Thursday, September 12, 2002 at midnight (Broadway Time)

Symphony Reprises Hartford Stage Slogan by FRANK RIZZO

We hear Tony award-winner Randy Graff (Broadway's "City of Angels") may be joining Robert LuPone ("A Chorus Line"), Michael Countryman (New York's "House" and "Garden") and Brian Murray (Ton…

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`Much Ado' Struggles For Life by MALCOLM JOHNSON

At the end of "Much Ado About Nothing," Karen Zimba shakes a leg in a flick-kicky way that proclaims her status as one of the Broadway musicals' great dancing queens.
But throughout, Zimba's Beatrice uses her vivacious grace, her inner wit, her sparkly and knowing eyes to animate a production that is often sorely in need of life, especially before intermission.
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Kim Hunter, Broadway and Hollywood's Stella DuBois, Dies at 79 by: Michael Buckley

Includes excerpts from Buckley's 1986 interview with her.

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CDs: Rodgers' Final Score by Ken Mandelbaum


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Cincinnati Review by Scott Cain

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The Lives Left Behind

Includes a profile of LaChanze.
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Fringe, Interrupted by Debra Auspitz

A Fringe hoax causes a stir at this year's festival.

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Disney, Dodger Theatricals and Cameron Mackintosh are looking to establish a new curtain time of 7 p.m. on Tuesday nights this winter.

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Aaron Eckhart will join Sigourney Weaver in "The Mercy Seat." The Neil LaBute play opens MCC's season on Dec. 18 at the Acorn Theater, a new Off Broadway venue on West 42nd Street.

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'Our Town' in Midtown? by Gordon Cox

There's room at the Booth for Newman and the Westport revival

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Every Inch a King, Every Moment a Revelation by BEN BRANTLEY
Jonathan Miller's involving interpretation of Sahkespeare's "King Lear," the centerpiece of the Stratford Festival's 50th season, makes nothingness an intimate experience.

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Zurich Theater Director Becomes a Public Issue by ALAN RIDING

The Marthaler affair has become the talk of artistic circles in much of Europe, with those natural enemies, money and artistic freedom, at the center of the debate.

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Kim Hunter, 79, Actress Lauded in 'Streetcar,' Is Dead by RICK LYMAN

Kim Hunter's eclectic 60-year career included an Oscar, two Emmy nominations and a Broadway triumph with her portrayal of Stella in the legendary 1947 debut of "A Streetcar Named Desire."

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Sailing Gleefully Into the Wild Blue Yonder by STEPHEN HOLDEN
Christine Ebersole is one of those innately gifted performers hard-wired to convey the kind of madcap exuberance that spreads like electricity through an audience.

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Bright lights- and darkness By PATRICIA O'HAIRE, AMY DiLUNA and LANCE GOULD

On Sept. 13, 2001, Broadway united in a show of resilience by taking to the stage in the aftermath of catastrophe.
Yesterday, the theatrical community found many ways to mark the anniversary.

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Some light hearts lift a heavy subject by Robert Dominguez

Finding humor in Sept. 11 would seem inappropriate just a year later, especially with the memorials going on this week.
But at the second installment of "Brave New World: American Theatre Responds to 9/11," the three-day benefit commemorating the anniversary of the attacks, the laughter that accompanied the handful of witty plays interspersed among the serious pieces, somber songs and melancholy poems seemed to be cathartic for Tuesday night's audience at Town Hall.

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The cast of "Cabaret" transformed the lounge at Pressure into a bacchanalian Berlin-above-a-bowling-alley on Sunday.
Seventh item.

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Shedding tears over darkest of days BY MARY HOULIHAN

Now in one of its first regional theater productions, "The Guys" is being presented collectively here by the Goodman Theatre and Northlight Theatre. Directed by Robert Falls, it stars Mary B…

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With Wit and Winks, a Revisited Sitcom Holds 'Phacts of Life' by DAVID C. NICHOLS

A level of garage theater so unfettered as to suggest divine intervention distinguishes "The Phacts of Life," playing Thursdays at the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center's Renberg Theatre to screamin…

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Actors Fill In Gaps in 'What I Did for Love' by DARYL H. MILLER

Some fine performances pull the audience through an often frustrating program.

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'Hairspray' is ready to hit the road by J. Wynn Rousuck

Casting call goes out for national tour of Broadway hit

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Coleman to direct theater BY PEGGY McGLONE

A retired AT&T executive and former Crossroads Theatre Company subscriber has been named the new executive director of the still-dormant theater.

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None of 'My Sons' by Peter Filichia

"The rights were pulled from us because there's going to be a Broadway revival next season," explains Two River artistic director Jonathan Fox.

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New Play Turns Spotlight on South Africa

LONDON (Reuters) - Greig Coetzee is a playwright on a mission -- to stop foreigners being politically correct about his native South Africa and get them to know it warts and all.

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Role of a Lifetime By Georg Szalai

N.Y.'s showbiz community joins forces to get production recovery off the ground

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