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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Today's Cacophony of 'Original Voices' is Almost Deafening by Rolando Teco

Just saw Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo and, well, if it hadn't already been said by so many others before me, I might be running around letting the world know that Rajiv Joseph is certainl…

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A Crazy Way to Live? Please Elaborate. by Rolando Teco

This morning on my way back from the gym, I shared the elevator with two silent women. As I turned to get off at my floor, one of them remarked to the other: "This is a...

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wedding of the Century - in Hudson by Rolando Teco

This just in from our friends at TSL in Hudson, NY: Linda Mussmann and Claudia Bruce are excited to announce that they will be married at the last stroke of midnight on Saturday July 23 /...

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Street Theatre: Not Just Any Old Street Light by Rolando Teco

This morning a guy climbed up to the top of a street light at the intersection of Broadway and 44th. After about 15 min., the cops arrived, followed by EMT. And for nearly an hour thereafter…

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