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Monday, September 20, 2021

BONUS: `To Free a Mockingbird by Automatic Episode Import

Jess & Liz dive into Grace Aki's incredible one person show -- "To Free a Mockingbird' -- give it a

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#126 – Ariel Reid – ALADDIN by Automatic Episode Import

Ariel Reid / @arieljreid Ariel joins us as a current cast member of Disney’s Aladdin on Broadway,

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Ep 31 – Meghan Picerno: “Andrew Lloyd Weber Could Really Use the Money” by Automatic Episode Import

Have a seat and listen the hell up. Meghan Picerno swung by the podcast and we got DEEP! We talk abo

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Saturday, September 18, 2021

Episode 24: AMY SPANGER by Automatic Episode Import

Drama Desk nominee Amy Spanger talks about the musical Chicago, her amazing career as Broadway's lea

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Thursday, September 16, 2021

Episode 5 – Paul Scott Goodman, Pamela Gray, Daniel & Patrick Lazour: A Walk On The Moon & We Live In Cairo by Automatic Episode Import

This episode features discussions about Paul Scott Goodman and Pamela Gray’s A Walk On The Moon an

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EP 51- CHRISTIANI PITTS by Automatic Episode Import

SHOW NOTES: Christiani Pitts is an actress, singer, dancer and writer making her Broadway debut in A

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S2 Ep3: Project ALS by Automatic Episode Import

For over 20 years, Project ALS has been on the frontlines in the fight against ALS, identifying and

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Episode 37: 100 Years of SHUFFLE ALONG!, Part 1 by Automatic Episode Import

This year marks the 100th Anniversary of Shuffle Along! The groundbreaking musical that kicked off a

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#4 – Bianca del Rio with Gregg Barnes and Coco Dupont by Automatic Episode Import

Host Devario D. Simmons welcomes drag superstar Bianca Del Rio, Tony Award-winning Costume Designer

SOURCE: at 01:02AM

EP48 – Allison Smith – A Thousand Tomorrows by Automatic Episode Import

Allison Smith recounts over 1000 performances as ANNIE on Broadway and her time starring on the 1980

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#69 – Oscar Williams, Lil Manuel Miranda by Automatic Episode Import

Fun Home, The Secret Garden, and Parade star and fellow Broadway kid, Oscar Williams is Take A Bow's

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#159 – The Apple (feat. Matt Baume) by Automatic Episode Import

"Hey Hey Hey! Bim is the way!" Grab your face stickers and loincloths because we're joined by the in

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Wednesday, September 15, 2021

#48 – Kara Lindsay by Automatic Episode Import

The one and only Kara Lindsay returns to "E-Ticket to Broadway" to share more of her love for Walt D

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#52 – Jason Rodriguez: Agencies in the Theatre Industry by Automatic Episode Import

“Wow, first of all I love that word. When I first saw it in an email, I was like, ‘It’s gotta

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Ep6 – Amanda & Wanda: “The Monster at the End of the Book” by Automatic Episode Import

In the girls’ room, Amanda wrestles with the revelation that Kyle has been cheating on her. But wh

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Ep. 19 (AE): Allison Blackwell (Broadway’s Pretty Woman) on the Journey from a BA to a MM by Automatic Episode Import

In this Artist Exploration, Allison and Charlie discuss the decision to make performing a career or

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#101 – Now Batting: Ben Grieve by Automatic Episode Import

With the MLB pennant race in full swing, Ben Grieve steps into The Batter's Box for Episode 101! Gri

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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

08: How To Make Broadway Dreams Come True When The Sky’s The Limit by Automatic Episode Import

Featured on today’s episode, host Salisha chats with E. Clayton Cornelius who is a Pittsburgh nati

SOURCE: at 08:01AM

‘Broadway Will Not Look The Same’ by Automatic Episode Import

Gennean Scott, the Broadway League's first Director of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, on the initi

SOURCE: at 07:01AM

#6 – The Whole Being Dead Thing by Automatic Episode Import

Say my name 3 times. It must be spoken, unbroken. Curtain Up!, a three day outdoor festival taking

SOURCE: at 04:02AM

Ep61 – Matthew Levick, Bill Bailey on 2019 Vienna Revival by Automatic Episode Import

"At times I was just speaking and had no idea what I was saying." This episode features Matthew Levi

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Ep163 – Barry Sonnenfeld: Schmigadoon, Big, Men In Black, Addams Family Values, When Harry Met Sally, and so many more! by Automatic Episode Import

He began his career working as a cinematographer alongside the Coen Brothers, made a name for himsel

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Ep45 – Friends having a Kiki with Tessa & Lila//Clubhouse Finds by Automatic Episode Import

My friends are HERE! Both of these amazingly intersectional women have joined The Take On and you wo

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#74 – The Broadway Baby Mamas Primal Scream by Automatic Episode Import

Seven years ago co-hosts Cara Cooper & Jessica Rush started a support group for mothers in the New Y

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Episode 294: Come From Away gets Broadwaysted! by Automatic Episode Import

We came from away to reunite the move club with a live cap! Play along as Aaron J Albano (Newsies, H

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Monday, September 13, 2021

S4 Ep10: Alexandra Billings by Automatic Episode Import

In an exclusive conversation, the icon of stage and screen on her history-making casting as Madame M

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Episode 17 – Penetration – Georgina Armfield & Callum Wragg-Smith by Automatic Episode Import

Hello theatre folk one and all! This week we take a deep dive into a new show coming to London soon!

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Ep 30 – Lesli Margherita: “I’m Jean McJean!” by Automatic Episode Import

We are not worthy! The Queen is in the building. Queen Lesli that is. Lesli Margherita is one of the

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#125 – Stanley Martin – ALADDIN by Automatic Episode Import

Stanley Martin / @stanleymartinthethird Joining us this week is the energetic and fun Stanley Martin

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250 – An Important Announcement by Automatic Episode Import

Thank you for listening to these conversations over the 6.5 years I've been hosting this podcast. W

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