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Monday, August 27, 2012

Stage as Pulpit by Chloe Veltman

Artists as diverse as John Gay and Bono have long used the stage as a pulpit from which to preach a political, religious or social message. Al Green has come to realize the power of sharing …

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

On the incongruities of a venerable concert hall's summer programming by Chloe Veltman

There's an interesting disconnect at the Library of Congress in the way it presents some of its concerts.The Coolidge auditorium, where the venerable institution's live music programming gen…

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Funk in a paddling pool (and a few words about The Gershwins' Porgy and Bess) by Chloe Veltman

Sharon Jones, the amazing soul-funk diva whose groovy version of Woody Guthrie's "This Land is Your Land" recently changed my life, performed with her band, The Dap Kings, in a free concert …

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Composers and Innovation at SXSW by Chloe Veltman

It's interesting to read in Forbes about Beck's new album, which the indie pop star is releasing...wait for a bunch of pieces of sheet music. Forbes hails the singer-songwriter's eff…

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Barbecue, Bottles and Ballet by Chloe Veltman

  Incongruity can be a powerful thing when it comes to creating memorable arts experiences.The lively dissonance I experienced by chance over the weekend when a friend and I stumbl…

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Initiation To Wolf Trap by Chloe Veltman

No sejourn in the Washington DC area can be considered complete without a visit to the Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts, I'd heard on many occasions in the past.The open air, woo…

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

At The Athenaeum by Chloe Veltman

The Athenaeum must be one of the loveliest hidden delights of Boston. I went there over the weekend while I was in town recording an episode of VoiceBox about street musicians with my friend…

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Friday, August 3, 2012

The Formula by Chloe Veltman

As I wandered around The Phillips Collection's monthly evening "party", it struck me, as it so often does at these things, that the formula is getting tired.The milling around, the live band…

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Friday, July 27, 2012

A Titanic Wreck by Chloe Veltman

Thomas Choinacky likes Kate Winslet. A lot.In Thomas Is Titanic, the solo performer's sweet, self-absorbed show at DC's Capital Fringe Festival, Choinacky shows us the inner workings of an o…

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

BBQ Begat Civilization by Chloe Veltman

The Library of Congress is consistently giving me more to snack on during my lunch breaks than mere sandwiches and coffee. I get food for thought here on a regular basis. Right now, I am sit…

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Playing with Time: The Desert Rose Band and Justin Jones by Chloe Veltman

As an arts journalist who covers a very broad spectrum of musical genres, I feel like I have a pretty good understanding of the etiquette that surrounds the start times of various different …

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Beertown by Chloe Veltman

With Beertown, The Washington DC-based ensemble theatre company Dog & Pony has created a theatrical universe that is so compelling and inclusive that one barely notices two and a half ho…

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Not So Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson by Chloe Veltman

The year was 2006 when Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, a musical about the United State's bullish seventh president was first developed.The piece was workshopped by the New York-based experime…

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Monday, July 16, 2012

More Capital Fringe Fun by Chloe Veltman

July in Washington DC is the perfect month for a Fringe Festival. It's unbearably hot and muggy outside and much more blissful to be indoors experiencing weird and wonderful performances.I a…

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Who's on Stage? Us or Them? by Chloe Veltman

The picture to your left shows a bunch of Washington DC Fringe Festival audience members reenacting a scene from a children's book about human reproductivity.The people in the photo, which I…

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Friday, July 13, 2012

Squeeze This by Chloe Veltman

One of the great delights of working at The Library of Congress is being able to attend all manner of lectures on marvelously obscure subjects.Yesterday's fascinating jaunt through the cultu…

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sperm In Allium: A Different Way of Looking at the Unassailable Fact that Sex Sells Classical Music by Chloe Veltman

The Daily Telegraph reports that sales of the Tallis Scholars' recording of Thomas Tallis great, 40-art choral work, Spem In Alium, rapidly rose this week owing to readers of E L James's ero…

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Music on the 4th by Chloe Veltman

The first thing I did after I first landed on the East Coast in 1998 was attend the July 4 celebrations. I was just about to embark upon a fellowship year at Harvard and I have dim memories …

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Nooks and Crannies of the Library of Congress by Chloe Veltman

One of the things you don't want to do in Washington DC in July or August is go outside. So it's a good thing that the three buildings of The Library of Congress, where I am currently workin…

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Of hunchbacks, crumhorns and Twitter by Chloe Veltman

Hesperus, an early music trio, rounded out the 2012 Washington DC Early Music Festival by performing a live soundtrack of assorted Medieval European music to a screening of the 1923 movie ve…

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Friday, June 29, 2012

The Shape Of Things by Chloe Veltman

I often think that the most satisfying concert experiences follow a narrative arc. And I particularly love it when programmers manage to move an audience from one set of feelings and experie…

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Scottsboro Boys problem by Chloe Veltman

It's hard to fault The Scottsboro Boys. The 2010 John Kander and Fred Ebb musical, which is currently running at San Francisco's Geary stage in an arresting co-production between the America…

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Decomposing Beauty by Chloe Veltman

I've known about the Djerassi Resident Artists Program for quite a while.Carl Djerassi, the scientist-turned-playwright who founded the residencies on his spectacular ranch in the Los Altos …

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Madame Mao by Chloe Veltman

The San Francisco Opera's company premiere production of John Adams' Nixon in China left me feeling a bit nonplussed on the whole apart from one thing:  Hye Jung Lee's performance as th…

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Friday, June 22, 2012

There's A Play In There Somewhere by Chloe Veltman

It's sometimes the case that I go to the theatre to see a new drama and walk away struggling to figure out where exactly the play lay amid the myriad ideas, words, sounds and images that wer…

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

At the Opera with Tyson and Sam by Chloe Veltman

Arts journalists should make a point of attending arts events with people under the age of 20. I'm saying this having attended a production of The Magic Flute this week at San Francisco Oper…

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Monday, June 18, 2012

OSF Day Four: Romeo and Juiet and As You Like It by Chloe Veltman

OK, so I'm taking back the comment I made yesterday about the Oregon Shakespeare Festival's Shakespeare productions as being sub par.After witnessing director Laird Williamson's gob smacking…

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

OSF Day Three: Troilus and Cressida and Animal Crackers by Chloe Veltman

Someone might be forgiven for coming to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and coming to the conclusion that they don’t like Shakespeare very much.  Part of the problem is the deference …

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

OSF Day Two: Seagull and Henry V by Chloe Veltman

My Oregon Shakespeare Festival experience this year is so far proving to be unusual: OK, I'm only three plays in, but never have I been to a theatre festival that produces such polarized res…

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Friday, June 15, 2012

OSF Day One: The White Snake by Chloe Veltman

My second annual trip to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival kicked off last night after a seven-hour drive from San Francisco with The White Snake, a world premiere re-telling of an ancient Chi…

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Social Dances by Chloe Veltman

All around me I'm seeing signs of a society that's becoming more artistically participatory.Yes, we're still by and large a culture that pays to enjoy the experience of passively watching "r…

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