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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

‘Anthony Horowitz is a wonderfully generous & talented man’: Feargus Woods Dunlop & Heather Westwell on adapting The Falcon’s Malteser by Featured Content

Husband and wife Feargus Woods Dunlop and Heather Westwell co-founded New Old Friends and have discovered a knack - and award-winning success - bringing detective stories to family audiences…

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‘A lot of the material in the play comes from my own experience’: Tony Leliw on how hosting foreign students inspired his new comedy Sushi Girls by Featured Content

The classic advice for writers is to 'write what you know'. That's exactly what journalist and playwright Tony Leliw has done in creating his new comedy Sushi Girls. Find out how playing ho…

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BEHIND THE SCENES: How to perfect the perfect pistol whip in Lunatic 19s rehearsals by Featured Content

It's not every day that you're taught to deliver a knockout blow with the butt of a gun, or, at least, appear to convincingly do so, but that's what's been happening in rehearsals for the wo…

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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

NEWS: The Chaos Theory premieres its tale of second chances at The Vaults by Featured Content

"What if I could go back and make a different decision?" It's a sentiment we much all have felt, and it's at the centre of new piece The Chaos Theory, in which three women are given just tha…

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‘We demand change’: WATCH extended trailer for post-Grenfell take on An Enemy of the People by Featured Content

Are you ready to get angry? Are you ready to demand change? What are you going to do about it? Watch this extended trailer for a thrilling new version of An Enemy of the People staged next m…

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Monday, June 24, 2019

NEWS: Crystal Clear returns to Old Red Lion for 40th anniversary with audio description narrated live by cast by Featured Content

Nearly 40 years after it premiered at the then-new Old Red Lion Theatre before transferring to the West End, Phil Young's devised three-hander about one couple's experience with blindness, C…

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‘Grenfell isn’t mentioned by name but…’: Writer-adapter Jolley Gosnold on relocating An Enemy of the People to London today by Featured Content

How much will Ibsen's 1892 classic An Enemy of the People resonate in 2019 post-Grenfell, Brexit Britain? How does it play out with younger, politically switched-on protagonists? We caught u…

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‘Absolutely knock out’: Check out the Twitter reactions to The Sandman and What Was Left by Featured Content

"Sharply observed", "electric", and "brilliant drama" - Take a look at what Twitter users are saying about the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation Bridge Company's productions of The Sandman and …

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Friday, June 21, 2019

BEHIND THE SCENES: See art being created with a peek into rehearsals for new play Reformation by Featured Content

Take a look at the creative process of a play about artist Lucas Cranach and events that interrupt the painter's own process with rehearsal images from James Martin Charlton's new play Refor…

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FEATURED SHOW: Check out the fantastic ★★★★ reviews for “sensational” Napoli, Brooklyn by Featured Content

"Powerful and sensational", "engrossing", "definitely one to see" - the critics and bloggers have aired their views on Original Theatre's production of Meghan Kennedy's drama, Napoli, Brookl…

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WATCH: Brexit wins the audience vote, Adam Masters is the man to beat Bojo by Featured Content

What happens after the #ToryLeadershipContest? Tom Salinksy and Robert Khan's Brexit [the play] has some hysterical - and worryingly plausible - predictions. What have celebrity guests and a…

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WATCH: Brush up your Shakespeare with the Shit-faced Shorts series by Featured Content

This year the Magnificent Bastards have given the shit-faced treatment to Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew and, opening tonight (21 June 2019), Hamlet onstage. And here are a few more t…

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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Week two: What inspired Vibrant Festival playwrights Colleen Murphy, Sharmila Chauhan & Albert Belz? by Featured Content

Week Two of this year's Vibrant - A Festival of Finborough Playwrights, features new plays set in Quebec, New Zealand and the bedroom, care of Colleen Murphy, Albert Belz and Sharmila Chauha…

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‘We need to talk about everything’: Jack Albert Cook on creating his new play Fast Love by Featured Content

How did an Adele song and a playwright's own mental health experiences come together to inspire Fast Love, a new piece of writing about a 25-year-old struggling to cope? Jack Albert Cook exp…

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FIRST LOOK: Peek into the world of three troubled women with these production images from A Tinder Trilogy by Featured Content

Tents, pajamas and a lot of anger - that's what we can see in these production images from Annie Jenkins' trio of female monologues A Tinder Trilogy, which runs at Theatre503 later this mont…

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‘There is a palpable excitement about being able to keep the mobiles phones ON’: Kelly Wilson on Much Ado About Not(h)ing by Featured Content

How did real life tragedy spark a new 21st century, social media-embracing adaptation of Shakespeare's comedy, now with added brackets, Much Ado About Not(h)ing? Creator Kelly Wilson tells u…

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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

FIRST LOOK: Peek into the world of new drama What Was Left and discover more about scary new musical, The Sandman by Featured Content

As they open at Southwark Playhouse check out these production images from Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation Bridge Company's new drama What Was Left and watch the cast of new musical The Sandm…

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‘The myth of the superwoman is alive and kicking’: Director Karena Johnson on the creation of new tale of motherhood & sacrifice Chasing Rainb by Featured Content

How did a chance meeting on a plane lead to a new production about a female astronaut writing to her daughter from space? Director Karena Johnson tells us about the inspiration behind Chasin…

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It all started with a jingle: Therese Ramstedt on creating new Medea-inspired production Fall Prettier by Featured Content

What reasons might there be for a perfectly sane and strong woman to take her children's lives? That's the question, that grew out of studying Medea, that sparked Fall Prettier, the glittery…

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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

PHOTOS: ZooCo’s Sirens are ready to challenge the myth & rewrite history by Featured Content

ZooCo's Sirens are ready to raise their voices at Greenwich Theatre this week, challenging long-held myths and rewriting history. Leave your gender expectations at the door and check out our…

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PHOTOS: How many Shit-faced shows have you drunk your way through? by Featured Content

How many Shit-faced shows have you seen? 2019 marks the biggest-ever Shit-faced season at their London home base at Leicester Square Theatre. This week, Shit-faced Shakespeare: Hamlet follow…

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Monday, June 17, 2019

FEATURED SHOW: The ★★★★★ reviews are in for ‘Brilliant’ Hedgehog at Lion& Unicorn Theatre by Featured Content

"Hedgehog is exquisitely written, viscerally performed, and splendidly staged." Critics and audience have fallen for BoxLess Theatre's coming-of-age tale and its central character Manda. Fin…

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NEWS: Shit-faced Shakespeare finally tackles Hamlet, premieres at Leicester Square Theatre this week by Featured Content

The Shitfaced-Shakespeare® crew are finally ready to tackle the greatest dramatic work ever committed to the page in the English language: Hamlet. The latest in their internationally succes…

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Saturday, June 15, 2019

WATCH: Art, power, manipulation – it’s all in the trailer for new play Reformation by Featured Content

"One look in her eyes tells us how she has been wronged" - The trailer for James Martin Charlton's new play Reformation gives a flesh-creeping taste of how model Eva is manipulated and misus…

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Friday, June 14, 2019

FIRST LOOK: Take a peek at the view from the edge of the dancefloor with images of BoxLess Theatre’s Hedgehog by Featured Content

Drinking, dancing, matching outfits and small puppet people, these production photos give a hint at what to expect from BoxLess Theatre's Hedgehog, which is already turning heads at the Lion…

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NEWS: Jack Albert Cook makes Lion & Unicorn debut with first full-length play, Fast Love by Featured Content

Associate Artist, Jack Albert Cook, makes his Lion and Unicorn Theatre debut in July, when his tale of mental health within the gay community, Fast Love, runs at the Kentish Town venue. Book…

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NEWS: Culture clash comedy Sushi Girls arrives at Theatro Technis by Featured Content

Sushi Girls, Tony Leliw's new comedy about a pair of Japanese students living in London, will bring its tale of cultural confusion to Theatro Technis in July. Book your tickets now!

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NEWS: Fall Prettier gives Medea a glittery make-over at The Space by Featured Content

New international performance collaboration Wet Paint brings its first production, Fall Prettier, to The Space later this month, promising a wacky, brutal and glitter-dusted take on appropri…

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Thursday, June 13, 2019

FEATURED SHOW: Check out the brilliant ★★★★★ reviews for PR comedy Cuttings by Featured Content

There may not be a clipboard in sight (they're out of shot), but with giant A-boards, dosiers of juicy delights and many a panicked phone call, these images of new comedy Cuttings give a gre…

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WATCH: The cast of Much Ado About Not(h)ing tell us what’s different about this Shakespeare and why audiences should see it by Featured Content

"It's Shakespeare but not as you imagine Shakespeare to be." So say the cast of Much Ado About Not(h)ing, the new staging of The Bard's comedy which brings the action into the world of socia…

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‘We are in denial about our current state of race relations’: Urban Wolf on creating hit drama, Custody by Featured Content

Race riots, political cover-ups and audience reactions - creator and performer Urban Wolf tells us about what inspired his acclaimed play Custody and how it has grown while touring the UK. R…

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