Tuesday, January 16, 2007 at midnight (Broadway Time)

What "Spring" Wanted

As producer of the hot new Broadway musical, Tom Hulce has followed a tune called by the material.

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Dirty Dancing steps this way by Richard Ouzounian

T.O. casting begins for hit show about our 'inner dancer'

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Emmy-winning composer Cohen dies

Among his work for Shaiman was orchestrating Billy Crystal's opening medley for the Academy Awards on four occasions.

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Finding a 'Love' for drama BY REBECCA LOUIE

Morris Chestnut cracks the theater world

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The Sex Symbol Who Showers in the Dark By David Edelstein

Bill Nighy makes great art in the territory between utter poise and utter collapse.

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Bad and Badder By Boris Kachka

F. Murray Abraham on playing two of the biggest Jewish stereotypes in theatrical history.

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Having A Ball As Daddy Warbucks By AMY ELLIS

You might say Conrad John Schuck's career has come full circle.

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A minute with George Wendt

'Cheers' star happily back on stage with 'Twelve Angry Men'

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Polishing the Silver as a Family of Cannibals Licks Its Chops By GINIA BELLAFANTE

Lillian Hellman's last play is the subject of Austin Pendleton's excellent revival for the Pearl Theater Company.

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Plummer and 'Smoke' BY PETER FILICHIA

Actress' lovelorn Alma is worth a second look

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Summer and Smoke

This glorious co-production is directed with a gratifying balance of toughness and tenderness by Michael Wilson.

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Theater Review | 'As Yet Thou Art Young and Rash'
A Meditation on Mourning, for Mothers and Generals By ANNE MIDGETTE

Target Margin Theater's play, which is based on Euripides' "Suppliant Women," is a poetic tissue of image and allusion that communicates emotion more clearly than plot.

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The Dirty Talk
Reviewed by: Brian Scott Lipton

Kevin Cristaldi and Sidney Williams' excellent performances help Michael Puzzo's funny if somewhat strained two-hander overcome its improbabilities.

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DAI (enough)
Review by Marilyn Stasio

To ease the trauma of moving into a new home, people have been known to bring along the old coffee pot or a favorite toy. In making its big move to Soho, the Culture Project has packed up an…

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A stirring, heart-wrenching 'Sparrow' takes flight By Chris Jones

To see "The Sparrow," the fantastic new show by the House Theatre of Chicago, is to experience the same kind of goose bumps currently available (at much higher prices) at the Broadway produc…

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Lookingglass Alice

The Lookingglass Theatre of Chicago has joined the ever growing list of those misguided yet intrepid souls who continue to make a mockery of one of the richest and most endearing satires in …

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Pig Farm
Review by Julio Martinez

Tony Award-winning scripter Greg Kotis ("Urinetown") has seriously misfired with "Pig Farm," an obtuse, labored perusal of agri-capitalism gone askew.

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A Devoted Tour Guide to a Desert of a Soul By MICHIKO KAKUTANI

The British poet Craig Raine gives us a new, more accessible T. S. Eliot, an Eliot he describes as a virtuosic fox in terms of style, and a single-minded hedgehog when it came to themes.

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Back to jazz in Prague

Milos Forman is back in his native Prague to direct jazz opera "Dobre placena prochazka" (A Well Paid Walk) at the Czech National Theater with his sons, Matej and Petr.

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Arts, Briefly By ALAN RIDING

'Misbegotten' Schedules Its Broadway Run; London 'Rings' Cast; Footnotes

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