What is BroadwayStars.com?

We are glad you asked. BroadwayStars is a multitude of things.

1) BroadwayStars is opinionated.
We have editorial independence from our advertisers hence we get to speak our minds. Find a theatrical website out there that takes a strong stand on... well... anything. We can't find one. We are not journalists. We don't pretend to be. We promote our friends, and slam people we don't like. At least we admit it.

2) BroadwayStars focuses on the people who make up Broadway.
Broadway just does not exist without its people, unlike other industries. Trust us, if Broadway could exist without people, Disney would have figured it out by now. With this thought in mind, remember that Broadway is made up of Writers, General Managers, Designers, Directors, Producers, Press Reps, Stage Managers, Company Managers, office staff, IA and AFM, etc... -- as well as the actors. All of these people bringing you the Broadway you love. We bring you their stories.

3) BroadwayStars is designed to be low tech.
We try to be simple in design and minimize graphics so pages load fast. We figure that you will get over the pretty graphics and want to read the site. Many other sites try to lure you in with pretty graphics, but we focus on the content. We admit that we are not the prettiest, but think you will come back. And our site works well on cell phones, PDA's, BlackBerry's, etc... because we try to keep on two images on a page.

4) BroadwayStars is somewhat of a digest from news sources around the web.
It will be pretty rare that we break any news item. But we will have opinions on what is reported.

5) BroadwayStars is owned by James Marino, who is responsible for all the content of the site.

6) Why are we doing this?
Because we have nothing better to do.

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