Saturday, October 22, 2005 at midnight (Broadway Time)

How 'Wicked' Cast Its Spell by Brooks Barnes

The Broadway musical took a page from Hollywood, turning a troubled show into a marketing machine.

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How Do You Spell Dorktastic? By Michael Miner

Sun-Times theater critic Hedy Weiss should be glad she was banned from that press conference.

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Rename CAPA after playwright August Wilson? By Joe Smydo

City school board member Alex Matthews wants to rename the magnet high school for the arts in honor of Hill District-born playwright August Wilson, who died of liver cancer Oct. 2.

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To Louisiana Musicians, Radio City Has Lost Its Allure By DANIEL J. WAKIN

For a group of musicians from Louisiana, a holiday gig in the Radio City Christmas Spectacular has become less appealing at a second glance.

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Limbaugh is a B'way hit by David Hinckley

Rush Limbaugh's Broadway debut this week raised $81,000 for the American Red Cross Hurricane Katrina relief fund, says WABC (770 AM) program director Phil Boyce.

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Hard-Living Singer Gives Voice to the Executed By BRUCE WEBER

Steve Earle is a death-penalty opponent, a fiction writer, a radio host and, it turns out, a playwright.

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Who's Afraid of Sarah Schulman? By JESSE GREEN

Sarah Schulman, the author of the play "Manic Flight Reaction," is a lesbian who writes about lesbians in an industry largely run by men.

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Hey, Look Them Over: The Digital Head Shot Is Here By WINTER MILLER

Thanks to the Internet and some enterprising entrepreneurs, actors can hope to get a casting agent's attention with a virtual audition.

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It's Lesley Gore's Career, She'll Revive It if She Wants To By JESSE FOX MAYSHARK

After decades of gamely resurrecting her 1960's hits, Lesley Gore has released her first new album in 30 years.

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Surviving Survival Jobs By Kat Voboril

A Broadway Baby's Search for Monetary Stability

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Theater buffs at East West by Don Shirley

EAST WEST PLAYERS, generally considered the oldest and foremost Asian American theater company, has never presented Asian American actors in full-frontal nudity - until now, in Peter Shaffer…

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It's a battle of wills in a silent reality By Karen Wada

Stephen Sachs' play uses sign language and voiced words to touch on the power and frailty of human interconnections.

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'Life Interrupted': Exit Talking By CHARLES ISHERWOOD

Spalding Gray left something typically dark and funny to remember him by.

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'Shakespeare'; 'A Year in the Life of William Shakespeare': Straight Out of Stratford By JOHN SIMON

Two takes on Shakespeare's life, from Peter Ackroyd, a British man of letters, and James Shapiro, an American scholar.

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A Political Battle for Control of a Little Island, With Spin By NEIL GENZLINGER

Larry Loebell starts with an intriguing idea and gets a fair amount out of it in his very modern play inspired by a very old one.

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Romance and Religion, With 1918 Flu Epidemic as Backdrop By JASON ZINOMAN

Considering that an avian flu may be heading our way, "In the Air" is a timely drama. But the playwright Paul Enger would rather soothe your fears than inflame them.

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'In My Life' a Bizzare Love Story By MICHAEL KUCHWARA, AP Drama Critic

It's more fun to talk about "In My Life," the bizarre new musical at Broadway's Music Box Theatre, than actually sit through it.

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A Soldier's Play

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All Singing, All Dancing, All Gambling, All Murder By NED MARTEL

In this melodious British import, thugs and liars play mind games in an overcast casino town, where a young tough's murder has frayed civic order and family ties.

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In Nearly All Its Grandeur, Paradise Reopens in Bronx By JOSEPH BERGER

The new owner of what was once the Bronx equivalent of Radio City Music Hall has restored much of its Italian baroque grandeur.

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Alliance Theatre break by Peter Filichia

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