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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Behind the Scenes with Blue Man Group by Byrne Harrison

By Byrne HarrisonTomorrow, young creatives (13+ and, with parental guidance, even younger) will get backstage and behind-the-scenes access to the famous Las Vegas stage production of the Blu…

SOURCE: Stage Buzz at 10:18PM
Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Interview with David Lawson of The Astoria Bookshop Storytelling Show by Byrne Harrison

By Byrne HarrisonMost people who live in New York know that the performance scene is not limited to Manhattan.  Travel to any borough and you can find outstanding shows featuring some a…

SOURCE: Stage Buzz at 06:05PM
Sunday, August 3, 2014

"The Blood Brothers Present... Bedlam Nightmares, Part Three: Losing Patients" by Byrne Harrison

By Byrne HarrisonThe final curtain is drawing closer for the latest Blood Brothers show.  The four-part series ends in October with the much ballyhooed execution of the Blood Brothers. …

SOURCE: Stage Buzz at 08:42PM
Thursday, July 10, 2014

Lynne Wintersteller and Robin de Jesus star in Mother Jones at NYMF by Byrne Harrison

By Rob HartmannMother Jones and the Children’s Crusade, with book, music and lyrics by Cheryl E. Kemeny, is currently in rehearsal for its run as part of the New York Musical Theatre Festi…

SOURCE: Stage Buzz at 04:53PM
Monday, June 23, 2014

Interview - Jennifer Conley Darling of terraNOVA by Byrne Harrison

By Byrne HarrisonLast week I had a chance to interview Jennifer Conley Darling of terraNOVA Collective about their Groundworks New Play series, which runs through today. Jennifer, I'm e…

SOURCE: Stage Buzz at 12:16PM
Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Blood Brothers are back in Brooklyn by Byrne Harrison

By Byrne HarrisonGrowing up, my parents used to play the cast album from "You Don't Have to be Jewish" quite often.  One of the short plays featured a Jewish mother crying out "Oh, the …

SOURCE: Stage Buzz at 10:34PM
Monday, April 14, 2014

“My Mother Has Four Noses” - Intimate But Sometimes Uneven by Byrne Harrison

By Judd HollanderPhoto by Sandrine LeeThe phrase "My mother has four noses" is not a play on words, a joke, parody or something with any major cosmic significance. Rather, it refers to somet…

SOURCE: Stage Buzz at 12:59PM

“Riding The Midnight Express With Billy Hayes” - An Intense Journey by Byrne Harrison

By Judd HollanderThey say truth is stranger than fiction. It certainly is in the case of Riding The Midnight Express With Billy Hayes, a one-man show written by and featuring Hayes, who reco…

SOURCE: Stage Buzz at 12:55PM
Sunday, April 13, 2014

54 Below - Karl Saint Lucy performs on Monday, April 14th by Byrne Harrison

54 BELOW, Broadway's Supper Club, is expanding its popular late-night series with fresh faces and hot new performances to keep the party buzzing into the wee hours.  Located just below …

SOURCE: Stage Buzz at 08:02PM
Tuesday, April 1, 2014

50 Shades! - A smart, raucous party musical by Byrne Harrison

By Rob HartmannPhotos by Matthew MurphyA few years ago, I was sitting waiting for my flight in the gate area in a Midwestern airport during a layover. The woman next to me was reading Fifty …

SOURCE: Stage Buzz at 01:02PM
Monday, March 3, 2014

FRIGID New York Interview - Rob Matsushita of "Boogie of the Apes" by Byrne Harrison

By Byrne HarrisonShow: Boogie Of The ApesWebsite: credit: Dan MyersRob Matsushita is a playwright, author, actor, filmmaker and now, a podcaster,…

SOURCE: Stage Buzz at 01:12PM
Sunday, February 23, 2014

FRIGID New York Interview - Gregg Barrios of "I-DJ" by Byrne Harrison

By Byrne HarrisonShow: I-DJWebsite: credit: Warren PeaceGregg Barrios is a playwright, poet and journalist. He is a 2013 USC Annenbe…

SOURCE: Stage Buzz at 11:50PM

"The Unlikely Ascent of Sybil Stevens" - Thrust into the court of public opinion by Byrne Harrison

By Byrne HarrisonYou lead a normal, quiet life.  A job.  Friends and family.  The same thing as most everyone else.But imagine if society suddenly turned its spotlight on you.…

SOURCE: Stage Buzz at 12:11PM
Tuesday, February 18, 2014

FRIGID New York Interview - Alycya Miller of "Brownie and Lolli Go To Hollywood" by Byrne Harrison

By Byrne HarrisonShow: Brownie and Lolli Go To HollywoodWebsite: credit: Darlyne Cain (on her iPad)Born and raised in South Carolina, Alycya Miller came…

SOURCE: Stage Buzz at 11:21PM

FRIGID New York Interview - Nicole Lee Aiossa of "I Shall Forget You Presently" by Byrne Harrison

By Byrne HarrisonShow:  I Shall Forget You PresentlyWebsite: www.dysfunctionaltheatre.orgPhoto credit: Theresa UnfriedNicole Lee Aiossa has been singing, teaching, dancing, so…

SOURCE: Stage Buzz at 10:50PM

FRIGID New York Interview - J.Stephen Brantley of "Chicken-Fried Ciccone: A Twangy True Tale of Transformation" by Byrne Harrison

By Byrne HarrisonShow:  Chicken-Fried Ciccone: A Twangy True Tale Of TransformationWebsite: www.jstephenbrantley.comPhoto credit: Jody ChristophersonJ.Stephen Brantley is an a…

SOURCE: Stage Buzz at 10:07PM
Monday, February 17, 2014

FRIGID New York Interview - David Mogolov of "Eating My Garbage" by Byrne Harrison

By Byrne HarrisonShow: Eating My GarbageWebsite: davidmogolov.comPhoto credit: Kelly Davidson StudiosDavid Mog0lov is a Boston-based monologist. His comedies are fast-paced, unpredictab…

SOURCE: Stage Buzz at 11:26PM

FRIGID New York Festival Interviews by Byrne Harrison

By Byrne HarrisonThis year's FRIGID New York Festival features a number of intriguing plays.  As usual, StageBuzz will be giving each show a voice by interviewing someone involved in th…

SOURCE: Stage Buzz at 10:53PM

FRIGID New York Interview - Emily Tuckman of "East in Red" by Byrne Harrison

By Byrne HarrisonShow: East in RedWebsite: estraña.orgPhoto credit: Peter BellEmily Tuckman has been performing for over 13 years in New York.  Her favorite roles include Jackie-O…

SOURCE: Stage Buzz at 10:49PM

FRIGID New York Festival Starts This Wednesday by Byrne Harrison


SOURCE: Stage Buzz at 10:46PM

"Loot" - Laughing All the Way to the Grave by Byrne Harrison

By Judd HollanderPhoto by Rahav Segev / Photopass.comRed Bull Theater Company hits a home run with their presentation of Joe Orton's 1966 farce Loot, an absolutely side-splitting tale o…

SOURCE: Stage Buzz at 09:46PM
Friday, February 14, 2014

WHEN WE MET, a new musical: playful, lyrical, heartbreaking by Byrne Harrison

By Rob HartmannWHEN WE MET, the new musical being workshopped at CAP21, seems to start off like a meet-cute romcom. Two fortyish singles - he a divorced professor, she a never-married holist…

SOURCE: Stage Buzz at 09:25PM
Monday, February 3, 2014

Alison Fraser on her double life: touring in Wicked, and producing her new recording by Byrne Harrison

By Rob HartmannAlison Fraser ( is living a double life: she’s currently starring as Madame Morrible in the Emerald City National Tour of Wicked ( Mean…

SOURCE: Stage Buzz at 07:46AM

Train in Vain: New Musical Crossing Debuts at Signature Theater in Arlington, Va. by Byrne Harrison

Review by Mark A. NewmanThe Signature Theater in Arlington, Va., has once again debuted a new musical and, once again, the results are mixed but overall fairly positive. The premise is a bit…

SOURCE: Stage Buzz at 07:39AM

"The Night Alive" -Where Friendships and Relationships Collide, Separate and Collide Again by Byrne Harrison

By Judd HollanderIn The Night Alive, playwright Conor McPherson offers a powerful look at people on the edges of society attempting to survive the best they can. All the while trying to figh…

SOURCE: Stage Buzz at 07:34AM

"King Lear" - A Performance for the Ages by Byrne Harrison

By Judd HollanderFrank Langella gives a marvelous performance as the title character in a sturdy production of William Shakespeare's King Lear. Currently at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, th…

SOURCE: Stage Buzz at 07:34AM

"The Jacksonian" - Taut and Suspensful by Byrne Harrison

By Judd HollanderSome people will go to extreme lengths to avoid being alone while at the same time doing their best to ignore the gravity of their situation even as it comes crashing down a…

SOURCE: Stage Buzz at 07:26AM
Wednesday, December 4, 2013

“Juno and the Paycock”- A Brilliant Look at Those in the Dregs of Despair by Byrne Harrison

By Judd HollanderPhotos by James HigginsThe Irish Repertory Theatre hits a home run with their presentation of Juno and the Paycock, a searing indictment of how far a man will go to keep the…

SOURCE: Stage Buzz at 06:48PM
Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sheri Sanders Blows the Roof Off the Joint - "Sheri Sanders: In Concert" by Byrne Harrison

By Rob Hartmann Part rock concert, part master class, part interactive exploration of pop music history, and part autobiography-confessional, Sheri Sanders: In Concert is a theatrical exp…

SOURCE: Stage Buzz at 06:43PM

"Matthew Bourne's Sleeping Beauty: A Gothic Romance" - Wonderful melding of movement and story by Byrne Harrison

By Judd Hollander With a crash of thunder and the stirring sounds of Tchaikovsky's music, Matthew Bourne's Sleeping Beauty bursts wonderfully upon the City Center stage. Drawing inspirati…

SOURCE: Stage Buzz at 06:37PM
Tuesday, October 22, 2013

"Natural Affection" - Powerfully Affecting by Byrne Harrison

By Judd Hollander The world is ugly. So says Sue Barker (Kathryn Erbe), a buyer for a Chicago department store at both the beginning and end of William Inge's rarely-performed 1962 work Na…

SOURCE: Stage Buzz at 09:27PM

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