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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

What Dancers Are Doing To Maintain During Lockdown by Artsjournal

The recently interrupted tours, canceled premieres, locked studios and social distancing requirements have hit the financially fragile, socially enmeshed dance world hard. When your life rev…

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Remembering Terrence McNally by Artsjournal

Perhaps the most important comic voice in theater since Neil Simon, McNally wrote to amuse and awaken. Laughter for him was the greatest survival tool ever invented. Humor was his shield aga…

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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Systemic Failure: Virus Shutdown Highlights Precariousness Of Arts Economic Model by Artsjournal

The economic fallout of the virus has made the disparity between employed workers and independent contractors clearer than ever. New York has a paid-sick-leave law, but it does not cover con…

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Playwright Terrence McNally Dies Of Coronavirus, Age 81 by Artsjournal

McNally, once referred to as “the quintessential man of the theater” by actress Zoe Caldwell, died from complications related to the coronavirus, according to his publicist Matt Polk. He…

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Bitcoin And Shares In Art – Is The Idea Dead? by Artsjournal

Two years ago this was a hot idea as a way of expanding the art market. You could own shares in works of art. But then bitcoin value cratered and things have stalled… – The Art Newspaper

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As Restoration Of Notre Dame Pauses, Thieves Break In by Artsjournal

According to a report by Le Parisien, two men face charges for allegedly attempting to steal various stones from the cathedral after the government ordered a pause on reconstruction so as to…

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A History Of Being Alone by Artsjournal

Virginia Woolf insisted on the need for a room of one’s own, but only the upper middle classes could have afforded one at the time. In the 19th century, only 1% of the British population l…

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Do Cities Work Against Us When The Pandemic Comes? by Artsjournal

Michael Kimmelman: “The coronavirus undermines our most basic ideas about community and, in particular, urban life. Historians tell us that cities emerged thousands of years ago for econom…

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When Art Became Advertising – And The Man Who Helped Make It So by Artsjournal

“Advertising was like art, and more and more art was like advertising. Ideally, the only difference would be the logo. Advertising could take up the former causes of art—philosophy, beau…

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What’s The Purpose Of Daydreaming? by Artsjournal

Daydreaming is taken very seriously within scientific circles, where it is more accurately referred to as mind wandering. The level of interest in this area runs more or less parallel to tha…

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Woody Allen’s Memoir Gets A New Publisher by Artsjournal

With little advance notice, the 84-year-old film-maker’s book arrives at a time when much of the world is preoccupied with the coronavirus pandemic. Arcade is an imprint of Skyhorse Publis…

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Report: San Francisco Arts Orgs Could Lose $73 Million By This Summer by Artsjournal

Every performing arts group in the Bay Area contacted by The Chronicle has canceled its spring season, even as most had barely begun. Now a study reports that arts organizations stand to los…

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Dame Fanny Waterman, Founder Of The Leeds Competition, Turns 100 And Dishes About Music by Artsjournal

Dame Fanny says: “I had courage when people said, ‘It won’t work in Leeds’. Even my darling husband said that and I said ‘I’ll show you’. I rang up Marion and she said ‘Let…

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Monday, March 23, 2020

The Aggressive Critic (And Why One Needs To Be) by Artsjournal

“I continue to believe that any critic who wants to write something lasting—who believes that criticism can be a species of literature—must write partly out of aggression. Or perhaps a…

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Why Aren’t Robots Saving Us In The Virus Crisis? by Artsjournal

This economic catastrophe is blowing up the myth of the worker robot and AI takeover. We’ve been led to believe that a new wave of automation is here, made possible by smarter AI and more …

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What Houdini Understood About Our Fascination With Magic by Artsjournal

Magic challenges our sense of what’s real; Houdini wanted to challenge the ultimate reality of death, by risking it over and over. That risk, he later wrote, is what “attracts us to the …

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Strand Bookstore Lays Off 188 Workers by Artsjournal

“This is the first time in our history that we have had to have a layoff,” owner Nancy Bass Wyden Bass Wyden wrote in a statement. Employees will receive a week of pay in addition to pay…

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What Will The Arts Look Like When This Is All Over? by Artsjournal

Even in that best-case scenario — say, a May return — it may take years to return to the vibrant, cultural universe that defines our country. – Washington Post

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Why Do People Read/Watch Apocalyptic Fiction In Crises? by Artsjournal

No one seems to fully agree on why reading books or watching movies about apocalyptic pandemics feels appealing during a real crisis with an actual contagious disease. Some readers claim tha…

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Miami’s Ultra Festival Goes Online. It Doesn’t Work So Well by Artsjournal

Ultra’s attempt at virtuality illustrated what happens when the vehicle of that nihilism, the global economy, grinds to a halt. However grim it might have seemed before, the end result is …

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The Art Of Taking A Walk by Artsjournal

How many of us today are able to free ourselves from the page and head out the door when we rise from our desks? Even abiding by the dictates of nature, breathing deeply out in the open air …

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Are We Making Our Decisions Or Are We Physically Reacting? by Artsjournal

Is it possible that our experience of decision-making – the impression we have of making choices, indeed of having choices to make, sometimes hard ones – is entirely illusory? Is it poss…

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Friday, March 20, 2020

Do You Suffer From Imposter Syndrome? by Artsjournal

This kind of reflexive self-doubt is not so much a ‘syndrome’ as it is a widespread state of psychological distortion, with roughly 70 per cent of people experiencing it at some point in…

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The Art Of Culturally Relevant Crosswords by Artsjournal

Crossword editors are strange arbiters of cultural relevance. Read tweets by Awkwafina or Olivia Wilde on learning that they’ve been immortalized in the black-and-white grid—it’s the b…

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Philanthropies Are Lining Up To Try To Help The Arts by Artsjournal

Though the organizers of the fund wanted to start with New York because of the city’s importance as a cultural center, they know the need spans the country, extending to individuals as wel…

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Movie Box Office Falls 97 Percent As Theatres Shut by Artsjournal

Box office revenue limped to a historic low of $300,000 or less on Wednesday as the vast majority of cinemas in North America closed their doors indefinitely due to the coronavirus crisis. T…

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American Alliance Of Museums Asks Congress For $4 Billion In Aid by Artsjournal

The letter notes that museums annually contribute $50 billion to the US economy, generate $12 billion in local, state, and federal tax, along with supporting 726,000 jobs, expressing worry t…

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“Sweet Land” Opera Was A Hit. Then It Had To Close For The Virus. So One Performance For Just The Cameras by Artsjournal

“I think of it a little bit like if a house was burning, and you had the opportunity to run in and save a piece of humanity,” says Industry founder Yuval Sharon. “That’s what we’re…

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Thieves Steal Bronze Gates To Seattle Arboretum In The Middle Of The Night by Artsjournal

They were made by sculptor George Tsutakawa. The theft was discovered Thursday morning when gardeners arrived for work and discovered the gates missing and bolt cutters on the ground, said R…

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Opportunity: Unplug, Pick Some Music And REALLY Listen by Artsjournal

There was a time when listeners treated the mere existence of recorded sound as a miracle. A wonder, a kind of time travel. Priests warned of early wax cylinders being tools of the devil. Vi…

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What Might The Arts Look Like After Corona? by Artsjournal

Consider all the ways arts and cultural groups earn money: from ticket sales and admission fees; participation in educational programs; renting spaces for galas and gatherings; investments a…

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