Monday, February 12, 2001 at midnight (Broadway Time)

Ayckbourn Plays Raise the Curtain on New Chicago

The Goodman Theater's staging of "House" and "Garden," the twin plays by the prolific British playwright Alan Ayckbourn that are meant to be performed simultaneously by the same cast, is a real coup for Chicago.
I am surprised that this article did not even mention in passing about Ayckbourn's "By Jeeves" playing successfully in Pittsburgh...

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Kimberly Grigsby

The person with the best seat in the house at Full Monty... eight times a week. (Did I mention that we love Grigsby?)

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Useless information of the day:

    Milling is the primary difference between brown and white rice. The varieties may be identical, but it is in the milling process where brown rice becomes white rice. Milling, often called "whitening", removes the outer bran layer of the rice grain.
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Today Jack starts Flying on 44th Street. Perhaps he will land on 42nd Street in April...

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