Monday, July 4, 2016

Hamilton Posters: All the Versions that Didn't Make the Cut by James Tarmy

Even though the show hardly needs to market itself at this point, the promotional logo for the theatrical sensation Hamilton has become a coveted pop culture symbol by itself. A simple trunc…

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Monday, May 25, 2015

Pre-Brangelina 'Royal Family' Sends Up Golden Age Stars: Review by John Simon (**1/2)

Despite some funny bits, Kaufman had not yet reached the height of his comic gifts. So we get rather more competence than magnificence.

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Lame Duck Lane Bests Turkeys in Mamet's New Farce: John Simon

A comedy and its production score a joint bull's-eye, and for a couple of hours on Broadway, all is well with the world.

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Lynn Redgrave Takes on God, Islam in 'Grace': Jeremy Gerard

The show begins and ends with Grace participating in an electronic experiment to simulate the experience of spirituality. The experiment is as misguided as the wannabe-Shaw play itself.

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Off-Broadway Goes Bollywood With Kooks in 'Rafta': John Simon

Scott Elliott has directed with his customary know-how, but, finally, there is something amiss when the flushing of a toilet comes almost louder and faster than the bona fide laugh lines.

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Iraq Tragedy, Guitar Shrieks, Mad Miracles: Avignon Festival Review by Jorg von Uthmann

Doctoral candidates in literary history should explore a new, fertile ground for their theses -- the impact of the Iraq war on U.S. and European theater.

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'Grease' Revival to Close After 554 Performances on Broadway By Philip Boroff

Producers of "Grease" announced that their 1950s-era musical will close on Jan. 4, the ninth Broadway show scheduled to fold next month.

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Audra McDonald Brings Heat to '110 in the Shade': John Simon

Hottest of all may be the Lizzie of Audra McDonald. Not hitherto her fan, I was completely won over.

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Frankie Valli and His 'Boys' Hit London: Warwick Thompson

Nostalgia buffs will find plenty to enjoy. Those in search of a developed drama had best avoid this show.

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Ashanti's Dorothy, Nigel's Toto Ease Into New 'Wiz': John Simon

The show gets, and deserves, a slightly longer run than the usual Encores! airing (and Broadway may follow), as this is truly a show for all ages and all imaginable audiences.

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Lansbury, Seldes Have Devil of a Time in 'Deuce': John Simon

As a lesson in acting (other than the annoying Joanna P. Adler as the female commentator), this is a boon to theatrical aspirants. For the rest of us, it is slim pickings.

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Walton's Head Sings in Toothless 'Walmartopia': John Simon

The show presumes to be satire. But true satire needs sharper writing and catchier music. "Walmartopia" may have tongue in cheek; what it lacks is teeth in mouth.

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