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Sunday, February 21, 2021

The Golden Globes’ Parent Organization Is A Mess, Including Accusations Of Corruption And Tax Evasion by Artsjournal2

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has some issues, with members describing monthly meetings as battle zones. The HFPA includes zero Black members. It’s “an embattled organization s…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 09:24PM

Shifts In How Kids Play Mean Playground Design Needs To Follow by Artsjournal2

A new emphasis has also changed how design firms feel about commissions. “For the new guard of playground design, the boundary between play equipment and public sculpture is blurring. … …

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 09:24PM

Phoebe Waller-Bridge Of ‘Fleabag’ Fame Is Now The President Of Edinburgh Fringe Society by Artsjournal2

It’s an honorary, spokesperson role during a year when Fringe Fest may be online or may be in-person, or both, depending. Fleabag got its start at Fringe in 2013. Waller-Bridge: “From le…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 09:24PM

Art House Pulls 19th Century Romanian Jewish Community’s Burial Register From Auction by Artsjournal2

The register of Jewish burials in the Romanian city of Cluj-Napoca between 1836 and 1899, is one of very few documents left after more than 18,000 Hungarian-speaking Jews were deported from …

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 09:24PM

Black Ballerinas In Utah Are Helping Change Ballet Culture by Artsjournal2

In the wake of George Floyd’s killing and the Black Lives Matter protests that swept the country, Ballet West’s Black dancers were asked by their artistic director what needed to change.…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 09:24PM

Director Lee Daniels Says His Movies Are Independent Because Hollywood Studios Don’t Fund Black Films by Artsjournal2

You’d think the director of Precious, The Butler, and more could get funding. But … “‘Studios will give you about $10 to make a black movie. I’m exaggerating, but you get the point…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 09:24PM

The Remarkable, And Continuing, Artistic Career Of Lorraine O’Grady by Artsjournal2

Before she burst onto the art scene with performance art with an edge, O’Grady “had worked for the Labor and State Departments, including as an intelligence analyst in the period leading…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 09:24PM

Bust Of Black Member Of Lewis And Clark Expedition Appears In A Park In Portland by Artsjournal2

York was enslaved by William Clark and remained enslaved after the expedition returned. The memorial bust, which is on a pedestal where a statue of a conservative newspaper editor used to st…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 09:24PM

A Reckoning With Racism In Canada’s Country Music Industry by Artsjournal2

There’s no Indigenous Artist of the Year award in Saskatchewan this year, and when a committee was discussing why not, well: “Somebody made a comment about ‘why should we give them an …

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 09:24PM

Getting In The Archive Sub-Basements To Discover How Librarians In Paris Resisted The Nazis by Artsjournal2

A researcher comes up against French bureaucracy: “To learn more about the day-to-day life of Parisians during the war, I turned to the Bibliothèque Nationale de France (BNF). This mode…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 09:24PM

The British Family Providing Lockdown Relief With Musical Parodies by Artsjournal2

The Marsh family of Faversham are dealing with Britain’s lockdowns by performing parodies. “This six-voice choir, with its sweet harmonies and the occasional wobbly note, is creating son…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 09:24PM
Monday, February 15, 2021

The New Mexico Museum Of Art Is Planning To Destroy A Historic Chicano Mural by Artsjournal2

Not for nothing – for a new museum of contemporary art. But … really? “‘We invited the Department of Cultural Affairs,’ Carrie Wood, a member of a campaign to save the mural called…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 06:48PM

Disneyland Artist And ‘Master Illustrator’ Charles Boyer, 86 by Artsjournal2

Boyer signed on with Disney as a sketch artist in 1960 – and never left. “Boyer was made a Disney Legend in 2005, the equivalent of membership in the company’s Hall of Fame, with a win…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 06:48PM

Why ‘Nadiya Bakes’ Is Such A Big Deal In Foodie Shows by Artsjournal2

The new show demonstrates just how drastically far food shows have come – but reminds us of how far that had to be, especially when we can always rewatch Nadiya Hussain’s GBBO flavors ma…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 04:42PM

London’s Bridges Truly Are Falling Down by Artsjournal2

Or they might, soon. London needs “infrastructure week,” but for real, and for much longer than a week. Take Hammersmith. “It’s obvious whom to blame: politicians are guilty to varyi…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 04:42PM

One Idea For What To Do With Unused And Deconsecrated Churches by Artsjournal2

Artists need studios, and usually studios with light … and churches often have that. “Places of worship are typically built to outlast their parishioners. The steepled Protestant churche…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 04:42PM

Playing The Man Who Betrayed Fred Hampton Sent Lakeith Stanfield Into Therapy by Artsjournal2

Stanfield says it’s not only therapy that has made the last year bearable. “The one good thing about this pandemic is being able to sit at home by yourself and deal with yourself and jus…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 04:42PM

Rupert Neve, ‘The Man Who Made The Recording Console,’ 94 by Artsjournal2

The Grammy-winning architect of modern music “is best known for designing and producing microphone preamplifiers, equalizers, compressors and mixing consoles that are sought after in the i…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 04:42PM

In Britain, A Dig Reveals A Lot Of Detail About Home Life In The Iron Age by Artsjournal2

Archaeologists “were hopeful of unearthing something of interest because the area has been occupied for more than 3,000 years. But nothing prepared them for the excitement of discovering a…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 04:42PM

We Worried About Children On The Internet And Completely Forgot About Adults by Artsjournal2

Honestly, will we never learn? “Americans have expressed their concerns about each new form of media through fears about children and youth. Younger Americans were supposed to be especiall…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 04:42PM

How Can ‘Our Town’ Still Feel Utterly Contemporary, 80 Years After Its Opening? by Artsjournal2

Howard Sherman, author of a new book about the play: “It’s a play that people think they know. People want to paint it as this old-fashioned love letter to the past. And that’s not wha…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 10:00AM

So, No Spring Openings For Broadway, But You Can Find Some Gems, Safely, Online by Artsjournal2

All of this is true: “An effort to keep the industry alive has major stars taking to the virtual stage and much-lauded past productions available for streaming. These productions can’t c…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 09:15AM

A Blow-Up Over Racism, Antisemitism, And Academic Politics In American Musicology by Artsjournal2

This story is convoluted, and needs careful reading to understand what’s going on not only in musicology in the U.S. but also across the world. To quote the article, “How this ends is no…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 07:54AM

Outdoors Is The Way For The UK To Return To Theatre by Artsjournal2

Of course, “The British weather does not always help. A valiant ‘drive-through’ production of La Bohème staged in a car park by English National Opera last year did encounter proble…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 07:54AM

Teresa Burga, Groundbreaking Peruvian Conceptual Artist, 85 by Artsjournal2

Burga’s best-known work, 1981’s Perfil de la mujer Peruana, confused many people in its day. She and a psychotherapist friend “interviewed 290 middle-class women between the ages of 25…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 07:54AM

What The New Movie ‘Judas And The Black Messiah’ Reveals About The United States’ History – And Present by Artsjournal2

In short, and in no surprise to anyone who has studied the history of the U.S., or indeed lived that history: “Judas and the Black Messiah makes an urgent case for why the FBI, and, by ex…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 07:54AM
Sunday, February 14, 2021

The Hidden, All Too Contemporary, History Behind Middlemarch by Artsjournal2

No, it’s not that many mediocre men are threatened by smart women (timeless!) or that mismatched marriages can destroy those in the marriage (also timeless!). It’s about plague. – LitH…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 05:42PM

Moving The Louvre’s Collection Far From The Floods by Artsjournal2

In 2016, when the Seine flooded its banks, museum workers toiled 24 hours a day to haul thousands of artworks out of underground storage for their protection. Cut to now: “For more than 16…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 05:42PM

When Science Doesn’t Cut It by Artsjournal2

Director Iram Parveen Bilal (I’ll Meet You There) explains: “I’m the daughter of a physicist mother and a chemistry professor father. … We were told from the get-go that education is…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 05:42PM

What We Talk About When We Talk About Amy Tan by Artsjournal2

Maybe Asian American writers should stop dissing Tan. “I understand the resistance to being lumped in with her; I feel it, too. But when I recently re-read The Joy Luck Club, I could not …

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 03:24PM

The Secret Life Of Museums During Lockdowns In The UK by Artsjournal2

Each lockdown has meant something different for the staff, especially of science and natural history museums. For instance, James Maclaine, senior fish curator at London’s Natural History …

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 03:24PM

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