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Saturday, February 9, 2019

Actors Who Help Develop Hit Broadway Shows Will Share In Profits, Says New Union Agreement by Halle Kiefer

After a strike lasting 33 days, Actors’ Equity has made a deal with producers trade association the Broadway League to give a fraction of successful Broadway shows’ profits to its perfor…

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Friday, February 1, 2019

Seth Rogen, Eddie Redmayne and Sacha Baron Cohen, Together At Last, In Aaron Sorkin’s Chicago 7 by Halle Kiefer

If you find yourself wanting to draw parallels between today’s political unrest and the tumultuous late ‘60s, Aaron Sorkin is here with a gigantic sketch pad and 1,000,000 sharpened penc…

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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Kerry Washington to Reprise Role in Netflix’s Adaptation of Broadway’s American Son by Halle Kiefer

Netflix announced Monday that director Kenny Leon, Tony Award winner for 2014’s A Raisin in the Sun revival, will be adapting American Son for the streaming platform. Currently starring in…

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Monday, January 21, 2019

You Always Say You Should See More Theater: Michael C. Hall to Star In One-Night Skittles Musical by Halle Kiefer

Enjoying New York’s bustling theater scene requires a refined palate, and if you’ve been refining yours with a life time of Skittles consumption, has Golden Globe-winning actor Michael C…

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Ariana Grande Has The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift For You This Year: A New Album by Halle Kiefer

If two new albums in less than six months seems intense, well, Ariana Grande just finished one extremely intense year. On Sunday, the singer teased the impending release of a follow-up to 20…

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Sunday, January 20, 2019

Aaron Sorkin Asks Democrats to Be ‘Non-Stupid Party,’ Officials to ‘Stop Acting Like Young People’ by Halle Kiefer

On Sunday morning, Aaron Sorkin sacrificed valuable “writing that Social Network sequel” time to sit down with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria to talk about the future of the Democratic Party, as…

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Lady Gaga Comes for Mike and Karen Pence, ‘The Worst Representation’ of Christianity by Halle Kiefer

Lady Gaga has always made sure she had a platform for her political beliefs. Now she has a platform, a mech suit, and an alien avatar, all while dangling from the ceiling during her Las Vega…

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Friday, January 18, 2019

Soulja Boy Is Pretty Sure He Knows Where Ariana Grande Got Her ‘7 Rings’ Swag by Halle Kiefer

Well, this, right here, is someone’s swag. But who? In addition to blatantly ripping off that poor Maria von Trapp, Ariana Grande’s “7 Rings” is the target of some very direct “oh,…

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Friday, January 11, 2019

Aaron Sorkin ‘Knows Enough to Know’ He Has to Write a Sequel to The Social Network by Halle Kiefer

It only took fifteen years for Facebook to go from a hotness ranking website to a lynchpin in the collapse of American democracy, but unfortunately The Social Network came out in 2010. That�…

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Sunday, January 6, 2019

Somewhere, That Bus Is Smiling: Lindsay Lohan and Mean Girls’ Jonathan Bennett, Together Again by Halle Kiefer

All respect to Shane Oman, but there is only one Mean Girls star we still want to make out with in the projection room above the auditorium, and that is Aaron Samuels himself, Jonathan Benne…

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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Aw, Lin-Manuel Miranda Put Out a Big Plate of Holiday and a Tall Frosty Glass of Parody for You by Halle Kiefer

Because eating millions upon millions of cookies would at some point cause a human body to explode, America’s Good Singing Dad Lin-Manuel Miranda has left you a much healthier gift to clea…

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Sunday, December 16, 2018

Bryan Cranston Stars as Kris Kringle and Evil Goth Kris Kringle in Colbert’s Kid-Made Santa Fight by Halle Kiefer

Bryan Cranston kicking his own ass as two competing Santas forced to settle their familial feud with kung-fu and axe play? It’s a Christmas miracle! In the Late Show’s latest “Kid Pitc…

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Friday, December 7, 2018

Disney’s Streaming Platform Received the Divine Inspiration to Bring You Sister Act 3 by Halle Kiefer

If you like resurrections, boy, does Disney+ have a project for you! According to Entertainment Weekly, Disney’s upcoming streaming platform is reportedly developing a threequel to the nun…

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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Kanye Apologizes for His Phone Etiquette During Broadway’s The Cher Show, Which He Absolutely Loved by Halle Kiefer

It would undoubtedly be distracting to see the bright glow of an audience member’s cell phone in the middle of putting on a Broadway show. And then to look up and see that audience member …

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Monday, November 5, 2018

Rita Moreno Returns To The Island Manhattan for Lin-Manuel Miranda’s In The Heights Movie by Halle Kiefer

In perhaps the most satisfying casting no-brainer of all time, Rita Moreno has joined the upcoming cinematic version of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical In The Heights, from Crazy Rich Asian d…

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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Life Is Hard. Let Steve McQueen Direct A Musical. by Halle Kiefer

From Hunger to Shame to 12 Years A Slave, Academy Award-winning director Steve McQueen has come to be known for intense, sometimes brutal dramas. And right now, he’s extremely over it, so …

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Monday, October 29, 2018

Ariana Grande Sings ‘The Wizard And I’ at A Very Wicked Halloween and You’re Melting, You’re Melting by Halle Kiefer

Ariana Grande’s “The Wizard and I” is the best part of NBC’s A Very Wicked Halloween: Celebrating 15 Years on Broadway this Monday night, and you are the best group of costume-wearin…

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Sunday, October 21, 2018

Diane Warren Reaffirms A Star Is Born’s “Why Did You Do That?” Is Supposed to Be Good, Since It Is by Halle Kiefer

When you saw A Star Is Born, what did you think of Ally’s pop hit “Why Did You Do That?” Did you thrill at the line “Why’d you come around me with an ass like that?” or did you, …

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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Lady Gaga Lands Her Fifth Number One Album With A Star Is Born Soundtrack by Halle Kiefer

While you might not be happy in this modern world, here’s a little something to tide you over in the meantime: A Star Is Born debuted at the top of the Billboard 200 album charts, giving L…

SOURCE: Vulture at 08:38PM
Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Ariana Grande’s ‘Breathin’ Video Is Just Three Minutes of Her Pet Pig Sniffing Around on Faux Fur by Halle Kiefer

Ariana Grande’s aesthetic as of late has been dreamy pastels, romantic lighting and a little teeny tiny porker reportedly named Piggy Smalls. The singer’s baby pet pig made his music vid…

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Friday, October 5, 2018

Wanted to Take Another Look at The First Three A Star Is Born Films Before You See The New One? by Halle Kiefer

In haaa ah ah ah ah aaah aaah ah ah ah ah aaaaaah-onor of this weekend’s A Star Is Born premiere, FilmStruck currently has the first three versions of A Star Is Born available to stream, p…

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Saturday, September 29, 2018

Kinky Boots to Leave Broadway In Spring 2019, So You Procrastinating Boot Freaks Need to Get On It by Halle Kiefer

If you love depraved footwear and musical theater, but haven’t seen the one Broadway show designed specifically for you…well, it’s a good thing we’re alerting you to this important t…

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Monday, September 24, 2018

Listen to Lady Gaga’s A Star Is Born Ballad ‘Is That Alright?’ by Halle Kiefer

Is that alright? Lady Gaga (@ladygaga) September 25, 2018 ... More »

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Monday, September 10, 2018

Tim Rice, Andrew Lloyd Webber and John Legend EGOT Hard at Sunday’s Creative Arts Emmys by Halle Kiefer

What would Jesus do at the 2018 Creative Arts Emmys? That’s goddamn right, he’d absolutely EGOT for his work on the televised production of Jesus Christ Superstar, just like lyricist Tim…

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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Listen to Cher’s Cover of ABBA’s ‘SOS,’ Because Summer Isn’t Over Yet, Baby! by Halle Kiefer

We all like to complain about the heat and humidity of summer, but soon enough we’ll be bundled up against the cold again, boots soaked in slush, huffing a half-empty bottle of sunscreen j…

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Monday, August 20, 2018

Ariana Grande Serves You Your Last Supper With VMAs ‘God Is A Woman’ Performance by Halle Kiefer

In 1883’s Thus Spake Zarathustra, philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche famously declared, “God is dead,” but even he would be grinding it out to Ariana Grande’s “God Is a Woman” perfo…

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Sunday, August 19, 2018

Nicki Minaj Has a Theory About Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner, Spotify, Ariana Grande… by Halle Kiefer

Onika Maraj woke up aggrieved on Sunday, after Travis Scott’s Astroworld came in at #1 ahead of her new album Queen, and she took to Twitter to lay out an intricate web of criticisms level…

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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Keri Russell Set to Smolder Across From Adam Driver in Broadway’s Burn This Revival by Halle Kiefer

Now that she’s got a little more free time on her hands, Keri Russell is doing what we all would do if we just had a few extra hours in the day: making her Broadway debut. The Americans st…

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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Cher’s ABBA Album Dancing Queen Drops in September, Just in Time for the Rest of Your Life by Halle Kiefer

As you already know if you follow Cher on Twitter (if you don’t, why deprive yourself like this?), she’s been hinting at an ABBA music project in the lead up to the release of Mamma Mia!…

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Monday, August 6, 2018

Johnny Depp’s Notorious B.I.G. Movie Has Been Pulled From Its Theater Release Date by Halle Kiefer

If we as a society are ever going to find out a conclusive answer to the question “Who shot Biggie Smalls?,” it’s starting to look like Johnny Depp won’t be the source of that long s…

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Sunday, August 5, 2018

Lady Gaga Apologizes for Tweets Concluding Her ‘Born This Way’ Co-Star’s Cause of Death by Halle Kiefer

Following the death of model and actor “Zombie Boy” Rick Genest, Lady Gaga took to Twitter to mourn the passing of her “Born This Way” co-star, whose ornate skeleton tattoos she repl…

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