Wednesday, January 24, 2007 at midnight (Broadway Time)

Alma Matters by J. Cooper Robb

After reminiscing about their college days, Dex and Julie untangle their emotional past.

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Comic Damage

Her characters may have an appetite for destruction, but Theresa Rebeck still gets invested in their fortunes.

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Follow Spot By: Michael Portantiere

Mary Cleere Haran sings her heart out in Newark, in Brooklyn, and in a benefit at the Rainbow Room. Plus: How does Actors' Equity feel about YouTube?

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A satire to light your circuits By Toby Zinman

It's funny before it starts; Erik Weiner, coauthor of Nerds: A Musical Software Satire and a 29-year-old techno-geek, is having trouble with his phone: "Circuits are busy."

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The Tony Award nominee from The Pillowman talks about career opportunities, the acting process and The Voysey Inheritance.

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All the pubs a stage in growing art form By Barbara Lewis

A growing trend to mix pub culture with playhouse art is seeping into traditional drinking dens across London and beyond.

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Backstage: The August Wilson Century By Jane Horwitz

At Ford's & Arena, Two 'Decade' Plays

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Welcome home, Joan by Army Archerd

"I'm doing the play to get another tv series -- a comedy," Joan laughs. "People forget I'm a comedienne. They just think of me being bitchy as in 'Dynasty'."

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'60s Prejudice and Capitalism as a Big Blond Metaphor By GINIA BELLAFANTE

Amiri Baraka's controversial 1964 race play possesses a single objective: to produce guilt. But 43 years after it made its debut, it fails to do even that.

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Theater Review | 'Women of Trachis'
Greek Tragedy Wears a New, Brash Mask By JONATHAN KALB

Kate E. Ryan's delightful and perceptive adaptation of Sophocles' play is being produced by Target Margin Theater as part of its Hellenic Laboratory series.

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Videotaping the Apocalyptic Intersection of Abu Ghraib and Las Vegas By JASON ZINOMAN

Imagine all the decadence, incoherence and insanity of Times Square jammed into a black-box theater and you get some sense of what you're in for with Big Art Group's "Dead Set 3."

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'Ace' takes off but doesn't soar By Charles McNulty

The two young stars help lift a touching tale about a boy who finds out his father's identity.

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A drama that truly unnerves by Joe Dziemianowicz

It's hard to recall a recent play that's jangled my nerves more than Culture Project's "Dai (enough)." I mean that as a compliment to writer and performer Iris Bahr, whose one-woman, multi-c…

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High-brow reunion BY PETER FILICHIA

Pleasant tale about classmates sags when it strains to be classier

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What's bad is good in silly musical spoof BY MICHAEL SOMMERS

What makes "Gutenberg! The Musical!" better than most lampoons is its two delightful performers and a cleverly minimalist presentation.

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Into the Woods

While the theater's sound-cushioning devices clearly present a challenge for some cast members to project to the corners, the troupe otherwise appeared totally at home in its new confines on…

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'Golf' is Wilson par excellence BY HEDY WEISS

Play drives home author's vision of black America

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Life in Hellman by Michael Feingold

This revival of Toys in the Attic stirs up New Orleans' inner hurricane

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