And Groping Women by Artsjournal1

Former production coordinator Melinda McLain: “In rehearsal I saw him, at least once, grab one of the supernumeraries and just lay a kiss on her. … I also had young singers come and seek…

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Robert Frank, Influential Photographer Of Postwar America, Dead At 94 by Artsjournal1

“[His] book, The Americans, published in this country in 1959, inspired generations of photographers, writers, filmmakers and musicians and made Mr. Frank one of the most important visual …

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Choreographer David Bintley On 24 Years Running Birmingham Royal Ballet, And On Why He Left by Artsjournal1

“I haven’t made anything for three years. First, there is no money, second the job has tilted so much towards administration there is no time to make stuff. I have always said there are …

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Art Institute Of Chicago Plans Major Long-Term Makeover Of Its Campus by Artsjournal1

“For its first North American commission, the prize-winning firm Barozzi/Veiga … has begun formulating ideas aimed at making an inward-looking museum rooted in the 20th century more extr…

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Mezzo Dolora Zajick Will Retire From Opera Next Year by Artsjournal1

“[Her] final performance will take place at the Metropolitan Opera in the spring of 2020, when she will make her role debut as Kabanicha in performances of Janáček’s Káťa Kabanová s…

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An Israeli TV Series Shows The Jewish State Locked In Civil War by Artsjournal1

“In [Autonomies], set in the near future, civil war has cut the land into two countries. The coastal State of Israel is nonreligious, with the cosmopolitan city of Tel Aviv as its capital.…

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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

There’s One American TV Show That Depicts Labor With Real Dignity by Artsjournal1

“On its face, [The Science Channel’s] How It’s Made is arguably about science and engineering rather than the vicissitudes of the working class, but its depiction of the everyday worke…

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In 1913, Edith Wharton Created An Anti-Heroine For The 21st Century by Artsjournal1

Jia Tolentino: “More than a century after The Custom of the Country was published, Undine’s habits, given a superficial makeover, could be rebranded not just as aspirational but feminist…

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Can Card Tricks Make The World A Better Place? These Magicians Are Giving It A Try by Artsjournal1

Reporter Claire Armitstead talks to prestidigitators who use their craft to comfort children in refugee camps, restore movement to hemiplegia patients, assist in research on cognition; treat…

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PBS NewsHour Visits Cambodia’s All-Gay-Male Classical Dance Troupe by Artsjournal1

“In 2015, artist Prumsodun Ok formed Cambodia’s first all-male and gay-identified Khmer dance company — in his living room. Part of his mission was to support the revival of an art for…

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Canceling ‘Cancel Culture’ — Would That Even Be Necessary? by Artsjournal1

“The best argument against cancel culture is that the whole thing is a myth, existing only in the furious minds of outraged social media users. People who are canceled usually don’t stay…

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