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For the Love of God By: Joseph Marzullo; Text by Dan Bacalzo

Hugh Jackman, Alan Alda, Bobby Cannavale, Kenneth Cole, Edie Falco, Tommy Tune, and Eric Mabius help James Gandolfini, Marcia Gay Harden, Jeff Daniels, and Hope Davis celebrate the opening of God of Carnage.

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Muy Bien: "West Side Story" Is Back

The landmark musical "West Side Story," which opened more than 50 years ago, has returned to the Great White Way. But something's different this time, as Mo Rocca found out...

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It's not easy to re-think a masterpiece, but Arthur Laurents has done just that with West Side Story. And he's come up a winner.

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Trumbo at Jermyn Street Theatre, SW1 by Dominic Maxwell (**)

Before the start of the week, the talk about Corin Redgrave's return to the stage was how he would fare in only his second stage role since his heart attack of 2005. Now, the death of his ni…

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Audrey II

Cheryl Stern wishes to become Miss Hepburn in Being Audrey, while Jeremy Bobb searches for his crock of gold in Finian's Rainbow. Plus: Roberto Alagna does double duty in Cav & Pag at the Met.

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When the Show Had at Least 1776 Problems

Forty years ago last week, one of Broadway's most surprising smash-hits opened. Very few expected much from 1776, but it's gone on to be a classic.

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Rumble in the Living Room, by Ben Brantley

God of Carnage definitely delivers the cathartic release of watching other people's marriages go boom.

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Upper-Middle-Class Clowns, by Elisabeth Vincentelli

After making you laugh, Yasmina Reza's God of Carnage leaves a bitter aftertaste. This Howitzer blast against bourgeois-bohemian hypocrisy could easily be staged as a drama. But it certainly isn't done that way here, and that's just fine—it's been a while since Broadway's seen such gleefully nasty fun.

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Oh, God of Carnage, that's whacky theater, by Joe Dziemianowicz

James Gandolfini is one of four first-class actors at the top of their game in the combustible comedy God of Carnage, which opened Sunday night and could be called "Grownups Gone Wild!"

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Reviewed by Linda Winer

It's a jungle up there. What fun. The two middle-aged couples in the artsy-stark Brooklyn town house only appear to be civilized parents discussing a playground fight between their 11-year-…

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Reviewed by Roma Torre

Yasmina Reza, who first stormed Broadway with her Tony-winning play Art 11 years ago, returns with another crowdpleasing comedy. God of Carnage doesn't quite match the artfulness of that first triumph, but it's a winner and the theatre gods are smiling yet again.

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Reviewed by Chris Jones

God of Carnage, the savvy and deliciously caustic new comedy of urban ill-manners from the French writer Yasmina Reza now at the Bernard Jacobs Theatre, shoots its entire clip of sardonic bullets in just 90 minutes

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Reviewed by Charles McNulty

Civilization's thin veneer gets mercilessly stripped in French playwright Yasmina Reza's savage comedy about two urban couples attempting to maturely resolve an altercation that occurred bet…

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Reviewed by Michael Kuchwara

Civility gets thoroughly trashed—along with a few other things—in Yasmina Reza's hilarious yet surprisingly thoughtful comedy.

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Gandolfini, Daniels Turn Kids' Brawl Into Class War, by John Simon

Yasmina Reza's God of Carnage proves superior entertainment at Broadway's Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre. What a pleasant surprise to share a walloping good time with the audience at this comedy, whose ferocious title paradoxically reinforces the subtly furibund fun.

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Reviewed by David Rooney

With all the anger in the air in these dark days for the nation, there's a certain schadenfreude in watching Yasmina Reza's acid-dipped takedown of smug self-interest in God of Carnage. Examining how the straitjacket of civilized society can barely contain the primitive beast within, the fanged comedy picks an easy target in the complacent bourgeoisie. But the savagery of its dissection of interpersonal politics—marital, sexual, and civic—is played to perfection by a scorching cast in Matthew Warchus' pungent production.

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Reviewed by David Sheward

Yasmina Reza's latest play is a well-crafted playwriting exercise rather than a believable character study.

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Adults Behaving Badly, by Andy Propst

Reza uses a childish incident—one boy hit another with a stick—to explore how delicate the social fabric is that keeps us two or three steps away from barbarism. It's a thoughtfu…

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First Blood Obsession: No Man, No Law, No War Can Stop It, by Charles Isherwood

Rambo Solo is an alternately hilarious and enervating, entrancing and tedious tribute to the crazed but comforting grip of aesthetic obsession.

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Reviewed by Marilyn Stasio

Nature Theater of Oklahoma, which has forged a sharp, witty and utterly distinctive performance style from elements charitably called garbage, has hit the mother lode in Rambo Solo. Conceived and made flesh by company founders Pavol Liska and Kelly Copper, the idiosyncratic one-man piece is performed with hilarious conviction by Zachary Oberzan, whose maniacally funny (and quite touching) obsession with the story of Rambo: First Blood inspired the show. A snug fit at SoHo Rep, which collects all kinds of artistic oddities, the lunatic creation is enhanced by a meticulously filmed chronicle of Oberzan's Odyssean efforts to explain himself.

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Reviewed by Jenny Sandman

You don't have to be a fan of the Rambo movies or of Sylvester Stallone to enjoy this one-man homage.

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God of Carnage
Review by Matthew Murray

How often is the worst day of your life also the funniest? To the four characters in Yasmina Reza's blisteringly outrageous new play God of Carnage, which just opened at the Jacobs, it occurs with alarming regularity.

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God of Carnage
Reviewedby:David Finkle

Yasmina Reza's entertaining and soigne comedy about warring parents is well directed and beautifully performed.

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Review of God of Carnage by Matt Windman

"God of Carnage" is a genuine crowd-pleaser. All of the comedic elements are in place and the cast cannot be better. Among the many celeb-driven plays now opening en masse, this savage socia…

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The unhappy marriage was never more of a pleasure BY ROBERT FELDBERG

Evenings in the theater don't get any funnier than "God of Carnage," Yasmina Reza's romp through the weed-filled garden of modern marriage.

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Turf Wars by John Lahr

"West Side Story" and "God of Carnage" on Broadway.

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Q&A : Hope Davis

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