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Thursday, October 17, 2019

NEWS: The almighty takes centre stage in new satire God 2.0 at the Lion and Unicorn Theatre by Featured Content

What would you ask God? What if you didn’t like the answer? Those are the questions posed by playwright and director Andrew Bruce-Lockhart in new play God 2.o, coming to the Lion & Uni…

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‘We thought it’d be interesting to have these two very different but brilliant plays running next to each other’: Alexander Lass on directing Th by Featured Content

Director Alexander Lass has teamed up with producer Debbie Hicks on two major play productions running at The Vaults this autumn: the first-ever revival of David Hare‘s 2003 play The Perm…

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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

NEWS: Ovalhouse continues bringing the house down with Demolition Party season by Featured Content

Following the success of current show We Dig, Ovalhouse will continue its final season, dubbed the Demolition Party season, at its Kennington home with a series of shows set to leave the bui…

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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

FEATURED SHOW: Dig into these fantastic reviews for Ovalhouse’s We Dig by Featured Content

"Powerfully direct," "incredibly moving" and "beautiful and important". Check out what's being said about the groundbreaking We Dig at Ovalhouse, then book for one of the final performances.

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Monday, October 14, 2019

WATCH: Actor Alex Walton tells us about Delivery, his character’s plight and harrowing research by Featured Content

'How can I be a father, what with everything that's happened?' As Delivery comes to the Lion and Unicorn Theatre, leading man Alex Walton shares his thoughts on the play about a paratrooper …

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NEWS: Largest-ever staging of 42nd Street hits 650 cinema screens from 10 Nov by Featured Content

More2Screen has announced the cinema release of the critically acclaimed West End revival of Michael Stewart and Mark Bramble’s 42nd Street, which will be screened in more than 550 cinemas…

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FIRST LOOK: Can you dig it? There’s a hole lot going on in these production images from We Dig by Featured Content

They're digging a hole for themselves... but in the most brilliant, theatrical way. Take a look at production images for Emma Frankland's We Dig at Ovalhouse, then book your tickets!

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Friday, October 11, 2019

Southall, Ladbroke Grove, Hatfield, Potters Bar: Do you remember the train crashes in The Permanent Way? by Featured Content

David Hare's award-winning 2003 verbatim drama The Permanent Way, now receiving its first major revival at The Vaults, covers four major disasters that followed railway privatisation. Do you…

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Thursday, October 10, 2019

PHOTOS: What was David Hare’s thinking when writing The Permanent Way? by Featured Content

Do you remember what else was happening in the world in 2003? That was the year The Permanent Way premiered, ten years after The Railway Privatisation Act. It was also the year that the US, …

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NEWS: Cervantes concludes 2019 with new adaptation of Isabel Allende’s The House of the Spirits by Featured Content

The Cervantes Theatre, London's home of Spanish and Latin American drama, concludes its female-led 2019 season with a major new staging of Isabel Allende's literary bestseller The House of t…

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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

FIRST-LOOK PHOTOS: The original Mischief Theatre company premiere Groan Ups by Featured Content

If these first-look photos of Mischief Theatre's Groan Ups don't put you in touch with your 'inner child', we don't know what will. Just two days to go until the brand-new comedy officially …

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WATCH: Hit the building site with the trailer for new Ovalhouse show, We Dig by Featured Content

With heavy machinery, hard hats and shovels galore, check out the trailer for Emma Frankland's hole-creating new show We Dig, then book your tickets!

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FIRST LOOK: Take a look at the modern setting for The Merchant of Venice with newly released production shots by Featured Content

Gold lame curtains, hoodies and hi-vis - we wouldn't naturally associate them with Shakespeare, but this is the world of the new production of The Merchant of Venice, currently playing at Dr…

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Monday, October 7, 2019

FEATURED SHOW: They’ve created a monster hit – check out the reviews for Frankenstein by Featured Content

"Superb", "modern and thrilling" and "pulls out every available stop" - take a look at what audiences and critics have said about Rona Munro's new adaptation of Frankenstein, then head to th…

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NEWS: Emma Frankland’s We Dig opens Ovalhouse’s Demolition Party season by Featured Content

As Ovalhouse brings its residency in its current South London home to a close, Emma Frankland opens its final season with We Dig, a show exploring the trans experience in which a giant hole …

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Sunday, October 6, 2019

‘They were the funniest people I had ever met’: Charlie Russell on Groan Ups & her Mischief Theatre adventure to date by Featured Content

It's cruel to ask one of the original Mischief Theatre company to choose their favourite comedy to date? But we couldn't resist. We caught up with the fabulous Charlie Russell about Groan Up…

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Friday, October 4, 2019

PHOTOS: Inside the rehearsal room & into the dreams of new mental health musical Dissociated by Featured Content

A new musical exploring mental health issues and recovery following child sexual abuse will receive its London premiere this autumn. Dissociated, written by psychotherapist Dave Bain and pro…

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WATCH: What might Mischief’s Groan Ups stars tell their younger selves? by Featured Content

Less than a week until Mischief Theatre's brand-new comedy Groan Ups officially opens and we're loving all the audience buzz on social media. Also on Twitter, we've been carefully studying t…

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Thursday, October 3, 2019

BEHIND THE SCENES: Sneak into rehearsals for the bold new production of The Merchant of Venice by Featured Content

Have a peek at what a modern take on Shakespeare's drama of vengeance, commodities, appearance and reality with rehearsal images from the new production of The Merchant of Venice directed by…

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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

PHOTOS: Joseph Marcell & Christopher Fairbank rehearse Sam Shepard’s Ages of the Moon by Featured Content

Joseph Marcell and Christopher Fairbank play lifelong friends in the UK premiere of Sam Shepard's acclaimed two-hander Ages of the Moon. How are they getting on so far in rehearsals? Sneak a…

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PHOTOS: In rehearsals with Ayesha Dharker, Bally Gill & the cast of When the Crows Visit by Featured Content

Less than three weeks until performances start for the world premiere of Indian dramatist Anupama Chandresekhar's When the Crows Visit, inspired by Ibsen's Ghosts and true events. What have …

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PHOTOS & VIDEO: Sneak a peek inside The Girl Who Fell rehearsals + brand-new trailer by Featured Content

We're counting down to the world premiere of The Girl Who Fell, Sarah Rutherford's darkly funny new play about parenting and social media dangers, opening this month at Trafalgar Studios. Sn…

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Tuesday, October 1, 2019

FIRST LOOK: Celebrate the start of Halloween season with stunning production images from Frankenstein by Featured Content

Gothic, leafless trees, towering buildings, fork lightning; the design of Rona Munro's Frankenstein is an Halloween treat full of theatrical tricks. Take a look at these fantastic productio…

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BEHIND THE SCENES: Peek into the rehearsal room for new psychological thriller Mites by Featured Content

An isolated woman, a pest controller and a talking cat... but which is which? We think we've got one character sussed! Take a look at these candid images from the rehearsal room of new darkl…

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‘Cinematic history fascinates me, I find the hypocrisy staggering’: Claudio Macor on dramatising the making of first pro-gay film Different From t by Featured Content

How much do you know about "the Einstein of sex" Magnus Hirschfeld and his film Anders als die Andern? Discovering this 1919 silent gem one night on YouTube inspired playwright Claudio Macor…

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Monday, September 30, 2019

‘If you’re not dancing to the music that’s playing, then why is it on?’: Eloise Jones on her choreography for new mental health musical Dissoc by Featured Content

A new musical exploring mental health issues and recovery following child sexual abuse will receive its London premiere this autumn. Dissociated, written by psychotherapist Dave Bain and pro…

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‘I always take the motherly role in whatever cast I’m a part of’: Amanda Bailey on treacle tarts & reprising her role in The Good Scout by Featured Content

Glenn Chandler's latest Edinburgh Festival hit The Good Scout now transfers to London's Above the Stag Theatre, and Amanda Bailey is once again relishing being the only woman in the cast and…

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Friday, September 27, 2019

NEWS: Sam Shepard’s Ages of the Moon gets its UK premiere, Joseph Marcell & Christopher Fairbank star by Featured Content

Sam Shepard’s 2009 play Ages of the Moon at last receives its UK premiere, in a production directed by Alexander Lass and produced by Debbie Hicks at The Vaults, where it will run alongsid…

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‘We’re all floundering, if we’re honest’: Playwright Sarah Rutherford on parenting, social media & her new play The Girl Who Fell by Featured Content

Sarah Rutherford explores the dark side of social media in her new play The Girl Who Fell - but, on the plus side, she also has Twitter to thank for the play getting its premiere next month …

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‘Expect to be afraid. Be very afraid’: Steve Fitzgerald chills our blood as he tells us about Uncanny Collective’s new show Haunted by Featured Content

"Expect scares, laughs and perpetual darkness." It's a description of new horror theatre piece Haunted that should fill audiences with trembling, nervous excitement. As Uncanny Collective pr…

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Thursday, September 26, 2019

FEATURED SHOW: Take a look at the ★★★★ reviews for Peter Hamilton’s Danelaw by Featured Content

"White hot", "astute" and "superbly intense" - critics and theatre fans have had their say on the new production of Peter Hamilton's darkly comic tale about a far-right group? Take a look at…

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