Thursday, April 17, 2014

THE MYSTERY OF IRMA VEP - Talkin' Broadway's Review by Matthew Murray

If Ridiculous has begun seeming less ridiculous in recent years, that doesn't mean it still can't be incredibly funny.

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ACT ONE - Talkin' Broadway's Review by Matthew Murray

It's a tale tested (and honored, and wrinkled) by time: a bright-eyed youngster falls in love with art, pursues it to no avail, gets discouraged, plans to quit, and then, at the last possibl…

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Sound Advice: Two Musicals, one fluffy, one frisky by Rob Lester

"Going Up" studio cast recording and "Andy Capp" original London cast recording.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

OF MICE AND MEN - Talkin' Broadway's Review by Matthew Murray

Dreams can be magical, uplifting, portentous, or oppressive — or, sometimes, all four at once.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

THE LIBRARY - Talkin' Broadway's Review by Matthew Murray

Facts, John Adams wrote, are stubborn things — if not always as trustworthy as we may like.

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"Somewhere" East Coast Premiere by Fred Sokol

Somewhere is, on a certain level, a wistful drama about those who dream on while reality forcibly threatens them.

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Monday, April 14, 2014

"Smash" Is a Smash! by Jeanie K. Smith

Jeffrey Hatcher's theatrical adaptation of George Bernard Shaw's novel "An Unsocial Socialist" has all the earmarks of Shaw's better-known plays: witty, erudite dialogue; arch and sarcastic …

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The Barber of Seville: First of The Figaro Plays at the McCarter by Bob Rendell

On stage at the McCarter in a felicitous translation/adaptation of the latter 18th century French commedia dell'arte The Barber of Seville. Originally conceived of as a comic opera, the play…

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

LADY DAY AT EMERSON'S BAR & GRILL - Talkin' Broadway's Review by Matthew Murray

Is she the dream, or is it you? It's impossible not to wonder this once the titular star appears in the opening moments of the revival of Lady Day at Emerson's Bar & Grill, which just opened…

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Bristol Old Vic in association with Handspring Puppet Company presents "A Midsummer Night's Dream" by Terry Morgan

A production of Midsummer that can't make Puck work has a serious problem.

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Two World Premieres: "Painting the Clouds with Sunshine" and "Every Five Minutes" by Richard Connema

42nd Street Moon is presenting its very first world premiere musical at the Eureka Theatre ... Magic Theatre is currently presenting the world premiere of Scottish playwright Linda McLean's …

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Sound Advice: Pairs Alison & Tennessee, Samson & Delilah, Anya & Robert by Rob Lester

Here they area collection paired up for your musical inspectiona formidable musical theatre actress well matched to songs favored by one of our greatest playwrights; lovers from thousand o…

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

BULLETS OVER BROADWAY - Talkin' Broadway's Review by Matthew Murray

Has the high price of theatre tickets got you down? Concerned that you don't get enough bang for your buck? Tired of having to pick just one type of show when you may want something more lay…

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Monday, April 7, 2014

THE THREEPENNY OPERA - Talkin' Broadway's Review by Matthew Murray

Life is a musical-comedy cabaret, old chum, in the Atlantic Theater Company's new revival of The Threepenny Opera at the Linda Gross Theater.

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

THE REALISTIC JONESES - Talkin' Broadway's Review by Matthew Murray

Humans have long recognized the relationship between laughter and health: “laugh through the pain,” “I laughed so much, it hurt,” and so on.

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"Game On" Baseball, Business, and Bugsoh my! by Jeanie K. Smith

San Jose Repertory Theatre has mounted a stylish and entertaining world premiere of Dan Hoyle and Tony Taccone's new play about Silicon Valley wheeling and dealing ...

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Arena Stage "Camp David" by Susan Berlin

The basis of Wright's vision is the centrality of religion to the lives of the three partners. One scene lays out the similarities and differences without hitting the audience over the head:…

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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Athol Fugard in Athol Fugard's "The Shadow of the Hummingbird" by Fred Sokol

Long Wharf Theatre, in New Haven, presents Fugard along with either Aidan or Dermot McMillan (identical twins who alternate) in this world premiere through April 27th.

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Friday, April 4, 2014

La Mirada "Floyd Collins" by Sharon Perlmutter

La Mirada has created a small space in its huge space, by curtaining off the wings and the house, and placing seating on three sides of the stage. The result is a theatre that is simultaneou…

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"Recall" in L.A. by Terry Morgan

The Visceral Company, a group that specializes in horror and science fiction plays, is on a roll. Following the one-two punch of Lovecraft: Nightmare Suite and The Mystery Plays, the new pro…

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

A RAISIN IN THE SUN - Talkin' Broadway's Review by Matthew Murray

The odor of dust permeates the air at the Ethel Barrymore well before the action begins in the new revival of A Raisin in the Sun that just opened there.

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THE MOST HAPPY FELLA - Talkin' Broadway's Review by Matthew Murray

Late in Frank Loesser's The Most Happy Fella, the title character, Tony, a Napa Valley grape farmer, hears the true first name of his beloved for the first time.

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Sound Advice: "A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder" and "Privates on Parade" by Rob Lester

Not so gentle the touch in the rollicking A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder, a new Broadway musical, or an old show about a show's troupePrivates on Paradetransferred to CD for the fi…

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Ivoryton "SHOUT! The Mod Musical" by Zander Opper

Of course, any musical revue will rise or fall by the quality of its musical numbers, and, led by a swinging onstage band, just about every song is a winner, especially as put over by such a…

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Lyric Stage "Rich Girl" by Nancy Grossman

... a contemporary version of The Heiress which swaps a high-powered, controlling mother for the film's emotionally abusive father of a plain Jane being romantically pursued by a struggling …

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Monday, March 31, 2014

HEATHERS - Talkin' Broadway's Review by Matthew Murray

When you take away the black from a black-comedy movie that's being adapted for the stage, you generally end up draining the comedy as well.

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

A SECOND CHANCE - Talkin' Broadway's Review by Matthew Murray

There’s a reason most musicals that tell a love story — which, let’s face it, is most musicals — are structured around external conflicts...

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IF/THEN - Talkin' Broadway's Review by Matthew Murray

It’s no great secret that, of the many choices we encounter during our everyday lives, some are monumental, some are miniscule, and it’s often all but impossible to tell which are which.…

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Saturday, March 29, 2014

"I Loved, I Lost, I Made Spaghetti" Likeable, Low Key Comedy by Bob Rendell

Not much happens in the solo show I Loved, I Lost, I Made Spaghetti which Jacques Lamarre has adapted from the memoir by Giulia Melucci. Still, it is sweet and likeable, and Antoinette LaVec…

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sound Advice: "Inspired by...." by Rob Lester

They've made their names on Broadwayas, respectively, a Jersey Boy, a Dreamgirl, and a girl who dreams of life above sea level. The heroes and musical American idols for each are numerous, …

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