Monday, May 25, 2015

Frankie goes to the West End...but will he last four seasons? By Nicholas de Jongh

After those sagging lines of hagio-graphic tribute musicals to old rock'n' rollers and bland bands, what a refreshing change to meet up with this Broadway triumph.

SOURCE: This Is London at 05:58PM

Dreyfuss gets an earful in Complicit By Nicholas de Jongh (**)

Richard Dreyfuss's ear stole the show at last night's delayed opening of Complicit, not that it had much competition.

SOURCE: This Is London at 05:58PM

Sergei Diaghilev's debt to London by Sjeng Scheijen

Sergei Diaghilev was essentially cosmopolitan. Born in a village near Novgorod in 1872, he quit Russia after the 1917 revolution to travel the globe with the Ballets Russes, his world-famous…

SOURCE: This Is London at 05:58PM

Breakfast goes far too lightly at Tiffany's By Henry Hitchings (**)

Friel cannot finally redeem what feels oddly like a musical without the music.

SOURCE: This Is London at 05:58PM

Frankly, this show is damned, by Nicholas de Jongh

Connoisseurs of big, bad musicals must rush to catch Gone With The Wind in case it's quickly blown away on gales of ridicule. Or is a small, well-placed tornado in the vicinity of the theatre too much to hope for?

SOURCE: This Is London at 05:58PM

Sacked Dreyfuss confesses By Alexa Baracaia

Richard Dreyfuss confessed that he could not sing a note or dance one step - days before he was dropped from his starring role in the West End musical The Producers.
Thanks to michael_oh on All That Chat for the link!

SOURCE: This Is London at 05:58PM

Dominic West: My opening night in the West End was for my mum

Just two weeks ago, the mother of The Wire star Dominic West died after a battle against leukaemia.

SOURCE: This Is London at 05:58PM

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