Tuesday, November 20, 2007 at 6pm (Broadway Time)

0056: Frankensteins, Russell Churney, Drowsy Chaperone, Lady Be Good by MusicalTalk

TIM AND THOS get to grips with the two different Frankenstein musicals that have recently opened in New York - one by a certain Mel Brooks. We are joined by Adele Anderson to remember the li…

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007 at midnight (Broadway Time)

26-Year-Old Yale Student Salim Killed During Tartuffe Load-In; Show Delayed

Yale Repertory Theatre has postponed the start of the upcoming run of Moliere's Tartuffe due to the Nov. 18 death of a student, Pierre-André Salim, who was fatally wounded during the load-in of the set.

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All Over the Map By: Dan Bacalzo and Matthew Meixler

Sweet 15 (Quinceañera) in San Diego, The Phantom Tollbooth in Washington D.C., and This Wonderful Life in Pittsburgh.

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The producers, however, have agreed to meet with Claffey again this Sunday.

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On Broadway, Growing Gloom About the Holidays By CAMPBELL ROBERTSON

The New York city comptroller estimated that the city is losing about $2 million a day because of the strike.

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Man in the News
Speaking Up for the Stagehands By JAMES BARRON

The man at the center of the breakdown in the talks between the Broadway producers' league and the striking stagehands' union had one thing he wanted to say before the first question in an i…

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A Bit of Broadway, but Drama's Mostly Offstage By CARYN JAMES

What's missing from the eight Broadway shows still running is the very thing that promised to make this season distinct: a strong new drama.

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PLAYBILL.COM'S CUE & A: Patrick Page

Patrick Page - star of the Broadway musical Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas - fills out Playbill.com's questionnaire with random facts, backstage trivia and pop culture tidbits.

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Crying all the way to the bank By PAUL HODGINS

The 'Hairspray' writing team and a Jon Stewart alum have struck gold adapting another John Waters film for the stage, 'Cry-Baby.'

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'Cry-Baby,' a mostly cheeky delight, needs tinkering By Mary Carole McCauley

Central characters lack believability; show has 5 months until Broadway debut

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Review by Sam Thielman

Short-play fests are mixed bags by nature, but despite scoring enough commercial success to warrant an extended run, Cherry Lane's "Vengeance" is more mixed than most, with five one-acts tha…

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Review: Rebecca Gilman's 'The Crowd You're in With' by Robert Hurwitt

To beget or not to beget? That is the question at the heart of Rebecca Gilman's "The Crowd You're in With," a delightfully funny and thought-provoking new play that opened Saturday at the Ma…

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The Crowd You're in With
San Francisco Bay Area Review by: Tiffany Maleshefski

Rebecca Gilman's new play about a couple trying to have kids needs to dig deeper.

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Theater Review | 'Secret Order'
Sometimes Con Men Wear Lab Coats By JASON ZINOMAN

Bob Clyman's play is a taut, twist-filled and appealingly cynical drama about the culture of high-stakes science.

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The Piano Teacher - Reviewed by Adam R. Perlman

Elizabeth Franz reveals layer after layer of a woman retreating from a glimpse of evil in Julia Cho's skillful chornicle of a small tragedy.

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HUMAN FRAILITIES by Bill Stevenson

There's more to The Piano Teacher than just sharps and flats. In this seemingly innocent tale of a piano teacher who searches out her former students, the past collides with the present in s…

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Political Idol - Reviewed by Nancy Ellen Shore

An uneven revue offers some spot-on impersonations, but lacks the punch to justify its hefty admission and two-drink minimum.

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The 4th Graders Present an Unnamed Love-Suicide - Reviewed by A.J. Mell

The Hypocrites won raves in their hometown of Chicago for this glum allegory, but the stylized, awkward dialogue keeps audiences at a distance.

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The Pioneer - Reviewed by Marc Miller

Five early one-acts by Eugene O'Neill receive a smooth production from Metropolitan Playhouse.

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Home James - Reviewed by Christopher Murray

A charming and game group of actors rescue a coming-of-age story from cliche.

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ANIMAL STORY by Robert Cashill

Edward Albee, 80 years young, has fused the old with the new, to come up with the bracing Peter and Jerry.

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What strange beast walking is this Wooster Group's Hamlet? Neither fish nor foul-as the cast valiantly re-enacts the 1964 Richard Burton stage Hamlet, unspooling in the background.

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THE MONSTER MASH by Robert Cashill

Not that Young Frankenstein is bad, it just isn't another Producers. And all the tricks Mel Brooks, Susan Stroman and friends pour on can't obscure that fact.

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Intimate TheaterWorks Enhances Timeless Drama

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'Tales' retooled at Sundance Lab

Workshop scheduled for Dec. 2-16

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CTG awards Ian Garrett

'Green' designer-producer earns Sherwood kudo

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